Venus In Scorpio: What You Need In Love And How To Avoid Common Venus In Scorpio Traps

The planet Venus is always the symbol for our values and relationships, and as such, she rules over the areas of pleasure, beauty, financial safety, and streams of income, as well as our ability to communicate on every level with other people, especially those we love the most.

Venus in Scorpio is dramatic, expressive, has lots of various desires and interests, and the person with this position will never be boring or be bored in life. Their life, especially love life, will always be in some sort of turmoil, making them adjust and become sharper and wiser when it comes to matters of the heart.

When someone has Venus in Scorpio in their natal chart, then all sorts of financial struggles are foreseen, but those struggles will, in most cases, “make,” not break, the person, and reward this individual with a comfortable lifestyle or even great wealth. In love, this person will have to go through several heartbreaks, until they’ve learned their lesson well, and start trusting just quality people. And this will require some time for sure.

Why Is Venus In Scorpio So Dramatic?

The usual image of Venus in Scorpio is of a sexy dark lady, in her underwear (probably red), obligatory fishnets with garments and horribly high heels, smiling mysteriously and seducing openly at the same time. However, this image is so far from the truth. Yes, Venus in Scorpio is sexy even when she is dressed modestly because this quality will emerge from the glance in her eyes, but her main quality is transformation.

And have in mind that the planet Venus has essentially female quality and therefore is referred to as “she.” In the female chart, it will describe the person herself and her desires in love, and in a male chart, it will show his desires in love and pleasure and how his ideal partner will look according to those desires, no matter what the reality will bring to him.

Venus in Scorpio is primarily dramatic due to its quality of transformation, which is the main characteristic of this sign. And since Venus loves delicate and beautiful things and relationships, this sign doesn’t suit her nature, and therefore, almost forces her to experience difficult situations and people.

No one with their Venus in Scorpio rushes into catastrophic loves intentionally – those things just happen to them – and inevitably transform their souls and even bodies in certain cases. This is the main reason why this Venus in Scorpio is dramatic.

However, because the rulers of the Scorpio sign are traditionally Mars and Pluto in modern schools, this Venus has enormous amounts of energy and zest in its essence and can never be calm, nice, or simply passive. She must show all of her passion and strength through her appearance, voice, or her results, which can be very good and even memorable for many professions.

What Is A Venus In Scorpio Woman Like?

Venus In Scorpio Woman

There is a deep Venus in Scorpio meaning for a woman’s natal chart. This woman, at a young age, will have big and pure expectations in love. However, due to this placement of the planet Venus, she will go through the initial disappointment with her first romantic experience. And instead of being loved and appreciated with gentleness and devotion, this first romantic partner will seduce her, and then ridicule or mistreat her. And this will be the first breaking point in her love life.

From this point, she will become truly bitter, but deeply sad, and she will either avoid other people for some time needed for her healing, or she will simply hurt other people. And this will never be such a good idea because her reputation could be at stake also here.

Later on in life, she will have to encounter similar types of betrayals and heartbreaks coming from the people she trusted the most, which will serve her to focus more on her career and other areas of life while trying to forget the deep, dark, and occasionally bleeding hole in her heart.

And as a surprise, the moment she focuses on herself and her financial goals starts creating better streams of income, the better quality people will start appearing in her life, and eventually, she will find stable and devoted love. So, if you have this position, don’t question and don’t wander around love, focus all of your power on financial gains, and this quality will produce true love at last.

When it comes to the Venus in Scorpio’s appearance, she always appears darker than she is in some way. Her hair could be dark, or her eyes or she could have this dark seductive quality in her eyes. She loves makeup, but no matter how much she accentuates her lips, the whole attention will be on her eyes. And this part of her face should be focused on.

Her style in fashion is versatile, but as she gets older, she will love feminine shapes more, and she will turn to some traditional, but very sexual fashion styles, like the 40s or 50s of the past centuries, where cuts were precise, making the female figure elegant but seductive at the same time.

Emotionally and when in love, Venus in Scorpio woman is an extremely devoted, uplifting, and excellent teammate. She will be a great spouse, even better mother and she will do anything she can for her family and all loved ones.

