Weekly Tarot Reading for July 8th – 14th, 2024

Welcome to the Bastille Day-themed Tarot reading for the week of July 8th – 14th, where we blend France’s rich history with the Tarot’s mystical insights.

On this special day, we celebrate the storming of the Bastille and the spirit of revolution, freedom, and transformation. Just as the people of France once sought liberation and a new path, our Tarot readings aim to guide you through your own personal revolutions and awakenings.

Imagine the energy of the French Revolution, with its fervor for change and the breaking of old chains. This same energy can be harnessed in your Tarot reading today, helping you to identify areas in your life where you need to break free, innovate, and embrace new possibilities. Our readings will invoke the essence of Parisian charm, the wisdom of French philosophers, and the elegance of French art, all to inspire and illuminate your journey.

Whether you are seeking clarity in love, career, or personal growth, let the spirit of Bastille Day empower your reading. Together, we will explore the cards, unlock the mysteries of your past, present, and future, and set the stage for your own revolutionary transformation. Vive la révolution intérieure!

Here’s Your Weekly Tarot Reading for July 8th – 14th:

Aries: Page of Cups

The Page of Cups in Tarot is often associated with fun, playfulness, and youthful energy. There’s some emotional sensitivity, and the emergence of love is a little like the first buds of May.

New love is quite innocent and pure, and it’s ok to be a little naive in love. This card signifies the start of a new emotional connection or the rekindling of childlike love within an existing relationship.

It brings with it a sense of potential, curiosity, and the willingness to explore the depths of one’s emotions alongside a cherished partner. It’s an idealistic time in love when you want to believe the very best and put off any concerns for another time as you don’t want to burst the bubble.

Be open-hearted, and compassionate, and express a genuine desire to understand your partner. This encourages you to be vulnerable, to wear your heart on your sleeve, and to approach love with a childlike enjoyment and purity of intention.

In marriage, it’s important to be nurturing and express yourself through small acts of kindness and heartfelt gestures. Cultivate the emotional connection and be gentle with your words. Improve intimacy through loving gazes, and understanding touches or consoling back rubs and massages.

Taurus: Three of Wands

The Three of Wands is an indication that you are about to start something new, you feel a little bit daunted, and you need to muster all of your energy.

The keywords for this week are preparation, foresight, and expanding, it’s very important to remember that small steps are always the first part of any journey.

Thus whether you are embarking on a single life after a long relationship, looking for a new career, or getting ready to start the dating game again, remember opportunities are like buses: there’s always another one coming. Therefore there’s no need to delay, start experiencing new things at once, and a whole new adventure awaits you.

As far as dating is concerned, there are far more opportunities than challenges, and you have a whole new adventure ahead of you, with a lot of potential. When it comes to your relationship with your partner, the message right now is that the best days are not behind you, there are better days ahead and it’s time to burn your bridges with the past and move on.

Gemini: Nine of Pentacles (Reversed)

This card suggests that there may be some challenges or aspects of imbalance in your love life or current relationship. There’s a need for reflection and introspection to understand and solve the underlying issues that may be hindering the growth and fulfilment of your romantic connections.

If you’re in an established relationship, the Reversed Nine of Pentacles suggests that there might be a cloud hanging over you guys, a sense of dissatisfaction or imbalance pervades the partnership. It’s possible that either you or your partner may be overly focused on individual pursuits or material concerns, neglecting the emotional understanding between you.

Re-evaluate your priorities and find ways to restore harmony and balance in your relationship. Communication and a real desire to listen are key during this time, as you need to understand each other’s needs and concerns to work together towards a more fulfilling partnership.

If you are single, you may be feeling a lack of real satisfaction or independence in your romantic life. It’s possible that you have been seeking external validation or relying on others for happiness, instead of cultivating a strong sense of self-love and self-sufficiency.

Right now focus on personal growth and seeking fulfillment within yourself before actively looking to date. Take this time to engage in self-care, explore your passions, and build your confidence. By developing a solid foundation of self-worth, you will attract a healthier and more fulfilling relationship in the future.

Cancer: Queen of Cups

This card indicates that your nurturing qualities and wise advice are needed by those closest to you. However, the key right now is to stay grounded and logical. While you should help others, you should not be drawn into their drama, and therefore your own boundaries are very important.

