Venus In Astrology: What Does Your Venus Sign Mean?

Ah, Venus, truly the best planet in the whole Solar System! Venus represents all things beautiful like love, relationships, and romance in Astrology. I mean, does it get any better than this?

This little planet is so useful in understanding all things relationships. Like, why do we relate to people in the way we do, why do we find certain people attractive over others, and why are relationships harder for some and not for others?

This has all to do with this relationship planet, and why it is so important to have a good understanding of your Venus sign in Astrology. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your Zodiac sign can definitely support you in creating the most amazing relationship you could ever imagine.

If you are interested in finding out more about your Venus sign in Astrology, then please keep on reading!

What Does Planet Venus Mean In Astrology?

Venus is known as a Benefic planet in Astrology, and this means that this planet tends to bring good fortune to us as people. Venus is the planet that rules creativity, love, romance, money, as well as your values.

It is a feminine planet, and it enjoys creating pleasure in our lives. Venus is there to create peace and harmony amongst people, as well as manifest beauty in the world. Truly, it has to be my favorite planet, because what’s not to love here?

Venus is also the planet that guides us as we express ourselves through love and relationships. It is the specific way we show up in our romances and how we choose to love others and the way we desire to be loved by our partners.

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Venus Is A Personal Planet

When I say Venus is a personal planet, I am referring to it being one of the planets that influences personality and taste amongst people. A personal planet orbits closest to the Earth, where we as humans live.

Personal planets influence our basic personalities like our minds, our moods, and the way we love. And Venus is the planet in Astrology that has the most dominion over romance and relationships.

Where your Venus sign falls reveals how you express your unique love energy, so learning what your specific Venus sign means can give you an edge in finding your true love! It just makes it so much easier for you to find that love you are looking for.

Venus Rulership: Where Venus Is At Its Best And Where It Feels Off

Every single planet in Astrology has planetary rulership. This means that certain planets are happier in certain signs than others. This means that the planet can live out its purpose at its fullest potential.

Venus happens to rule Taurus and Libra, two of the most relationship-orientated signs in the Zodiac. Both these signs are concerned with beauty, harmony, and sensuality. Venus is absolutely happiest here because there is no struggle to love the way it wants to.

Venus also has its exalted position in Pisces, an exalted planet means a planet that is extra strong in this position. Everything about the position just intensifies it and makes the energy stronger and more potent.

Pisces is one of the most romantic signs in Astrology. It lives for love, relationships, and connecting with others, which makes it the ideal place for Venus to find itself.

However, we need to pay attention to the other side of the coin as well. Venus is also a lot less happy in certain positions than others. This is called detriment and fall; when a planet is in a sign it feels uncomfortable with.

Venus is in its detriment in Aries and Scorpio (the two signs that are opposite Taurus and Libra on the Zodiacal wheel). In these positions, Venus feels like it can’t be soft and gentle, but that it needs to fight for love and be aggressive in its approach to finding a relationship.

And then lastly, Venus is in its fall in Virgo and quite unhappy in this position. This can mean that love and beauty take a backseat with this position. Venus in Virgo may feel like it isn’t good enough to love, and can become a bit of a martyr.

I would just like to add that even if your Venus is in a position it doesn’t enjoy, it doesn’t mean that your relationships are doomed forever, it just means you need to work a little harder at love and relationships. This is why knowing what your Venus sign is, is so important.

Continue reading to find out more about your specific Venus sign.

What Your Venus Sign Says About You

As you can already gather, your Venus sign has pretty much the last say about your love life and who you are as a romantic, and understanding your Venus sign can really help you to navigate through life a little easier.

If you are looking to understand more about your specific Venus sign, then please continue reading to find out more. It is truly fascinating figuring out why you are the way you are!

Venus In Aries: Passionate and Enthusiastic Lover

Although Venus might not be in its happiest position in Aries, it doesn’t make you any less enthusiastic about love and romance. You absolutely love the thrill of the chase, and nothing gets you more excited than a budding romance.

When someone is pulling at your heartstrings, you get really amped up and enthused, and this is when you can become rather impulsive and assertive. You know what you want and no one is going to get in the way of your desires.

You go about love, like a warrior about to head into war. You are filled with passion and intensity, and see love like a bit of a competition. And trust me, you will do anything to win.

As a lover, you are quite outgoing, fun, and you appreciate excitement and novelty in your relationships. You can be sort of dominant in love, so you just need to be mindful of not scaring any potential lovers away with your enthusiasm.

