How To Approach March 2022’s Full Moon In Virgo

Hey, my lovely ladies! March has been a lovely month Astrologically, nothing too crazy has been happening in the sky, and luckily no Retrogrades affecting us. All of us can go for gold and manifest our heart’s desire.

But there is a culmination of energy occurring on March 18th, and that is when we have a Full Moon in Virgo happening. Virgo is an extremely analytical sign, it thrives on logic and rationality, however, it is also an Earth sign so there is an element of sensuality that accompanies it.

The energy of Virgo is extremely cleansing and healing, after all, the sign of Virgo is known as the healer of the Zodiac. This is a wonderful time to let bygones be bygones and to cleanse ourselves of any baggage and feelings of hurt.

Full Moons help us to say goodbye because they show up as an end to a cycle. We can wrap things up and move on to something better and be more aligned with our soul’s wishes.

However, Virgo is an extremely measured sign so this is not the time for emotional upheaval or extremes. This is about finding the balance and the center as well as the calm.

This is also a great time for you to do tasks that call for precision and skill. This energy can help you to be a lot more meticulous and precise.

But it is also important to remember that Virgo also represents your health and physical wellbeing. This is a great time to take a closer look at your diet and exercise regime and to focus on what you can change to live a healthier life.

The sign of Virgo absolutely loves rituals and routines, and this is why it would be a good idea for you to implement some kind of self-care strategy in your life that can help you lift your spirits. Be that daily journaling, a weekly walk in nature, or regular yoga. All of these strategies are a wonderful way to appease the Virgo gods.

But you might wonder, how is this Full Moon going to influence your sign personally? Well, continue reading to find out more. Just bear in mind that I write these horoscopes according to your Rising sign, but of course, you can read your Sun and Moon sign as well if you are looking for a fuller picture of what to expect this month.

Full Moon In Virgo For Aries

Aries, you are known for your vitality and strength, regardless of where the Moon currently resides. But when this Full Moon comes around, you’ll get the opportunity to jump onto the wellness wagon and prioritize your health.

These few days are all about cleaning up your life in a significant way; be that throwing out unnecessary clothing in your closet or tossing out all the processed food in your cupboard. This Full Moon is all about cleansing and looking at your lifestyle and the ways you can improve it.

This energy can help you kickstart a new lifestyle that can really improve the way you feel about yourself. Confidence comes from within and taking care of yourself with regular exercise and eating well can be a big changer to your energy and aura.

You will carry yourself differently and this should help you to be more open towards others. The way you feel about yourself can really make or break the relationships you get to build with the world around you. Here is your chance to make a change and live a healthier and more wholesome version of yourself.

Full Moon In Virgo For Taurus

This Full Moon proves to be a lot of fun for you, Taurus. Virgo might be a sign that is fond of the straight and narrow, but it falls in the place in your chart that governs fun, pleasure, love, romance, and creativity.

Over this Full Moon, you should definitely pay attention to your sensuality and give into your physical needs. This is a great time to open yourself up to meeting someone special or perhaps taking that next step with that special someone.

You might feel a little more sexual right now as well, so don’t deny yourself this kind of pleasure. If you are open to sleeping with someone, then you definitely should – just protect your heart and make sure this is the right decision for yourself.

But you don’t always need a partner to enjoy your body. Maybe it is time for you to reconnect with yourself and give yourself pleasure. Set it up like a really romantic date, candles, music, everything. This is a very special way to have fun and give yourself the self-love you deserve.

Full Moon In Virgo For Gemini

This special Full Moon in Virgo is all about reconnecting with your roots, Gemini. You might find yourself wanting to spend more time in the comfort of your own home. If your attention has been elsewhere for the last while, then this is the moment for you to relax and come back to yourself without any distractions.

How can you create a happier home life? Do you perhaps need to fix things around the house? Or is there a relationship with a family member that needs some repairing? It is time for you to get back to basics and to focus on the things that are most important in your life.

It is vital that you cultivate relationships and especially an environment in which you feel good and can thrive. Any kind of tension can be cleared now with some open-hearted communication. Speak what is on your mind, but remember to be graceful and kind.

