The Devil Tarot Card – Your Complete Guide

I completely understand that when you see the Devil Tarot card, you think the absolute worst! The picture is rather unnerving… to say the least. While it looks frightening, it isn’t as bad as you may think.

It’s not actually an evil card, but there are things that you can and should learn from it. The Devil Tarot card has many things to pass along that are of use for you or anyone you read for.

Keep reading to learn everything you can about the Devil Tarot card so that it won’t seem so ominous!

The Brief History Of The Devil Tarot Card

Tarot began in the 14th century. At first, they were created simply as a game just like regular playing cards. The Italians thought it would be fun to have a unique deck created for a specific game.

As you may know, Italy is known for amazing artwork as well. It made sense they would use beautiful works of art on each card. Unlike the standard playing card deck, Tarot decks had “trump” cards called “Major Arcana.”

The regular cards lined up with what we now know as the “Minor Arcana.” The Hearts would be Cups, the Diamonds are Pentacles, Clubs are Wands, and Spades are Swords.

When the 1800s rolled around, the spiritualism movement began. There were many people trying to speak to the dead and find ways to read the future. They discovered the Tarot deck and decided to use it to do just that.

The most popular deck ever made was the Rider Waite deck created in 1901. It’s known worldwide and is easily the best deck for beginners to learn how to read Tarot cards.

If you are new to Tarot cards, then I definitely recommend this deck. After you get comfortable with what you’ve learned, then you can move on to a more personalized deck.

1. The Basic Definition Of The Devil Tarot Card

The Devil Tarot Card

The Devil Tarot card represents you (or the questioner) and what your darker side is. This doesn’t mean you’re evil or someone who practices devil worship. No… I know that’s not you!

This card gets a bad rep because of the picture mostly. It looks so creepy and makes people nervous. The truth is that this is only our own darker side. These are our obsessions, addictions, deep secretive desires, and our love for what isn’t good.

What I mean by that, is that when you overindulge in drink, food, or anything else you find exceedingly pleasurable, then the Devil card is you. Whatever binds you to do unhealthy things is due to the Devilish side of you.

Everyone has two sides to them. You have a good side that wants to do what is right, and then you have the dark side that lures you to give in to temptations.

The Devil Tarot card means giving into temptations. These may be obsessive thoughts, feelings, or being drawn to that which makes you unhealthy. I mean that on a physical or psychological level.

Sometimes the Devil card isn’t that serious at all. It may be a warning that you should watch out for temptations and take better care of yourself. Some see it as a sexual energy card.

That theory easily comes from the actual picture where you see two people looking like they’re practicing some sort of dark sexual acts.

It may also be something like spending too much money or eating too much chocolate. It can really go several different ways but the gist is that the Devil Tarot card means watch out for temptations.

Don’t allow your dark side to hold you back from accomplishing your goals and doing things that are healthy or conducive to a successfully fulfilling life. Don’t be selfish; be more generous.

2. The Devil Tarot Card Definition (Reversed)

It’s not often you see a turnaround to something more positive in a reversal card. The reversed Devil Tarot card meaning is that of being able to break free from a situation that isn’t healthy for you.

You are letting go of old ways of thinking that weren’t helping you. Your beliefs are changing because you now know that you weren’t getting anywhere with the old school of thought.

The reversed Devil Tarot card means breaking free from the chains that have bound you. Old habits aren’t fulfilling anymore. You’re tired of being self-limited to what you can or cannot do.

You’re open to change and ready to do something new that will pull you away from your own self prison. It’s likely you’re releasing bad habits and developing new healthy ones.

The darkness within is being transformed into something brighter. You are finally ready to let the light penetrate your whole life so you can be free to have a beautiful life.

If you struggled with addiction or feeling not good enough, the reversed Devil Tarot card is telling you that you’re now ready to be free of these things and move on.

Happiness can be yours by giving up or avoiding temptations that try to pull you back to the dark. Your battle has led you now into healing light.

3. Love And The Devil Tarot Card (Upright)

The Devil Tarot card means you are being selfish when it comes to love. You may not actually have any empathy for what the other person in your relationship feels.

You want self-satisfaction. You may not even really be in love. It’s possible that you are simply feeling lust or infatuation. The idea of a new relationship is exciting for you.

Sex is a huge part of the relationship. When your partner isn’t fulfilling your desires or needs, you’re ready to throw them by the wayside to find someone else.

