Venus In Aquarius – What You Need In Love & How To Avoid Common Traps

In the Zodiac circle, Aquarius is the fixed sign which belongs to the air element. Its traditional ruler is the planet Saturn, and its modern ruler is the planet Uranus. All those basic Astrological principles have a major impact, through the creation and blending of the traits with the unique qualities of the Venus in Aquarius.

Venus in Aquarius is future-oriented and always sees everything through the lenses of the collective, or better to say, public opinion. This planet in this sign is joyous, light-hearted, easy to forget, but passionate to fight for justice and equality. Those traits make them unique in the sense that they dream about the future, and sometimes they are not able to clearly see the present.

This Venus in Aquarius frequently values a genuine friendship over-committed love and easily gets annoyed by the traditional and conservative approaches to love. In general terms, the planet Venus governs appearance, sense of beauty and style, material values, partnerships, and pleasure. 

And since Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus, their qualities will blend with her essence. Venus in Aquarius meaning will revolve around socialism or ideas of social equality, and this is why an individual with this placement won’t be so interested to become rich or be with a rich romantic partner.

Partnerships will often look casual, the words and public gestures will be valued more than intimate cuddling or romance. And this is also a sign where a person easily jumps into “friends with benefits” types of arrangements.  

Why is Venus in Aquarius so unique?

In one word, Venus in Aquarius is unconventional. Everything about this planet is so exceptional, her choices, looks, views, values… And this trait is basically created by the influences of Saturn and Uranus, as rulers of Aquarius.

In general, the individuals with this placement will be “innovative” or rebellious in their approach to love. Anything traditional or conservative will be so far from their taste, and they will try to catch the attention of the person they are interested in by quirky and funny communication.

Class differences, races, nationalities, and especially religious beliefs won’t have any impact on their style who they choose a partner, and also, friends. The person with an Aquarius Venus will see the whole world as friendly, cooperative, variable, funny, ready to explore and experiment, and anyone else who joins their team will become an ally.

With the same zest as this person will love all sorts of luxurious fusion cousins, the same amount of passion will be given to street foods at some distant corners of the planet. A similar principle can be applied to their personal fashion style which could go from the classical 90s grunge look with old and washed-out T-shirts and jeans, and extend to the ultramodern designer pieces.

In matters of love, true friendship and understanding must be established first. And then… the other planetary aspects will indicate will this connection turn into lasting and faithful love, or will it remain on a level of occasional sexual encounters.

However, the qualities of Venus in Aquarius will depend on the placement of the Sun, mainly. And for someone who has their Sun in Aries or Sagittarius, this Venus won’t be so interested in commitment, but rather adventures until this person matures. For someone who has their Sun in Pisces or Capricorn, this will show that they will have a quiet personality, but fall for the quirky partner every time. And for someone with the Sun and Venus in Aquarius, everything is possible, from heavy sexual experimenting to total isolation at some periods of their lives. 

Venus in Aquarius Women

Venus In Aquarius Woman

A Venus in Aquarius woman will be attracted to noble, genuine, adventurous, and somewhat different types of guys. Her ideal partner should not look this or the other way because the looks really don’t matter. He must be kind, yet self-aware and communicative. The love will derive from the mind first, not the heart, and therefore, he must be able to talk about some unusual or innovative subjects, and also able and willing to listen to her with a full focus.

Friendship must be established before a romantic relationship, and this is a trait Aquarian Venus is so well-known for. Sudden small gestures, passionate speeches, adventures, or funny times will lead to a kiss, and from that point on, she will easily slip into his arms and his bed, too.

As a sexual partner, the Aquarius Venus woman will surely go with a flow, but in general terms, her style will depend on the position of her natal Mercury. And in this sense, she could perform exceptionally well in technical terms, but not giving her whole heart in. This is the case if her natal Mercury is placed in Capricorn.

The opposite will take place if her Mercury is in Pisces. Then she will love to get lost in sensual touch, have prolonged introductions, and take everything slowly. However, if her natal Mercury is with her Venus in Aquarius, then she will love to experiment with all sorts of toys and partners, and even talk extensively before and during a sexual encounter.  

An Aquarius Venus woman’s strengths are her never stopping energy, her zest for life, and her search for justice and variety will put this Venus on a mission to make this world a better place. On the negative side, the Aquarius Venus woman’s weaknesses could sometimes be her ability to talk too much and bore and confuse her partner. She could also act out of the norm during some occasions and causing awkward situations when she is in a couple, and sometimes, she could appear totally detached from her loved one.