Your home environment can speak volumes about who you are as a person. Whenever you feel like something is missing in your life, pay attention to what is going on at home. Maybe it is your house that is a little messy, but maybe it is your relationships? Clear out and renew!

Full Moon In Virgo For Cancer

This Full Moon is all about using your voice to be heard. Cancer, you feel things deeply, but sometimes you can be quite resentful that others don’t seem to understand the depths of your emotions or how to respect them.

This is not the fault of anyone, it is just quite an apparent reminder that we are all very different people and communicate in very different ways. This week’s Full Moon is here to show you to have more compassion for yourself, but also towards others.

Perhaps you haven’t been as open and transparent in your communication as you might think you have been. It is time to have an important conversation with someone, but maybe that someone is yourself?

Where are your needs not being met? Speak what you want into existence and don’t be shy to claim your desires. Sometimes when you have trouble communicating, it is because you are struggling to communicate with yourself. Be brutally honest with yourself now.

Full Moon In Virgo For Leo

Your spending habits are going to be front and center over this Full Moon, Leo. It is time for you to get quite systemized about the way you spend your money. This Virgo Full Moon wants you to be more responsible about your finances.

Now is the time for you to get rid of all the bad habits you have around money. Do you spend more than what you can actually afford? Do you forget to save? Do you go shopping when you feel uncomfortable or unhappy?

The money in your account is a much bigger reflection of how you feel about yourself than what you might think. A lack of confidence or self-love is apparent when it comes to the relationship you have with your wallet.

Perhaps you feel like you aren’t deserving of nice things? Or even deeper that you don’t feel deserving of a feeling of safety and security in your life? One thing money can buy is security, so stop putting yourself in a dangerous position for a fleeting moment of gratification.

Full Moon In Virgo For Virgo

This is your Full Moon, Virgo, and you can do whatever you want! The Universe has opened this special portal for you to manifest whatever you desire. Don’t you just feel incredibly lucky? This is all about you, girl!

This is a great time for you to spend time with yourself and go solo for a while. Even if you have a partner, it is still a good idea to often do things with yourself and for yourself to maintain that feeling of self but to also keep things in the relationship interesting.

Put your desires ahead of everyone else’s right now. I know this can be a struggle for you because you love being there for others and supporting them, but sometimes you need to put yourself first. Remember, you can’t give from an empty cup, so it is important that you cultivate a strong and loving relationship with yourself.

Follow your desires, have fun, and be uniquely you. The more you give to yourself, the more you will be able to give to others. This isn’t selfish, this is self-love and the world could do with a lot more of it, so be that example for others.

Full Moon In Virgo For Libra

The release you have been looking for is here, Libra. The Virgo Full Moon is all about stepping back and giving yourself the time and space to rest. But this is active rest, be useful with your time and do some introspection and reflection.

This is a period of completely letting go and surrendering to the present moment, but in order to do that, you have to be willing to say goodbye to your past. Sometimes the pain from our life is so much that we have a hard time letting it go.

It can be so easy to identify with painful experiences and make them part of who we are as a person, but you need to remember that you aren’t your pain and you don’t have to walk around with it. You have a choice to let go, and you should.

Spend this week doing some major healing and forgiveness of others. But you need to remember that the most important person you are ever going to have to forgive is yourself. Don’t feel guilty about the past, just be grateful for what you have learned and the experiences you have gained.

Full Moon In Virgo For Scorpio

What a fun time ahead of you, Scorpio! This Full Moon in Virgo seems to be full of exciting promises and new connections. Get out there and let your hair down and have some fun, there is no point in brooding over this Full Moon, instead, you need to come out and play.

This is the perfect time to put on your party hat and be more social. You may have been hiding under a rock for a while now, but you deserve to let off some steam and indulge in a very pleasurable time.

Gather your friends together and paint the town red. It may have been a while since you last really relaxed and enjoyed yourself so don’t resist it, let it happen because you never know who you might meet if you manage to keep your heart open.

Don’t feel guilty about enjoying yourself and having fun, just be in the moment and recognize that there is deep healing in having a good time. You don’t always have to learn from the hard experiences, learn from the good ones as well!

