What 2024 New Moon in Cancer Means for You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

On July 5th, 2024, we will be graced by a New Moon in Cancer, the home sign of the Moon! You may be wondering, what should I do on a New Moon, and is this good or bad for me? Well, it depends on what your sign is…

Scorpio, Capricorn, and Taurus may find themselves encountering blessings left and right, while Aquarius, Gemini, and Sagittarius may find themselves encountering opportunities to adapt. 

Need a little more context? Read on to find the general themes of this New Moon in Cancer overall, and to find out how it will affect your sign more specifically.

The Significance Of The NEW Moon In Cancer…

The New Moon in Cancer happens on the 5th of July, 2024, in the high heat of Summer. Ironically, this New Moon in Cancer is more about drawing inward. So even though going out and about with those you love is tempting at this time, it’s not necessarily going to feel ‘right’ if you do! Unless of course, it’s with close family. 

The New Moon represents new beginnings. It’s both the end of an old Moon cycle and the beginning of a new one. The New Moon is like a rebirth. Taking full advantage of the New Moon means evaluating what you want out of life.

This is your time to realign your intentions to create something wonderful. Just like the newborn baby has every opportunity in the world ahead of them, you now have the chance to replicate this feeling of hope. 

Cancer is the sign that the Moon feels most comfortable in, so this is a very special time. The sign of Cancer is about drawing inward, finding security, and getting in touch with what makes one feel safe. 

Cancer is also the sign of family and the mother. Anything that occurs with the Moon, regardless of your sign, could entail your mother or other nurturing figure in your life. 

The New Moon in Cancer will ask you what you need to feel secure. It asks you what dreams you need to begin to ‘mother.’ This Moon spurs you to think about what you could be creating as well since Cancer is a creative sign.

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Here’s Your Horoscope for the New Moon in Cancer…

How these themes manifest in your life depends on your sign. This Moon is going to get you in touch with your primal need for security no matter where it lands, but if you want to get specific about how this Moon will affect you, then read on…


This New Moon in Cancer is asking you, Aries: what legacy do you want to leave behind? The New Moon is giving you the opportunity to imagine a new foundation for you to appreciate. Ask yourself, what lasting memories do I want to leave behind when I am gone? How do I want to be remembered and recognized? 

Your family could be asking you to reevaluate life at this time, or maybe you feel you need to meet their expectations for what you leave behind. How can you honor their opinions while also respecting your truth?

Relationships are on the back burner at this time, Aries. Continue as usual in the relationship sector because this time is meant for establishing your own standing in society and what you project outward.

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This is a period of turning any angst you’re harboring inside into something productive in the social realm. This time is going to ask you to evaluate what your relationships with the groups you’re in are like. It may be asking you to begin searching for a new tribe! 

You should be focusing more on friendships at this time. You may even find yourself with a brand-new person who turns out to be a great friend in the future. Who knows, maybe this friend will turn into something more! 

Taurus, finding the balance between turning inward and being social can be tricky here, but I encourage you to act mindfully and from your core when you interact with others at this time. Don’t allow them to threaten your safety… this time is blessed and you’re protected!

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Gemini, this is a time of extreme introspection. Your natural self wants you to be that social butterfly, but as it turns out, you could fall on your face at this time if you overextend yourself socially – you’re going to find yourself being punished for a lack of introspection. This is a time of karma coming around. 

I don’t advise advancing on new relationships at this time, in fact, take some solo time as much as possible. Be like water during this time, as the Universe could feel totally overwhelming to you. Make sure you’re taking good care of yourself. 

Your family/roots could feel like they’re trapping or isolating you. Just remember that all emotions and feelings pass, and soon enough you’ll be feeling empowered again.

The good news is that if you play it right, this is a time to feel one with the Universe. Use this time to manifest your actions for the future. However, I advise that you don’t take a lot of action right now. This is a time of reflection.

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This is a time to plant as many seeds as you want. The world is your oyster, Cancer! This is the time when you’ll be feeling hopeful. You’re in touch with your physical body and it’s a good time to start a new self-care routine. You are feeling powerful and like the potential is everywhere… and that’s true! 

Cancer, you can truly reinvent yourself at this time. Take time to focus deeply on your desires this New Moon and you’ll find that the fruits of this dreaming pop up all around you. This is a time to plan for your future and have lots of hope! 

This is a good time to attract lovers and friends because you’re brimming with hope. However, this shouldn’t be your main goal at this time. Your main goal is to empower yourself to work on your goals in the coming month!

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The New Moon in your financial area of the chart is looking great for the manifestation of money, Leo! This is a time for thinking about how much money you desire (down to the penny!) and what you’ll spend it on. 

Your family may be experiencing money issues of some variety, though not necessarily bad ones. There will be an emphasis of money in the realm of your roots and your home. Perhaps you refinance your house or you find a way to make money using your property! 

Consider yourself blessed at this time because your financial prospects are good. At this time, you may not see it, but if you use positive expectation while the Moon is new then you’ll find yourself attracting situations that gift you with money in the next month or so! 

