Venus in Pisces Transit & Natal (What You Need in Love)

Venus, in general terms, is the planet of our values and partnerships due to the fact that it rules over the signs of Taurus and Libra. It is seen as the planet of love, but her main traits revolve around true values and cooperation through a union.

Venus in Pisces is in her strongest position in terms of Astrology. This doesn’t necessarily show the wonderful love life, but more the combination of spirituality and love, which can lead toward love fulfillment, but it can also give some other talents and abilities to the individual with this placement in a natal chart.

The strong influence of Jupiter and Neptune as the traditional and modern rulers of the sign of Pisces will have a major impact on this Venus, and now we are going to explain exactly why that is and how it can serve or destroy Venus in Pisces love life.

In this article, you’ll learn what Venus entering Pisces brings to the table this year, but also what it means when your natal Venus is in the sensitive sign of Pisces.

Venus in Pisces 2024: The Significance of Venus Entering Pisces

Venus, the wonderful planet of love and romance, will enter the sign of Pisces on March 11 and will stay in this position until April 4, when it enters fiery Aries. During this time, the planet of Eros is feeling generally strong and, therefore, in a good spot to project all of her goodness outward.

Venus is a planet of harmony, peace, love, and good taste. It’s known as a benefic planet, meaning that the effects of Venus rarely manifest in negative events and tend to manifest in positive or, at the very least, neutral events.

Pisces is the final sign of the Zodiac, and it’s a mutable water sign. This means that Pisces is an adaptable, if unpredictable, sign. Being a water Zodiac sign means that Pisces operates most naturally in the realm of emotions.

When Venus is in Pisces, we might be more compassionate and sweeter to those around us. We can find ourselves putting on rose-colored glasses and seeing those we love or are interested in as their best selves.

Pisces is a naturally romantic sign, so when Venus arrives here, true soul connections can occur. Pisces is all about intuition, so anyone you’re interested in must pass the vibe check.

You could become introspective or perhaps feel a kinship with everyone around you. You’re a lot more connected to the threads of the Universe, and fated events can come in and out of your life.

If you’ve been struggling to give or get love, this is a time to practice. Practicing self-love is most definitely a fruitful activity too! You’ll be more able to do some soul-searching due to Pisces’ deep, watery nature.

Venus in Pisces has a low-key superpower that many other signs can’t claim—they can attract others with their energy. Pisces doesn’t always have to express their love in words for others to feel it.

While not all of us can access this all the time, during Venus in Pisces, you could find yourself in situations where your energy was the attraction factor.

During this transit, Venus in Pisces asks you to just relax, slow down, and see the beauty in the moment. Surrender to the beauty of the world around you, and if you see no beauty, then make your own!

Here’s Your Venus Enters Pisces 2024 Horoscopes…

This period is an overwhelmingly beneficial time that I think all signs can take advantage of. I’ve outlined the most important points for every Zodiac sign to take notes on.

If you are looking to see how this transit is going to influence your sign as well as your romantic life, then keep on reading. Please remember to read your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign to get the most accurate reading.


Aries, you’re typically the type to pursue love doggedly, but as it turns out, this transit could suck the wind out of you romantically.

This transit of Venus through your house of isolation is largely regarded as a less beneficial transit, but Venus being strong in Pisces mitigates the effects of this sometimes-brutal shift.

If you’re single, this is not a time that I generally see new relationships begin. This can be a period where you’re more introspective than usual, but it could be in quite a pleasant way.

If you’re in a relationship, this transit has a tendency to make you feel alone, even within your partnership. This doesn’t mean the end, though. It exposes parts of your relationship that aren’t working so that you can better yourselves as a couple.

If you’re needing a vacation, I highly suggest going to the ocean for inner peace. The house of isolation and Pisces are heavily associated with the sea, so it can prove to be a valuable spot to gain insight and recharge.

I suggest finding the beauty in the world by surrendering to joy, even when it seems difficult. These are the times you need to surrender the most.

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Taurus, you’re a fixed earth Zodiac sign which gives you stability and strength in your convictions. You’re not willing to give up on love.

This transit of Venus through Pisces offers a more fluid way of understanding romance and love. Adding in some water sign energy to your love life can bring the emotionally fulfilling sides of your relationship to the front.