However, wilder and more eccentric types tend to do it for you the most because you love the passion, as you can find yourself getting bored quickly in your relationships. It is your task to learn to take things a little slower and not jump into every relationship that strikes your fancy.

You can’t go through life jumping from one relationship to the next because the previous one fizzled out. Think more long-term, and work on honoring your commitments, this will help you to feel a lot more grounded and fulfilled.

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Venus In Taurus: The Sensual and Steady Romantic

There is no place Venus would rather be than in the sign of Taurus. It is truly this sign’s happy place. When you have Venus in Taurus, you have an easy-going nature and you are quite pleasant to be around. People appreciate your serenity and calm spirit.

You take love really seriously and tend to take things slow and steady within your relationships. You’re not about to rush into anything too soon because you want to make sure (double sure!) that the person you are with is truly worth investing your time in.

But when you do commit, you commit for life once you have determined a partner is a safe choice for you. Love needs to be sensible for you to feel happy and content. But when you are in love you are extremely sensual and affectionate.

You enjoy exploring your sensuality through kissing, touching, giving and receiving gifts, and enjoying decadent foods. Love to you needs to encompass all of the senses.

With Venus in Taurus, you attract wealth to you quite easily, and this is really good news because you thoroughly enjoy the finer things in life. You probably also possess quite a strong creative flair and know exactly how to make the world a much more beautiful place with your hands.

The dark side of this placement is that you might view your partners as a possession and want to control them, especially if the relationship comes to an end. It can be really hard for you to let go and move on from someone you once cared for.

It is important that you learn to accept that people move on and things don’t always work out in the way you had planned.

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Venus In Gemini: The Communicative and Curious Lover

Venus in Gemini is such an exciting placement to have! You are likely quite the social butterfly and a bit of a flirt. My, are you amazing with words and know exactly how to woo people with your intelligence.

You are happy in love, as long as you have a strong mental connection with someone. All your love affairs tend to start with the mind. You need someone who can keep up with you and make things exciting for your romance because you do have the tendency to become bored, rather quickly.

As a Venus in Gemini native, you aren’t the most commitment-minded, and there is nothing wrong with that because you prefer getting to know as many people as possible before making the decision to properly settle down.

You have many interests and find it quite easy to connect to most people on some kind of level because you can talk to almost anyone. This is also why you find it hard to focus on love with just one person because there are so many people who you find fascinating.

Change, excitement, and variety are so important if you want to be happy in your relationships. You need to be switched on all the time and find something new and interesting about your partner to keep coming back for more.

As a lover, you make quite a fascinating partner to be with. There is so much your man can learn about you and it is important that you find someone you can share similar interests with.

Your lesson to learn is not to think that the grass is always greener on the other side and to actually give enough time so that people can surprise you!

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Venus In Cancer: The Nurturing and Caring Partner

Venus in Cancer is such a wonderfully sweet placement. With this position, you are romantic and nurturing with a tender heart for those you love. You tend to be quite empathetic and sensitive to the world around you.

It is easy for you to figure out what a partner needs from you to feel romantically fulfilled because you are so emotionally inclined. You are dutiful and always offer up a helping hand to those special souls in your life.

This sensitivity you have does make you somewhat insecure and unsure at times, making it easy for others to unintentionally hurt you. The best kind of partner for you would be someone who knows to reassure you and be demonstrative of their love for you.

You can be quite vulnerable, so it is important that you share your life with someone who understands this about you. Feeling safe and secure helps you to feel more comfortable with leaving your shell and opening your heart to your partner.

This security also opens up the door to help you embrace the traditional, loyal, and devoted side of your personality. You are the type of woman to show your love by nurturing your man with a hearty home-cooked meal.

Family is everything to you and you tend to be rather sentimental. When you date it is for marriage because you take any and all relationships seriously.

Once you love, you love unconditionally, however, you need to learn not to take every little thing so personally. You’re only breaking your own heart when you constantly think your man is intentionally trying to hurt you.

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Venus In Leo: The Dramatic and Prideful Lover

Being a Venus in Leo, you are a warm and gregarious lover and know exactly how to attract people to you with your undeniable charm, charisma, and personal magnetism. I must say, you are rather sexy, and the whole world can definitely see it!

You may be the life of the party, but you do take your relationships really seriously. You show how much you care by being a loyal and generous partner. You simply want your other half to feel adored, but it is just as important that they return the favor.

