Venus In Virgo: What You Need In Love + 2022 Forecast

Looking to find out more about the upcoming Venus transit in Virgo, or you want to discover what your (or his) natal placement of Venus in Virgo means? Then this is the right place for you…

First, we go through how Venus entering Virgo will affect zodiac signs and what this energy generally means for our love life. Then, we go into details of the natal Venus in Virgo placement, and what it reveals about your or your love interest’s personality and love needs.

Let’s dive in!

Venus In Virgo 2022: How Venus Affects Your Sun Sign

On October 18th, 2022, Venus makes a transit into the sign of Virgo. This brings a new type of energy to love and romance. You may feel like a hot affair is cooling off. Venus in Virgo can bring out connections and enhance relationships.

But you have to know how to work with this unique energy. Virgo is the sign of the Virgin, and so passion comes to a halt. But unconditional love and service to others are highlighted. This transit puts a spotlight on compassion, empathy, and willingness to sacrifice for the people you care about.

While Venus in Virgo doesn’t bring the fun and games you may associate with love and passion, it is a humble, service-based love for others. Kindness and nurturing are emphasized at this time.

Your love may be less dramatic now. Look for love and affection in everyday details. This is not a time for hedonism but rather for tender love and kindness in small actions and expressions that are part of daily life.


Aries, you love a hot and exciting affair so this transit may cool your jets. Yet this is an important time for you to embrace prudence and patience. Your focus needs to be on creating balance in your relationships.

You have a habit of being headstrong and determined, and without realizing it, you may try to take charge in love rather than collaborate. Slow down and listen to what others have been trying to convey to you.

A slow and steady path to creating a solid foundation for love is more important than dashing excitement and drama in your romantic life now.


Darling Taurus, you can’t hide from the skeletons in your closet while Venus transits Virgo. There’s no sense trying to build a relationship or romantic connection unless you’ve done some digging to confront the reasons you sabotage yourself.

Your defenses and insecurities are triggered now. Rather than stifling your vulnerable side and running from situations that make you feel uncomfortable, this is an ideal time for you to face your fears and deal with the old wounds and baggage that have distracted you from finding love. 


You may have been seeking an ideal love or trying to project fantasies onto a partnership, but your best path to love now that Venus is transiting Virgo is to come to a meeting of the minds with your love interest.

Your spiritual and philosophical interests can guide you to a fulfilling romance. Don’t be swayed by superficial things such as appearances or money. Look for deeper ties such as shared goals. You may feel like flirting and playing the field, this is a good time to experiment in love rather than trying to settle down.


You can’t hide your romantic interests during this transit, dear Cancer. You may find love through your work or career, but will have to practice discretion and boundaries so as not to confuse your mission with your romantic desires.

This is also an important time to be transparent in love. A hidden romance may become public now. Your conduct in relationships or in your quest for love can lead to some attention you weren’t expecting. Be careful to act with integrity. Try to keep your emotions from getting the better of you.


If you’ve been looking high and low for the perfect lover, then this transit reminds you that sometimes the best romantic partners start out as friends. Surround yourself with groups of admirers. Don’t try so hard to find the one during this transit. Give yourself a chance to cool off and enjoy the love surrounding you.

Parties, social events, and group projects are all calling to you now. This is an important time to find ways to act in the service of others. Lessons in humility and teamwork lead you to love and romance now.


Venus is making its way through your sign during this transit and as this planet approaches your natal Sun, you can expect added blessings that help you manifest what you desire both in love and finances. You may have to put clear boundaries in place so you can bid the past goodbye and open new doors to love.

This is an important time to work on emotional healing. Not your favorite pursuit, but an essential ingredient that will help you find the path to love or harmony in an existing relationship. Avoid illusions and self-sabotage now.


While Venus transiting Virgo is not the easiest time for love and romance, leave it to Libra to make the most of this transit. You are likely to attract the attention of love interests you encounter every day. People you work with or who live in your community start to notice you in a new way.

You can take your time and don’t need to rush into anything. The slow pace of a newly budding romance suits you, as it’s hard for you to make up your mind about love. If you’re already in a romantic relationship, then you may feel like you’re being put under the microscope and analyzed. Take feedback as being made in good faith, not criticism.


Your love life is dependent on shared values. But you may feel foggy about your own needs and desires. Even if you need to spend more time alone, take the chance to get to know what you want before trying to put others needs before your own.