Incorporating friendships and your love life may be a theme at this time. Some particularly empathetic and emotional friends may start looking your way or vice versa.

This period of Venus in the sign of Pisces is a special treat for you, Taurus. Venus in this position offers you blessings and rewards for hard work.

This position of Venus often correlates to finding love and acceptance within a community of some kind. Perhaps you are heavily incorporated into a friend group or something similar.

This transit usually results in a period rich with relationships of all kinds. You likely feel more connected to a larger network of people. Connecting factors are easy to see, so getting along with groups of people feels easy.

This transit will be most beneficial to those who are crushing on someone who is ‘just a friend.’ Making your move at this time would lay a successful path in this case.

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Gemini, your wit and charm attract others on a good day, but be prepared to have this amplified during the Venus in Pisces transit. That’s because Venus is sitting in your house of reputation and status.

When you consider how this house is heavily activated in the charts of many celebrities, you can understand how this transit means “all eyes on you.”

During this transit, you’re not able to hide away. This is a time when people aren’t able to ignore you. As a result, it’s important to make sure that what you’re putting out there is how you’d like to be perceived.

You could be seen for the sorts of things that Venus represents. This could mean you’re being seen for your beauty, your aesthetics, your style, your money, or your relationship.

Men could be attracted to you for how you’re seen by others. Perhaps you have a certain ‘in’ with a certain type of person or you’re the kind of girl that they could see themselves bringing home to mother.

During this period, you may want to be seen for your charity and kindness as well as your compassion. Others might see you for your feminine qualities over others right now.

Single women can expect to be on a lot of guys’ radar. And if you’re in a relationship then you might find it is more public and ‘seen’ than usual.

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Cancer, this transit of Venus through Pisces can have you feeling pretty adventurous and connected to the fabric of the Universe. This is due to Venus’ transit through your house of travel, metaphysics, Astrology, and religion.

This house represents the higher realms of life, way beyond the mundane of the everyday. But what does it mean when the planet of love in the sign of Pisces passes through?

For romance, this transit could indicate the start or continuation of a long-distance relationship. In addition, your partner could be of a different race or ethnicity.

There is a chance that you can manifest a lover through this transit. This house allows you to reach into other realities if you play your cards right. Try to imagine just the sort of guy you want and act like he’s already yours.

If you’re in a relationship then this is a time to think about going on a little vacation, just the two of you. This is a prime period for jet-setting together!

If you’re single, you could meet someone on vacation. You might also become smitten with someone with a lot of education or who is associated with a college or other forms of higher education.

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Dear Leo, Pisces energy can make you feel like you’re in the dark. You’re normally bright and vivacious in all areas of life, and while this doesn’t change, you could be more introspective than usual.

Venus in Pisces can help bring out feelings that were suppressed or hidden from others. You might feel like reviving an old flame to see if it can work this time.

I’m actually not against people getting back with their ex. I don’t believe transits like these could happen if some of us weren’t meant to rekindle old flames.

While you might feel weird being so under the radar, that doesn’t mean that things aren’t spicy. This is a transit that can mean incredible sex and reconnection.

This is a house that grapples with the things that no one feels like talking about. Those things that you don’t like about yourself and that you repress may come out. This is especially true when regarding your take on relationships.

Try to get really raw with your partner. Be open about your feelings and that which you’ve been hiding. And if you’re single, starting a new relationship now may be under some sort of guise in order to keep a secret.

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Virgo, you know you’re capable of anything by yourself, but this transit has you focusing your energies on someone else!

Venus is transiting your sister sign, Pisces. Pisces is often considered Virgo’s perfect match due to how well the two signs complement one another. It’s no surprise that when Venus is transiting Pisces, your focus on partnership and serious commitment to another is intensified.

Venus transiting this area of your chart indicates great harmony and mutual understanding between you and your partner. Things just seem to be going smoothly and you’re likely feeling like swooning in happiness.

This is also an ideal time to get married or sign contracts. Making arrangements with others is certainly the key to joy at this time. You are thinking about a future with someone.