Venus in Aquarius Men

Venus in Aquarius Man

When it comes to a man with his natal Venus in Aquarius, it’s not quite how he will behave, but more about his taste in love and pleasures too. He will surely be attracted to unusual women, those who stand outside and yet are fully conscious of their environment and other people. 

When younger, this man will fall for a gamer type of girl, or the one who rides a motorcycle with a bunch of her male friends. She could be in technology, or she could have passionate hobbies and activities. When mature, a man with Aquarian Venus in his chart will instantly click when a woman passionately talks or defends her views.

As far as his traits go, he will seduce with his words, always appear funny but radical, and a bit dangerous, which will give him unique charm. He could be on the top of scientific or IT research, and in some cases attach more to his career mission than the woman. Also, his partner must be aware all the time that there are some goals he must accomplish before he can focus on romance.

In sex, this man could be technically dry, which means that the intro will be long, seductive, and filled with his “dirty” plans. He will widely describe what he will do to his partner, but when the proper time comes, all his energy could be already lost through the previous conversation leaving the space only for the short, but powerful performance.

However, his precise style will be seen from the position of his natal Mercury, and then he could be fast and silent when Mercury is in Capricorn; talkative through the sexual act when his Mercury is with Venus in Aquarius; and silent, sensual, and prone to cuddling more if his Mercury is in Pisces.

A Venus in Aquarius man’s strengths are his superior intellectuality and easiness in conversation, even if he doesn’t know much about the subject. Also, he is very relaxed and hard to get scared of, his inner principles give him the base to protect or to rebel, and he is pure-hearted.

However, on another end, he could often act as emotionally detached, too superior to the point of being rude, prideful, aloof, or easily bored. He could also be unfaithful if not interested enough in romance and without much shame when it comes to cheating.

Getting To Know Venus in Aquarius Better

There are some common questions revolving around Venus in Aquarius, so let us see the truth and usual misconceptions.

Why is Venus in Aquarius bad?

Venus in Aquarius is not bad at all! The planet of love has a notorious reputation of not being faithful or even seen as an inclination toward “twisted” pleasures in sex. However, any Venusian placement could indicate the same quality because those traits depend on other planets in a natal chart, not just Venus. 

On the other side, Venus in Aquarius can and often is emotionally detached and this can leave their partner wondering if the love is present at all, or does she loves someone or something else more. And those feelings can truly become the greatest frustration in any form of commitment.  

What does Venus in Aquarius like?

Whenever you see a couple passionately kissing while sitting at the football or basketball game, then you will know for sure that Venus in Aquarius is present. Group events, group sports, protests, and big celebrations when the whole city gathers, these are all locations this planet loves to be involved. Wherever and whenever people have a common goal, this Venus will appear.

And for someone who has a Venus in Aquarius, this means that love encounters will happen in or around stadiums, shopping malls, city squares, and during some actions which will involve a large number of individuals united through a common cause like big migrations or even revolutions or wars.

How does Venus in Aquarius flirt?

The funny thing is that Venus in Aquarius flirts by using enormous amounts of words that are not compliments at all. While some other Venusian placements in horoscope indicate that a person will surely look seductively, have a special smile, talk sweet and low, and seek to set aside with the person of their interest so no one could disrupt them, for this Venus everything looks totally different.

The person with Venus in Aquarius will talk about everything else but love, emotions, and how good this other person looks. They will show as passionate speakers right there in the public space, waving with their hands, doing the whole act, and frequently behaving radically for that particular environment. And this whole performance will be done assuming that the other person will instantly fall on their charm, start to laugh and they will walk into the sunset holding each other’s hands.

What is Venus in Aquarius attracted to?

Venus in Aquarius can talk about this or that for hours with passion and conviction. However, every Astrologer knows that Venus in Aquarius falls just for the best. In the Zodiac circle, the sign of Leo is right opposite Aquarius. And therefore, this Venus will madly fall in love with a Mars placed in Leo.

This actually means that the feminine quality of Venus in Aquarius will be swayed with the noble courage, humble silence, strong body, and unique and elegant appearance of the potential partner. Until this moment happens, everything will be “casual.” But once the noble knight appears on the horizon, literally everything will change. This Venus will find her dream partner.

Why is Venus in Aquarius good?

Venus in Aquarius is good because it is humble, righteous, always protective, and never selfish or silly through some behavioral norms. This Aquarian Venus is also phenomenal for predicting global trends, creating useful little gadgets and necessary big devices. She is every engineer’s or designer’s dream because she is bold, knows what she wants, and will bravely go to the object or a person of her desire. 

