Venus In Sagittarius: What You Need In Love And How To Avoid Common Venus In Sagittarius Traps

In Astrology, the planet Venus governs how we perceive and manage our values, and how we deal with our relationships. And in this sense, the planet of love and finances is also seen as the planet of pleasure and all material things in life.

Venus in Sagittarius is under the direct rulership of the planet Jupiter which governs the Archer’s sign. In this sense, Venus in Sagittarius’ meaning can be seen through the main traits of Jupiter, as seeking for the higher truths and expertise when it comes to knowledge. The person with this placement will be warm, calm, and always noble in their words or actions.   

When it comes to values, the person with their Venus in Sagittarius will create the highest incomes while working for or with foreigners or foreign companies. And they will also do their best by investing in foreign funds or business deals. And when it comes to pleasures, the individual with this placement will simply love oriental or fusion types of foods, fashion, folklore, or foreign languages.

Why Is Venus In Sagittarius So Popular?

Venus in Sagittarius is always under the strong influence of the planet Jupiter since this planet rules over Sagittarius. And as such, this planet has the qualities of increasing things, giving blessings, having peace of mind, and also, gifting the person with the enormous humor which naturally uplifts all people around them.

In the same manner, Venus receives those qualities, and in Sagittarius, the planet of value and beauty shines with her calm and realistic, yet amazingly joyful and kind style. Others generally receive the person with this position because this person is never negative, although they can show sarcasm from time to time, but always for the noble cause, like getting the truth regarding political views or opening the heart fully but through the self-embarrassing humor. In any case, this person will never intentionally hurt anyone else, and they will rather shoot the arrow of aggression toward themselves, than harm the ones around them.

Still, this Venus in Sagittarius is always in a good mood, and doesn’t know a thing about revenge or deep and dark feelings like some other Zodiac signs can produce. And she also has very wide views, loves to explore other cultures, seeks and finds beautiful meanings in all religions and spirituality in general, and is never bored or boring.

Many people will incline toward Archer’s Venus because they will feel genuinely appreciated and respected, and this is why this individual with Venus in Sagittarius will have so many friends and useful social connections.

What Is A Venus In Sagittarius Woman Like?

venus in sagittarius woman

A Venus in Sagittarius woman’s appearance will have the relaxing, almost magical quality, but not in the sense that she will give the impression of a dark goddess. On the contrary, her warmness and kindness will have a mesmerizing effect on other people.

She will love to dress comfortably and she will always be ready and packed to travel. And if her Venus is more affected by Moon or Jupiter, she will use more accessories like scarfs, strange handbags, jewelry inspired by folklore, and distant lands. And she will also love oriental perfumes, lighter tones in her hair, and natural sun-kissed tan.

If her Venus is not so emphasized, then she will be prone to sporting style of fashion always ready for movement, sports training, our spending days outdoors. But in each case, her thirst for knowledge and especially reading books will prevail. 

No matter what the official level of education she has, she will strive to learn more, and she will surely become some sort of an expert in literature, some musical instrument, or at least she will know the history of one particular piece used in jewelry or spirituality, as the meaning and sorts of praying beads all over the world. And she could have the extensive collection of such items carefully obtained and kept.

In love, Venus in Sagittarius woman will have a light nature, meaning she will easily forgive and forget her partner’s flaws, and she might even be prone to multiple partners while she is younger or until she finds the destined one.

She can be faithful, but her feelings are not heavy or filled with dark thoughts, and she can always get the best from them because she is naturally positive. And while she won’t even think about positivity, her gentle and uplifting love will color her completely and produce the best results. This Venus in Sagittarius woman will easily fall in love or get married to a foreigner or in a foreign country and feel like she found her true home while she is abroad. 

When it comes to intimacy, Venus in Sagittarius woman has some very interesting habits regarding sex. She totally opens up emotionally because the Moon governs the intimate area in relation to this Venus position in her natal chart. So, according to her natal Moon position, she will be more or less emotionally open, but in any case, she will give her whole heart and soul during the sexual act. And in this sense, she will love slow, relaxed, and emotionally safe performances. 

As far as strengths of a Venus in Sagittarius woman go, she is truly fun, intelligent, deep, flirtatious, uplifting, and even possesses a charismatic type of beauty, when people can’t quite know what her beauty features are exactly are, but she is never the less, the most radiant person in the room.

The negative traits of a Venus in Sagittarius woman are her tendency to be attention-seeking in some situations, she can be overly sarcastic, too open or too direct, impulsive, or impatient. 

What Is A Venus In Sagittarius Man Like?

venus in sagittarius man

The Venus in Sagittarius man has traits that are a bit different than a woman with this placement in her natal chart. For a man, the position of Venus in his horoscope will show what type of partner he will dream of, what are his values, especially financial or material ones, and how he perceives relationships and love, no matter what his sexual orientation is.

In general terms, a Venus in Sagittarius man will be the easy-going type of guy surrounded with many friends, with whom he will have in-depth philosophical conversations, many outdoor adventures, and sports, like camping or fishing or hunting travels. And he will, of course, love to travel to distant lands more than anyone else in the group.