This is an ideal time to commit to your health and improve your lifestyle. Getting into shape and revamping your diet or budget to fit your needs can help you set the foundation on which you build a loving relationship with someone new. Don’t be afraid to institute new boundaries, especially if you are in a relationship currently.


You love to travel and explore new cultures, but before you take off for sights unseen, spend some time close to home – this is likely where you’ll find love. A community function or neighborhood group can hold the key to romance now.

Before enjoying the pleasure of love and affection, you may have to put in some time in service to your community through volunteering. Serving others is the secret to finding your future love. If you’re in a romantic relationship already, spend some time exploring shared interests without going far from home.


You may find love closer to home than expected during this transit. Your cautious nature makes it easy for you to align with the energies of Venus in Virgo. Conflicts in love and romance may seem exacerbated by the slow path to healing.

But taking the time you need now to attend to small details will help you make amends with your love interest. A future love interest is likely to emerge from someplace close to home. This is an ideal time to create security and stability in your relationships.


Your playful side emerges now, and even though Venus in Virgo slows your love life to what seems like a halt, there is still magic happening behind the scenes. Your attraction power and charm are still working in your favor.

An affair or flirtation can become more robust and intense now. This is not a time for worrying about commitment. You’re better off enjoying the fun and games while you get to know your love interest. You can worry about more serious matters in the future. For now, try to bring joy and pleasure into your romance.


You can feel stifled in your quest for love during this transit. But you are being guided, so trust your instincts. Your daily routines can be instrumental in helping you attract new love or strengthen a relationship. Pay attention to the details, as you may overlook a love prospect if you are too focused on personal ambitions.

Put the needs of others first and your acts of service and compassion can lead to romance and commitment in the future. Your work may also be an ideal place to meet someone new. If you’re already in a relationship, focus on the small details and create routines that help strengthen your bond.

If You Have Natal Venus In Virgo

If your Natal Venus is in Virgo, you take a practical approach to love.  You’re slow to open up and can be cautious when it comes to romance. But you are also grounded and reliable. Others know they can depend on you. You pay attention to the small details and your key to success can come from persistent effort and patience.

This transit highlights your best attraction powers. Your flirtation style is understated and you may stumble into romance rather than falling in love. After you’ve established an amazing bond, you may realize that a friend or colleague is actually the love you’ve been looking for. Your humility and conscientiousness make it easy for others to fall in love with you.

But what else should you know about your Natal Venus in Virgo?

The planet Venus is always revolving around material values and relationships because those are her basic qualities derived from the signs she rules in the Zodiac circle, Taurus and Libra.

However, Venus can have different placements in someone’s chart and this position will determine how this person perceives the material world and how they handle all sorts of partnerships, not just romantic ones.

When it comes to the Venus in Virgo meaning, this planet will show the qualities of proper judgment, amazing talent for calculations, but also humble appearance and service for others. The person with this placement will have excellent control of their urges, and therefore, their future will always look bright and go according to their plans.

The planet Venus rules over Taurus and Libra. However, in the sign of Virgo, Taurus is the ninth, and Libra is the second house looking from the perspective of the Virgin. This means that Venus in Virgo will learn from her basic house in Taurus how to manage finances and how to increase wealth. And from its second house in Libra, this same planet will use her relationships for her material gains.

And in general Astrology terms, this is why the Venus in Virgo is in her fall. This is not because something is wrong with her, or she is not beautiful enough. This is because Venus is all about pleasure, and Virgo is all about inner control and planning. Those qualities don’t go so well with pleasure in hypothetical terms, but they give the best results, and this is why this Venus in Virgo will never go wrong in life.

Why Is Venus In Virgo So Critical?

Venus in Virgo, willingly or not, takes over many traits of the planet Mercury, the one which rules over Virgo and has the earthy quality in this sign. This means that she is prone to calculations, through planning, precise actions, or appearance, and she won’t step back from her principles. In this sense, this Venus, as the goddess of pleasure is damaged but is not so criticizing as she is strict in her efforts or achieves perfection.

This means that for instance, someone with Venus in Taurus would overindulge in food, and this will change the person’s body, their chemistry, and therefore, their health. On the other hand, Venus in Virgo will hardly ever make this type of mistake. This planet will, no matter how much she loves a certain type of food, carefully choose the amount on her plate and won’t cheat as if her life depends on this. And in a way, she will be fully aware that her health truly depends on her choices and this is why she will have a long and healthy life.