You absolutely love attention and the feeling of being admired by the person you are in a relationship with. And whenever he fulfills this need within you, it awakens you to be even more doting and loving towards your man.

You simply cannot get enough of love and you want to share this feeling with the world. Your warm personality makes you popular so it really isn’t difficult for you to find a partner who adores you.

When in a relationship you enjoy being sociable and creating an atmosphere of fun and playfulness with your romantic partner. It is so important that whoever you are with allows you the freedom to express yourself as you please.

Your personality is larger than life, but more sensitive souls may find you overbearing or too dramatic for their liking. In relationships, it would be good for you to learn to be less attached to your ego and to curb that desire for approval and attention because it can get exhausting for a partner quite quickly.

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Venus In Virgo: The Helpful and Supportive Partner

Like I mentioned above, Venus finding herself in Virgo really isn’t the easiest placement for her to express herself. But it does make you an extremely dutiful and loyal partner – there isn’t much you wouldn’t do for someone you cared about.

You just love being of service and your love language would definitely be there to help those you love with whatever they need. Somehow you think that to be loved you almost need to earn it by doing things for others, however, that is not the case. You are lovable just as you are.

As a lover, you tend to be quite cautious and reticent to open up your heart to someone. You really take your time getting to know someone before you fully commit. It would feel disastrous to you if you picked the wrong partner.

You have incredibly high standards when it comes to love and you are rather picky. This might be the way you protect yourself from opening up your heart because it is a lot easier to think someone isn’t good enough than actually taking the risk of falling in love.

However, when you do fall in love, you tend to be an incredibly warm partner with a lot of affection to share.

You need to be really careful not to be too critical of your partner because Venus in Virgo tends to dissect and criticize a bit too much and your other half can find this quite hurtful. You need to remember that no one is perfect, including yourself.

All of this stems from a place of insecurity and feelings of unworthiness. It would be important for you to learn to love and accept yourself, this is when you will find your relationships become a lot easier.

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Venus In Libra: The Fun, Flirty, and Romantic Lover

Ah, Venus in Libra, you are simply in love with love. Isn’t it perfect? You’re one for relationships and really enjoy connecting with people. You couldn’t think of anything better than falling in love with someone amazing.

You have such a beautiful spirit, as you see the potential and goodness in everyone. You encourage the people in your life to be exactly who they need to be. This makes you quite the devoted and romantic lover.

You absolutely love beauty and your heart soars for aesthetics and making the world a more beautiful place to live in. This is thanks to your perception of harmony and knowing how to bring balance into the world.

As a peacemaker, you may find yourself trying to keep everyone around you happy. Luckily, that isn’t too hard, as you are easily one of the most charismatic and flirtatious people in the Zodiac. You find it effortless to charm whoever you meet.

You are highly romantic and respond really well to all the bells and whistles of a budding romance. Bring on all the candlelight, music, and poetry. All of it does it for you! This is exactly how you want to be seduced.

You have a talent for making people fall in love with you through your persuasive and seductive ways, however, you need to be careful of waiting to please someone else so much that you forget who you are as a person.

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Venus In Scorpio: The Intensely Deep and Passionate Partner

Passion and intensity are the names of the game for those of you who have Venus in Scorpio. Although Venus isn’t particularly comfortable in this position, it doesn’t prevent you from loving any less, in fact, it probably intensifies your desire for a relationship.

You are one of those people who can easily become obsessed with the object of your desire. You get totally consumed by love and the idea of finding that special connection with someone you care about.

Venus in Scorpio makes you want to dive deep with someone and to really build that feeling of intimacy. You have quite high standards for your relationships and you want to be with someone who is happy to devote their life to the relationship they share with you. Your partner needs to surrender to your will.

Love to you needs to be all-encompassing, and teeter on a spiritual experience. You want your romantic relationships to transform you as a person. It has to be that intense and totally life-changing for you to feel fulfilled by the connection.

However, when your relationships go sour, you have a tendency to become quite vindictive and manipulative. You cannot accept it when things go wrong, and you will do anything to exercise your control over your partner.

You need to learn to relax a little and to let go when it is appropriate for you to do so. Holding on to a toxic relationship isn’t going to do you any good. You would be advised to find some kind of creative outlet to help you release all that pent-up energy within yourself.

