Perfect First Date Ideas For You And Your Guy Based On His Sign

If you’ve set your sights on a special person of interest, you’ll want to make the best impression possible. My clients often ask me how much the first impression actually affects the way a guy sees us and feels about us… and I can safely say that it does affect it a lot! Of course, you can (sometimes) fix a bad first impression, but we can all agree that it’s much better to make a good first impression than to hope he would give you another chance to try and fix the mistakes from a bad first date.

I like to tell my clients that you only get one first date, so you should make the most of it. You should try to choose the best date for your guy based on his sign. A Gemini man’s ideal date is nothing like the date a Capricorn man would choose. Luckily, I’ve prepared a list of the perfect dates for your love interest based on his sign… Take notes!

Active Aries

Aries guys are active, bold, and courageous. They are determined and love to be challenged. The best dates for Aries involve doing some kind of fun activity together. They love dates that involve physical movement as well.

Go hiking, kayaking, or even rock climbing with an Aries guy and he’ll enjoy the chance to show off his courage. Aries men also enjoy flexing their muscles on a date, and activities like this give them a chance to show you how strong he is.

An Aries man may also enjoy a date involving Ax Throwing or other activities that let him do something dangerous and edgy. He’s into traditional masculinity, so dates that are culturally aligned with showing off masculine interests appeal to him.

Hedonistic Taurus

Taurus men are classic romantics. They want to indulge in their favorite luxuries and pleasures. Taurus can be a sign of hedonism. They like to go to the finest restaurants and will be turned off if you choose anything below five stars.

Taurus men also pride themselves on being cultured. They want to go on dates to concerts and plays. They seek comfort and want to be pampered. The best dates for Taurus are upscale venues.

He also enjoys being an elitist. Show your Taurus love that you understand his unique tastes by inviting him to classy venues or shows. The Opera, plays, art gallery openings, and literary events also appeal to men born under this sign.

Taurus men love gourmet meals and they want to shower you with generosity by treating you to expensive drinks and sweet desserts. Men born under this sign also love to go out dancing. They enjoy a festive, party atmosphere when they’re on a date. 

Intellectual Gemini

Gemini men are charismatic, social, and love to be intellectually stimulated. He’s also playful and has a childish side. Gemini guys love pop culture, movies, literature, and the arts. If you want to impress a Gemini man with the perfect date, take him out for trivia night at his favorite tavern.

Gemini men are energetic. They count on multiple events in one evening. After a game of trivia, plan on dinner, then drinks, and maybe even a late-night movie. Gemini men become bored easily so the more stimulation the better.

Gemini men need a change of scenery. It’s better to plan several brief events on a date night rather than expecting him to sit through a lengthy event like a concert. The exception is if his favorite band is in town.

Gemini men look forward to a date that fills their minds or teaches them something as well. Signing up for a class together or attending a literary or educational event appeals to him.

Romantic Cancer

Cancer men are homebodies. If it’s too soon in the relationship to have a date at his home, consider treating him to a location with a cozy, homey feel to it. Coffee houses with art, music and freshly brewed tea can appeal to him.

He also loves comfortable cafes and bistros. Restaurants that are family owned and operated also appeal to his traditional sensibilities. Cancer men love to be comfortable and may feel awkward in formal settings.

A man born under this sign will also enjoy a date night involving a cooking class or dancing lessons, an opportunity to learn that also helps him feel connected to you. Historic events or celebrations appeal to this sign as well.

Cancer men are romantic. Don’t be surprised if he suggests going to a romantic movie that is marketed as a “chick flick.” He’s drawn to sappy, sentimental films.

Exciting Leo

Men born under the sign of the Lion crave drama and excitement on a date. They want to go to festivals, parties, and galas. They aren’t shy about attending formal events. Leo men are also likely to enjoy dates that feature high-end venues and restaurants.

Men born under this sign enjoy the arts, music, and performances. They also have a motto of sparing no expense. Leo men love to be in a crowd where their stories can impress people. Don’t be surprised if he wants to invite friends along on a date. In fact, Leo men are known to make friends while out on a date, they can’t help chatting to everyone around them.

They also have an adventurous side and may enjoy dates that involve some kind of physical activity. If nothing else, men born under this sign love to go out dancing and listening to good music.

Practical Virgo

Virgo men are intellectual and down-to-earth. They have practical sensibilities and would rather enjoy a quiet, lowkey date than go out to a party. Men born under this sign are modest and may seem awkward at first.

His favorite date is to a restaurant that specializes in healthy organic food. Virgo men also enjoy dates that involve exercise or healthy lifestyles. He’s brainy and loves to show off his intelligence. A date involving his favorite author, taking a class or learning a skill or trade also appeals to a Virgo man.

Virgo men are tidy and controlled. They don’t want a date that is wild and unpredictable. They prefer a quiet, classy, romantic setting to a bawdy and exciting night out.