This is the perfect image of a younger man who explores the world with a backpack, staying at the cheapest hostels or couch surfing with the burning desire to see more and to learn more about distant cultures right there at their essence.

In his mature years, this type of man will still love to travel, but now he will seek a bit more comfortable places, and he will naturally become a great teacher or instructor of any kind, adding his personal spiritual philosophy to everything he lectures about. However, he will always be so positive and uplifting, that other people will love him dearly.

This man will fall for someone who has a lighter and talkative nature. He could be prone to sporting types of partners, or those who are teachers or instructors. Also, he might not be so faithful in love and have many shorter passing romances until he finds the one. And in the case of Venus in Sagittarius man, if his Venus is close to his Sun, Moon, or Rising sign, he will most likely have two major relationships in life, like two marriages or two long committed relationships. Usually, the second one will be for life, and then he will, in the majority of cases, choose someone seven or more years younger than him.

If in love, a Venus in Sagittarius man will pursue the person of his desires openly and in a sort of a romantic, old-fashioned manner. He will be the one to climb the windows, to recite poems, to make the full of himself publically showing this person that he is not afraid to do anything to show he is the best option for love. And those attempts will surely give him irresistible charm. 

In sex, a man with his Venus in Sagittarius will be very gentle, but very skillful, and he will love prolonged intimate experiences filled with all sorts of exotic techniques, but easy-going and relaxing.

The positive traits of Venus in Sagittarius man are his qualities to be humorous, to see the best out of any situation, to avoid being judgemental, and he will always be honest and direct, but not revengeful.

And on the other hand, the negative traits of Venus in Sagittarius man are his ability to be brutally honest, even if this is not welcomed, to be sarcastic, wild, boastful, or simply careless if he didn’t reach the commitment phase in his mind yet.

Getting To Know Venus In Sagittarius Better

What is Venus in Sagittarius attracted to?

Venus in Sagittarius just loves free-flowing communication. However, not just about everything, because this Venus loves educational characters in stories and she can be easily seduced by a good speaker and someone who is street smart in the best sense of this term. She also “falls” for youthful or younger-looking people, fast and energetic, and she is free to feel comfortable and appreciated in this type of company.

As far as things or events go, Venus in Sagittarius loves “exotic” things like some special oriental teas, desserts, incents, rare books or spiritual scriptures, distant retreats, and of course, traveling and meeting different people. 

Why is Venus in Sagittarius bad?

Venus in Sagittarius is not bad at all. This placement can make her appear to be snobbish in a sense of her education and some people might feel “small” beside her and her knowledge, especially if she has high degrees from some prestigious schools. She isn’t snobbish at all, but that could be her aura or how the others perceive her. Also, people will tend to think of her as someone who is not faithful or whose morals are too low or too high depending on a certain situation. But one thing is sure, this Venus in Sagittarius doesn’t care about other people’s opinions and this will be her greatest strength or her greatest sin, depending on which side of the view is someone looking at her.

Can Venus in Sagittarius cheat?

Venus in Sagittarius is perfectly able to cheat, however, this planet will never see it as the actual cheating because having more than one partner will mean that there is non-commitment of any kind in the existing relationship and therefore, the cheating doesn’t exist either.

The real problem will appear if their partner doesn’t think the same way, and having Libra in Sagittarius by his or her side doesn’t mean that their bond is committed even if it lasts for a long time. If this Libra hasn’t stated their commitment or asked their partner for the same, then the bond is weak, and having some “side-experiences” doesn’t mean so much because their love is not so firm after all.  

Is Venus in Sagittarius good?

Venus in Sagittarius is very good when it comes to love for freedom and spiritual liberation. This is someone who will not drown in self-questioning or self-doubt. The person with this placement will be open-minded in the sense that they will deeply love someone when they really fall in love and instantly become devoted and truly faithful. However, until this happens and the “real” person comes their way, they will behave very affectionately toward any other romantic partner. And in general, they will search and almost always find the positive side of any situation or any person coming their way. In one word, this Venus in Sagittarius is uplifting.

Who Should Venus in Sagittarius date?

Venus in Sagittarius should date someone with significant planets or points in Gemini. And this will be their best match. However, very good matches will be found with all air or fire signs, like Libra and Aquarius, as air signs, and Aries, Leo, or the other Sagittarius as the fire signs. With them, Sagittarius Venus will feel understood, accepted fully, and loved truly.

With the water element signs and earth signs, there will be frequent misunderstandings, confusing situations that this Venus hates so much and feels blocked. And those signs will only drain her energy and make her feel small.

How do you know if Venus in Sagittarius likes you?

There is nothing easier than to know whether a Venus in Sagittarius will like you or not. If the person with this planetary placement is attracted to someone they will openly give compliments, call or text asking for a date, for a friendly meeting, or anything else they have in mind. And they will be so open about it, without any fear that it can seem scary to some people.

