Nine Of Swords Tarot Card: Your Complete Guide

Have you ever been curious about Tarot cards, how to use them, and what they mean? I’ve got you! I am writing articles about all the cards, so don’t miss them!

This particular article is about the Nine of Swords, because it’s one of the most searched cards on the internet. The card always looks depressing, but there is so much to learn about it. Keep reading to learn all about the Nine of Swords Tarot card!

The Brief History Of The Nine Of Swords Tarot Card

The history of the Nine of Swords Tarot card in the Tarot deck is quite interesting. First thing’s first…

Tarot cards were invented in the 14th century as playing cards. When the spiritual movement in the 18th century came about, Psychic Mediums decided they would use the cards as means of communication with the dead.

They also surmised that they could use the cards to read people’s past, present, and future. So began the mystique behind the nefarious Tarot cards for readings.

In 1901, the most popular and easy to read deck (Rider-Waite) was created. The pictures were easy to figure out and put actual meanings to their symbols. There was a booklet to come with the cards so that anyone could learn how to use them.

That being said, the Nine of Swords depicts someone sitting up in bed as if awakened by a nightmare. This person is holding their head with their hands and there are nine swords hanging on the wall beside them.

The representation would be a person who is riddled with nightmares and having a hard time getting rest or sleep. That’s a very simple way to look at it and is effective when reading someone’s cards.

Let me try to dig in a bit more for you now so that you get the benefit of all the information this card has to offer you if you’re a beginner, or if you’re studying the art of reading Tarot cards.

1. The Basic Definition Of The Nine Of Swords Tarot Card

The Nine Of Swords Tarot Card

I mentioned what the picture looks like and the easiest way to determine what it means is simply literal. There is much more to this card.

Not only is the card about someone who is having nightmares but, this person may be having other troubles that are making it impossible for them to rest.

It may be a physical problem causing insomnia or it could be mental such as overthinking, depression, or anxiety.

It also could be a person who is really stressed out and not sure what to do to solve their problems. Another angle could be that someone is worrying for no reason.

At worst it can represent a person who is a bit paranoid and afraid of everything falling into chaos or ruin. The placement of the card and the cards around it determine if it’s all in their head or if they’re having actual problems.

Some fears perhaps aren’t founded. Fear can be crippling to some. For some, it can cause insomnia or a variety of other physical issues.

This card instructs you to stop allowing negative thoughts or worries to consume you.

2. The Nine Of Swords Tarot Card Definition (Reversed)

The Nine of Swords in reverse means that someone is unstable with their thoughts. They may be paranoid, or they may just be feeling “over the edge” with their lives.

It may be that they’re dwelling on an issue or problem which is making them lose sleep or have nightmares.

There is that chance they are sick and not doing anything about it. They probably should see a doctor, to see if there is anything they can do to calm their minds down.

Sometimes the card in reverse can mean that things are delayed and there is no need to worry so much. Then again when it’s reversed, the person may actually have an illness that needs to be treated.

What you may not know is that there are positives to this card being in the reversed position. It may mean you ARE letting go of that which is stressing you out.

You could be healing from illness or you are working to take back control of your life, which is giving you some relief.

3. Love And The Nine Of Swords Tarot Card (Upright)

Relationship-wise, getting this card may be telling you that problems are going on between you or you’re feeling unhappy with how love is happening for you right now.

It may not necessarily be valid worries though. It may be that you’re worried for nothing or just fearful of losing the relationship.

If you are single, then it may mean that you’re worried that you might not meet the right person or that they won’t like you. It’s a self-esteem type of issue that may appear via the card.

The card could be bringing to your attention that you have not yet healed from the past. You could be carrying baggage that you need to work at letting go, so that you don’t bring it into a new relationship.

There is healing you must accomplish so that your head is clear and you can have a healthy relationship going forward. You attract better lovers when you’re doing well.

The doors of love will open up much easier for you when you’re absolutely healed from whatever past issues caused you pain or unease.

The card is kind of like a “heads up” for single people.

In a relationship, it isn’t too different as far as letting go of baggage. You can make your relationship far more successful if you actually are healed and treat your partner as though they are amazing.

4. Love And The Nine Of Swords Tarot Card (Reversed)

The Nine Of Swords Tarot Card Reversed

When it comes to those who are in a relationship, the Nine of Swords Tarot card means that there are issues that are coming to light. You won’t like it, and you won’t be comfortable.