It’s very important right now to be a good listener, try not to over-communicate, and keep your advice or input simple. Relationships are strengthened simply because you are always the one who can keep calm and remain pragmatic no matter the circumstances.

In terms of long-term or emerging relationships, this brings a period of emotional stability and calm. However, you still have to be totally honest with yourself about your true feelings. Sometimes it’s easy to be caught up in the relationship without understanding if your needs are being met.

So while it’s important to be nurturing, it’s also important in both existing and emerging relationships to keep an eye on the level of give and take and make sure that there is fairness.

Leo: Two of Pentacles

This is a wonderful card for Leo because it plays to your strengths, and that means achieving wisdom and being adaptable and philosophical in love. However, it also brings another key element to the fore, which is knowing how to prioritize.

So the key to success in your relationships and in balancing work and home life is cutting out the nonsense and honing in on the key issues to make sure that you resolve these first.

It’s very important, when having discussions with your partner, not to get sidetracked into tangential issues. Make sure that you focus your concentration on the core points so that you can be productive when you have conversations because this can help strengthen the relationship and generate a lot more respect for yourself.

In new relationships, this is definitely the time to avoid any gossip or any inclination to share things with a new partner that are not particularly relevant. When dating, it’s really important to be honest and get right to the point, so don’t mess around. This is a time to let a new partner know exactly what you want from life, where you are going, and what you expect from a relationship.

Virgo: Ace of Pentacles

Now, this is a marvelous card for financial prosperity, and it may be that a job offer or more opportunities to make money are in the offering. It could also be that you are about to receive a bonus as a result of reaching a target. But it’s not all about money; it’s also about things that are earthy and natural.

So, this is an awesome week for you to be going hiking, outdoor swimming, and enjoying nature, particularly with your partner. In fact, if you’re looking for love, it’s ideal to find someone who has the same zest for the outdoors and adventurous spirit as you do.

Even if you’ve been feeling a little bit low energy and lackluster, the Ace of Pentacles represents a time when you are having a refreshed burst of energy and a revitalized interest in things, which means more interest in sex, relationship communication, and problem-solving.

So, a great time to just get right back into your stride in relationships and make sure that the rest of the year things really shape up.

Libra: The Lovers

Encountering The Lovers card in a reading signifies the importance of open communication, honesty, and the cultivation of harmonious relationships grounded in respect, love, and trust. On an individual level, this card prompts a deep exploration of personal principles and convictions, guiding one toward a clearer understanding of their identity and values.

The Lovers card is ultimately about making choices—decisions that shape who we are, how we relate to others, and what we stand for in life. To make sound decisions, one must first connect with their inner values and beliefs, discerning what truly matters amidst life’s myriad distractions.

In love and relationship readings, the Lovers tarot card is a beacon of encouragement, symbolizing the merging of individual energies into a unified force. Despite seeming to pull in opposite directions, partners can come together in harmony, forging a path guided by love.

This card embodies the profound bond between soul mates, reflecting deep compassion, intense passion, and an unparalleled level of understanding. For singles, The Lovers heralds the arrival of pure, transformative love, transcending mere attraction to encompass a profound soul connection.

For those already in relationships, the Lovers foretells a period of renewed romance and strengthened bonds. Couples will experience a deepening of their connection on spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical levels, fostering growth and mutual fulfillment.

While achieving such pure love may require sacrifice and commitment, the rewards are boundless—a love that transcends boundaries and enriches every aspect of life’s journey.

Scorpio: Four Pentacles

This week substance is the key, it’s very important for Scorpio to think about your current romances or the way you’re going about dating and understand if either your current partner or the recent people you’ve been attracting have any substance.

If the answer is NO, and you are attracting people who are flirtatious but flippant, superficial, and insincere, it’s time for a change in strategy so that you are more likely to meet people who are genuine, grounded, and have a positive emotional engagement with you.

This is definitely a time to move away from relationships where you feel insecure and undervalued, often there’s a temptation to be more controlling or more possessive, hoping that the person will change when what you need to do is to change yourself, to move away and to realize that leopards don’t change their spots and sometimes it’s better to move on.

In terms of Scorpio who are married, this is a great week to make investments, think about buying property, assets, or organize your pension. It’s a time when coming together over financial decisions gives you a lot of confidence in the relationship and helps you to save for important goals and landmarks that you have made together.