A Scorpio Venus woman in sex is passionate, energetic, and as she gets older she will take more initiative making the performance versatile and exciting for her partner. She is the last one to say “no” to her partner among all other women, and sex will be not just the purely physical experience, but the union of their souls and hearts, too.

The positive traits of a Venus in Scorpio woman are her ability to sacrifice fully, to be totally devoted and trustworthy, even when things go wrong. She is also mentally strong, emotionally powerful, and uplifting.

The negative traits of a Venus in Scorpio woman are her tendency for revenge, her ability to remember for a long time, never forget, and live one second longer than her “enemy,” which can be a horrible waste of time and energy.

What Is A Venus In Scorpio Man Like?

Venus In Scorpio Man

The Venus in Scorpio man differs somewhat from a woman with this same position. This placement of Venus won’t necessarily describe his appearance, except in the case if this Venus is the ruler of his Rising sign or placed in his first house, seen as the house of personality. In all other cases, this Venus will show his desires in love and how he values things or relationships, no matter what his sexual orientation.

In this sense, he will be powerfully attracted to strong individuals, who are talkative, but in a shallow sense, but more mysterious or seductive in their words. He will fall for those who look good or feel good about their bodies and be strongly repelled by all those who are filled with insecurities and fears.

For instance, in the case of a straight man with his Venus in Scorpio, this will mean that he will be prone more toward a woman who is full of self-esteem, dressed sexy and knowing what she is thinking, saying, or doing, then to some slim and “perfect” model secretly brimming with insecurities.

He will fall for that magical glance in someone’s eyes each time without exception, and he will also love to listen about paranormal phenomena, Astrology, Tarot, and its symbolism, as well as be more than just interested in medicine or chemistry. If he has some negative aspects involved with this Venus in Scorpio, he might be prone to addictions, especially alcohol or medications.

A man with his Venus in Scorpio will dream about a darker partner, who will subtly seduce him, just like Hollywood divas did in those early black and white movies, through their eyes, deep voices and slow, but dangerously appealing movements.

In love, this man with a Scorpio Venus will be almost obsessed with his partner, and since he will surely be “left in the cold” several times in his life, he could become very vengeful, and in many cases aggressive toward new partners.

When in a committed relationship, he will be exceptionally faithful, caring, and ready to even give his life for his partner, family, or friends. And as a parent, he is very cautious, he guards over his children possessively and always plans the best future for their education and financial safety.

Without any doubt, a man with his Venus in Scorpio will love sex, he will never say “no,” and he will be perfectly sexually active even in his old age because this will be his basic drive for life. He will love different techniques, but more than just that, he will put all of his heart and soul into his performance.

The positive traits of a Venus in Scorpio man are his inner strength, his intensity when it comes to tasting and experiencing life, and getting the best from it, his innate attractiveness, and also powerful emotions. And besides all those great characteristics, he is genuinely talented and destined to become wealthy.

The negative traits of a Venus in Scorpio man are his controlling, obsessive, and possessive nature. He will be able to give everything his partner needs but to keep this same partner in the golden cage at the same time, and just in case. And when things go wrong (and in life, things tend to go wrong many times), he is very aggressive and able to wait his whole life to create the most horrible revenge there is, poisoning his own heart, instead of forgiving and letting go.

Getting To Know Venus In Scorpio Better

What is Venus in Scorpio attracted to?

Venus in Scorpio is attracted to core values. People might often think that this Venus placement is all about sexual desires and all sorts of exotic love-making techniques, but the planet Mars is more responsible for this area. And Venus in Scorpio will love calm people, even a bit chubby, who are loyal, and financially successful at the same time. Someone home-oriented, loving, but preferably rich and away from being famous, but at the same time, devoted – this is in a short description of the ideal partner according to Scorpio Venus.

When it comes to material things, Venus in Scorpio will love classical gifts, like flowers, a nicely packed box of chocolates, or the expensive perfume, for those masculine, a quality bottle of wine, expensive cigars, and so on. Nothing too personal, at least not at the beginning of a relationship, but the style and the value will have to be obvious.

Why is Venus in Scorpio bad?