If the planet Mercury is placed near this Venus, then the person will truly be too criticizing toward others, but her sole position will just show the levels of self-control, and not the critique or demands.

What Is A Venus In Virgo Woman Like?

venus in virgo woman

A Venus in Virgo woman will be very beautiful, not because her natural features are perfect, but because she will take care of her body and face, and she will never appear in public with her hair in a mess, face with some flaws, or sloppy clothes. Her innate discipline will make her look beautiful under any condition, and this Venus is the least likely to get overweight in any phase of her life, simply due to the fact that she is disciplined enough to know that a slimmer body is the needed condition for health and also for affluent social circles.

In this sense, Venus in Virgo’s appearance will be one of the best in the whole Zodiac circle, and this woman will be widely known for her elegance, fine manners, and perfect control. When it comes to love, Venus in Virgo woman can choose two paths. If she is also highly intelligent, she will “plan” to fall in love, and she will carefully choose the proper boyfriend, and later on, husband.

In so many cases, this type of Virgo Venus woman will go so far as to choose the ideal starter-husband, so she could infiltrate the higher social circles, and then find another, wealthier or more powerful husband, and she won’t stop until she fulfills all of her dreams about safe life and influence.

If a Virgo Venus woman is not so intelligent, she will make a mistake with her first committed relationship because she will be magically attracted toward a person with significant points or planets in the sign of Pisces. And instead of being with the virtuoso musician or genius scientist, she will spend part or her whole life with the alcohol or drug addict, or someone who has serious psychological issues. But honestly, this first lesson is usually good enough for her to start to think about the consequences of love and passion, and then she makes the right choices.

And when in love, a Venus in Virgo woman will be very carrying, gentle, diplomatic, and privately affectionate. And in sex, a Venus in Virgo woman will have a very delicate taste. She will be a skillful lover and she will expect the same from her partner. Her performance might even seem too powerful for such a well-controlled lady in public life. But she will know this art and she won’t be ashamed to show her talents once she is in a committed relationship.

The positive traits of a Venus in Virgo woman are her ability to be devoted, strategic, and social. And she also always have the best intentions, she is quiet, considerate, and helpful. Negative traits of a Venus in Virgo woman are her stiff attitude, boring habits, and exaggerating when it comes to controlling or criticism.

What Is A Venus In Virgo Man Like?

venus in virgo man

A Venus in Virgo man won’t possess the qualities of this Venus as his personality, except in the case this Venus is in his area of character. This Venus position will show how he will perceive material values, partnerships of all sorts, and of course, pleasure. This Venus placement will also describe how he would like his partner to look.

And in the case of a Venus in Virgo man, he will fall for someone calm and mannered, a bit smaller, but appears clean, with a clear mind, humble, and ready to help. This man could have desires to be with someone who works in hospitals or medical units, someone who fixes things in homes or offices, or someone who works in laboratories or designer’s studios, spending endless hours in silence just planning and organizing. Those types of people will be his dream partners.

Also, the man with his Venus in Virgo will be careful with his money and he is not the one to be poor. He will do whatever he can to protect his life, interests, investments, and later on his family, in the financial sense. This type of man will never forget to have life insurance.

If a man with Virgo Venus falls in love, he will be a very private person. No one will know what is going on in his life, and he will keep the deepest feelings he has just for his loved one. He won’t shower his partner with the most luxurious items or destinations, just to show off his power. He will rather be regular with one rose than buy the big bouquet. And he will love more quaint, intimate places for meetings or dinners, then famous and loud ones. He will have the gentle touch, and be ready to listen. And this is how you can recognize is he really in love or just pretending.

A Venus in Virgo man is extraordinarily strong and even explosive in sex. And this might come as surprise to those who don’t know him so closely. However, his partner will know so well that he can be a volcano of desire and passion, and he is one of those men who can perform perfectly several times in a row without any problem.

As far as the good traits of a Venus in Virgo man go, he is very modest, grounded, tidy, and self-sufficient, he can take care of others, he is also detail-oriented, precise, and simply flawless in his working or daily tasks. And when it comes to the bad traits of Venus in Virgo man, he can be exhausting with his demands for perfection, too criticizing, studious, and therefore, too slow in some cases. And he can also be a “little drama queen” and greatly annoy people around him when things do go as planned.

