Venus In Libra: What You Need In Love And How To Avoid Common Venus In Libra Traps

Venus is the planet of values and partnerships. And in the sign of Libra, as the natural seventh horoscope house, this planet is in its kingdom. This position gives her a certain power in the terms of managing how she relates to other people. And of course, this same position gives her innate grace.

Venus in Libra needs support and although this planet is not weak at all in this placement, she will gladly consent to her partner’s leadership. In this sense, she will wait to be pursued and “conquered” in love, and then she will show her ability to create a balanced environment in order for this relationship to blossom and last.

Common Libra Venus traps are her inability to speak up her mind clearly in the beginning, and just to hint at her desires and needs. And she could also appear inactive, which isn’t necessarily a bad trait in love when it’s expected from her to show her feminine qualities. However, in our “modern” times this type of behavior could give her potential partner the strong impression that she is not interested at all.

Why Is Venus In Libra So Relaxed That They Can Seem Lazy?

As is a rare case in Astrology, with this position of Venus in Libra, a very large number of different traits can be observed in various people. However, the thing that is their common characteristic is that they strive for harmony and composure, eternal optimism, and a diplomatic approach to problems.

Venus in Libra is independent; she likes to share advice, she is realistic, and although she pretends to be mysterious, she often measures and determines between herself and others. Which is why she can wander in love, because she can’t stand deception. The one who has a person with Venus in Libra as a friend can be considered happy, because this friend is full of tact and charm, sociable, and always ready to help, although frequented with “some urgent obligations.”

Venus in Libra can also be lazy, although her mood oscillates between a lot of real obligations and moments when she really doesn’t do anything. She certainly knows how to have fun – even when she is just lying down and typing messages or scrolling through social networks. And for her, there are separate portions of time when she really does something useful and profitable. 

When she prepares for going out is one example, because it requires a lot of time (in her case when she has time for conversations and gatherings) and of course, all the way to “doing nothing” because she gathers energy for something new or just needs some leisure time to be beautiful and glamorous again.

What Is A Venus In Libra Woman Like?

venus in libra woman

If you are wondering about Venus in Libra meaning, here is the shortest description: this woman is gentle, kind, elegant, and appears to be fragile, but underneath many layers of her personality, she is righteous, with a strong sense of justice, balanced, and rationality.

Venus rules over Taurus and Libra, but since the sign of Libra belongs to the air element, Venus in Libra woman appearance will always be delicate and graceful. She will have a thinner or well-shaped, always feminine body, with an especially beautiful butt – but no so enormous as it is modern in our times. 

Also, this placement is very important for the skin and kidneys, and if this planet is negatively affected in a natal horoscope chart, this woman will surely have some issues with her skin or oscillating blood pressure.

She could have a bit lighter complexion, eyes, or hair, but not too much, and she will show grace in her movements and speech. Her attitude will be unobtrusive, and she will give everyone an equal chance. This is why this type of woman is the first choice as a hostess at high-class receptions or social gatherings.

In love, she will act traditionally and very wise, because she will put herself in an affluent environment first, and at those classy places, she will meet numerous people who can provide her the life she deserves. 

She will then be very patient waiting for the proper one to make the first move and pursue her. And even then, she could complicate her life a bit by hinting at what she actually wants and letting her potential partner guess what “action” will bring rewards.

Once in a relationship, she will do everything she can to keep it flowing without any major drama, and she will keep her partner well “maintained” in the terms of emotional, psychological, and social support. 

In sex, Venus in Libra woman loves everything to be safe, in a material way, of course, and she will hardly have sex just like that with someone who is not able to carry the consequences of her possible pregnancy. Also, she needs a peaceful and beautiful environment, and then she will show surprisingly good and deeply sensitive love-making techniques.

The best traits of Venus in Libra woman are her peaceful and refined attitude and behavior. She is deeply romantic and genuinely affectionate toward all people, but especially toward her loved one and close friends. And she will truly do everything in her power to help them in the critical moments in life.

On the other side, the worst trait of Venus in Libra woman is her non-confrontational stance in frequent cases, when she will just pull back instead of fighting for what is worthy. She can also be passive and waiting for things or beneficial chances just to fall from the sky right in front of her. And in many cases, she could put other people’s needs first instead of protecting herself, which will inevitably produce resentfulness as again, one of her negative traits.

What Is A Venus In Libra Man Like?

venus in libra man

When it comes to Venus in Libra man, the general situation is not quite the same. This placement won’t describe him so much, but the feminine principle in him, or the person he will mostly be attracted to. And also, as we know, as Venus governs finances, this man will orient toward co-operation with others, at least one business partner in the case he is an entrepreneur because he will innately feel that he is unable to carry all tasks by himself.

He will possess lighter eyes or at least that romantic glance on his face, and in younger years, he could be rather naïve and too gentle. But later on, he will become a great diplomat or someone exceptionally talented for negotiation. 

