What Your Ruling Planet Says About You: According To Your Zodiac Sign

Did you know that your ruling planet can actually mean something for you when it comes to your Zodiac sign? Yes! It certainly does…

The ruling planet you’re born with does play a role in your life, and it’s time you find out what exactly that means for you. Some signs even have two ruling planets that influence them!

Keep reading to learn more about the information I have for you on what your ruling planet says about you according to your Zodiac sign. 

The Signs And Their Rulerships

1. Aries – Ruled by Mars

The strong, hardworking, and passionate Aries is ruled by the planet Mars. This actually shouldn’t be any surprise, considering Aries is the god of War and Mars is the aggressor planet. 

This makes you someone who is able to handle almost anything. You’re a go-getter and like to make things happen! You have an optimistic view on life and you’re ready to do whatever it takes.

You’re confident and certain. What is important when it comes to Mars, is its specific location in your chart. The sign it resides in will vary and will affect your personality some. 

Mars dictates aggression in multiple ways. When this planet rules you, it can sometimes make you hard to deal with and unmovable. You’re stubborn and believe you’re right more often than not.

When Mars goes into retrograde or transits, you actually have good fortune and are able to really nail things down. For the other signs (except Scorpio), they experience arguments, tension, and upset.

They can use it to get things done, but it’s not going to make them happy. This is how your ruling planet operates and you can bet that the planet aspects to Mars will change things up.

2. Taurus – Ruled by Venus

For the tough charging bull who is loyal, stable, and successful; your ruling planet is Venus. This explains why you have such vigor when it comes to success.

You’re someone who loves what you do because you know you do it well. Taurus is very dedicated to those they care for. You’re generous and don’t like to see people hurting or in need. 

You’re a humanitarian in every sense of the word. People, animals, and the Earth are all very important to you. Venus is the planet of love and it constantly inspires you.

When you let Venus rule your life, you’ll find that your love life will move successfully. Your ability to lure a partner in is quite strong. 

You love all that is beautiful in life thanks to Venus. Taurus is the King/Queen of the earth. Being surrounded by the very best is what you crave. 

Taurus is in touch with the vibration of the Earth, and your mood tends to shift according to the current energies. You’re sensitive to it. Venus’ placement in your chart will add to things for you.

Venus transits will make you feel alive; especially in Taurus season! It’s your time to shine as is when Venus goes retrograde.

3. Gemini – Ruled by Mercury

Every flowing Gemini who is versatile and well-versed on many different things. Your happy energy is ruled by Mercury. Mercury is the great thinking planet. 

People may not always understand you, because your brain is on 100% of the time. You may not sleep a whole lot because of this. The thing is, you’re also acute to many things.

This means you’re pretty smart and you tend to retain a lot of information. You’re able to work multiple jobs and always have many projects going on. 

You tend to understand things that others may not. You’re highly intelligent. Sometimes you think too much; particularly when Mercury goes retrograde.

Gemini, your ruling Mercury also is the great communicator planet. You’re able to convince anyone of anything. No, I’m not kidding! 

You’re excellent with your speaking skills and have a way with words. Though be careful, because it can also make it too easy to lie. Don’t be shady, Gemini! 

4. Cancer – Ruled by Moon

Sensitive and loving Cancer, you’re the family builder of the Zodiac. You’re generous and very kind. Your ruling planet is not very surprising at all!

Your ruling planet is the Moon. This is what makes you emotionally complex to other people. You feel things deeply and you get emotional about it. Your moods are ever-changing.

Sometimes people don’t understand your moods. They don’t know how to navigate their relationship with them. They also don’t realize that you’re very intuitive. 

The Moon makes you able to be a human lie detector. The problem is, it can also make you indulgent in things that aren’t good for you. 

Family and close friends are very important to you, Cancer. The Moon makes you crave the attention and affection that you give out to other people. 

It hurts you when someone doesn’t give back to you what you give them. the Moon is on the move constantly, and so this is why your feelings aren’t always stable.

Everyone wants something from Cancer because your wisdom is rather mystical thanks to the Moon. You’re also one of the great manifestors. 

5. Leo – Ruled by Sun

King of the Zodiac, as a Leo you are successful, you’re strong, and you’re a champion of all you do. Your ruling planet happens to be the Sun. 

It makes total sense; the Sun among the planets represents personal status in life and so it deals with career, optimism, and the ability to really shine in your life with everything you do or accomplish.

You are the guy that says, “my future is so bright that I’ve got to wear shades.” I know that’s funny, but I’m actually quite serious as it does seem to fit! 