Is Venus in Aquarius faithful?

This will depend on many other factors and circumstances. If truly in love, Venus in Aquarius will be faithful to death. However, when the relationship falls into the casual category or happens between friends, then the moral borders can become very volatile, and this Venus in Aquarius won’t even feel guilty for having a side affair or multiple partners at the same time.  

Venus in Aquarius Compatibility

In general terms, Venus in Aquarius will always be attracted and feel good by the other air signs like Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. It will be easy for her to keep the light tone and she will surely have uplifting experiences. At the same time, this Aquarius Venus will become powerfully attracted toward people with their planets or strong points in fiery signs like Aries, Sagittarius, and especially, Leo.

So, let’s see Venus in Aquarius compatibility with all Zodiac signs.

What is the best match for Venus in Aquarius?

Aquarius Venus with Aries Venus or Aries Mars will be marked with joyous and courageous feelings. And if the two of them are mature, they will have a lasting relationship.

Aquarius Venus with Gemini Venus or Gemini Mars will surely create passionate, but light in nature, romance which could easily turn into a lasting friendship.

Aquarius Venus with Leo Venus or Leo Mars, challenge, opposites attract and all sorts of turnarounds will build up a lasting love, most likely ending as a marriage.

Aquarius Venus with Libra Venus or Libra Mars could show a calm and noble type of love strengthen by mutual admiration and respect.

Aquarius Venus with Sagittarius Venus or Sagittarius Mars it’s like having two explorers or adventurers on a mission quest. As long as they have a mutual goal, they will adore each other.

Aquarius Venus with Aquarius Venus or Aquarius Mars could produce casual “friends with benefits” and uplifting type of relationship, which could turn into something lasting.

What is the worst match for Venus in Aquarius?

Aquarius Venus with Taurus Venus or Taurus Mars will show a type of competitive and annoying communication that will rarely turn into any type of relationship.

Aquarius Venus with Cancer Venus or Cancer Mars will never understand each other, their styles will differ greatly, and therefore, they will avoid each other in any situation.

Aquarius Venus with Virgo Venus or Virgo Mars could have a strong sexual undertone, but looking in a long run, they will just frustrate each other.

Aquarius Venus with Scorpio Venus or Scorpio Mars will create a lot of hustle and drama, and in the end, they will quickly separate hating each other.

Aquarius Venus with Capricorn Venus or Capricorn Mars will create good results only if they unite for the sake of increasing profits, but even in this case, one of them will lose patience and leave.

Aquarius Venus with Pisces Venus or Pisces Mars could also seem magically appealing for artistic types of people, but the confusion and bitterness will prevail after some time.

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Venus in Aquarius Celebrities

Perhaps is hard to relate the names like Oprah Winfrey and Kate Middleton, but it’s just because both of those extraordinary ladies have some other placements in their charts. Their common denominator is their natal Venus in Aquarius which indicates “another” or better to say, non-traditional type of love.

In the case of Oprah Winfrey, it’s publicly known that she went through some dramatic and truly traumatic experiences in love and sex during her young age. However, she bravely managed to overcome those traumas, and she is in love with one very respectable man for decades now. The interesting detail is that she refused him several times when he proposed, and she keeps this “marriage” outside the official forms.

When it comes to Kate Middleton, she was already in a relationship before she had met Prince William. And even when she became single again, they were just very good friends before their committed relationship began.

Ellen DeGeneres, a famous comedian, and TV host, also has her Venus in Aquarius and was one of the pioneers who admitted her lesbian orientation publically. On the other side, Sharon Stone, an exceptionally beautiful, sexy, and smart actress never could achieve a stable “official” relationship like marriage to last.

And if you look at other celebrity figures like Taylor Swift, Bruce Willis, Kate Moss, Elton John, Jeff Bezos, Ashton Kutcher, Axl Rose, Jared Leto, and many others, including the late Stephen Hawking or Mozart, there will always something be extraordinary when it comes to their love life or talents. And this happens all the time because Venus in Aquarius is a truly innovatively unique placement to have. 

Needless to say, is that Venus in Aquarius is just one of the many positions and combinations you can have in your natal chart. And although this placement suggests how you will deal with pleasure, seduction, values, and appearances, only the detailed horoscope analysis will be able to construct your whole character and show where your unique blessings and obstacles are, as well as to predict the incoming events and how to use them for your benefits. 

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Until next time, I wish you all the luck in the Universe.

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