The Devil Tarot card means you may be cheating on your partner or thinking about it. Of course, if you’re single, you may be being unsafe and being promiscuous.

In trying to find love, you’re dealing with lots of potential partners who seem as though they could be the right one, only to find out that you’re attracting the wrong people.

What is your motive? The Devil Tarot card goes against love in its upright position. To love, you have to be giving. Temptations do not add up to love either.

This could be a warning not to hurt others as the karmic repercussion is mighty and swift if you do.

Addiction to love cannot be ruled out either. If you’re a serial love relationship seeker, then you may be unhealthy. It might be a good idea to seek out what causes you to do this and get help.

You know that song “Addicted to Love?” It is a thing after all!

4. Love And The Devil Tarot Card (Reversed)

The Devil Tarot Card Reversed

Seeing the reversal of the Devil Tarot card means that you’re finally getting away from codependency. You’re able to take control and you know exactly what you want or don’t want in love.

If you see this card reversed during a reading on love, it’s letting you know that the person you’re seeing or asking about is someone that you can be happy with. You may actually have real love!

Naturally, if you are single, you’ve begun to break the habit of losing control of love. You’re able to stand up and not make all the same mistakes you’ve made before.

If you have asked something like “is there love on the way?” then this card in reverse is saying, “yes there may be someone for you!”  That’s pretty affirming, I’d say.

Pulling the reversed Devil Tarot card as a daily card is saying, you’re healing and doing well. You may meet someone new that is of interest OR your current relationship is healing.

This is just one of those cards that you’re happier seeing it upside down rather than upright.

5. Finances, Job, And Career With The Devil Tarot Card (Upright)

With finances, job, career; the Devil card means despair, overspending, not taking care, bad financial decisions, and self-sabotage. Your finances or job/career are not doing well.

You may be spending too much money which causes you to go into debt. Maybe you forgot about certain bills that needed to be paid and now you’re unable to pay them.

That trip to Vegas didn’t work out the way you had hoped. You lost everything you won.

You might feel trapped in the job/career that you’re at so you have a bad attitude that gets you in trouble. You might also blame everyone else around you when it was actually you making the wrong choices.

The Devil card can definitely provoke you to spend on things you don’t need simply because you desire it. You see it, you buy it. You need to avoid doing this.

Indulging on addictions can cause you to go broke also. Many addicts are fairly broke or homeless.

Even if you’re addicted to food, you might find yourself spending way too much on food that isn’t good for you. The act of spending for satisfaction and a high is possible as well.

You go online to do some shopping and cannot seem to stop ordering things you don’t actually need but rather want. That high you get from ordering and spending can hurt your finances.

It’s a warning for you to make a tight budget and pay attention to your spending habits so you don’t end up in a hole financially.

6. Finances, Job, And Career With The Devil Tarot Card (Reversed)

The reversal of the Devil Tarot card means you’re repairing your financial status. You’ve broken the chains of giving into indulgence. You’re making smarter decisions.

You’re taking on a new career/job that is more fulfilling than where you’ve been. It allows you to grow and make better money. You find ways to get along with your colleagues or co-workers.

You finally feel the pull of financial independence now. Perhaps getting better training or developing a better vision makes your career soar!

It’s also a card that could indicate that you’re striking out on your own. You want to leave your mark on the world with your own business where you are your own boss.

Your business is something you control and you’ve learned how to better budget to make yourself a great success. Accountability is your best friend now.

In the past, you may have had horrible financial planning but now you’ve learned how to be better and make the most of what you have. Good job!

7. The Devil Tarot Card As A Person (Upright)

It’s probably not surprising that when the Devil card represents someone, the person may be very selfish and self-aware, and could also be a liar, deceiver, or someone who gives in to their temptations.

This can very much represent someone with addiction issues. They aren’t thinking about others and tend to do what they want even if it’s destructive or hurtful.

This person may be a player as well. If you want to know if someone is playing you… this card upright says “Yes!!! They are.” Can you trust them? I wouldn’t if I were you.

The Devil Tarot card person is all about power, strength, and glory for themselves. They don’t care how they get it either.

Now, it could be a temporary thing for the person whom this card represents. They may be going through something that causes them to be that way but be careful around them.

If it’s representing you, then you have to view why this is going on with yourself. Why are you trying to pursue so hard and not paying attention to other people’s needs?

Success comes from give and take. If all you do is take, then that’s going to karmically come back to haunt you in a most unpleasant way. Try to start giving a bit more.