Full Moon In Virgo For Sagittarius

This Virgo Full Moon brings quite a crescendo of energy your way, Sagittarius. This is the moment for you to celebrate all of your successes, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant.

You have worked really hard for where you are at in your life at the moment. You need to celebrate this moment and enjoy the recognition and “fame” that comes with doing a job well done.

But this is just the beginning. You’re on the precipice of a huge moment in your life where everything can change in a heartbeat. You may notice all kinds of opportunities come your way and it may be daunting at first, but realize that you have been working really hard to be at this specific time and place.

This is a great time for you to celebrate, but also a great time for you to write down your goals and get really clear about where you want to go next. Use this Virgo energy to systemize and strategize your next moves, but don’t fret, you are supported.

Full Moon In Virgo For Capricorn

Capricorn, you are due an adventure of sorts. All that hard work has got to make you a little tired and looking for a release, well, with this Full Moon in Virgo, you are about to get exactly what you have hoped for.

This is a great time for you to start planning a trip somewhere exciting. Remember that Virgo loves details and organizing stuff, so you can still think big while you figure out where you want to go.

Embrace your adventurous side a bit, be bold, and allow your mind to be expanded by all kinds of different possibilities that are being presented in front of you. This is the moment for you to explore and discover parts of yourself that you never knew existed before.

Have fun with this energy and recognize that you don’t always have to act so seriously and be so responsible. There is a lot of freedom in just letting go and allowing yourself to be in the present moment without having too many expectations about where to next.

Full Moon In Virgo For Aquarius

Your life is about to get quite hot and heavy, Aquarius. This Full Moon is really heating up the most intimate centers of your life and it can go a few different ways, so try to remain open and let the experience guide you where you need to be.

This Full Moon in Virgo is particularly intimate and intense for your sign and can make you feel quite vulnerable and emotional, especially if you have psychological issues that are weighing you down. This is the moment for you to figure out what you truly desire and need in your life.

There might be a soulmate attraction that is really triggering some of your deepest wounds. Oh, my, this can be incredibly painful, especially if you have been ignoring this kind of work for a while now. You are being encouraged to do some shadow work to really get the gunk and the heartache out of your body.

Remember that the energy of Virgo is incredibly healing, so this is really a great opportunity for you to cleanse and rinse yourself of the baggage that continues to hurt you. Take this step forward and don’t be afraid of going into unknown territories.

Full Moon In Virgo For Pisces

Relationships are front and center for you this Full Moon, Pisces. Aren’t you lucky? Well, it depends on your situation. This Full Moon in Virgo may bring up a lot of stuff that you have been ignoring when it comes to intimate partnerships.

Either you may be feeling totally lonely and worthless because you don’t have a partner, or you might be feeling unsatisfied in your current relationship dynamic. There is a lot to unpack this Full Moon, so it is best that you try your best to remain positive.

This is a great time for you to get really clear about what you actually want in your relationships and find a way to get your needs met. It is important to remember that a romantic partner can’t fulfill all your desires for you at once, that is way too much pressure for one person, and this is why having many friendships or hobbies is a good idea so that you can get the release and fulfillment from multiple sources.

Remember that being loved by someone else isn’t nearly as significant as loving yourself and this Full Moon is here to remind you of the importance of filling your own cup and making yourself feel good. That is all you can truly expect from yourself in any case.

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The Full Moon in Virgo is an extremely special time. The sign of Virgo has so many beautiful qualities attached to it. It is simultaneously practical and rational, while also being extremely intuitive, magical, and sensual.

There is a lot you can gain if you harness the energy of Virgo and let it speak through your life. You can notice that your health improves, the way you treat people, as well as the way you go about work.

This Full Moon in Virgo is bringing so many wonderful opportunities for growth and allowing yourself to become more fully you. Allow the energy of Virgo to wash over you, to heal you, to connect you to the earth, and to cleanse you of all the things that no longer wish to serve you.

You have everything you could ever desire from this Full Moon, so please be sure to make the most of it.