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Venus In Sagittarius: The Wild, Free, and Adventurous Lover

What fun it must be to have Venus in Sagittarius. You lot are full of action and adventure and make the best travel bodies on Earth! Your energy is extremely warm and inviting and you tend to be humorous and cheerful.

You are definitely the life of the party, and possess one of the wildest and most adventurous spirits ever. Although you really enjoy connecting with people and getting the opportunity to learn from all kinds of connections, at heart, you are independent.

As a free spirit, you might find it quite hard to settle down and make a long-term commitment to someone special. It is just so hard to pin you down because you are always off on some adventure, soaking up every experience imaginable.

You might find it easier to sustain your friendships over your relationships because there are a lot fewer expectations that come with being a friend. This doesn’t mean you find it impossible to be in a happy and romantic relationship, you just find it a little more difficult than others.

When you are in love, you need to be able to be with someone who can accept you for who you are completely, but also someone who knows how to bring the excitement because you can’t stick to doing the same thing for too long.

You want something different out of love and typically find people from foreign countries most attractive. The differences in culture are what make it extra exciting for you.

You need to learn to stay put a little, and not get so distracted with what might be waiting for you on the other side. If you give people a chance, they might really surprise you.

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Venus In Capricorn: The Serious and Committed Partner

Tradition is what you care most about in love when you have Venus in Capricorn. You are a traditional lover with old-fashioned values. You are the type of girl who desires a serious commitment, like marriage.

Your personality can be a little serious and reserved, and this may prevent you from really expressing your true romantic feelings for someone. Somewhere you may have learned that you need to appear strong.

Deep within you is a fear of loneliness and rejection, and this makes you cautious and careful when it comes to taking risks within love. You would much rather be seen as someone who is steadfast and loyal, than someone who makes grand gestures with love.

At your core, you are an extremely dependable partner and you will go out of your way to support the people in your life who you care about deeply.

You need to be really careful that you don’t repress your feelings too much, and allow yourself the freedom to love and be loved by another person because it is really easy for you to shelf your feelings and forget about them.

Sometimes you are in control a little bit too much, and it would be wise for you to learn to let go and live a little. There is nothing wrong with being emotionally vulnerable, in fact, it will probably help you to form better connections with others.

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Venus In Aquarius: The Uniquely Different Lover

As a Venus in Aquarius individual, you are quite unconventional and eccentric when it comes to love. You are someone that needs to determine your own rules within your relationships because you like testing the boundaries of what is expected of you.

Some people may view this as unwillingness to commit, but this is simply not the truth. You are happy to be in a relationship, as long as you can still maintain your freedom, independence, and autonomy over your own life.

You do what makes sense for you and your personality, you aren’t about to follow the rules of what society expects of you. It just would work.

You are quite experimental and magnetic, so it isn’t hard for you to attract people into your life. Your unusual way of loving makes you quite an intriguing person. However, you can be a little temperamental.

Venus in Aquarius usually has the history of rapidly falling in love with someone, and then just as easily, going cold on their partner. This can be quite confusing for the people who find themselves in a relationship with you.

Your love of friendship and humanity will always take first place over romantic love for you. You would much rather share your love with a group of people than give it to one special person. However, if you do fall in love, it is so important that the two of you share a mental connection, this is all that truly matters to you.

It would be wise for you to learn to be less attached and show your feelings more to the people you care about. You have a tendency to seem quite cold and aloof, and this makes it hard for others to want to get to know you.

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Venus In Pisces: The Sensitive and Compassionate Romantic

Oh, sweet Pisces. You are one of the most wonderfully sensitive women around. Venus just loves being in your sign because you have the highest expression of romance in the whole of the Zodiac. How lucky are you?

You love with sensitivity and gentleness and take deep care of the people who find a special place in your heart. Your personality is highly romantic and dreamy, but you also have a side to you that is quite self-sacrificing.

You are the epitome of what it means to love because you love unconditionally, without any judgment. Pure poetry! Your heart is filled with compassion, but you also possess a deep need to feel understood by your romantic partner.

Sometimes love can be a little overwhelming and confusing to you because you tend to fall in love with whoever you are with at the moment. You simply see the goodness in everyone, and thus it makes it easy for you to fall in love.

There is a dark side to being so loving, and this can make you quite vulnerable to those who are down on their luck and needy. Your empathetic heart just makes it so easy for others to take advantage of your kindness, so you really need to be aware of that.

