Moon In Libra Woman: How You Want To Be Nurtured In Love

Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac circle, where the soul gains the perspective of others and their needs. Libra is the time of the year when the harvest is done, and now it’s time to trade, sell, and share. The ruler of Libra is the planet Venus. And right there, in the sign of diplomacy and cooperation, Venus has her air quality. This is why a Moon in Libra has to act harmoniously and light. 

A Moon in Libra woman will have some conflicting issues regarding this position in her chart. The Moon is individual, and yet the sign of Libra is a partnering area in the Zodiac chart. This is why she will often give up on her inner needs for the good of her marriage, business partnership, or social circles. And in the end, this effort will pay off.

The Meaning Of Moon In Libra

The sign of Libra is the air sign and therefore, in collision with the water element which the Moon represents in its essence. Also, Libra is the fourth sign for Cancer, the sign ruled by the Moon. And this brings us to interesting facts.

The Moon is all about the individual and psychological roots of a person, and this is why it is the epitome of free-flowing emotions. On the other hand, Libra is a sign of co-operation between two people. And in this case, individual feelings and aims have to be moved aside for the good of this “team.”

But looking further, because Libra is the sign which needs to look at issues from all perspectives, the sign of Cancer and its ruler (the Moon), is the highest achievement for Libra. And this means that any Libra individual finds their purpose in serving family or their psychological or physical “territory.” At the same time, Libra is the fourth area looking from Cancer, meaning that Libra is the root or “territory” for Cancer, because union means protection and building the family as the basic unit of society or nation.

This is why the Moon in Libra person will always have some conflicting emotions regarding what is good for them personally, and what is the “greater” good. And in this sense, they will juggle between needs and emotions, depending on the other aspects in their natal charts, this game of emotions will be either successful or exhausting.

Is Libra Moon Easily Bored Or Annoyed?

There is one sure fact about Libra Moon: the person with this placement is annoyed most of all with drama and bad manners, and will try to avoid those types of people at all costs. There is nothing so insulting for a Libra Moon person than to be forced to be in the company of people who use harsh or dirty words and have a psychological crisis in public. Those types of behavior will be seen as some kind of blasphemy and if able, the Libra Moon person will leave immediately.

But even in those situations, the Libra Moon individual will sustain any “external” reaction, so people around won’t be able to tell if the Libra Moon is annoyed or not. And they won’t even roll their eyes, knowing that someone standing on the side will notice and spread a rumor.

Will a Libra person get easily bored or not will depend on several factors. First of all, some “ceremonial” procedures that make other people bored will be their “thing.” They will love adjusting the table cloth, checking the list of guests for a reception, going with an innate interest through the long and utterly dry legal papers, watching 12-hour royal weddings, checking wardrobes, writing invitations, adjusting presentation tables, or all similar things. They will just love to personally check everything they can to be able to provide full enjoyment for others.

And on the other hand, watching ultimate fight night, warrior types of films, listening to disturbing news, or even being present while some people misbehave will be boring to them, and they will choose to do anything else in life at that moment, then to listen or watch what their ears or eyes don’t find pleasing.

What To Do When The Moon Is In Libra

When the Moon is in Libra, no matter whether you have this position in your natal chart or not, consider those two and a half days per month as your chance to refresh your committed relationship and start or clarify any sort of business partnership. You could also go through your list of clients and suppliers, and make needed adjustments, if you have your business, of course. Or, you can organize a social gathering at some public place. And naturally, you can take your significant other on a romantic date.

And you should do those things if this Moon is transiting your first or seventh house. However, if it’s happening in your second or eighth house, then you should check thoroughly your legal papers, banking statements, treat yourself with an elegantly packed box of chocolates, and interestingly, consult with the clairvoyant or open a deck of Tarot Cards or an Astrology chart yourself. If the Moon in Libra happens to cross over your third or ninth house, then a visit to a local temple, learning about distant cultures or learning law will be your thing.