As far as relationships go, you could meet someone who works in the financial sector. Think about flirting with that person you’ve been eyeing at your bank or shopping center.

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You may be feeling more introverted than usual at this time. You naturally are a good communicator but at this time you’re turning your thoughts inward rather than outward. This is a time to explore your thoughts freely and to let them flow like water. 

Virgo, your family may be extra vocal with you at this time and you could be feeling overwhelmed by it since you want to distance yourself from communicating too much. Whatever you do say to your family at this time could have lasting affects for the month ahead. 

Perhaps you find someone who you do feel comfortable confiding in on this day. Ensure it’s someone who won’t shame you for your thoughts since mentally you’re feeling pretty volatile at this time. 

You can use this time to manifest new ways of thinking, a job involving writing or communicating, or to forge bonds with the people in your local area. This is a great time to consider new ways of communicating that could benefit you!

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Your roots are feeling totally exposed at this time, Libra. You are pondering where you came from and the people who raised and nurtured you. This is a sensitive time and a lot of the energy you’re feeling is brimming just under the surface, so putting it into words can be hard. 

This is a great time to reconnect with family members, especially your mother. You feel like you need nurturing or that you need to nurture someone else. Find the people who form your closes inner circle and really shower them with love and affection if you feel the need! 

Romantically, it’s best to reinforce any relationships that you already have. This isn’t a time for the new and exciting, but rather to reestablish your relationship. This is a wonderful time for a vow renewal to firmly establish your roots with an individual!

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You’re feeling refreshed and stress-free at this time. A childlike energy is present and maybe you’re reflecting on the feelings you had as a child. You’re feeling like the world is your oyster and that your time is nigh! This is a great time to get a little risky and play the lotto or play the slots if that’s your jam!

I suggest that you use this time to connect with your kiddos if you have any. You’re more likely to have fun times while staying home than going out with them. Consider a game night or a movie night, or get some good tunes flowing! 

On top of this, this is a great time to begin a new romance. Don’t expect it to yield anything serious but you may be feeling inclined to get into a summer fling! Have fun and build some great memories.

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Sagittarius, you’re feeling a bit heavy at this time, as if responsibility is weighing you down. You being how you are, you’re likely feeling trapped by obligations. This is a time that you can use to reevaluate your habits, routine, and place of employment. 

This is a beneficial time if you’ve been looking to manifest a new workplace! Go ahead and use this time to imagine your ideal place of employment. Really focus your energy on what would make you happy in your routine and feel like it’s already happening! 

This could be a time when a new coworker joins you, and perhaps there is a love spark here! Just keep your energy to yourself until you know for sure that there is a true connection. 

Your parents may be placing responsibility, real or imagined, on your plate right now. Perhaps they feel you should be in a different line of work or that you’re not doing enough work.

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Oh Capricorn, you’re in a time when you could find the love of your life! This is a period where someone new that makes you feel complete has a high potential to walk into your life. This is a time when you can renew any love that you already have as well. This is a good time to get married! 

Capricorn, you’re also blessed because this is a great time to sign contracts on houses and apartments. You will have a period where entering agreements that have to do with housing is blessed. 

This is a great time to manifest a new relationship as well. You can spend time and energy thinking about your ideal partner and it will yield results within the next month. Even if you don’t realize that the person is your future partner in this month, the person will enter your life and over time your relationship can grow into romance!

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While the New Moon is in Cancer, Aquarius, you’ll find that you encounter parts of yourself that make you uncomfortable. Not usually one for deep emotions, but you’ll find that this could change during this time period. You may encounter depths of yourself you were unaware were there. 

This is a period of empowerment, whether it’s with mastering yourself or in the realm of sexual intimacy. You may try new, sexual things with new people at this time. In the realm of relationships, think of this as an experimental time. 

This is a great period to consider paying off debts, consolidating loans, or to lend out money, or asking for a loan. This is a period where you could receive inheritance, perhaps from a parental figure.

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You could be feeling restless at this time, as seeds of new adventures begin growing within you. You aren’t satisfied with the norm right now and you’re looking for a change up in your routine. 

You may be feeling renewed hope and faith around this time. If you’ve been considering getting close to God or exploring a spiritual side of yourself, then this is the time to do so! Don’t be afraid to make plans to push your personal boundaries at this time. 

It’s also a good time to book a long trip. Go ahead and make those plans to visit a spot that you’ve always considered going to. Who knows, maybe you will meet a handsome foreigner that makes your heart throb! 

Think about your philosophical view on life at this time. You may want to reconsider any views that you have on family and your roots.

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My Final Thoughts About NEW Moon In Cancer…

This is the time that calls for you to reevaluate and reassess your approaches to different areas of life. It’s also handy to take what information was given to you and apply it in the context of your roots and your family! 

If going inward is frightening to you, take heart. Every Moon transit only lasts 2.5 days. This feeling of emotional volatility can be a golden opportunity to dive deeper into your inner self.

You are going to benefit greatly from taking full advantage of this time to manifest wonderful things in the context of your sign! 

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