8. The Devil Tarot Card As A Person (Reversed)

The reversed Devil Tarot card means the person in question is recovering from much stress and/or drama. They are getting up and getting back on track in a very healthy way.

The person has learned their lessons the hard way and they don’t want to repeat the past. They are giving, loving, loyal, and are someone you can trust!

If you’ve asked about someone and whether or not they could be the right one, then it’s telling you that yes, they are absolutely someone you can connect with and form a bond with.

Naturally, if the Devil Tarot card in reverse is you, then you’ve been through the wringer already and you’re ready to do what is right. You are sober, healthy, and look at life in a positive light.

You know to avoid temptation and you’re absolutely looking forward to success and love that is pure and true.

Having a positive outlook only helps you attract good things and people to you. The karma you get here is very hopeful which makes you, as a person, optimistic!

9. Advice From The Devil Tarot Card In A Reading

The Devil Tarot card meaning when it comes to advice is telling you that there are temptations in front of you. You need to pay close attention so that you don’t overindulge.

Whatever your weakness is, you’re about to be tested, or perhaps you are being tested. Don’t give in! It’s easy to fall into old habits or traps that keep you on the wrong road in your life.

This could also be someone coming into your life that is likely toxic for you. Avoid this person and send them on their way. You do not need this mess in your life.

When the Devil Tarot card is reversed, it gives you the opposite advice, which is to keep pushing forward, allow the right people in, and do what your intuition tells you is correct.

Don’t allow stress, anxiety, anger, or depression to hold you down. If you keep doing the wrong things, it will lead you down a dark path that’s hard to recover from.

Be aware of your surroundings and of who you trust. This will help you from being betrayed or hurt. Trust your gut always!

10. The Devil Tarot Card As Feelings

When it comes to feelings, the Devil Tarot card means self-awareness to the wrong degree. That means you may feel selfish, lazy, indulgent, and it’s all about you.

You might feel as though the world owes you something or that someone in particular does. The truth is that no one owes you a thing (except literal debt). When the card is upright, the feelings are desire, passion, and fulfillment – but not in a good way.

It’s the way that leads you to addiction, bad behaviors, and poor routines. They are the type of feelings that put you in bad situations with bad people. You could end up very ill. You are capable of hurting others.

The reversed Devil Tarot card means that you’re healing and you’re putting down that which tempts you. You are controlling your path which makes you feel stable again.

You are confident and secure in what you’re doing. You feel trust only for those who are trustworthy. You feel your intuition guiding you down the best paths.

11. The Devil Tarot Card Meaning Regarding Children

As you might imagine, the Devil Tarot card meaning regarding children is CAUTION! Your child may be hanging out with the wrong crowd or even just one other child that is bad news.

Maybe your child has toxic behavior which is causing them to act out. If you find that this is the case, you may want to seek psychological help for your kid. This may help them from going down a very scary path.

This card can also mean that there is toxic activity around your child. Someone may be bullying them. There may be an influence to begin an addiction as well.

This is a great card for giving you a heads up if your child is diving into drugs or alcohol. It’s an alert for obesity as well. When you see the card, take a serious evaluation of your child.

Now, in the case of you desiring to have a child, the Devil Tarot card is telling you this really isn’t a good time. I would definitely hold off. The desire is there, but be forewarned that now is not the optimal time!

The reversed Devil Tarot card says that your child is recovering from a rocky situation. They may be doing better after a stint of hanging out with the wrong crowd.

They are making better grades and really showing that they want to do well in their lives. They become more outgoing instead of spending much time alone. They want to do the right thing.

The card reversed is a very good message. It also says you could be recovering from something in your life that allows you to now become pregnant.

12. Health And The Devil Tarot Card

When it comes to health, the Devil Tarot card means that you are NOT in a healthy position in life. You may have an illness or you may have some sort of bad habit keeping you from healing.

You may be doing things that are very risky. When you throw caution to the wind, you could be tempting fate. This could include overeating, drinking, doing drugs, or other things that are very bad for you.

Whatever your vice is, it can cause other unhealthy behaviors. The Devil Tarot card upright says you are unhealthy.

Even bad thoughts or desires can cause you to psychologically have deeper issues. It’s really time to go see a physician or therapist so that they can help you.

When the Devil Tarot card is reversed, you’re healing and dropping bad habits or thought systems. You’re ready to set yourself straight. You’re not without hope.

One more thing… Capricorn is the sign affiliated with the Devil Tarot card. There are things that you need to be careful of when this card comes around for you when you ask about health.