If you’re in a relationship, maybe the answer is obvious. If you’re single, you might land on someone who is your perfect match, someone you can see yourself building a life together with.

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Libra, you’re a natural peacekeeper, and when Venus is in the sign of Pisces, this trait can become intensified. You are seeking peace and understanding, especially among coworkers.

If you’re single, there might be someone at work that you begin to crush on. Or perhaps vice versa. And maybe the two of you shirk work and responsibilities to get a little closer on the job!

In addition, you may choose to change up your self-care routine in order to emphasize your look. You may take up going to the gym or adding a new skincare regimen, for example.

If you’re in a relationship, this is a time for you and your partner to learn more about how the two of you coexist with your work schedules and other daily things that need to be done. You can learn the ins and outs of how you function on regular days when nothing out of the ordinary is happening.

The two of you can use this time to start a business together or perhaps you start a job together. Venus here indicates that your image at work is currently important to you. And so you may dress up or otherwise attempt to come off as classy and sophisticated in some sense.

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Scorpio, this is your time to shine romantically. You’re usually pretty reserved in your expression, however, Venus in Pisces is transiting a house of love and romance, which means nothing but great things for you.

If you’re seeking a relationship, then welcome to a prime time to test the waters. This house is the best for beginning casual relationships that can turn into something more.

If you’re in a relationship, then this is a period where your honeymoon phase feelings come back in full force. I highly recommend attempting to woo your guy! And he’ll likely give this energy right back to you.

Some perfect activities for this transit are lots and lots of dates if you can make it happen. They’ll go over particularly well at concerts, sporting events, and anything on a stage or screen.

Scorpio, you can also hone your art or writing skills around now. This is an ideal time to stretch that creative muscle. If you want my daily guidance like this, everyday, subscribe to my Scorpio Daily Secrets now.


Sagittarius, you’re a free spirit but you may have your mind on your roots and family, especially females in your childhood. This is a period to lay down happy roots to support you in the future.

You might be feeling very emotional but in a good way. Happy crying could be a thing, actually. You could process and remember some happy memories from when you were young too.

For those in a solid relationship, this could be a transit that encourages you both to move in with each other. Your domestic habits seem to blend with ease.

This also could be a promising period to introduce your partner to the family. They’re more likely to receive your partner with love and joy during this time.

In addition, this is a stellar time to redecorate your house, find a new style, and make your house your home. This will help you to feel more connected to the place where you lay your head.

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Capricorn, you aren’t one that relies on words to get what you want. You’re an action/initiative type person. However, this transit of Venus through Pisces is offering you the gift of gab.

Communication is the key to success and romance during this period. You could reconnect with someone you went to school with or maybe someone from your hometown in general.

You’re feeling more and more relational with others. You speak with kindness and compassion, channeling Venus’ sweet energy.

If you’re single, this transit is AMAZING for setting up online dating profiles that turn heads. You can convey all of your most beautiful qualities with ease.

Being able to communicate effectively is the basis for almost all relationships. This transit allows you to communicate efficiently while also making people sympathetic to your words.

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Aquarius, you’re often not much for a world focused on the physical, but that may change while Venus transits through the sign of Pisces. Your house of belongings and security is focused on the power of attraction and aesthetics.

This is a period where you crave something meaningful that you can point to and say “he did that for me.” Whether it’s a bouquet of flowers or having a hard conversation with another in order to put you first.

Venus in Pisces puts an emphasis on objects. If you’re single, you could meet someone who is a salesperson or who otherwise works a lot with pieces of machinery or cars.

This transit is excellent for upgrading your wardrobe and taking care of yourself. This is all about realizing your value. You deserve tangible displays of affection!

For the ones in relationships, you might consider making a large purchase together. Perhaps a car or house that you’ve had your eye on?

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Pisces, this transit of Venus through your own sign is absolutely epic for your love life! This signals a period where your most lovely qualities shine through effortlessly. You look good, feel good, and are attractive to everyone around you.

Venus in your own sign enhances your sense of value and beauty. You care more about your own appearance and, being a changeable sign, you might decide to overhaul your old look and go with something new.

This is a period where you embody love and compassion. You can’t help but channel love outward. Your sympathy for others is through the roof.