Leo, you know what you’re doing most of the time and you know you do it perfectly. You’re warm, generous, funny, and the “bright Sun,” or life of the party. 

You’re the type of person that can teach others that need it. You find that many folks come to ask you for advice or training so they can be as good as you. 

As a Leo, you know when focus is important. You may even be an entrepreneur or boss of a company. You’re really good at almost anything you do.

Anything that allows you to be out in nature and in the Sun makes you really happy. All you need is someone who sees and appreciates your worth. You love attention and affection deeply. 

6. Virgo – Ruled by Mercury

You’re an intellectual problem solver and organizer type of person. When people hire someone to organize their messes, Virgo is the expert! 

It’s of no shock that your ruling planet is Mercury. Your brain is constantly “on.” Some of you probably have insomnia. You cannot seem to shut your thoughts off.

You think and overthink things. You process information like you’re a detective. You’re a lie detector as well. Virgo has the art of reading people’s body language. 

Virgo says what they think and with great truth. They don’t like lies and they’ll be on their guard at all times. They’re also very picky because they can read people like a book.

Mercury allows you to pick everything apart and find the core of it. You probably would make a fantastic lawyer or judge, for that matter. 

You are the one that likes to work hard and smart both. Virgo is born with the ability to be a critic about anything and everything or everyone. Productivity isn’t a problem for you either. 

7. Libra – Ruled by Venus

You’re a warm, intelligent, charming, and fun person to be around. Truly, Venus being your ruling planet is quite fitting for you. You feel things very deeply.

You don’t let people know that you’re sensitive. You are generous, but you try to keep it under wraps as much as you can. You know you can easily be taken advantage of. 

Venus guides you with love and helps your scales of justice to balance in your life. You’re motivated by the finer things in life. You prefer to seek out a commitment. 

You’re more fulfilled in a relationship than out of one. You create harmony when things aren’t balanced in your love relationships. 

Whether it’s your friends or your family, you try to protect and cherish them. They are your life source. You love them with all of your heart. 

During Libra season, you’re easily making strides with your efforts and goals. You’re able to see both sides of any situation and it makes you useful in helping to find solutions. 

In fact, Libra is an excellent mediator for those that need to communicate properly. You’re a leader and inspire people with their dreams. You help others get on track. 

8. Scorpio – Ruled by Pluto

Scorpio, the charismatic, passion-filled, success-driven individual. Your ruling planet is Pluto. You dig deep an get all the information you can on a situation or person.

No one really knows what you’re up to because you keep it all a secret. You may find yourself drawn to dark things such as horror movies, kinkier sex, and humor, even. 

Pluto makes you alive in yourself and is why people cannot seem to understand you nor can they really label you. You’re into absolutely anything underground.

This means that anything that isn’t known to most people will interest you. You’d make an excellent private investigator. You’re also likely to be intuitive or perhaps even psychic.

Scorpio is able to commune with the “other side” as well as inside of themselves. Your intuition is spot-on and you’ve learned it’s best to listen to it. 

It would not be that far-fetched for you to be a practicing psychic. Ghosts or the Paranormal probably is one of your interests. Have you already joined a group of investigators?

Many paranormal investigators are Scorpios. Pluto increases the desire to learn more about the dead and all that it entails. You’re not afraid to delve into the darkness.

9. Sagittarius – Ruled by Jupiter

You’re the outgoing, adventurous, and live life in the present person. Your ruling planet is Jupiter! Jupiter is the planet of luck, fortune, and exploration. See the connection?

Jupiter is actually what gives you really good luck. Haven’t you noticed when you need money, you seem to get what you need just in time? You’re a master manifestor. 

Sagittarius, you’re someone that loves to be on the go whether it’s for work or for pleasure. In fact, you may even want to do jobs that allow you to travel. 

You crave excitement and live life as though today is the last day. Jupiter facilitates your travelling desires or needs. 

Don’t be shocked that you also cannot seem to settle down in one location. You like to move as much as you can and see new sights. 

Jupiter also makes people drawn to you because they think you have the advice that they need to create success for themselves. You may actually find being an adviser satisfying for you.

You love helping others and assisting them in accomplishing their goals. Humanitarian traits are in you as well. Helping animals, people, and the planet make you feel fulfilled. You know it’s your purpose.

Due to this, Jupiter takes care of anything you need in order to help out where you can. You’ll see it if you haven’t already. Luck is always on your side! 

10. Capricorn – Ruled by Saturn

You’re the responsible, hardworking, and solid sign. Your ruling planet is Saturn. You are an incredibly deep thinker. This can sometimes make you seem cold.

Saturn is the planet who makes you look deeper into anything. You aren’t satisfied jumping into anything. You have to know all about it – this includes relationships.