This news may be something such as dishonesty, or even that someone cheated. Perhaps either of you has some kind of news and is afraid to bring it up in fear of disapproval.

It could be that the Nine of Swords Tarot meaning may be opposite of the upright in terms of your fears actually being valid.

If this isn’t the case with you and your partner, then it simply may mean one of you is dealing with mental or physical issues. It would be like your partner telling you that they have been diagnosed with depression.

Your partner may be afraid and accuse you of cheating or it may be the other way around. You may feel jealous or insecure, thus accusing your partner.

Now if you are single, this card is very different. It could be saying you’re overcoming problems and are now clearing the field for a new relationship.

You are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and it is teaching you that there are amazing things on the way once you get past this phase.

Be careful of recurring negative patterns and feelings because if you aren’t careful, you could sink into the depths of despair. Find healthy outlets to help you move on.

5. Finances, Job, And Career With The Nine Of Swords Tarot Card (Upright)

Seeing this card when you’re asking about your money, job, or career isn’t a pleasant answer… The Nine of Swords Tarot card means that you’re not happy in the job or career that you are currently in.

Maybe you are not happy with the choices you have made, or you’re afraid that you’ve chosen the wrong path.

Perhaps some problems are happening that are out of your control. Such situations would be like if they want to change your position or even worse, they aren’t offering growth.

They don’t want to give you a raise and you feel like the job you’re in is a dead-end situation, which is making you feel depressed, or hopeless that you can never make your dreams come true.

The Nine of Swords Tarot card meaning may ring true in giving you a warning that you should start looking into other options; as what you’re looking at now isn’t working for you.

Then again, it’s possible you’re worrying too much about what they think about a situation that occurred. Fear can cause self-sabotage, so be careful with yourself.

You are not hopeless; you always have options but you have to accept that if the problems are not something you can fix, then it may be time to find something else that brings you joy.

6. Finances, Job, And Career With The Nine Of Swords Tarot Card (Reversed)

The reversed Nine of Swords means that job-wise, you may feel so stressed out by problems or being overworked that you are feeling ill. If you let yourself feel like this for too long, you could have some serious sickness.

The card may be trying to warn you about your health and how you’re in control of it based on how you think or feel. Take care of yourself.

There are two sides to every situation and it’s important that you learn what the other side has going on before you make any rash decisions.

Money-wise, this could be telling you that despite problems you’ve gone through recently, you’re headed in the right direction now.

Also, the card wants you to realize that if you allow problems to get to you too much, you can absolutely ruin your future. Look into all options before you give up and head in the wrong direction.

You have the ability to move forward or move on if that’s what is necessary. Perhaps there is something else that will make you feel confident and able to grow with your career.

Maybe this job or career isn’t what you really want and is why you have negative thoughts about it. It could mean it’s time for a huge change but to do that, you have to let go.

7. The Nine Of Swords Tarot Card As A Person (Upright)

If you get the Nine of Swords representing a person, then it may be more of a warning… They could be mentally unstable, with paranoia, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, or other mental issues.

This person may have experienced abuse in their lives and are very scarred from it, or they have created problems of their own that they don’t take responsibility for.

It will depend on the position of this card and what other cards are surrounding as far as if it’s really bad or if it’s something minor that isn’t a relationship deal-breaker.

Typically, this is the type of person you really want to stay away from. If it’s representing you, however, you may need to see a specialist to find out what is going on.

A positive card around the Nine of Swords Tarot card means that the person in question may have issues but they’re not a bad person at all.

Seeing the card around other negative cards is telling you to stay away from this person as they are really unhealthy for you.

Pay close attention to what you’re looking at. It may not be someone relationship-wise either. It may be a stranger that comes around you that you should stay away from.

Perhaps you’re going somewhere and the card is warning you of someone with false or negative intent.

8. The Nine Of Swords Tarot Card As A Person (Reversed)

The reversed Nine of Swords could be indicating that the person you’re meeting or will be around you is working on trying to sober up, get mentally healthy, or has found medication to help them.

Perhaps they used to be a criminal but now they’re trying to walk the straight and narrow path.

This person has done bad things but is trying to be a better person. Again, it really does depend on the positive or negative energies surrounding this card.

When pulled as a “card of the day,” this card means that you are trying to be a better person or that you need to be.