Sagittarius: Hierophant

Now, this particular card suggests that you should take a pragmatic, step-by-step approach. It’s a time to stay within the bounds of what is conventional, so definitely be a little bit conservative and err on the side of caution whether it comes to love life or your career.

It’s important not to count your chickens before they hatch. Now, often, right now, the perfect person for you in terms of love is someone very sensible, with their feet on the ground, who can be a good anchor. This is not a great time for rushing into a love affair headlong and throwing caution to the wind.

In terms of marriage, it’s vital for you and your partner to take a systematic approach to working through any problems. Maybe not the best time for kinda heading out on a hectic date night and painting the town red. Better time to stay home and have a good old heart-to-heart conversation.

Confront what has recently been swept under the carpet or be more honest about nagging issues you are struggling to erase. Key to this week is honest communication, forgiveness, and a willingness to let go of the issue after you have some clarity.

Remember in love to have faith in the future of your relationship, we all live and learn.

Capricorn: Seven of Wands

The Seven of Wands symbolizes the ongoing battle to maintain success and defend your position against challengers aiming to usurp your achievements. It serves as a caution that hidden adversaries may be scheming to undermine your standing, requiring vigilance and readiness.

Expect tests of your abilities and the validity of your endeavors, likely originating from external sources. However, by remaining steadfast in your convictions and committed to your work, you can overcome any obstacles that arise.

This card advises holding firm to your beliefs and capabilities, even in the face of adversity. You may encounter resistance and setbacks, but perseverance is key to preserving your position and reputation.

Confront challenges head-on and refuse to yield ground easily. In matters of love and relationships, the upright Seven of Wands calls for establishing boundaries and defending your partnership against external threats or interference.

Your relationship may face opposition from various sources, such as disapproving family members, societal norms, or rival suitors attempting to sow discord. Despite these challenges, trust in the strength of your bond and your ability to overcome obstacles together.

Your faith in the love and trust you’ve built forms the foundation for weathering any storm that threatens your relationship. Stay resolute in your convictions and plans, and you will emerge victorious from these trials.

Aquarius: The Fool

The Fool is an exciting card. Despite what it sounds like, The Fool indicates undertaking a new journey, and in all new journeys, we are somewhat foolish because we don’t have experience. However, the important thing is trying new things and not being scared to make a mistake.

This is about understanding the limitless potential of life and facing new journeys with a certain innocence and expectation. It’s very important not to be cynical or jaded right now.

The extent to which you can open your eyes to new possibilities is so important in life and love. This indicates exciting times ahead, but you must use your brain and head in the right direction without taking unnecessary risks.

In love, this represents that your relationship should contain a certain degree of spontaneous energy. So you and your partner should be trying new things and new ventures, invigorating your relationship with new ideas. Even if you are committed and loyal to each other, that doesn’t mean the relationship shouldn’t be flexible; it mustn’t become brittle. 

This is an awesome time for new love. The Fool indicates that someone rather dynamic and dashing is about to come into your life and shake things up, so don’t be rigid.

Pisces: The Devil

The Devil tarot card indicates that impulse control is really hard for you right now. It also indicates your passions often get the better of you, thus this week Pisces has to be careful of not being driven to extremes.

It’s important to find creative ways of releasing any negative energy or any pent-up frustration because if you don’t acknowledge your true feelings and the true negativity that you may feel (which is often very understandable) this can end up disrupting relationships.

So what’s important for you right now, is to think of anything that’s frustrating or angering you, and work on ways to get this into perspective before you actually tackle it by initiating a conversation with a partner.

The devil also indicates our shadow side, and it can be connected to negative thinking. So you have to be honest with yourself about how you may be imprisoned by negative thoughts that are actually causing you to lose control of your destiny.

Try not to give into your fears, addictions, or impulses, as these are energy sapping. Try to focus on the reality of any situation, and then work on developing more positive attitudes about how to move forward.

The Devil card means you need to acknowledge where parts of your own personality are actually standing in your way.

Wrapping Up…

Thank you, my dears; I wish you all a wonderful week ahead.

Remember to consult my friend, who is an excellent love and relationship tarot reader, to gain clarity and insights into your partner’s emotions.

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May the Tarot cards continue to spark your imagination, offering unwavering guidance and empowerment as you navigate your unique passage through the ever-shifting energies of life.

Until our paths intertwine once more, may your journey be illuminated by the radiance of wisdom and the warmth of love.

In the spirit of the season,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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