If you’re single or partnered, this period is all about just being yourself. Your most authentic expressions of love are the correct expressions of love.

If you’re in a relationship, your partner may show increased interest in you. You may find yourself making moves on them when they’re least expecting it, you can’t help it! You just want to show love.

If you’re single, I repeat: just be yourself! This is the easiest way for others to see your beauty and worth. If YOU know your beauty and worth, it becomes apparent to everyone around you.

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What to Expect if You Have Your Natal Venus in Pisces?

Now, if you were born when Venus is in the sign of Pisces, you’re about to be in the middle of what’s known as your Venus Return. This is when Venus returns to the same spot it was in at the time of your birth. Pretty cool!

This is a period where something in your love life takes a turn. Considering Venus is in great dignity (aka: she’s comfortable) in Pisces, any fewer positive effects could be mitigated. However, this can be a relationship change of any variety. Perhaps you fall in love with someone new, get married… or divorced. It truly depends on the rest of your chart.

Like I said though, Venus coming back to Pisces is typically a reason for celebration. You’re experiencing a culmination of relational and monetary effects since the last time Venus was in Pisces, roughly one year ago.

Taking it all in stride is the key. This is a period of wrapping up the old cycle and beginning a new one. If your relationship is strong and healthy, then this is a positive thing for sure.

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Venus in Pisces Natal: Why Is Venus In Pisces So Beautiful?

Venus in Pisces is truly the most powerful position of this planet in the whole Zodiac circle. The sign of Pisces carries the meaning of dreams, illusions, phantasies, and also high and deep exploration of the spirit. This sign is ruled by the planets Jupiter and Neptune, and their aspects with Venus in someone’s natal chart will decide the real strengths or weaknesses of this planet.

Having this in mind, now we can see that Venus in Pisces is all about dreams and projections, which can be extremely beneficial for arts, like writing poems or romantic novels, singing, or painting mesmerizing visions. Also, this is a wonderful placement to have if someone is in the acting or entertainment industry because this person will jump so easily into different roles.

When it comes to values, the person will show importance toward some “sparkly” things, not necessarily toward real values like financial means or antiques, for instance. This type of person can value illusion more than down-to-earth things or relationships. And this trait can create the most wonderful love stories there are, but it can also create much confusion and prolonged periods of waiting, hoping, and bitter disillusionment.

Love equals spiritual experiences here, and this is why each romantic experience for a Venus in Pisces person has will be increased and highlighted beyond its frontiers. This can also show addiction, as is toward emotional-euphoria, and in some truly negative cases, toward legal or illegal substances because Venus in Pisces is all about the love for chemistry after all.

What Is A Venus In Pisces Woman Like?

A Venus in Pisces woman’s appearance is typically very mild and very calming to the eye. No matter her age, body structure, or shape, she will give the impression of someone gentle.

A Venus in Pisces woman will never be the loudest person in the room, and although she will possess in-depth knowledge about the things she likes, she will speak only when she is asked for her opinion. She gives the general impression of someone who is always calm. However, the truth is that she will either rule over her area of expertise or she will have an extraordinary intuitive approach that will allow her to look into more details than anyone else.

When in love, a Venus in Pisces woman will tend to hide her feelings, swimming and drowning in them until eternity, but without much mental processing. She will suddenly fall in love with someone, and then she will simply enjoy those narcotic doses of romantic emotions overflowing her whole body, and/or after a while, she will start secretly suffering because the weeks have passed and the object of her desire didn’t show at least one glimpse of affection.

During that “free-flowing love phase,” she will brim with all sorts of artistic ideas and shine as a novelist, a singer, or a dancer because the love “fix” will give her the boost to fly. In a committed relationship, a Venus in Pisces woman tends to be bored with realistic expectations; she will hide her feelings because she won’t be able to clearly say or express what is going on in her.

In sex, a Venus in Pisces woman is more erotic and poetic than in real action. And she is that kind of woman who will rather dream about “ideal” intimacy than have it in real life.

What Is A Venus In Pisces Man Like?

A Venus in Pisces man will surely fall for a person who is sensual, slow, mysterious, or mystical in some sense. This aura of secretiveness will be his emotional and mental “drug,” and he will often fall for the wrong kind of person, causing a romantic but unfortunate turn of events and desire that can’t be accomplished.