Try doing your best every day. Be good to people you encounter. Smile, have good conversations and try to keep discussions in a positive light.

9. Advice From The Nine Of Swords Tarot Card In A Reading

Advice From The Nine Of Swords Tarot Card

Pulling the Nine of Swords means that when you’re asking about a situation may be advising you to face your fears and not let worries drag you down. Take care of what you need to take care of.

If you need help to get through this rocky time, ask for it. You won’t be seen as a weak person if you do. Sometimes it’s the BEST thing you can do.

You may simply need to be careful with your health. Get more rest and don’t do anything that will stress your body out. You need to stay calm and relaxed.

Do not let fear destroy you. Stressing out about things that haven’t happened will simply make you ill physically and perhaps mentally. Get it under control.

You should try meditation to help clear your mind and stay in positive thinking energy. You need to keep it real and be optimistic.

Don’t manifest endings, problems, or paranoia based on having started with a small fear. Small fears can grow and become something so much worse. You don’t need that. Let it go!

The reversed Nine of Swords Tarot card meaning is slightly different in the fact that you’ve probably already figured out that what you were doing was wrong and that you need to work on your healing.

You are already moving past the stress and are ready for better things. Hold onto that!

10. The Nine Of Swords Tarot Card As Feelings

Just as the meaning indicates, the feelings that come with the Nine of Swords card are anxiety, depression, uncertainty, stress, worry, and panic.

Also, the person this card represents may be feeling shame, guilt, or fears that are spinning out of control. They are worried about something they have no control over.

When this card pops up, it may be saying that you or whomever you’re asking about is going through a hard time.

If it’s in the context of a relationship and how someone feels about you, it may be that they’re just really unsure about what they’re doing or about you, likewise would be you feeling this way about them.

The general look is that this card definitely indicates worry, concerns, or anxiety about a certain situation, person, or possibility.

Nine of Swords Tarot card in reverse means that the person may see a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel, which means that person isn’t ready to give up. They worry and they are fearful, but they are also hopeful.

11. The Nine Of Swords Card Meaning Regarding Children

When doing a reading on a child, the Nine of Swords Tarot card may very well represent this child having a difficult time. They basically have constructed their own personal mental hell and are depressed, disengaged in life, and filled with fear.

It can also represent a parent’s worry about their child. They may think their child is going to do all the wrong things and end up unhappy. It doesn’t mean this is reality.

Simply put, these are unnecessary worries a parent may have about their child. It’s not reality; it’s built up or created fears. The card may be telling the parent to be more optimistic instead of worrying so much.

If it is about the child, it may mean that this kid needs to possibly have some therapy so that they can talk their worries or fears out, instead of holding it all in.

Naturally, the reversed Nine of Swords Tarot card meaning may be very different. It could mean that the child or children are finally getting on track and letting their fears go.

If it’s not them, then it’s the parent. The parent may be the one finally listening to reason and seeing that the child or children are starting to do very well and there is no reason to worry so much.

12. Health And The Nine Of Swords Tarot Card

When the Nine of Swords card comes up regarding health, it may mean that someone is having issues such as migraines, headaches, problems sleeping, and other signs of stress.

Naturally, the number nine has a meaning when it comes to health in Numerology. I will discuss Numerology further in the article. Since we’re talking about health though, I’ll explain now.

If you have a life path number nine in Numerology, you may be prone to problems with your head, kidneys, groin area, face, and perhaps even your bladder. Even if you aren’t a nine, this card could be telling you to get checked out.

The Nine of Swords Tarot card meaning when it comes to health, says to watch out for things like UTIs, headaches, kidney issues, or outbreaks of acne, etc. Basically, stress can cause these things, so be careful!

Gemini is the sign intertwined with this card and that also means that if you are a Gemini or just pulling this card, then there are other health issues to keep in mind.

Those health problems that Gemini carries are problems with the arms, shoulders, ribs, lungs, and thymus gland. So again, if you are having problems related to stress and get this card, pay attention to your health and get treatment.

13. The Nine Of Swords Tarot Card Answer As “Yes” Or “No”

It’s pretty clear that the negative connotation that comes with this card is that your answer upon asking a question with the Tarot is “no.” The Nine of Swords Tarot card meaning isn’t pleasant and therefore makes for a solid response.

A “yes” or “no” question with the Nine of Swords is always going to be “no.” Even if it’s reversed, it’s going to still take on the same energy. This kind of card does seem a little more hopeful in reverse, but it’s still a little dicey.