What did you think of this month’s Full Moon in Virgo reading? What is your sign and what is resonating most with you at the moment? I would really love to hear what you have to say so please don’t be shy about leaving a comment in the section below.

And if you are looking for more ways to improve your life and to reach your ultimate destiny then consider taking a look at this link. It is my goal to help each and every one of you to live the most wonderful life imaginable.

Wishing you so much love and happiness in your life.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  1. Hi Anna☺
    Thanks for another great Flowing Understanding for this week and Full Moon Energies?
    I must say the Tarot and Love Weeklies were very Dreamy Positive for my three signs !!❤?
    Typically for me though this 3rd day before the Full moon is the Heavest almost everytime….So today everything Felt Heavy or Tiring. So You were right it was a nap instead of a big Workout today?
    Well keep getting us Happy and Hopeful❤with Your Wisdom and Elegant Dancing like Writing✨

    Thanks Again Your Love❤Student Martin?

    1. Hi Martin!
      What a good skill of writing and compliment you too have. I’m curious about your signs 🙂
      I hope you have a posetive time in the following days.

    2. Hi Martin!

      How amazing! I’m glad to see so many hearts here. You are most welcome for any information I could provide that helped you. Blessings to you and your partner. Wishing you all the very best!

  2. HI Anna! Thank you for the lovely article! I am a Virgo Rising and I love what you wrote about it, so positive! I am doing a tarot read tonight under the bright Moon! I am going to follow your advice and have fun – go for it! Thanks again!

    1. Hi Brandi!

      That’s fantastic! Thanks for writing in to me and letting me know. I absolutely love hearing positive feedback. Keep up the good work sweetheart! I wish you all the luck of the stars!

  3. You’re correct Anna, my health, as well as my diet, is very important to me now at my age. I’m focusing on that and hopefully, all that share my life will do the same

    1. Hi Jacqueline!

      Yes, keep doing more of that sweetheart. You deserve to feel good and live well. I’m so glad that this was informative for you. Have belief in the wonderful life you have ahead. I wish you all the best, truly!

  4. Hello Anna,
    Thank you for such wonderful insight!
    I read for my three and they were all spot on with what’s going on in my life!
    Glad I discovered you and your books. Blesses be

    1. Hi Heather!

      You’re so very welcome sweetheart! I’m glad I could provide some useful insight. I’m glad you discovered the books too. Know that you also gain access to speak with me personally via email when you make book purchases. If you didn’t know, email my support team and they’ll point you in the right direction.

    1. Hi Fionna!

      Thank you for writing in with your sweet words. I do hope you stay tuned as I have plenty of other information that you might find helpful when it comes to astrology. Sending you lots of luck and hope!

  5. Hi Anna!
    I really feel emotional and vulnerable .Was thinking that I was healed of my broken heart,but I’m not. You’re right, it’s truly painful. I know he’s my soulmate but he has his own issues.I just need to learn how to live with this feeling, because I don’t want anyone else.

    1. Hi Tina!

      It takes time so don’t beat yourself up because you don’t feel as though you’re there yet. You’ll get there when it’s time. Be soft with your heart and take your time. Even if you believe he’s your soul mate, you need to get right with you first and foremost. If it’s meant to be then trust me when I tell you that it will. If not, you will still be healed and accepting of what the universe provides you. I wish you nothing but love and happiness in the future!

  6. I know and once in love with a Virgo he is selfish all the time he does nothing unless it suits him he lies on top of lies and iles at you. The moon just makes him worse he will tell you out right that he is selfish and that he is missing out but yet it hurts his ego if you leave he wants everything but doesn’t want to do the work that’s the Virgo ok ow .

    1. Hi Helen!

      Unfortunately this can definitely be true when it comes to Virgo. When it’s in his moon, it does tend to make him pull inward more. Sadly it can mean selfishness magnified. I’m so sorry that he doesn’t seem to want to do the work. You deserve much better than that. I do want to say that not all Virgo men give in to being selfish like this. Many do though. You have to stand up and express yourself with him or he will never be different. If all fails then you might consider finding someone who wants to share life with you. I wish you all the very best in love and in life!

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