F.A.Q. For Venus In Virgo

How does Virgo Venus love?

Venus in Virgo is capable of deep and devoted love, but only if she sees the clear benefits of her romantic connection, or on the other hand, if she is suddenly mesmerized by the mystical appearance of her partner. This dichotomy is obvious when Virgo Venus falls in love with her natural partner, someone who has natal planets in Pisces, where lots of mystery and confusion is present. In this case, any calculation will disappear, and Venus in Virgo will be led by the appealing qualities of Pisces, meaning sensuality, sensitivity, and spiritual uplifting through loving gestures. In all other cases, Venus in Virgo will choose who to love by their inner qualities and good results in career and finances.

How do you know if Venus in Virgo likes you?

You will know for sure if Venus in Virgo likes you by the frequent friendly and carrying gestures. This Venus in Virgo person will somehow be “accidentally” always near you, having funny comments about everything, and especially offering any help with your work if you are co-workers, or any help of any kind if you are not associated through career. Also, this person will offer to make you a healthy meal, to give you tea, some herbal supplements or remedies, to give you advice regarding your exercise routine or anything useful. Someone with masculine energy will offer household maintenance help, like carpentry or plumbing. In any case, this person will hang around and try to become irreplaceable.

What is wrong with Virgo Venus?

There is really nothing wrong with Venus in Virgo. In Astrological terms, this planet is in its “fall” in Virgo, but this is simply due to the fact that her qualities of values and how she perceives relationships are mixed with Virgo qualities, which can be down-to-earth. And therefore, she is not immersed in pleasure to her full potential, like it is the case in Pisces, for instance, where Venus is “exalted” or considered as strongest. Simply, Venus in Virgo is prone to overthink everything including love, and this is something which is seen as not is good from the Venusian perspective, but it can be very useful.

Is Venus strong in Virgo?

Venus is not strong in Virgo in Astrology terms. But on the other hand, this planet is very good to have right there where control is necessary. Take as the example food, where this Venus will love small and healthy portions. Or, for relationships, where this Venus will fall in love with someone who obviously has positive qualities, and not fall in love just like that in the first person who comes her way. This Venus will know very well what is good and healthy for her, and direct herself in a positive direction, forgetting about the “madness” of falling in love or overindulging in all material things.

Who is Venus in Virgo attracted to?

Venus in Virgo is attracted toward water signs, especially Pisces, and when this planet reaches her mature age, to the earth signs. Planets in Pisces are her best match above any other position because this calculative Venus gets calm and interested in what is happening on the other side of the Zodiac wheel where everything looks so magical and strange, like in the movie. And this is where she gets hooked and falls in love. Also, when a person with Virgo Venus gets older, the people with planets in Taurus and Capricorn will look appealing because they will understand each other well and without occasional drama, water signs like Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces can produce.

Does Venus in Virgo cheat?

Venus in Virgo can cheat, but this happens later on in life and when their partner obviously fails in completing promises or Venus Virgo expectations. Cheating never happens because the Moon was Full, or Venus Virgo felt lonely or seeking a side fun after years of same old, same old in their committed relationship. Virgo Venus is very passionate, although this is not so noticeable at the first glance. And if this person doesn’t get the sexual dynamic as expected, or their partner doesn’t show any ambition to uplevel their lives in the financial sense, this Virgo will go out and find someone “better” after long and thorough calculations about all good and bad aspects of this action.

Who Is Compatible With Venus In Virgo?

Venus in Virgo has the best compatibility with the water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, because the earthy quality of this Venus is best received by the emotional and deep water element. However, besides water signs, Venus in Virgo has great compatibility with the earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, too, because they support each other very well.

The best match for Virgo Venus is surely an individual with major planets in Pisces because although they might seem opposite, they will complement each other.

Not so good compatibility for Venus in Virgo is found with air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius because they will often compete with each other. And the similar is seen for fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius because they will simply lack the basic understanding and have different “speeds.” And for that matter, the match with Sagittarius can be considered as the worst among them all, but the personal charts must be consulted before any judgment is made.

So, What Is The Best Match For Venus In Virgo?

Venus in Virgo with Venus in Taurus or Mars in Taurus will learn a lot and respect each other. They will make a great and long-lasting team no matter if this bond is found in love or work.