There is just too much worry, stress, and anxiety with this card. Now isn’t the time and the person you’re asking about isn’t someone you want to tangle with or it’s just bad timing.

If the Nine of Swords is reversed, the best you can get out of it is, give it a try later on. Now isn’t the proper opportunity, but maybe after some time, it might be.

14. The Nine of Swords Tarot Card In Position

The Nine of Swords Tarot Card Positions

The position of a Tarot card always adds more meaning to a reading and to the answer it’s giving you. It leans one way or another according to where it is.

When you’re doing a reading for yourself or someone else, pay attention to what is going on in the story. The cards are telling you a very clear answer, but you’ve got to see what it is.

By looking at all the cards involved, you’ll get that clear picture you’re looking for. Here is a good example. We’ll use a simple three-card layout of past, present, and future…

The Nine of Swords in Past Position:

The Nine of Swords Tarot card meaning when it’s in the past position represents that you’ve gone through a hard time, you worried, and you stressed which may be the reason you’re asking the question.

Since it’s in the past, it’s still having an effect on you now but this is where the next couple of cards come in. In the past, you’ve been through the wringer, or the person you’ve asked about has. If not literal, then it’s mental.

If the card is reversed then it may mean that you’ve gone through it but now, you’re getting better or you’re headed toward something much more lucrative, thus allowing you to be optimistic.

The Nine of Swords in Present Position:

The Nine of Swords Tarot card meaning in the present position means that you’re currently worried or stressed out about something. If not you, then it’s someone else. It’s only a worry, it’s not particularly realistic.

If it’s about someone else then maybe they’re going through a really stressful time in their lives. They may have depression or could be fearful. It may even be you worried about what is coming up.

If you see the reversed Nine of Swords Tarot card, it means that you’re working through your fears and are ready to give something or someone a try. You’re seeing things better.

The Nine of Swords in Future Position:

The Nine of Swords Tarot card meaning in the future position means that you’re going to encounter problems that will stress you out or make you feel bad. It’s just in your head though. You can get through anything, so don’t give up!

Sometimes you can drive yourself nuts about something for no reason. Don’t do that to yourself. When this card is in the future, it’s giving you a heads up not to let your mind or fears control you.

When you see the card in reverse, it’s saying that even though you may have had trouble, there is still hope, so hold onto that. Try to look for the silver lining in things and remember the good.

If it’s a person, then you may start to see the real them and feel that there is a chance with them.

15. Lessons The Nine Of Swords Wants To Teach You

Just as with each Tarot card in the deck, the Nine of Swords Tarot card means it’s time to wake up!

Here are more things to consider when you see this card:

  • “Do not let fear paralyze you into doing nothing”
  • “Let go of trying to control any situation or person, it’s not your job”
  • “You are worthy, so let go of self-doubts!”
  • “Don’t believe the negative from other people”
  • “When you feel ill, go to the doctor! Don’t wait”
  • “Talk to someone when you feel you are out of control or in a fog”
  • “Worry only breeds more fear which can make you ill”
  • “Some things are out of your control so let go!”
  • “Listen more to your intuition instead of your fears”
  • “Only do what you can do, learn to say no sometimes, it’s alright!”
  • “Stop creating your own hell by worrying when you don’t need to”
  • “Have more confidence in yourself and other people”

As you can see, there is a lot to learn from the Nine of Swords. If you actually listen and pay attention, you can change your train of thought, thus worrying less.

Many people can relate to these lessons but sometimes they forget to apply them to their daily life and then they get their reminder via the Nine of Swords Tarot card.

Perhaps when you see it now, you’ll better grasp what is to be learned here and you’ll move through any problems a lot quicker and with more confidence. You’ve got this! I have every faith in you.

16. Astrology And The Nine of Swords Tarot Card

The Nine of Swords Tarot card is affiliated with the Zodiac sign Gemini. This is the sign that can go either way or both ways. What I mean by that is that they are versatile.

You never know what a Gemini is going to do or think because there are two sides to them. They can be random and this can be scary sometimes. It can also mean they stress themselves out.

They have to learn to look at both sides of any situation before they choose because if they do not, they have the full effect of the Nine of Swords card, which isn’t good.

The planet that is similar to Gemini is Uranus because it’s totally unpredictable. You cannot stress about the unknown so much. When you see the Nine of Swords in a reading, it definitely means too much attention to fears.