If Moon in Libra is in your fourth or tenth house, then you should consider some changes regarding your living or working space, or you might even think about additional directions in your career. Moon in Libra in the fifth or eleventh house of your chart will put you in the mood to socialize and perhaps go on an elegant date, but you won’t attach emotionally too soon. And finally, a transiting Moon in Libra in the sixth or twelfth house of your chart will bring you encounters with your relatives, dreams about some future cooperation, and this is also an excellent day for fasting.

How Moon In Libra Appears In A Woman’s Chart

The Moon in Libra’s personality traits will revolve around other people because the sign of Libra is all about teaming up. On the other hand, there is nothing so personal in the whole Zodiac circle as the Moon itself. Furthermore, the Moon is the essential celestial body for any female because it governs emotions and water.

When the Moon finds itself in Libra, those emotions are not allowed to free-flow and fully express, because co-existing with another person is not the same as being the only ruler of your world. The air quality of Libra tends to “dry up” this Moon’s position, and the person has to sustain from innate needs to be able to adapt for the greater good of their union.

From an early age, the Moon in Libra woman will realize that she needs others to reflect their feelings and sense their needs. This might be confusing in her childhood years, because her needs and emotions will depend heavily on others, and she won’t feel alive enough if she is not surrounded by those who want to protect and lead her.

Also, this narrative could work out in an opposite direction if the Libra Moon woman has her natal Moon placed together with Mars. In this case, she will need others, too. However, now, she will use or manipulate others to fulfill her dreams about a “happy union” or happy future with another person, avoiding or refusing to see what that other person’s real needs are. It sounds a bit complicated, but in this case, everything is very confusing indeed.

But, in the case that her natal Moon is not damaged by the negative influence of Mars, she will be very sensitive, and she will be the first one to put her inner needs aside for the good of the union with her partner. And in a way, she won’t see her needs until something greater is achieved.

This is exactly why the Libra Moon woman is seen as the best socialite, and she is recognized as a shrewd moderator when it comes to diplomacy and politics in general. The best jobs for the Moon in Libra woman will revolve around high state positions, she will be an excellent ambassador, charity, or political influence, as well as always a welcomed figure in affluent circles.

What Does A Libra Moon Woman Look Like?

The Libra Moon woman will always be beautiful, no matter how her face or body is shaped. She will possess delicate and refined feelings about her appearance from a young age, and she will use or reshape all of her physical features to give the impression of her essence, and that is to be one lovely and elegant lady.

While young, she could be thin or chubby, but from her early twenties, she will take care of her nutrition the most; knowing that high-society ladies are never overweight. From that point in time, her body will look very proportional, and she will learn how to apply makeup to serve her best.

She won’t be the one to crave public attention or to look exquisite by some strange colors of her hair, makeup, or clothes, on the contrary. She will love neutral or discreet colors on her face, as close as the natural color of her hair, and feminine, soft but not too appealing tones and shapes of her clothes.

For heaven’s sake, she won’t be the loudest person in the room, and she will show her power through her influence which won’t be heard as much as felt.

In general, she will have a middle stature, but even if her body and face are “average” she will adjust them to represent one highly educated and reputable person.

The Moon In Libra Woman In Love

Moon In Libra Woman In Love

Generally speaking, everything related to love, passion, and pleasure is in Venus and Mars domains. And those two planets describe the attraction or repulsion, the “falling in love phase,” and how we respond and reciprocate emotions, gentleness, care, and affection. At the same time, you have to know that the Moon describes our deepest feelings that shape the whole psychology of personality. And this becomes even more important when women are analyzed, because the Moon governs their hormonal fluctuations, and therefore, their emotions.

A Libra Moon in love strives for harmony and equal give and take. And when younger, the Moon in Libra woman will feel desperate if she had been the one left behind. And in the case her youthful romances don’t work exactly who she thinks they should work, then she will put enormous effort to transform those passing experiences. Of course, she will waste a lot of her time, but the positive side will be seen in her wisdom later on.

