Venus in Aries Transit & Natal (How Long Does Your Love Fire Burn?)

Venus is the planet of beauty, proportion, and values, and her basic areas or houses in Astrology are Taurus, where Venus has an earthy nature, and Libra, where Venus is seen through the air element.

Also, this planet exalts or feels the best in the sign of dreamy Pisces and has the worst qualities in Virgo. And besides those traits, Venus is debilitated in Aries and Scorpio, which will be explained.

If you are wondering what Venus in Aries is like, you should know that the sign of Aries is governed by the planet Mars, and in this same sign, the Sun exalts, which means that it has the most power in this part of the Zodiac.

Since Aries is all about fiery energy, the planet Venus doesn’t feel so right here, being cold and moist according to the basic Astrology principles.

This generally means that she resides in an area of the Zodiac where she can’t show all of her qualities since the signs Aries and Scorpio are under the rulership of the planet Mars, which is too harsh, too fast, and too aggressive for her taste.

In this article, you’ll learn what Venus entering Aries brings to the table this year, but also what it means when your natal Venus is in the passionate sign of Aries.

Venus in Aries 2024: The Significance of Venus Entering Aries

This year, mark your calendar for April 5th, because this is the day that the planet of beauty and love, Venus, leaves Pisces and enters Aries, where the Sun and Mercury are already transiting. Overall, Venus transiting Aries can bring a boost to love, romance, and sex.

This transit gives you the confidence you may have been lacking to make the first move. You may be tempted to show off your best traits and easily gain the attention of others through your charm and intensity. Even shy signs get a boost of vitality and bravado during this transit!

Aries is active, childlike, optimistic, and exuberant. When Venus travels through this sign, you may feel more emboldened to try things you’ve never done before. Both to get the attention of a love interest or to heighten the romance together, this is a time for you to bring a sense of adventure into your love life.

Your finances and beauty routines can also receive a much-needed revamp during this transit. You may scrap old plans and start over, creating a wild and exciting new image with a sudden change of wardrobe or a dramatically different hairstyle. You may also make bold investments, having the courage to manifest the resources you’ve needed.

Here’s a look at how Venus transiting Aries will impact each sign of the Zodiac. Get ready! It’s bound to be a thrilling and intense time!

Here’s Your Venus Enters Aries 2024 Horoscopes…


Venus is transiting your Sun sign, Aries, and this gives greater emphasis to the energies that abound now. This transit will accentuate your best talents and personality traits. You can now easily excel in work related to beauty, the arts, and healing relationships.

As you can imagine, this is also a dynamic time for you to attract a new romance or spice up an existing love. A long-term partnership may seem more like a passionate affair now. Be playful in your approach to romance.

Games and even friendly competition are a sure way to get the attraction’s energy flowing. Sex is also likely to be more spontaneous and athletic now, so try to be open to exploring new things and taking the lead.

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This transit shakes you out of your comfort zone – something that has been long overdue yet is still likely to make you feel uncomfortable.

You also may feel the tension in your love life now. A fresh start may be needed or a change that supercharges the passion in a relationship. Don’t try to stick with the same old routines anymore!

Be careful not to let possessiveness and jealousy get the better of you; you may find it tempting to dominate a partner or come across as intense or controlling.

Channel this transit’s energy by finding creative ways to put a new spin on your sex life. Show your love interest you care by taking initiative, but don’t let stubbornness get in the way of collaborating.

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Someone new and exciting may rock your world this month, Gemini. Prepare for a hot and sizzling new development in your sex life! Your imagination may be inspired by someone exciting and daring. Be open to adventure, especially in love and sexuality.

Passion may get the better of you. Spontaneous encounters may be fun, but a flirtation may start to get serious before you really understand what you’re getting into.

Try to tap the brakes occasionally, there’s no hurry in love this month but you may feel tempted to take dramatic steps before you’ve created a solid foundation.

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Your confidence may be helped tremendously by this transit, Cancer, and just in time. Boundaries and assertiveness are needed in your relationships now.

You may have been holding back on speaking your truth to a loved one, but this transit helps give you the focus and courage you’ve needed to clear the air.

Be careful to avoid jealous fixations. Let yourself find creative and fun ways to take a romance to new heights. You may take love and relationships seriously, but creating time for fun and games now is essential.