The only thing you can control is how you react to what comes from the unknown. Let go of your concerns or the fear of the unknown otherwise you’ll stress for no reason.

17. The Nine of Swords Tarot Card In Numerology

Earlier, I briefly touched on the number nine in the health section. With the Life Path Number Nine, there is a feeling of leadership and helping other people through troublesome situations.

So, when you’re worried all the time, how can you help others? You can’t! If you have the Life Path Number Nine, you have no time or energy for worry and fears. You’re too busy setting an example for others.

Another thing that the Nine of Swords means with number nine is that it’s time to regain perspective on what is going on. Use your redeeming qualities such as strength, optimism, and compassion.

Where you may have been lacking, it’s time to remember who you are and be a number nine even if you aren’t actually a Life Path Number Nine. There is still a lesson that you need to cling to.

Remember, the number nine is a strong number with great importance. Growth from going through negative experiences is very crucial to learning and moving toward brighter days.

18. When You Keep Pulling The Nine Of Swords Card

What does it mean when you keep pulling the Nine of Swords card? It means that you really need to get yourself together. There is something not working and you need to realize what that is.

Take a look at your situation, your problems, and why you’re feeling bad about it. Is there a valid reason to do this, or are you simply ignoring the reality that you’re letting your fear take you over?

The card recurring is telling you to pay attention and learn to let go. Learn to say no. Learn to stand up for yourself. Do not cower in the corner, terrified.

If it’s not you then it may be some sort of warning that someone desperately needs your help because they’re sinking. It may be trying to prepare you for helping someone.

It may also imply something difficult coming up that you’ll have to use your inner strength to get through otherwise you’ll make yourself sick with stress.

Life definitely isn’t always easy so to keep seeing this card, it’s time to figure out if you’re really that stressed and if you are, do something about it! Meditate or get a Reiki massage. You might find vast relief.

There is no harm in cleansing yourself, getting grounded, and letting go. It will help you deal with anything that comes your way.

If you keep pulling it in reverse then it’s telling you that it’s time to start a new phase of your life that will be far more optimistic. Be open to change!

Seeing the card over and over could also be a symbol of being time to face a spiritual situation that will require you to learn and grow from it.

19. Symbols For The Nine Of Swords Tarot Card

The symbols for the Nine of Swords Tarot card are primarily nine swords towering over or aside someone holding their head. Nightmares can be affiliated with the Nine of Swords.

If you’re going for the symbolism of the Nine of Swords tattoo, you might want to get the whole card done. If you’re trying to just get one simple symbol for the Nine of Swords, you can try a sword with the roman numerals IX on it.

You could also possibly create a tattoo with nine swords somehow. There are endless possibilities here. Flipping them upside down with a sun above them could represent the reverse of the Nine of Swords as well.

Everything in the picture on the card symbolizes self-torment, pain, depression, worry, and anxiety.

Yes, there are different pictures in different Tarot decks but ultimately, you get the same feeling when you look at the symbols on the picture. They all allude to the same messages.

Awaken from your personal nightmare or prison. Your terrors are not real. They are only figments or fragments of your own mind.

20. Spirituality And The Nine Of Swords Card

Feelings of despair and hopelessness usually come along with this card. On a spiritual level, it’s telling you that you need to really do some serious inner gardening.

You’re in the darkest night before dawn. Will you see things differently tomorrow? The fears you have are fictitious. The worries are useless. You’re holding yourself back.

The beauty in the card is that it’s letting you know that you can do better. You can think better and have better but you’ve got to let go of anything that isn’t working for you.

It’s time to change what you believe and look into more meaningful ways to be. It may be time to take some spiritual workshops, get some Reiki, and seek out ways to soothe your soul.

When you do this, you allow all the good to flow to you. Nine of Swords is about your thought process and how deeply you let it affect your spirit. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Work on the process of letting go so you can purge the things that make you so filled with fear, anxiety, and sadness. You do not have to feel this way and you certainly don’t have to stay there.

The Nine of Sword meanings can be rather profound if you actually pay attention and understand that you have the power to change it. The planet Mercury is involved here and tells you it’s your mind so do something different.

I truly hope that this has given you the best and most thorough knowledge about the Nine of Swords Tarot card. Now maybe you can put it to good use in readings you will do or will have.

I wish you all the luck in the Universe!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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