The man with Libra Venus will fall for nice and polite women, those who obviously have style, but not just in a fashionable manner, but in their whole appearance and inner soul glow. He will simply love those delicate feminine types who don’t speak too much or too loud, but when they do, something valuable can be heard.

And above all, a man with his Libra Venus will love fairness and equal give and take in the relationship, meaning that he will expect right from the start to be showered with gentleness and attention. In some cases, he will have such high standards that he will often find himself disappointed or disillusioned by the current “modern” rules of love and female behavior. And he could also attract truly shallow women by insisting on the outer “package” and looking at what is inside her soul later on.

The best way to attract a Libra Venus man is to make him feel good while he is near you. And that means that you should have flawless manners, treat him like a royal figure and also show how educated, patient and affectionate you are.

A committed relationship will always mean a lot to him, and more than that, this type of bond will surely open up new financial opportunities at the same time and surely increase his income because once Venus is stable and highly active in the person’s chart, this planet will show all of her “faces.”

In sex, a man with Libra Venus will love to take things slow, to feel emotionally safe, and to have romantic foreplays followed by a gentle performance. However, his unique style will heavily depend on the placement of the planet Mars in his natal chart.

The best qualities of Venus in Libra man are his ability to communicate with lots of people and to produce win-win situations. He is also very balanced and social, and others truly enjoy his company, besides the fact that he surely knows someone who knows someone… and can easily reach anyone and get his idea or project materialized.

The worst qualities of Venus in Libra man are his neediness or powerful attachment he feels toward friends and romantic or business partners. In some cases, he is practically unable to move in any direction without the help of his environment. And the general mood of his environment can make or break him, which is, of course, his weak point.  Also, in some cases, his diplomacy might hide the real hypocrisy and some hidden intentions. 

Getting To Know Venus In Libra Better

Is Venus in Libra faithful?

In the majority of cases, Venus in Libra is faithful. This planet loves peace and balance above anything else in Libra, and therefore, if her partner is behaving properly, even without some great or romantic expressions of love, Venus in Libra will feel satisfied and try to improve the relationship on her own, by adding romantic atmosphere and hinting her partner what she wants.

On the other hand, if Venus in Libra is placed in the twelfth house, for Scorpio rising, or this Libra has a square or opposition types of aspects with Uranus or Neptune, then she will have personal issues with faithfulness, but this surely can’t be her core value in usual cases. 

What does Venus in Libra like?

Venus in Libra is truly blessed with good taste and various interests. She has this relaxed and open-minded stance and if others are not hurt or insulted, anything goes. She is the queen of fine dining, nice ballroom dancing, open-air parties, and high society receptions. But at the same time, she will immensely enjoy walking through the romantic rain, sitting by the dock and just watching ships, or spending endless hours in beauty salons.

And this is something you shouldn’t forget: Venus in Libra is addicted to chocolates. And the better quality or nicer looking package you can gift her, she more thrilled she will be! Besides that, she is the empress of great taste in design, architecture, fashion, or all similar things.

How does Venus in Libra flirt?

Venus in Libra doesn’t flirt so openly because she basically flirts with the whole world. She freely gives compliments to all people and she loves when she is so nice and uplifting toward others. And then she adores when others are nice to her. So, in general terms, her ideal life will always revolve around joyous laughter, great feelings of harmony, and sunny days.

At the same time, when Venus in Libra really likes someone who she might see as the ideal partner, this planet will withdraw a bit. She will suddenly become shy, she might start to stutter and feel awkward or as if something is inconvenient. So, she could whisper something short or she could be silent all along.

Who is Venus in Libra compatible with?

Venus in Libra is compatible with air and fire signs. The sign of Aries is her best match, and if a person has a cluster of other personal planets in Libra, besides Venus, and their partner has Mars and many other personal planets in Aries, then this match will be made in heavens for sure.

Besides Aries, Venus in Libra will simply love the placements of the other person’s natal Mars in Gemini or Aquarius. And the passion will be high with someone with their Mars or other natal planets in Leo, Sagittarius, or the other Libra.

How can you tell if a Venus Libra likes you?

Venus in Libra is notorious for its main characteristic never or so sporadically to pursue, but to fully receive. And in this sense, you will never or really rarely get the “frontal attack” coming from this planet, even if the “owner” of the natal horoscope chart is a highly masculine man, for instance.

This is why you will know if Venus in Libra likes you by the way this person revolves frequently around you, spreads the joy, give you small compliments and that’s it. From that point in time, it will be up to you to get the hints and try to deepen this connection.

How does Venus in Libra cheat in love?

Venus in Libra is a very good actress because the sign of Libra is all about diplomacy, and this is not focused on sacrificing or balancing all the time, but mostly about negotiating and getting the best for both sides (but really, for her side the most). And in situations when Venus in Libra sees that her needs are not met, being that emotionally or financially, she will start to make a backup plan.