In general terms, Venus in Scorpio is not bad per se, because it can produce enormous wealth. And let’s not forget that this placement is very passionate, so the individual with this position will really have a huge amount of energy, not just focused on love, but on all areas of life.

On the negative side, this Scorpio Venus will surely go through several significant disappointments in love because this will be her mission. Those disappointments will be the initial sparks that will start the emotional and overall value system in a person’s character. And in this sense, it can be bad because it will announce huge and very uncomfortable changes, at least in the beginning.

What is Scorpio Venus compatible with?

Scorpio in Venus is compatible with the earth signs like Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, which give her stability and emotional, as well as financial safety. And the second group of beneficial signs falls under the water element, which means that Scorpio Venus gets along fine with Cancer, Scorpio, and Cancer individuals because those signs can understand and respect her views.

However, the best match for Scorpio Venus is sure with someone who has significant points or planets in the sign of Taurus, with whom she will accomplish passionate love and also affluent, or at least, financially stable life.

Is Venus in Scorpio jealous?

Venus in Scorpio is the most jealous placement there is in the whole Zodiac circle. However, this “jealousy” doesn’t mean that she envies other people for their accomplishments or wealth. No, she is far from that, and her heart is so big that she loves it when other people thrive, and she will do anything to help “good” and honest people.

Venus in Scorpio’s jealousy is always related to her territory. This planet never cares about someone else’s properties, except her own. Her partner, her finances, her physical properties, her family or her friends, are all valuable mental “possessions” beyond any doubt, and this is why she will be extremely jealous the moment she starts to suspect something is wrong or someone is preparing to take something which belongs to her. And in the same moment, she will start getting ready for a war of any kind.

Does Venus in Scorpio cheat?

In general terms, Venus in Scorpio is extremely faithful. And she will do anything and everything, and sacrifice her body, soul, and all she has for the person she loves and trusts. She is just that kind of planet in this position. However, Venus in Scorpio will always go through all sorts of transformations, this is her destiny in Scorpio, and those transformations will be initiated through betrayal in love.

And if this is the case, then Scorpio Venus will become so notorious and even legendary for her cheating, which will be done only for revenge, clearly hurting the partner, and causing this partner all sorts of humiliations, financial or social losses, as well as sexual or emotional turmoil.

Is Venus in Scorpio good?

Venus in Scorpio is good, useful, or beneficial according to the whole Astrology chart and the aspects she gives and receives from the other celestial bodies. Therefore, she can bring enormous wealth to the individual, or the same aspect can bring endless love traumas, depending on how the person with this position uses Venusian energies.

If someone is disciplined enough to focus the power of the Scorpio Venus on various sorts of business ventures or investment deals, then this planet will become so strong and so prominent that it will bring a harmonious and long-lasting love relationship to the native. But, if the person focuses on their love life, neglecting the wealth aspect this planet carries, then the disaster is easily foreseen. This person will experience disappointments and disillusionments one after the other while their economic situation will get worse.

Is Venus debilitated in Scorpio?

No, Venus is not debilitated in Scorpio, but in the sign of Virgo. However, in Scorpio, Venus doesn’t feel so good. She is like the queen who rules the country without being born in that same country or not knowing the local language or people.

This is why this planet could have some issues in the sense of confusion when she has to express her feminine or masculine traits, or in the sense of how she behaves in relationships. The male and female sides of her psychology, no matter what her physical sex is, will always merge and often show masculinity when femininity is needed or vice versa.

Venus In Scorpio Compatibility

Venus In Scorpio Compatibility

Venus in Scorpio is compatible with earth signs like Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn because those signs stabilize and even slow down her powerful and passionate nature. And also, Venus in Scorpio is compatible with water signs like Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio, too. Those Zodiac signs give her a sense of understanding and flow really well with her desires.

The best compatibility for Venus in Scorpio will take place with planets in Taurus because this is a complementary sign for Scorpio. And the worst match can be with Leo, or even Aquarius because the planets with those placements will have a destructive influence on her.

What Is The Best Match For Venus In Scorpio?

Scorpio Venus with Taurus Venus or Taurus Mars will be the perfect match in every sense. They will love, please, and protect each other, and their bond will last.