And if Venus in Sagittarius doesn’t like someone, then this person will openly say that they are not interested. And if another side insists, they will state point by point why they don’t want to do anything with that person. Of course, in most cases, they will do it in a polite tone and avoid to humiliate or hurt anyone’s feelings.

Who Is Compatible With Venus In Sagittarius?

venus in sagittarius woman compatibility

Venus in Sagittarius is most compatible with the air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. And this planet also loves planets in fire element signs, like Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius itself. With those signs, this Archer’s Venus will find the feelings of uplifting joy and the common mission in life which will be extremely important for her.

On the negative side, Venus in Sagittarius has problematic compatibility with the water elements signs like Cancer, Scorpio, and Cancer. And also the bad matches are seen with the earth signs, like Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Their need for stability, like in case with earth signs, or emotional turmoil, like in the case with water signs, will lead to confusion and repel in Sagittarius and Venus.

The best match for Sagittarius Venus will be with Gemini, Mars, or other planets or sensitive points because those two signs are complementary in Astrology.

What Is The Best Match For Venus In Sagittarius?

venus in sagittarius compatibility

Venus in Sagittarius with Venus in Aries or Mars in Aries will create a wonderful, and truly dynamic romance, which might not last for long but while it does, it will look awesome.

Venus in Sagittarius with Venus in Gemini or Mars in Gemini creates a match made in the heavens. This will start as a genuine friendship turning fast into love and more likely into marriage if they are old enough for commitment.

Venus in Sagittarius with Venus in Leo or Mars in Leo creates the union of a king or queen and their faithful adviser. This will be a relationship filled with nobleness, respect, and warm love.  

Venus in Sagittarius with Venus in Libra or Mars in Libra is the beautiful union between a friendship and easy-flowing love feelings. They will respect and amuse each other a lot.

Venus in Sagittarius with Venus in Sagittarius or Mars in Sagittarius could be good or bad union depending on their age. If they are both mature enough, they will be an excellent team of lovers and adventurers.

Venus in Sagittarius with Venus in Aquarius or Mars in Aquarius will mark the beginning of the versatile, joyful, and intellectually-challenging beginning of love between two close friends.

What Is The Worst Match For Venus In Sagittarius?

worst match for venus in sagittarius

Venus in Sagittarius with Venus in Taurus or Mars in Taurus will make the both of them bored and this relationship is at least likely to happen because they will avoid each other completely.

Venus in Sagittarius with Venus in Cancer or Mars in Cancer will mark a mentally exhausting type of relationship for both of them, and they will simply pull back soon.

Venus in Sagittarius with Venus in Virgo or Mars in Virgo will be the marking point of annoying and competitive bonds filled with fruitless discussions and constant competition.

Venus in Sagittarius with Venus in Scorpio or Mars in Scorpio could have a strong sexual undertone in the beginning, but soon after it will turn out into confusing hostility.

Venus in Sagittarius with Venus in Capricorn or Mars in Capricorn could be financially good for both of them, but their styles in love will differ and they will feel repelled after a while. 

Venus in Sagittarius with Venus in Pisces or Mars in Pisces will seem magically attractive in the very beginning, but soon after they will find each other confusing and therefore, dangerous.

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Venus In Sagittarius Celebrities

Venus in Sagittarius celebrities are especially interesting because those individuals can be beautiful and have gentle and noble appearances and voices. However, they in general, don’t pay so much attention to their outer expression as much as they want to emphasize their life’s mission and unique inner style. 

The first one that comes to mind is the old-film-school originated in Italy and spreading its influence all over the world, director and author Federico Fellini who made the history of film and paved the path for so many talented directors coming after him.

In the same manner, we have the soccer player Diego Maradona, who had a turbulent life often mixed with illegal substances, but he was and still is a true legend in the world of sports. And the similar parallel can be seen through the life and accomplishments in the world of music given by Jimi Hendrix who was the first one to discover the mystical side of modern music.

Also, have in mind Tina Turner, the woman with the special voice who went to hell and back in her private life, and thrived in the end due to the help coming into her life through religion. In her case, this was Buddhism, fulfilling the desires of a Sagittarius placement.

When the name Rowan Atkinson is spoken, a very small number of people truly know which actor is mentioned. However, everyone across this planet knows about Mr. Bean, the character he played with majestic expressions mostly never speaking at all and spreading the laugh across the language frontiers in this way. The comedian we all love and with whom we can identify so easily.

Beside him, there is Jamie Lee Curtis as an excellent comedian herself, the “serious and dangerous” Samuel L. Jackson, and let’s just not forget the real diva Whoopi Goldberg, a woman who played lovers, criminals, nuns, singers, peasants, con-artists, and many, many more significant roles, showing that a woman doesn’t have to look like a cover girl to be one of the kind and make so many people fall in love with her.

Venus in Sagittarius is a truly beautiful placement to have in the terms of openness and honesty in love which gives dignity and a truly noble character to a person. But please have in mind that this placement solely can’t show up the whole character and the past, present, or future events happening to this individual. 

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