And truly, in this “space” where love, hope, disappointment, and waiting are simmering for a long time, he will find his source of energy, which will show through the amazing results in his work revolving around psychology, medical or chemical research, the arts, and even addictions. 

A Venus in Pisces man will feel a strong attraction toward artistic people, toward those who are irresponsible or have constant psychological issues and traumas.

He is a “lousy” pursuer in romance because he will assume many things and also assume that the other person feels the same, and it is just a matter of time before everything will be resolved, cleared, and filled with uplifting emotions.

However, what he is really up to is the feeling, the mystical experience, and not the rational resolution. On the other hand, if he finds a partner who is mentally stable, committed, and most rational, he will be the one to rock the boat by acting irresponsible, forgetting things, or even disappearing for some time.

The sexual performance of the Venus in Pisces man will depend mostly upon his position of a natal Mars, but this Venus placement will show how he will perceive the pleasure deriving from the sexual “action.” And in his case, he will show more interest toward foreplay, afterplay, and everything in between than just the pure sexual act.

FAQs About Venus in Pisces: Getting To Know Venus In Pisces Better

What is Venus in Pisces attracted to?

Venus in Pisces is truly attracted to extremely gentle and at the same time extremely harsh or dramatic energies derived from the signs of Cancer and Scorpio. This Venus will seek delicate beauty and a motherly type of embrace where she can feel safe and so well protected, and simultaneously, she won’t be able to resist the passion and to some extent aggression which only the crazy powerful love can materialize.

This sense of total acceptance and total insecurity at the same time will keep her hooked in some everlasting love experiences, and she won’t be able to break free from those “fated” and novel types of people and romances. 

Who should Venus in Pisces date?

In reality, the best choice for Venus in Pisces is someone who has the natal Sun, Mars, or a cluster of significant celestial bodies placed in the sign of Virgo. This person might not give the impression of fiery passion or drama, Venus in Pisces craves so much, but on a positive note, this individual will have a calming effect, and more importantly, this relationship will last through the good and bad times. 

Besides Virgo as the best choice for Venus in Pisces, very good matches will take place with Taurus and Capricorn because stability will be the priority. And with the water signs like Cancer, Scorpio, or the other Pisces individual, romance will be the priority. 

Is Venus in Pisces bad?

There is no bad or good position for a planet in anyone’s natal chart because the Highest power or the design or this Universe doesn’t make mistakes. And in an Astrological sense, the position of the planet Venus is considered as the best there is in the whole Zodiac.

But whether this position will give you its best qualities in the terms of artistic talents and primarily creating huge multiple streams of income through the overseas land or exploration, or it will impact your love life will depend mostly on your rising sign degrees and other planetary placements.

But generally seen, Venus in Pisces is exceptionally good position. 

Do Venus in Pisces fall in love easily?

It will depend on so many outer circumstances whether a Venus in Pisces will easily fall in love or not. In the “usual” sense, the Venus in Pisces will instantly fall in love, but not in just everyone, but with the person with whom she shares some significant mutual planetary aspects.

And in those moments, this Venus in Pisces is almost legendary for her “we are soul mates,” “this is karma, destiny or use any other term,” “we are twin flames and we’ll burning for each other till eternity,” “this is the love of my life,” and anything of that kind.

Venus in Pisces is notorious for immersing in love like in some sort of a drug, and this is the Neptunian trait coming from the sign of Pisces which perceives every little experience as something magical, and therefore necessary everlasting, which is naturally not the case and leads to great disappointments and disillusionments. 

Is Venus in Pisces jealous?

If no negative aspects are coming from the natal Sun, Moon, or Mercury, Venus in Pisces won’t be jealous at all. This is just not her trait. And even if things get rough or truly negative like she finds out that her partner is cheating, this planet won’t perceive it as the primary mistake of her partner’s character, but rather as some sort of the “black magic,” twisted turn of faith or anything else than the truth itself. 

And then she will suffer in silence, sing sad songs, and Venus in Pisces won’t imagine revenge options or even talk against the person who interfered with their relationship. She will pray instead and hope, even throughout the years that things will change and the true love (her love) will win in the end.

