Weekly Tarotscopes For July 25th – 31st

Hello, my exquisite beauties! I hope this week finds you in good spirits since last week was pretty rough, albeit cleansing. For some signs, it was really beneficial.

All the purging and forced change, thanks to Pluto, should now help us take a better path. Some weeks are just learning curves.

Indeed, it’s yet another week for cleansing and healing.

Yes, I know it’s summertime and you want to have fun. We all do! Let me break this down for you a bit because I know you’re dying to know what this means for you this week.

Venus square Jupiter is the first which helps you to make healthy changes in your relationships. There is growth that definitely makes you want to take someone more seriously.

Mercury square Mars helps you take steps physically to accomplish what you put your mind to. Don’t let your thoughts allow you to react too quickly though. Really think things through before you take a step.

Finally, we’ve also got Venus square Chiron. The Chiron is an asteroid everyone is born with and will depend on which sign it is in when you were born.

We have to work throughout our lives to heal our Chiron. With Venus square to it, it helps you to stand up for yourself and make sure things are what they should be.

Adjustments may need to be made in relationships or even in money. Speak up but make sure you’re compromising to make your love last.

It’s time to take a peek at what the Tarot have in store for you this week based on your sign!


Weekly Tarotscope For Aries: Three of Wands

Planning is going to be the main focus of your week. You’re going to feel as though it’s time to think things through and figure out what your next course of action should be.

Do you want to make your relationship deeper? Do you want to ask someone on a date? Maybe you want to ask someone you love to commit. Whatever it is; you’re going to be ready.

You will be mulling things over and weighing the pros and cons. I get that patience is unusual for you but hey, sometimes you have to really put your mind to work.

You’re amazing when it comes to doing things physically but now it’s all about your brain power. Read some books, get some advice, or meditate. It doesn’t matter which route you go, gravitate toward the resource that best speaks to you.

Learn new things and make sure that your plans are something that you actually will be able to execute flawlessly. You’re good at that, Aries!


Weekly Tarotscope For Taurus: Reversed Devil Card

It’s nice to see that this card is in reverse. It means that you’re letting go of things that bind you. You may be changing your bad eating habits, thinking habits, or some other toxic factor in your life.

Perhaps it’s time to look at love in a different way or get a new job that will give you what you want in the long run. You’re trying to achieve your best and you’re going to do just that.

The planets are definitely conducive for you to get some pretty good direction in your life. Try eating differently and take up new exercise that excites you.

There are certainly plenty of options for you to make new and healthy routines. Yes, I know you love routine. This will be good for you to establish healing and well-being.

I’m so proud of you, Taurus! You’re doing great!


Weekly Tarotscope For Gemini: Six of Swords

Yes! You are making progress this week and moving away from all that has been soul-sucking. You’re now leaving behind the muck and heading toward a much more peaceful state.

This could mean you’re literally moving to a new location or that you’re embarking on a special journey that will lift you up. Either way, it’s fantastic news!

Old relationships can now be left behind so you can start anew. You’re kind of experiencing a “rebirth” in a way. It’s cathartic to make a fresh beginning.

If you’re not changing residence, then perhaps you are considering moving out of state or even out of the country. It makes you feel revitalized and filled with hope. Turbulence is left behind.

I tell you what, Gemini… I am very pleased for you because you deserve it!


Weekly Tarotscope For Cancer: Seven of Cups

Doors are opening up, and opportunities are in abundance. Do you know which you will choose? The options are all so appealing but not all will lead you in the right direction.

Try weighing your decisions and see which seems to be the best fit for you. The pros and cons are good to do every time you’ve hit a snag or need to pick the most fruitful path.

Okay, you do seem to have a lot of “head in the clouds” moments this week. Try to motivate yourself to do things that distract you because you need to stay grounded.

Fantasies are great but there is a time and a place. You have to grab onto something still, otherwise, you will fall on your face. Don’t get caught up in daydreaming too much.

This could lead you to delusions. Stick to logic and please use your intuition when it comes to love or money. Focus, Cancer!


Weekly Tarotscope For Leo: Page of Wands

Are you feeling lucky? You should be! You’re gung-ho to try just about anything. While risks can be fulfilling, please be sure you’re looking before you leap.

Not all offers are what they seem. You have common sense so use it! It does feel good to say “yes” to the new. If that’s the case, then say yes to things that make sense.

Your intuition can greatly help you to avoid mistakes although sometimes you learn something valuable from the mistakes, so really… It’s not a bad thing to mess up here and there.

Single Leo, you’re ready to go on some dates and keep looking for someone who is just as fun and spunky as you are. I know you’re looking for a gorgeous partner who will be at your side.

As far as those of you who are already in relationships, you may be ready to spice things up in the bedroom with your partner. Won’t that be a surprise for him!

Have fun, above all, this week, Leo!


Weekly Tarotscope For Virgo: Judgment

Virgo, what can I tell you? You’re an expert at judgment and this week, you’re going to have to figure it out. What is your best course of action for the situation at hand?

You’re in a position of having to make a choice that is important. Maybe you need to know if you should stick with your relationship or find a new path for yourself.