You feel very deeply, but it is important that you learn that it isn’t heroic to sacrifice yourself in the name of love. Keep yourself strong and stay away from toxic people who get a kick out of stealing your energy.

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Which Houses Are Good And Bad For Venus?

In Astrology, we have something called the houses, this is an important part of Astrology because it can tell us where in your life a certain planet plays out its energy. There are twelve houses and each house represents a different aspect of your life. An example would be, your first house is the house that rules your body and your appearance.

While the fourth house is all about your family and the home you live in, then there is the seventh house that is all about your serious relationships, meanwhile, the tenth house is all about your career and public persona.

And the planets “live” in some of these houses, and of course, Venus is happier in certain houses, and not so happy in others.

Which House Is Venus Happy In?

The Fifth House

Venus is at its absolute strongest in the fifth house. The fifth house is all about love, romance, sex, pleasure, creativity, and children. You’re likely fun-loving, enjoy having a good time and love being in the throes of a romance above everything else in your life!

The First House

The first house rules your body and your appearance, so you are more than likely blessed with good looks. People are drawn in by your charisma, and there is definitely something charming about your energy. Some would call this a vibe.

You definitely have an eye for style and know exactly how to draw attention to yourself by the way you dress and present yourself to the world. You’re naturally attractive and others find you very likable, and definitely quite sexy.

The Seventh House

A fantastic position for relationships, especially long-term relationships. You find committing to a partner comes to you quite easily. You want to get married and you take your relationships seriously.

You put a lot of your focus on your partnerships and how you relate to others. You feel most fulfilled when you are in a relationship.

The Fourth House 

The fourth house is all about the bonds you form with home and family. This position places precedence on the connections you have with the people you care about.

This would make you quite the fierce protector of the ones you love, and you know just how to nurture and take care of your loved ones. The role of caregiver and nurturer comes naturally to you. You put your familial relationships first.

Which Houses Are Less Than Ideal For Venus?

The Sixth House

The sixth house is all about work, and being of service to others. This can make it quite hard for you to feel pleasure. It just wouldn’t be easy for you to let your hair down and just feel into the moment. You will likely have a tendency to put your work first, and your personal needs second.

The Eighth House

The eighth house can be quite a tough energy to contend with because it is the house of death and transformation. When Venus is in this position, it behaves a lot like when Venus is in Scorpio.

You might find yourself only seeking out really intense situations or being attracted to toxic partners who aren’t good for you. However, this position can indicate that when you married you will benefit from your husband’s wealth.

The Twelfth House

The twelfth house is all about loss and endings, and it can make you have to constantly go through quite a few traumatic relationships that can cause suffering and anxiety. You might also be so spiritual that you forget about true connections on earth.

It may also make you see love as a form of escapism, and becoming addicted to love and toxic people can be a very high possibility.

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Do You Need Help Finding Out Your Venus Sign?

I hope this article was somehow meaningful to you, and that you understand more about yourself and your Venus sign now.

You are now better equipped to take on the dating game and find the relationship of your dreams.

Remember to embrace your strengths and work on your weaknesses, and always be open to growth and expansion.

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Wishing you so much love on your journey.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

4 thoughts on “Venus In Astrology: What Does Your Venus Sign Mean?

  1. Sun sign Gemini and Venus in Cancer…and I usually adore Aquarius…with my placement Venus in Cancer it truly gets a little tough to balance this over sentimental side. Most men attracted to me and vice versa are more independent, funny and aloof at times than my Venus in Cancer is…

  2. Hi Anna,
    My Libra man was married, but separated for three years. He is so romantic and loves me alot but sometimes gets harsh, and doesn’t want me to be like a typical lover for him. I want to marry him. Will this happen ever. His name is Sayed Mateen Sadat and his date of birth is 09-25-1990.

  3. Anna
    I am a Libra with Venus in Scorpio…what is written is spot on except for the last paragraph. I do not try to hang on or become overbearing when the relationship is ending or not working out. In fact, I’m quite the opposite. I tend to mourn it like a death, become depressed and reclusive and probably find blame in myself unnecessary. How can that be? As it doesn’t fit the description at all?

    1. Dear Amy,

      Your emotional reactions also depend on your Moon sign. Venus in Scorpio attaches on a deep emotional level, and the Moon sign can either support it or not. The way you described the emotional state when the relationship end indicates that you probably have a ‘fiery’ Moon sign, which is a good combination.
      Best of luck to you!

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