Artistic Libra

Libra men prefer dates that appeal to their creative, artistic sensibilities. Men born under this sign have an eye for beauty. They enjoy dates to museums and art galleries. Paint and Sip events or other dates that allow Libra to participate in a creative and artistic process also appeal to men born under this sign.

Libras are romantic and can be sentimental. A date that emulates his favorite movie can melt a Libra man’s heart. He notices special details you put into planning a date, including little things you do to create the right vibe.

Libra men enjoy a balance between social settings and more quiet, intimate locations. They easily combine the best of both worlds. They love to go out dancing or hold your hand through a romantic movie.

Mysterious Scorpio

Scorpio men are dark, mysterious, and edgy. They aren’t afraid to live on the edge. Their favorite dates involve their favorite vices and obsessions. Going out to enjoy dinner and a live band and dancing the night away appeals to Scorpio.

Men born under this sign also enjoy dates that dabble in the occult. Attending an annual Witches’ Ball together is a great way to appeal to his interests in the supernatural. Other similar conventions and trade shows related to the macabre or unusual appeal to men born under this sign.

He’s a detective at heart, so going on a date to a mystery theater performance is exciting for him. Scorpio men also love enjoying a psychic fair before heading to a favorite restaurant for dinner and drinks.

Social Sagittarius

Sagittarius men are freethinking and independent. They don’t like intimate dates. Instead, men born under this sign prefer to travel, learn, and socialize while they’re on a date.

Attending a philosophical or intellectual talk appeals to them. So does a wild party. They enjoy cultural events, the arts, theater, and restaurants featuring worldwide cuisine.

Sagittarius is a sign that also loves to have some breathing room even while on a date. They enjoy life’s pleasures and will spare no expense to have a good time. You can count on a Sagittarius man to treat date night like a sensual buffet. He’ll want to dabble in everything pleasurable and fun from good food to entertainment before the night is over.

Sagittarius men also love to go on dates that involve enjoying the traditions of different cultures. A workshop or immersive experience exploring ritual, language, history, or cultural experiences is perfect for this sign.

Traditional Capricorn

When it comes to planning an ideal date, Capricorn man is harder to please. He’s humble and doesn’t ask for much, so you may not understand what he truly wants on a date.

The best way to understand a Capricorn man’s ideal date is to go back in time a few decades. Men born under this sign are traditional. Their old-fashioned nature can make them seem stodgy or boring to some, but it’s not wise to underestimate their romantic potential.

Capricorn men enjoy classy restaurants in historic locations. They also love educational tours that teach them about important milestones that happened in a certain location. Capricorn loves concerts, museums, and educational date venues.

Men born under this sign are cautious and frugal. Though he enjoys some luxuries, he’ll frown upon wasting money. You can impress him by using coupons to pay for a date or finding a great deal on a high-value meal or date night experience.

Rebellious Aquarius

Aquarius men are unpredictable, and that’s how they want their dates to be as well. Men born under this sign are rebellious, creative, intellectual, and social. They enjoy festivals and large social gatherings. They are also interested in learning new things, especially when it comes to unconventional subjects.

Aquarius men love to be surprised. Planning a surprise party or taking him on a date, blindfolded, so he won’t know where he’s going will excite him. Movies that deal with broad social issues can be great for date night entertainment.

He also enjoys events related to some kind of humanitarian cause. Aquarius men are socially conscientious. Taking him on a date to a fundraiser or event that uplifts an important message will make him happy.

He also enjoys dates that are strange and eccentric. A dance party with costumes and body paint, steampunk, or other anachronistic themed events and events that allow him to explore the edges of his imagination and push boundaries are his favorites.

From Renaissance Fairs to UFO conventions, Aquarius loves to be immersed in unusual scenes. He also enjoys learning as part of the entertainment. Classes, lectures, and literary events that are unconventional appeal to Aquarius men.

Sensitive Pisces

Pisces men are sensitive, sentimental, and romantic. They love dates that have a spiritual or mystical focus. They also love going places where they can show their affection. Pisces men love slow dancing or cuddling during a movie, for example.

Pisces often defer to what they want to do and may not speak up about their own interests. Over time, they become resentful. But you can please a Pisces man by planning the perfect date for someone born under this sign.

Pisces men love going to see romantic movies. They are also fond of dates involving swimming, boating or being near the water in general. Going to an Aquarium or nature preserve appeals to them.

They are artistic and creative. Men born under this sign also enjoy dates that celebrate imagination and the arts. Interactive dates that encourage audience participation are also fun for him.

Pisces loves to learn about spirituality and healing. A date to a meditation or yoga class, or a workshop related to building your psychic connection and going into trance may be perfect for a man born under this sign.

What To Do Next?

Now that you understand the unique variations from one sign to another, it’s time for you to start planning the perfect date for your love interest based on his zodiac sign. Show him that you really understand him unlike anyone else. Plan an evening out that speaks to his subconscious desires. Feel free to let me know in the comments below how these tips worked for you and your special guy!

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