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This is going to be a passionate and intense transit for you, dear Leo. You may be on fire in a love relationship and the tempestuous attraction may be stimulating one day and frustrating the next.

Your lesson during this transit is that of collaboration. It’s far too easy for you to try to always take the lead. Make room for a love interest to show their dashing and assertive side.

Be careful to avoid competition with a loved one or romantic partner. Sex can help diffuse a tense situation during this transit, but there is no substitute for honest and direct communication.

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Your kinky side may come to the forefront now, naughty Virgo. Though you prefer to stay in control at all times, this transit will test you to throw caution to the wind.

Pamper yourself with a gift of your favorite sensual experiences. This can be your key to amplifying attraction energy now.

You may also feel emboldened to take the lead in a relationship. Be careful to avoid becoming overly critical of a romantic partner. Make time for fun and pleasure, not just work and chores.

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Venus is now transiting your opposing sign, Libra, and this adds balance and harmony to your love life. Expect some disruptive twists and turns, as a love interest may surprise you with an unexpected declaration.

It’s important to find your voice and speak for yourself now. Don’t just go along to get along. This can be a great time for healing a relationship or attracting someone whose strengths complement your own.

You may find yourself falling for the type of lover who isn’t usually your “type,” but just go with it – there are lessons in store for you.

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This is an intense transit that may bring out passion, lust, and power plays. On the one hand, you may feel feistier and more frivolous than usual. But on the other hand, this can be a time for your jealousy to easily become triggered.

Try to keep your urge to stay in control in check. Your confidence is genuine now so there is no need to play mind games in order to impress others, Scorpio.

Look for a partner who shares your ambition but tries not to compete with others for the exact same goals. Instead, work together and you’ll be more likely to succeed.

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Relationships focused on philanthropy, healing, advocating for others, and common causes will likely thrive now. You may favor collaborative work as well as romantic affairs.

Be open to an exciting and determined lover who challenges you to take new leaps of faith you hadn’t considered before.

Your sex life may get much more exciting during this transit, Sagittarius. Though you have a strong independent streak, you may now find that you’re attracted to people who add a little drama to your life and push you to be the best version possible of yourself.

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A fresh start in love may lead you to become attracted to someone who is brash and spontaneous. Though you’re not typically comfortable with this intense and passionate energy, Capricorn, this transit can awaken your creative spirit and help you enjoy your favorite pleasures without guilt.

In love and romance, this is an ideal time to surrender control and let your passions and inspiration lead the way. Try not to overthink things and allow the process to guide you.

If you become territorial in relationships, intense power struggles can ensue. It’s best to avoid this and focus on shared goals rather than outwitting others.

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A love interest or partner may trigger your Muse and spark your fascination with a new idea or project. You have a boost in confidence and energy now and may crave more attention than usual, dear Aquarius.

You may even put yourself in the limelight and thrill others with your humorous and entertaining stories rather than playing the wallflower.

This can be a great time to take initiative and let a love interest know how you feel and what you want.

You can also be triggered to anger quickly now if you feel like others aren’t showing you appreciation. Try to slow down and avoid making assumptions.

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This transit can awaken your confidence and assertiveness, Pisces, as well as give you greater focus when it comes to love and finances.

You may feel like things are proceeding quickly in a romance but rather than clamming up and hiding, you can easily put your best foot forward.

This is also a great time for passionate sexual role-play. Games and friendly competition of all kinds can give your romantic life a boost now as well.

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What to Expect if You Have Your Natal Venus in Aries?

If your natal Venus is already in Aries, you may feel like the planets are aligning to bless your love life – and they are!

Transiting Venus is about to come into a conjunction with your natal Venus and this unleashes additional attraction energy in your life. Don’t waste your time and energy chasing dead ends, instead focus on manifestation in all its forms.

This is an ideal time for fun, games, playfulness, and flirtation. You may meet a love interest through rigorous hobbies like biking or hiking. Team sports are also a good way to try to make connections with others now.

There may be so much sexual tension brewing in your love life now that the best way to channel this energy is through creativity and physical activity.

Experimenting with athletic and challenging forms of sex or sexual games can be an added thrill for you during this time. You may also derive great pleasure from overcoming a major challenge in your love life.