Pay attention to your teeth, knee caps, skin, and bones. There may be some issue there that needs to be evaluated. Go get a checkup and ensure that your health is in good shape!

13. The Devil Tarot Card Answer “Yes” Or “No”

This card is very clear on the Yes or No you may get. When the Devil Tarot card is upright, it’s a huge NO. You absolutely should not trust someone. NO, you shouldn’t go out. NO, you shouldn’t indulge right now.

The Devil Tarot card upright is rather negative and so it does mean that whatever it is you’re asking about is probably not a good idea.

Now on the softer side, it could indicate sexual passion. Still, it tells you it’s not a good idea at the moment. Wait – even if it sucks to hear that.

When the Devil card is upside down you have a way different appeal. The answer becomes YES! You’re doing the right thing with the right person. You’re being healthy.

Your decision-making is good right now. Go for it!

14. The Devil Tarot Card In Position

The Devil Tarot Card In Position

Even though the Devil card is not good when it’s upright, the position it’s in matters and can change things slightly. There are a whole lot of different spreads out there for readings.

If you are a beginner, the best spread to start with is the three-card spread. It’s very easy and does give you some clear answers for the most part; and when it doesn’t, you can pull yet another card on the one that causes you confusion.

Whether you’re reading for yourself or for someone else, this is a great spread to get familiar with as you’ll get quick answers. After you become comfortable with it, you can explore other spreads to expand.

The Devil Card in Past Position:

When the Devil card is in the past position, it means that something tempted you or that you did something that was seedy or unhealthy. Something happened that caused you to veer from a healthy vision.

You may have overindulged in sex, alcohol, drugs, shopping, or food. There are other things that can be included in there if the result was you feeling bad or making someone else feel bad.

The reversed Devil card in this position shows that you made some good choices and you started to go forward on the right road. You may be healing or doing something for yourself that leads you in the right direction.

The Devil Card in Present Position:

Right now, you’re feeling very tempted by something you know isn’t good for you. It’s possible you’re having negative or even evil thoughts. You might only want to do things for yourself.

This sometimes is a warning that there is toxicity around you right now and to be cautious. Don’t give in to anything that is too good to be true.

In reverse, the Devil Tarot card is telling you that the timing is right, you know what is best, and you should trust your intuition as much as possible. Things are good for you at the moment.

The Devil Card in Future Position:

With the Devil Tarot card in the future position means that something or someone is coming that may cause you some problems. If not, then you’re going to be faced with something that could cause you to do the wrong things.

Again, this is a warning to watch out for because if you aren’t alert or you are not making the right decisions, this could cause you some serious problems. Be careful and think before you act.

The reversed Devil Tarot card may be telling you that you’re about to start changing in a profound way that will make your life much healthier. You’ve made a decision to be a better person.

Now you’ll be able to see what life really has to offer you. Thinking correctly and doing the things that feel healthy will bring amazing people, situations, and things into your life.

15. The Lessons The Devil Card Wants To Teach You

Lessons The Devil Card Wants To Teach You

I have to be really honest with you. When you see the Devil card you KNOW what it’s trying to tell you or teach you. It’s telling you that you’re not in the right place or you’re heading the wrong way.

Whatever you’re doing is not good for you at all. You’re not thinking clearly and not seeing things or people for what or who they are. The Devil card says to open your eyes.

Here are other things to keep in mind that you may find useful!

  • It’s okay to have fun and feel good, but practice moderation!
  • When you are not doing well, it’s time to refocus your thoughts and actions.
  • It is a good idea to think of yourself but don’t forget other people as well. 
  • A selfish mind is toxic to your health and your thoughts. Get help if you are feeling low or struggling with addictions.
  • Get hold of yourself and know that you are the one in control of your own life.
  • It may be time to calm down your busy or selfish lifestyle. 
  • If you feel trapped or blocked, it’s likely because you made a wrong decision. It’s up to you to take charge and get out!
  • Too much self-indulgence will lead you astray in your own life. You are not a puppet. Stand up for yourself!
  • Pay attention to other people’s needs. It’s not just about you. 

These are all straightforward lessons. If you get the Devil card in regards to a person or something coming up, take heed. Do not allow temptations to take you down!

16. Astrology And The Devil Tarot Card

As I mentioned in the health area of this article, the Devil Tarot card is associated with the Zodiac sign of Capricorn. Many Capricorn people tend to put themselves first.