Venus in Libra will slowly but surely get closer to someone better for her needs, and when this other person clearly states that this relationship is welcomed, she will jump into it leaving the previous person with the “what went wrong?” question. So, in a way, Libra Venus won’t cheat without any benefit behind this “project,” and if you can give her things she wants, then you can be almost sure that cheating will never take place.  

Who Is Compatible With Venus In Libra?

Generally speaking, Venus in Libra gets along the best with the fire and air signs, as Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius as the representatives of fire, and Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius as the representatives of the air element.

This planetary position, solely, seeks airy and uplifting feelings and she is not so thrilled with deep, dark, and intense emotions of water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. And, she also feels rejected or misunderstood by the earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

The best match for Venus in Libra is someone with lots of planets in Aries, and with that particular person, Venus in Libra will feel fully accepted, loved, and protected.

What Is The Best Match For Venus In Libra?

best match for venus in libra

Venus in Libra with Venus in Aries or Mars in Aries is the story between a knight in shining armor and a damsel in distress. Aries will play a hero and Libra will immensely enjoy the attention and the whole romance.

Venus in Libra with Venus in Gemini or Mars in Gemini will uplift both of them. This could be a wonderful romance if they are young, but in their mature years, this connection can easily turn into a marriage.

Venus in Libra with Venus in Leo or Mars in Leo will create the supportive and joyous type of love, which can last if Venus in Libra is allowed to be the center of attention here.

Venus in Libra with Venus in Libra or Mars in Libra will create a harmonious connection, but after some time, they might become boring to each other.

Venus in Libra with Venus in Sagittarius or Mars in Sagittarius will be all about genuine friendship and it can easily turn out to be a lasting relationship if they both are in their mature years.

Venus in Libra with Venus in Aquarius or Mars in Aquarius is a story about powerful romance, a lot of communication, and excitement, but it may not last for too long.

What Is The Worst Match For Venus In Libra?

worst match for venus in libra

Venus in Libra with Venus in Taurus or Mars in Taurus could be related to financial benefits or secret sexual affairs, but they will truly lack the mutual understanding for something more valuable.

Venus in Libra with Venus in Cancer or Mars in Cancer will be the source of so many heartaches, bad feelings, total lack of understanding, that they should avoid each other for sure.

Venus in Libra with Venus in Virgo or Mars in Virgo will surely create a hidden hostility between the two of them, and their views about everything will differ so much that.

Venus in Libra with Venus in Scorpio or Mars in Scorpio could be great for Libra’s finances, but when it comes to emotions, they will surely hurt each other at one point.  

Venus in Libra with Venus in Capricorn or Mars in Capricorn will generally avoid each other because they will see each other as cold and fake.  

Venus in Libra with Venus in Pisces or Mars in Pisces can be good for work if both of them are in arts, but their romance will seem too confusing and it will quickly disappear.

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Venus In Libra Celebrities

Having Venus in Libra is not just the beneficial and stable position in the Astrological sense, this is also a surefire way to be famous and well-received in public because the natural seventh house of horoscope, which Libra is, is not just about relationships and partnerships in general, but also about the publicity and public appearance or an individual.

And having this in mind, you surely know who Beyoncé Knowles is, even if you don’t listen to her style of music or don’t care about it. She is a powerful female figure in pop culture and every phase of her life, as a young girl, a mature woman, a mother, or a successful businesswoman was loudly and of course, publicly celebrated, bringing her as the positive role model for so many girls all over this planet.

Similarly, but not quite the same, people remember Freddy Mercury, the main figure of the rock band Queen, whose life was filled with many controversies. However, he managed to merge rock, classical music, and many more styles through his unique approach to music. And after he died, he even became a greater legend than he could ever hope for.

Let’s not forget the true royal figures like Charles, Prince of Wales, and of course his son, Prince Harry. And as a legend, being an actress and being a Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly. All of them are known for their kindness, humble stance and approach, and great style.

Among performing artists, we can see great names like Emma Stone, Will Smith, Woody Alen, Lorde, Hugh Grant, and many more. And Venus in Libra proved to be so beneficial for famous writers like Stephen King or Oscar Wilde, sportsmen like Kobe Bryant, an artist like Pablo Picasso, or powerful and influential figures in business or politics like Warren Buffet or Bernie Sanders.

Venus in Libra is exceptionally beneficial and auspicious placement in someone’s natal chart. However, please be aware of the fact that Venus solely is not able to describe the whole character of the person, and that, if you are interested, you will have your whole natal chart analyzed deeply. 

In this way, you will clearly know what are your strengths and weaknesses, and also, what is more important, how your life will develop, what is your purpose, and what major events to expect and how to get the best of them. 

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