Sticking to your goals and following your ambitions will lead to success in finances and love. Try to avoid jealousy and possessiveness, though. These issues are likely to be easily triggered during this transit.

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Venus in Aries Natal: Why is Venus in Aries Important?

All of us have the planet Venus somewhere in our natal charts. Venus governs all the things and feelings related to our possessions, whether of a material or emotional nature. This planet also shows our public appearance, stance, and even how we deal with our “open” or known enemies.

Venus, through the symbolism of the Taurus sign, or the natural second house, rules the person’s face. Particularly the mouth, nutrition intake (not digestion), and their ability to value or possess things through direct income (not investments, other financial inflows, or inheritance).

And on the other side, the sign of Libra shows partnerships, public appearance, and also known enemies since this sign tightly deals with diplomacy, negotiation, and politics.

In contrast to Libra, Aries doesn’t deal with “we are,” but rather “I am,” or the ego quality. It’s all about the person’s feelings, inner needs, and passion. Having those facts in mind, we can now notice that Venus in Aries is colored by the martial fire, which damages her to some extent. 

This Venus is not able to relax and enjoys its feminine nature to its fullest potential. Venus in Aries is a bit too harsh or robust in some way, and she doesn’t know exactly how to behave in certain situations. Fine dining, choosing a beautiful perfume, gardening, showing off at cocktail parties or receptions, applying makeup, knowing how to negotiate properly, and many other things are somewhat scary and hard to accomplish with innate ease.

In terms of planetary transits, when Venus moves into Aries, women often become too aggressive in pursuing men. They want to cut their hair short, dye it in red tones, and start practicing sports. They simply like to take some days off when it comes to their femininity and softness.

What is a Venus in Aries Woman Like?

A Venus in Aries appearance can be sloppy in some cases, but generally speaking, this type of woman just loves to dress up casually, like wearing something comfortable. She will feel most comfortable in some sort of uniform, whether it is military-style, actually serving the army, or working in the medical profession.

A woman with Venus in Aries has good health for almost her whole life. During her youthful years, she has a perfect body, which can be a bit bigger, more robust, or muscly than typical for females.

When it comes to Venus in Aries women in bed experiences, those traits will depend on the position of her natal Mars the most and of the ruler of her eighth house as a significator of her sexual taste. However, she will love everything to do with the mouth, and in this sense, oral sex will be very important to her. And if her natal Mars is strong, meaning in fire Zodiac signs, she will perform with great zest and passion almost every time.

In terms of psychology, a woman with Venus in Aries is not so good for diplomacy; her sense of ego is heightened, and she loves excitement and novelty. On one side, she truly feels the urge to be with a “real” masculine, Alpha man, but in reality, those guys avoid her, fully conscious that she is truly hard “work” to cope with.

This is why she frequently ends up with beta-type guys and feels frustrated and betrayed by their submissive behavior. And this consequently creates all sorts of situations or dramas in their relationship. Or she suffers for the guys she can’t have and doesn’t notice those attracted by her fiery nature, and this is why Venus in Aries is a bad position to have sometimes.

What is a Venus in Aries Man Like?

Venus in Aries in the male chart will bring something truly unique for the whole Zodiac circle. This position means that he won’t pursue a woman, but that a woman will pursue him. Or, as is the case in real life, the moment he stops pursuing or chasing women, the first one who pursues him will become his wife.

A man with his natal Venus in Aries will surely have a beautiful face or eyes. Those eyes will be lighter in color and carry some sort of seductive energy.

He will surely possess a strong ego and a burning desire to make a change in the world, but only through his individual accomplishments. His body will be durable, no matter what physical condition he has, and he won’t mind so much about the food.

In terms of his psychology, he will be truly shy but noble, and he will fall for the strong, independent types of girls all the time. During his youth, he will often have a crush on some sporting or competitive type of girl, for sure.

How Does Venus in Aries Show Love?

Venus in Aries will above all value simplicity and commitment, but real life will surely present them with a lot of obstacles regarding this goal.

How does a Venus in Aries show love? The answer is so simple: through actions, not words. There will be lots of kissing, hugging, or doing all sorts of favors. Since this sign is not so skilled in mental manipulation, once you show your Venus in Aries man that you like flowers or a certain type of sweet, he will bring you those gifts for years and years.