Scorpio Venus with Cancer Venus or Cancer Mars creates a romantic, but calming and very protective relationship for both sides, and they will last.

Scorpio Venus with Virgo Venus or Virgo Mars will make a supportive very mature type of love connection which will benefit their careers also. 

Scorpio Venus with Scorpio Venus or Scorpio Mars will go through some turmoil since they both are very passionate, but as long as they last, they will immensely love each other.

Scorpio Venus with Capricorn Venus or Capricorn Mars shows a stable and long-lasting union, probably ending as a marriage. They could be boring from time to time, but they will last.

Scorpio Venus with Pisces Venus or Pisces Mars is truly a romantic story coming from the old movies. Many obstacles will be on the way to their happiness, but they will overcome them all.

What Is The Worst Match For Venus In Scorpio?

Worst Match For Venus In Scorpio

Scorpio Venus with Aries Venus or Aries Mars will surely mark the strong sexual attraction in the beginning, but after a while, they will both become very tired of each other.

Scorpio Venus with Gemini Venus or Gemini Mars will be only great for a one-night stand, otherwise, Scorpio Venus will find it shallow and boring.

Scorpio Venus with Leo Venus or Leo Mars will be marked with the battle of titanic egos, and they will simply avoid each other knowing clearly that the other person is the wrong choice.

Scorpio Venus with Libra Venus or Libra Mars can in most cases produce some sort of hostility or even competition between two of them, and after a while, they might end up as enemies.

Scorpio Venus with Sagittarius Venus or Sagittarius Mars will surely be lucrative in a financial sense, but they will be on different mental and emotional tracks and separate soon after.

Scorpio Venus with Aquarius Venus or Aquarius Mars creates emotional turmoil, and the two of them will never meet each other halfway, but fight or avoid each other completely.

Venus In Scorpio Celebrities

Scorpio Venus celebrities are extraordinary performers. There is this unique quality of Venus in this placement which will make them appear intellectual, dangerous, and very, very funny at the same time, which no other position can produce anywhere in the Zodiac wheel.

For instance, you must have heard about the famous actor Sacha Baron Cohen, who had the leading roles in many controversial comedies and you have surely noticed his extraordinary ability to transform into totally opposing characters, making you question everything you know about the world, and laughing through your confusion at the same time. And in a way, he is just following the steps of the Hollywood legend Groucho Marx who did something similar a century ago.

If you look at female performers, Meg Ryan, the big star of romantic comedies by the beginning of this century did her funny part by being totally serious. And side by side here, we can see Anne Hathaway, Winona Ryder, beautiful and hilarious Bollywood star Bipasha Basu, one of the kind Taraji P. Henson, and of course, Demi Moore or Jodie Foster, all of them with their natal Venus in Scorpio.

When it comes to popular actors Leonardo DiCaprio, Ralph Fiennes, Joaquin Phoenix, David Schwimmer, Matt Damon, Denzel Washington and many more are giving great qualities to this list. And the interesting fact here is that the most famous male actors superior in martial arts with their natal Venus in Scorpio are Bruce Lee and Jean-Claude Van Damme.

The powerful creators and directors of legendary films, Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg, or Oliver Stone, and Ang Lee, all have Scorpio Venus, showing clearly that creativity must be combined with passion if you want to make something outstanding.

In the world of music, we will always remember how George Gershwin or Chet Baker created significant breakthroughs in their fields of expertise. And when it comes to modern performers, two different, but surely distinctive voices will be recognized in Vanessa Paradis and Nicky Minaj.

And naturally, the last but surely not the least is Bill Gates, the mover, and shaker of many business and world-known initiatives. 

Final Thoughts

Venus in Scorpio can surely be blessed or challenged to a great extent, and produce exceptional results due to her challenges, but this placement alone can’t be responsible for everything that happens in an individual chart because all other celestial bodies, as well as unique sensitive points, have to be analyzed.

Therefore, my team and I have created a special and limited VIP consultation to help you get a deep insight into your strengths and weaknesses, your past, present, and future, and how to get the best outcome from your natal chart.

Check this offer and don’t doubt it for a second because it can make significant and truly radical changes in your life.

Wishing you love and light on your journey.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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