You see, when a Libra Moon woman reaches her mid-twenties, she will finally realize the pattern in her psychology and how her romances begin, develop, and die. And from that point in time, she will become very cautious about how she approaches love offers. She will improve her looks and situate herself at a better location where she can meet better quality prospects.

The Libra Moon woman will be calculative when it comes to love, but she will do it to improve her living conditions and have a better life, which is totally logical. She won’t fall in love with the local bad boy with the criminal record, just because he looks so sexy, has a powerful appearance, and has a weird tattoo. No, on the contrary! The Libra Moon woman will seek someone reliable and with a good future ahead.

And maybe her feelings could be just warm, and not hot, but she will create the atmosphere of love and harmony any man will find hard to resist. This is why the Moon in Libra woman is a sort of perfect partner or a spouse.

The Moon In Libra Woman In Bed

Moon In Libra Woman In Bed

Sexuality is expressed mainly through the placement of the planet Mars in the horoscope chart because this is the planet of passion and action. Besides Mars, the planet Venus also plays a big role here because she is related to how we give and perceive pleasure. But please have in mind that the Moon has an impact on sexuality too because it shows how our whole psychology is shaped.

The Libra Moon woman in bed will be very sensual and inspiring. The eighth horoscope area from the Libra Moon is the sign of Taurus, again ruled by the planet Venus, as Libra is. And if a Libra Moon woman’s natal Venus is not damaged by the negative aspects with Saturn, for instance, she will be very passionate, but in a feminine or “receptive” manner.

She will love the proper atmosphere of a safe and peaceful environment, filled with lovely scents and a comfortable bed or sofa. And she won’t be that kind of a girl who would have sex lightly anytime and at any place. She will need certain conditions, but most of all, she will need to feel loved and appreciated. If that is the case, her performance will be sensual, last for a long time, and she will emerge her whole body and soul into love-making. And her love-making will never be just sex, it will mean the physical extension of her heart.

The Moon In Libra Woman’s Strengths And Weaknesses

A Moon In Libra Woman’s Positive Traits

The Moon in Libra woman is at her best when it comes to negotiating. She is the one to send straight in front of the opponent because she will handle the negotiation with great ease, she will have the calming effect on the other side, and of course, she will get the best from that situation, for sure.

In the same regard, the Libra Moon woman is capable of seeing any issue from all sides or perspectives. And therefore, she can be the first choice when some information is lacking, because she possesses an innate ability to “know” what is going on with the other side, the other people can’t even imagine.

Please don’t forget the Moon in Libra quality of the desire to create a peaceful and cooperative environment anywhere she steps in, and she is wonderfully talented at gathering people and directing them to some constructive goals. Also, she can be the best lawyer or representative of all oppressed ones, because she knows the law and how to use it for the advantage of those who can’t legally fight for themselves.

A Moon In Libra Woman’s Negative Traits

A Libra Moon woman can be very impractical with her life when she is alone. Her ability to see or know all sides or perspectives, instead of serving her, can lead to confusion and hesitancy that may last for a long time until someone appears and makes the decision in her name.

A woman with her natal Moon in Libra could also bring herself to some unpleasant situations while trying to please all the people around her, all of the time. The trait to be good, polite, and kind all the time, can be devastating in some moments when others will see her like a parasite, while she will find herself overloaded with obligations that she shouldn’t even have.

And in times when a Libra Moon woman shows that she is inconsistent, too confusing, or impractical, her partner might leave, and she will then become desperate. In some cases, this woman won’t manage her life by herself, letting others shape her future.

Moon In Libra Compatibility

A Moon in Libra will have the best compatibility with a person with their natal Sun, Moon, or Rising sign in Aries. In this type of bond, the Aries person will have the role of the decision-maker, while the Libra Moon will love to influence through discrete actions and seduction. They will love to take conservative roles, meaning that the Aries person will have the masculine qualities, while the Libra Moon will be led publicly, and yet have a tremendous impact on their bond while they are alone.