If you’re single, then you may actually be trying to figure out who you’d like to get closer to, or if you want to just stay single. I know some of you Virgos prefer being alone to dealing with someone else.

Be that as it may, you’re going to make some tough choices this week. There is also a possibility that there will be a decision made on your behalf. Legal matters will come to a conclusion.

Financial answers are finally being put in your hands. What will you do next? That’s what you’ll need to focus on. It’s not a bad week, Virgo, but it does require your intelligence and intuition!


Weekly Tarotscope For Libra: Nine of Swords

All the things you’re worrying about are not nearly as bad as what you think they are. You’re letting your mind get away with you which is causing stress. You need to stop doing that.

Try to put focus on the things that go right in your life. Focus on the goodness in your love life and the good in your career. There have got to be some blessings you can think about.

You’ve got to redirect your thought process because the only thing causing you stress or even depression is you. Get better control. When you start to think about the negatives, try to change your train of thought at that moment.

Think of all the good things in your life and know that when you do this, you’re helping manifest more awesome love into your life or more money.

Perk up, Libra! It’s all in your head. There isn’t actually anything hovering waiting to take you down. Get happy, my brainy friends!


Weekly Tarotscope For Scorpio: Nine of Wands

You’ve been through the wringer and now this week you’re going to look back at what got you to where you are now. You’re victorious, so give yourself some credit!

You overcame obstacles that you didn’t think that you would. Now you’re like a mighty tree that cannot be blown over by the strongest hurricane. You should be very proud of yourself.

If you’re feeling overworked or exhausted by relationships, then it could be a good time to keep pushing ahead. I know that doesn’t sound right but it’s exactly what has to happen.

You’re on the verge of giving up but don’t you do it! If you do, then you won’t get what’s right around the corner. There is something ahead that is worth all the effort.

It could be a new love who is exactly what you wished for. It may be an excellent job with much better pay or a bonus. Something amazing is around the bend, so hang in there, Scorpio!


Weekly Tarotscope For Sagittarius: Reversed Five of Wands

Things are relatively calm for you this week. Upset has settled down, arguments aren’t stressing you out, and you pretty much feel relieved about it.

Everything is going smoothly and you’re in a fantastically calm mind. How about that! Competition is dying off in love and in business which leaves you free to do as you will.

Love with all your heart and do what you love to do to make money. Make your hobby into a career. Why not have fun while earning income?

Any tension that may have been happening in a relationship, friendship, or business partnership should be really serene this week. You’re going to feel awesome this week, my adventurous friend.

It’s like you’re looking at a lake going from crazy splashing waves to a flowing current that’s moving as it should with such beauty. That’s your life!

Whatever you do, do it with grace and humility. You’re going to have a pretty nice week, so enjoy it, Sagittarius!


Weekly Tarotscope For Capricorn: Reversed Ten of Cups

You may be feeling a bit displaced this week, dear Capricorn. Something is not working well and it makes it seem as though you’re just not on track. There may be a dysfunctional relationship with a lover or with family.

Arguing may be a thorn in your beautiful side. As tough as you are, you still feel deeply. Try not to let it penetrate your skin though. You’re going to have to shield yourself a bit.

It’s time for some deep healing but to do that you have to dig into the core of the problems so that you can find a way to work it out or let it go.

You may be tired of a chaotic relationship with someone you love. You could also have some serious issues with your workplace that stresses you out. Incompetence ticks you off.

Even if things do not go as you expected them to, does not mean it wasn’t meant to happen. Think about the silver lining and keep yourself grounded.

Try to get back to focusing on healing and doing things that make you feel more relaxed. I know that’s hard for you, Capricorn, but trust me when I tell you that it will allow for healing.


Weekly Tarotscope For Aquarius: Reversed Six of Cups

Is something or someone making you feel as though you cannot get away from your past? What are you focusing on so hard that is already done and gone? It’s not healthy for you, Aquarius.

Looking at the past or remembering something is normal, but if you’re obsessing or cannot let go, then there is a huge problem.

You need to cut the ties that are binding you to a direction you’re not going in anymore. Are you sad thinking about someone you want to get back together with?

Unless they’ve given you signs of doing so, then you need to let them go – otherwise, you’re never going to meet the right person and be happy.

Are you focused on someone that passed away? Look, it’s good to remember them but you cannot live with them in the past. They want you to move forward because they have.

The job you really liked in the past is also gone. Try to focus on manifesting something you like even more and that pays you well. Let go and take a leap forward, Aquarius!


Weekly Tarotscope For Pisces: Eight of Wands

The pace is picking up! You’re probably busy or about to be. Phone calls are coming in, emails are increasing, and there is a lot going on that needs your attention.

It may be that you spend more time with friends or a lover. It is summer, so naturally, it’s great for vacation or just getting out and doing stuff before winter comes back around.

If you’ve been single, then you’ve got opportunities to meet new potential partners this week. Again, with the movement being swift, you may actually meet someone that sticks.

Success comes with all of this busy time so take it all in stride. Say yes and go with that flow. Something magical is happening for you, my dreamy Pisces friends.

Have fun and enjoy the winds that blow love to you!

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