Venus in Virgo with Venus in Cancer or Mars in Cancer will share a deep and quiet understanding and love, and they will be focused on commitment and home.

Venus in Virgo with Venus in Virgo or Mars in Virgo can produce instant understanding, or there might be some sort of competition between the two of them. But, in any case, they will protect each other’s interests.

Venus in Virgo with Venus in Scorpio or Mars in Scorpio is surely a very supportive and successful combination, especially if they start a business together besides their romance.

Venus in Virgo with Venus in Capricorn or Mars in Capricorn can be a lasting and devotedly loving relationship that will last for a lifetime, especially if the both of them are in their mature age.

Venus in Virgo with Venus in Pisces or Mars in Pisces is the ideal match because they will mentally and emotionally stabilize and amaze each other all the time. 

What Is The Worst Match For Venus In Virgo?

Venus in Virgo with Venus in Aries or Mars in Aries can create a lot of competitiveness and annoyance between the two of them. And soon after, they will get very tired of each other.

Venus in Virgo with Venus in Gemini or Mars in Gemini is the bond which will have some similarities, but when alone they will present their personal worst qualities to each other. Lots of communication, and the lack of real, deep love.

Venus in Virgo with Venus in Leo or Mars in Leo can create hostile feelings and it will seem like they are using each other mostly for financial goals.

Venus in Virgo with Venus in Libra or Mars in Libra will show some hidden intentions in most of the cases, revolving around money and position. Love is possible but through frequent misunderstandings.

Venus in Virgo with Venus in Sagittarius or Mars in Sagittarius will create occasional clashes because their approach to everything in life will differ so much, that they will become tired of each other.

Venus in Virgo with Venus in Aquarius or Mars in Aquarius can be sexually attractive in the beginning, but after a while, they will despise each other for their moral and working principles.

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Venus In Virgo Celebrities

Having in mind the “bad reputation” Venus in Virgo has due to the ancient Astrology texts, you will be truly surprised to see how good some celebrities with this placement are doing, not just in relation to their success and wealth in life, but their physical and inner beauty.

Every decade had a major film actress who was a real icon and also a role model of her time. We have timeless beauty Ingrid Bergman, followed by mesmerizing Bridgette Bardot, mystical Sophia Loren, and lovely Catherine Deneuve. And the majority of women of those decades wanted and imitated those Venus in Virgo gorgeous ladies of the big screen. They weren’t just flawlessly beautiful, they were smart and all of them had charitable missions later on in life.

But we shouldn’t forget incredible voices also like the one Julie Andrews showed us, or like the one and only Luciano Pavarotti had. As far as history goes, Guy de Maupassant was one of the greatest French and world writers, and his magnificent literary descriptions were created by his Virgo Venus. And something very similar can be seen in the work of J.K. Rowling, and her whole and through the creation of Harry Potter’s books.

When it comes to men, in particular, we can forget John Lennon, or still very active Mick Jagger, who both set the new rules in music and how beauty is perceived in music. And the same can be said for the legend called Sting, who combined remarkable lyrics with all sorts of music styles. And the same can be said for Leonard Kohen, a true poet, a researcher, a sexy man, and a monk, all in the same body. But there are also Julio Iglesias, or Roger Federer as examples of highly attractive and successful men.

Generally, there are so many very important Venus in Virgo people, just to name the few like Meghan Markle, Kate Winslet, David Guetta, Natalie Wood, Linda Ronstadt, Martha Stewart, Lil Kim, Charlize Theron, Gillian Anderson, Mila Cunis, Audrey Tautou, Gwen Stefani, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Toni Braxton, that you really have to reconsider how successful and lucrative this placement of Venus in methodical Virgo can be.

Venus in Virgo is a very interesting position to have, and whether it will produce positive or negative, significant or less important effects and events in life, this can only be determined from the natal chart. However, please be aware of the fact that Venus solely is not able to describe the whole character of the person, and that, if you are interested, you will have your whole natal chart analyzed deeply.

In this way, you will clearly know what are your strengths and weaknesses, and also, what is more important, how your life will develop, what is your purpose, and what major events to expect and how to get the best of them.

This is why my VIP consultation is designed in order to help you reach your best potentials and thrive in life. Don’t hesitate, because this offer is limited and I wish you to find your proper direction.

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