Capricorn with Saturn ruler is a slow mover. Your motives are true and pure. You have some set morals you like to follow even though no one knows what they are.

You set your own standards and are upset when others do not follow or meet them. It can also make you question yourself sometimes. If something doesn’t work, you blame yourself.

One thing you do tend to learn, Capricorn, is that you have to work hard to not do what you did before that led to failure. You do tend to make this a life rule for you.

You’re a strong person that often gets misunderstood. One has to peel back your layers to truly know you. It’s confusing for many potential partners. 

What I will say is that because of your hard work ability and your morals, people tend to want you on their side. You’re a fighter for justice and humankind. 

11. Aquarius – Ruled by Uranus

You’re the strong, smart, outside of the box thinker. You’re highly creative and a leader. You’re also unpredictable, which can frustrate people. 

Your ruling planet happens to be Uranus. This totally explains why people cannot foresee what you’ll do next. You do things that shock them or make them angry.

Uranus can either bring really good things or not so good things. It comes out of left field. News is not at all what you plan. You can see why this planet is your ruling sign, right?

Sometimes you seem callous to other people. The thing is, they don’t understand how your brain is always trying to come up with better ways to do things or trying to dive into new things. 

Your brain is very busy much of the time, and you are one of the signs in the Zodiac that may find it hard to get much sleep. What people don’t know is that you’re also amazing at fixing disaster-types of situations.

Aquarius knows just the right thing to say and is rather diplomatic. When someone asks you a question, you tell them the truth whether they like it or not. 

You’re not someone who can easily lie, because it doesn’t agree with your values as a person. Random travel or adventures come up and you gladly jump aboard. 

12. Pisces – Ruled by Neptune

Ah yes, the dreamer, creative, and artistic sign of the Zodiac. You’re the only one that has Neptune as a ruler. Your ruling planet makes you the dreamiest person out there.

You recognize what you want in life and you work at manifesting it. You may not actually work toward it physically, but you’re very much tied to the energies of the earth.

Once you realize that you’re VERY intuitive, you can figure out how to make people come around to your way of thinking or planning. You may be an artist, musician, or involved in writing.

Many Pisces novelists have done quite well as their ability to form stories and elaborate on characters draw in readers. 

Sometimes you may have a hard time deciphering between reality and fantasy. It’s very important to listen to your inner voice to know the right answer.

It’s also likely that Pisces can come up with creative solutions or ideas that help them become very wealthy. You are very emotional and are in touch with this. 

You may struggle on occasion because of your sensitivity so it’s important to work on grounding yourself and perhaps meditating. Direct your emotion toward positive results.

Zodiac Sign & Planet Rulership Matters

Now that you have the low down on how your ruling planet ties in with your Zodiac sign, you now realize there is much more to your sign than you could ever imagine.

Other things you should always know are your Moon, Rising Sign, Mars, and Venus placements. These are major players. 

Luckily for you, you have an Astrologer on your side. The more you learn, the more you actually grow with your life and with your own spirituality! It’s time to really get to know yourself.

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    1. Hi Davie,

      It is best placement for the Moon. The Moon feels at home in Cancer. You are a very emotional and intuitive woman. You can easily sense how others are feeling but your feelings and moods can affect others as well. When you are sad, others are sad as well. When you are happy, others are happy. Leo Sun makes you proud and courageous, but combined with your Cancer Moon, it also makes you an emphatic person.

  1. Hello Anna
    I have purchased several of your products over time. My current situation is I am a single 62 year young female. I had a very interesting Aquarius in my life several months ago that kinda went off the rails but I was quite infatuated. Since I have been interested in a Leo with the exact same birthdate as my ex of 30 plus years, all but the year but that was only 1 year different!! Now that Aquarian has come back into my life through text and making themself quite interested once again! I am so confused!! The Leo keeps giving me a cold shoulder after sucking me in and now the Aquarian is texting again What to do???? Both very strong men, Both highly attractive, Both very interesting! So confused!! So could use a word of encouragement! I have purchased both Leo and Aquarius men info from you, still confused!!

    1. Dear Lisa,
      Thank you for explaining your situation. You should consider the one who gives you his affection and attention freely. If you feel you need to fight for their love and affection, they are not worth it! Save space for people who matter.
      Leo likes to lead through his communication style and can be dominating or bossy at times but also can be creative. He requires some degree of flattery so you need to make him feel like he’s in the spotlight. Aquarius man likes space and intellectual conversations, so I would always choose Aquarius over Leo, but it all depends what their Moon signs are.
      Best of luck to you!

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