And if you are wondering how to know if Venus in Aries likes you, then you should be aware of the fact that people with their natal Venus in Aries are possessive. This is why this person will be with you every moment they can.

Venus in Aries is extremely possessive because this sign revolves around a sense of self and pride. And no one else can share his or her “belongings.” And, due to the fact that this planet is rather naïve or pure-hearted and not capable of manipulation, Venus in Aries is very faithful in nature. 

The only exceptions to this rule are if Venus in Aries creates oppositions or square aspects with Neptune and Uranus, placed in the signs of Libra (as if oppositions) and Cancer or Capricorn (as if squares).

In those cases, Venus in Aries won’t be faithful because the negative influence of Neptune will create illusions in love, which will easily break the commitment. And in the case of Uranus, the person won’t be able to have committed relationships and stick to those short-term ones.

How Does Venus in Aries Flirt?

First of all, when it comes to that epic question: how does Venus in Aries flirt? The answer is very sloppily. They almost don’t flirt at all. This Venus alone, without looking at the position of natal Mercury, is not so good at verbal expressions.

And in this sense, a Venus in Aries woman might come too strong, using brisk or even harsh language to attract the male’s attention. She will frequently make the same mistake by acting like the man she wants to be with. And in the majority of cases, the masculine man’s reaction will be repulsion.

For a Venus in Aries man, flirting will be something so hard that he will rather choose to hang around the girl of his choice and let her hint that he is very interested. Yes, he could offer her his help and make those long eye contacts unconsciously, but it will be easier to pull out his teeth than the actual words out of his mouth.

Venus in Aries Compatibility: Who Are Aries Venus Compatible With?

In general terms, Venus should create positive aspects with the other Venus when considering friendships or platonic types of relationships. This means that two individuals love or like the same things or activities. And this can fairly easily show whether those individuals enjoy eating, dancing, farming, creating beautiful items, or simply counting the money together. They could be great friends, more than friends according to other planetary aspects, or business associates.

When Venus is combined with Mercury, those issues will revolve around words and general communication. With Mars, passion and sexual tension will be involved, which is necessary for a “complete” love relationship.

With Jupiter, those themes will revolve around education and exploration; with the Sun, this will be related to position, reputation, and pride. And with Saturn’s long-lasting quality, a strong connection or a strong repulsion will be at stake.

In Astrology, any planet placed in Aries will have great compatibility with fiery and airy signs. So, good and harmonious relationships will be predictable with the planets in Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius. Or, also, with the Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Water and earth signs will be seen as too heavy or complicated for Venus’ Aries taste, and she will avoid them.

What is the Best Match for Venus in Aries?

When combined with Venus in Libra or Mars in Libra, it can be the beginning of never-ending love or frustration, depending on the other planetary placements.

Venus in Aries in combination with Venus in Sagittarius or Mars in Sagittarius will surely become a great union of two people ready to travel and learn from each other and the whole world.

Venus in Aries combined with Venus in Leo or Mars in Leo will be the true, noble union of a royal figure and their favorite warrior. This connection will last for sure.

In combination with Venus in Aquarius or Mars in Aquarius, this Venus could produce a couple of revolutionaries or just people ready to explore the frontiers of the unknown. Great for sex, too.

Venus in Aries, when combined with Venus in Gemini or Mars in Gemini, will show tremendously good friendships or love relationships. They will be joyful and versatile, but in some cases, they won’t last for long.

What is the Worst Match for Venus in Aries?

Venus in Aries, when in a relationship with Venus in Aries or Mars in Aries, will show instant attraction, but this passion could burn out fully and disappear.

Venus in Aries in combination with Venus in Taurus or Mars in Taurus could benefit in financial terms the most, but their different styles will separate them after some time.

When combined with Venus in Cancer or Mars in Cancer, it will create a really poor connection. They will surely become aggressive or passive-aggressive toward each other.

Venus in Aries combined with Venus in Virgo or Mars in Virgo will produce a real mess. They will secretly envy each other and won’t be able to cooperate on any level at all.

Venus in Aries with Venus in Scorpio or Mars in Scorpio could be the best for oral sex or risky investment deals, but for everything else, they will find each other tiring.

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