If they do self-sacrifice, they expect something in return. They are not bad people at all. They just tend to have high expectations. They don’t mind doing hard work but it had better be worth their time.

They can fall prey to addiction because if it makes them feel good short-term, it makes them want to stick with it. They get comfortable and it becomes their routine.

They have to learn moderation in anything they do. They also have to learn to be a bit more empathetic to other people otherwise they end up alone or in very unhealthy relationships.

The Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, so it’s no wonder they’re wrapped up inside themselves much of the time. Saturn makes you yearn for something to spiritually and deeply fulfill yourself.

That seems to tie in very much with the Devil Tarot card, as does the Capricorn personality. Amazing how it all tells the same story isn’t it?

Are you still with me? Fantastic! Let’s keep going.

17. The Devil Tarot Card In Numerology

The number on the Devil Tarot card is XV, which is 15. When you’re looking into Numerology, you would recalculate this (1+5= 6). Now you look into the number six.

The number 15 itself is a family and harmony type of number. Everything a person does revolves around their home life or themselves. They are excellent caregivers for their families, even if they aren’t the most empathetic.

If your life path number happens to be the number six, then your purpose is to help and counsel other people. If you follow your life’s purpose, then things will be much easier for you.

If you allow temptations to take you over, you will lose sight of your life purpose which will karmically not be good at all. It’s up to you to keep yourself together and do what will help others.

It may be with money, your time, your effort, or even your advice. Whatever it may be, start working on that. Your advice and expertise are very valuable.

When you do follow your life’s purpose, then the number six can have a healthy family, home, healing, and wonderful harmony with people you encounter.

18. When You Keep Pulling The Devil Tarot Card

So, what does it mean when you keep pulling the Devil Tarot card repeatedly? Without a doubt, it’s giving you a swift warning. Watch out for temptations and watch out for people with false intentions.

Be aware of your own intentions as well. It may seem like a fun idea to indulge but unless you use moderation, this situation could bite you in the rear later on. It’s not worth it.

If you keep getting the Devil Tarot card in reverse, it’s confirming to you that you’re about to begin a new venture that will make you feel far better than you have recently.

You’re overcoming a problem or a solution is presenting itself to help you get back on top, and thus, taking control.

19. Symbols For The Devil Tarot Card

In the Rider Waite deck, the Devil Tarot card depicts a goat-like man with occult symbolism on his head. It has wings and looks fairly sinister. There are two naked people as well.

These people are chained up to this devil. There is one woman and one man. There is a fire in the background as well as fruit over by the woman. There is fertility and sexuality going on.

This symbolizes deeply hidden desires, temptations, and yet chains that are binding and holding these people back. They may feel trapped and unable to get away. It may be something like bondage that they enjoy.

Most addictions start out pleasurable and enjoyable until they become bound, they cannot escape. This is what makes the grip of this card so unnerving.

If you’re seeking a Devil Tarot card tattoo, I wish you luck! It’s something that could trigger you in an unpleasant way. Of course, if you aren’t superstitious, then you have nothing to worry about, right?!

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20. Spirituality And The Devil Tarot Card

The spiritual lesson that comes with the Devil Tarot card is the difficulty and illness your spirit may be going through when you’re indulging in unhealthy things, places, or people.

When the Devil Tarot card is reversed, the spiritual path with it is about healing, progressing, and breaking free from the chains that bind you internally.

That may mean breaking free from the deep despair you feel. This could also be breaking loose from depression or anxiety. You’ve found a way to truly heal and move forward again.

Perhaps you are getting help via spiritual methods. It could also be a suggestion that you should do exactly that. When you’re right within, you’re going to be right on the outside as well.

Going through really difficult things tends to transform you but it’s always up to you if you want to go backward or forward. This may be a lesson to leave the darkness behind you.

There is a light that can show you the way into your future. Perhaps doing meditation or getting some Reiki light treatment may help you to completely open up to learning your path or destiny.

I truly hope that this complete guide for the Devil Tarot Card has helped you understand the meaning behind the card and what decisions have to be made on your part to make sure all is well in your world and in your spirit.

Some people have to get help from someone else with expertise as it may be too difficult to help themselves. This seems to hold true with addictions of any kind.

Did you know you can even become addicted to making bad decisions? Yep! It’s true. That’s a very difficult pattern to break but it’s not impossible. If you’re feeling you need some help, then go get it!

Remember you do NOT need to stay self-imprisoned. Break free now!

I wish you all the luck of the Universe on your journey.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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