The more likely scenario, which happens all the time, is that Venus in Pisces will desperately fall in love with someone unavailable, and then instead of feeling the stings of hatred or jealously, this planet will suffer and suffer over and over again.

Venus in Pisces Compatibility: What is the Best Match for Venus in Pisces?

Venus in Pisces is compatible mostly with the earth signs like Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. And of course, with the water Zodiac signs like Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces itself.

With Taurus and Capricorn, Venus in Pisces will feel understood and supported. And with Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, Venus in Pisces will feel on the same wave-length. And the best combination for Venus in Pisces is surely Virgo, the sign which will stabilize and protect her.

Venus in Pisces is not so compatible with the air signs like Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius. And also, this planetary position will have negative compatibility traits with fire signs like Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius. The worst combination could be with someone who has planets in Leo.

Venus in Pisces Celebrities

People born with Venus in Pisces can be born with their Sun signs anywhere from the beginning of Capricorn to the end degrees of Taurus. And all of their natal positions of this planet will naturally create their whole character. But, the position of their natal Venus will give them a certain aura of “magical” or delicate energy only Venus in Pisces can produce.

Having this in mind, let’s just remember some very significant historical figures. Victor Hugo was a prominent French writer whose detailed explanations of social and love relations in French society, as well as human psychology were very deep and very valid until our times.

Similar can be noticed about Edgar Allan Poe, the dark poet, and novelist. As a painter, someone who stood out of the mainstream of his time and became a legend after he died, was Vincent van Gogh. And in a world of politics, we can always remember Martin Luther King, who gave his life for the ideals of a better world.

The world of music is full of Venus in Pisces legends, like Johann Sebastian Bach, who had to become def to exclude all other sounds of this world to be able to hear the celestial music.

On the other hand, Frédéric Chopin created the most romantic piano music there is through his tragic and short life. And something similar can be noticed for the blues legend Billie Holiday.

In today’s world of art, we can easily notice Venus in Pisces in a legendary natal chart of Barbra Streisand, who shined through her acting talent, but also through her mesmerizing singing voice. And speaking about mesmerizing singing voices, there is no way to miss out on the name of Celine Dion. Even Kurt Cobain, who wasn’t actually remembered by his voice, but by establishing the whole new direction in music related to the nineties.

The world of acting is full of beautiful faces and astonishing talents like Penélope Cruz, Michelle Pfeiffer, Orlando Bloom, Reese Witherspoon, and so many more. And as well-known social figures, dealing with style and influence at the same time, you must have heard of Victoria Beckham, paving her path from the famous singer, influencer, and fashion designer, and without any doubt, Michelle Obama, the former USA first lady, who continued her charity and helping work spreading mannered and educational contents and uplifting this whole world.

Do You Need Help Finding Out Your Venus Sign?

I hope this article was somehow meaningful to you, and that you are now better equipped to take on the dating game and find the relationship of your dreams. Remember to embrace your strengths and work on your weaknesses, and always be open to growth and expansion.

If you still don’t know your Venus sign, I would never leave you hanging without giving you a helping hand in this process. I realize that not everyone knows Astrology.

You may not even what you’re seeing when you look at your birth chart!

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Wishing you so much love on your journey.

Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  1. I met a Virgo lover, when I was a teenager. Eventually he asked for my hand; when I was sixteen. I had great connection with him; but guarded! My father was very strict and forbidding. He refused the offer. The young man, who was fiveyears older, than I. He eventually married to someone else ;had a baby girl and got electrocuted one day. He passed on. He was only 24 years young. I was heartbroken. I married when I was 20 to an Aquarius{ my fathers choice} didn,t go so well! My life was a series of dissappointment. Now I am alone, I feel abondoned and lost! Will I ever meet a Twin Flame?

    1. Hi Eva,

      I am sorry to hear that.
      This is hard to understand if you naturally want to be with someone because you care about them but strong family’s influence prevents it. Yet sometimes it can be a matter of maturity, or even just timing.
      It wasn’t meant to be, but don’t give up.
      I truly believe that there is someone else out there who will be everything you ever hoped for.

      Best wishes,

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