The Moon in Libra will get along well with the other air signs, like Gemini, Aquarius, or another Libra. They will find communication and lightness as the most important factors and make a great team. And besides air signs, a Moon in Libra will have good compatibility with the fire signs, like Aries, as said above, as well as Leo or Sagittarius. The passion, yet the lack of drama will be their magnetic force.

The worst compatibility for a Libra Moon is seen with water and earth signs, Cancer and Capricorn the most. A Libra Moon person will seem too shallow or too diplomatic to those two signs, and for a Libra Moon, Cancer will appear too emotional and frequently out of control, while Capricorn will be too cold or calculative.

Moon In Libra Celebrities

When talking about Libra Moon, we naturally have to look at some well-known personalities with this placement. And if you look at the following examples, you will realize that publicity is always tightly related to the Libra Moon, the same as this specific innate feeling of how to properly relate to others.

Ariana Grande is a little girl in the entertainment industry, but at the same time, she is a shrewd businesswoman, a singer, a songwriter, and an actress. She was born on June 26, 1993, in Boca Raton, Florida. Her natal Sun is in Cancer and her Moon is in Libra. Her Rising sign, or Ascendant, is in Capricorn, and her MC, or the highest achievement in life, is in Scorpio. And as you can see, she was born to appear sensitive and even fragile, but she is a tough and clever young woman who will develop her career more in the upcoming years. 

Kate Winslet is another darling face of the big screen. Surely, you must have remembered her from iconic films like Titanic, or the all-favorite Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which shows that love will always win despite psychological differences and technological impacts. A true Libra trait, indeed. This famous actress was born in Reading, UK, on October 5, 1975. Her natal Sun and Moon are both in Libra. And her Rising sign is Libra, too. Her MC is in Cancer, showing that her career will be marked by romantic roles.

And now, please hold your breath – because our next star is Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex. She was born in Canoga Park, California, on August 4, 1981. Her natal Sun is in Leo, Moon in Libra, and her Rising sign is in Cancer, which puts her MC or the top of her sky is in Aries. She had a distinguished career as an actress before she met Prince Harry, and became his wife. However, knowing that her path is determined by the planet Mars, we can expect more action steps from her in the future for sure. She couldn’t cope with the royal obligations, but she will surely “invent” some other experiences to feel purposeful.

Anne Hathaway is another big-screen sweetheart. She was born in Brooklyn, New York, on November 12, 1982. Her Sun sign is Scorpio, natal Moon is in Libra. And since her Rising sign is in Sagittarius, her highest achievement point in the chart is in the sign of Libra. And although we don’t relate any scandals or harsh events with her name, on the contrary, she is known as the humble, disciplined, and hard-working person who managed to be the highest-paid actress a few years ago. Wherever you turn, whatever film you watch, she will be in it, adding some of her special charm and charisma.

However, please don’t forget some of other famous Libra Moon women like Alicia Keys, the one and only opera legend Maria Callas, Fergie, or Marie Antoinette the famous queen of France, not known only for her infamous quote “let them eat cake,” but for her great political connections and influence, right as her Libra Moon suggests.

My Final Thoughts

The Moon in Libra woman is in the best position for socializing and achieving public success and for useful networking, of course. But please be cautious when judging a person just by their Moon position.

You need to know all planetary positions and aspects they make, to see the character of the person, their past and present, and predict their future as well. Also, by realizing the meaning of the whole chart, you will know what are your strengths and weaknesses, and how to use them to your advantage in any situation.

This is why my team and I created this special VIP reading where you will get all the information and be ready to plan a better future. Please, don’t hesitate because this is a limited time offer. You can select your time slot right here.

Wishing you love and light on your journey.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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