Weekly Love Horoscope For July 25th – 31st

Hello, darlings! Welcome to the weekly Love Horoscope for the remainder of July, the 25th through the 31st. It’s a week that you’re going to want a detailed heads up on before getting into it! It’s good that you’ve found your way here to get the scoop.

While there are no planetary changes in the next week, there is still an awful lot to pay attention to. The transits that are up this week could breed discontent if you’re not careful! I’m pleased to give you the details that you need to make this week work in favor of your partnership as much as possible.

Venus forming a square to Jupiter is up first. If you’re reading this before going into this week, you may be experiencing this energy now. Venus square Jupiter indicates going a bit overboard in your love life or with romantic interests. If you’re in a partnership but have a crush on someone else, you could find yourself justifying infidelity if you’re not careful.

Pay attention to any areas where you give yourself too much slack this week. Enjoy yourself but not at the expense of glossing over commitments and responsibilities, especially to your partner.

Mercury (planet of communication) forming a square to Mars (planet of heat and passion) can make you feel that the only way to communicate effectively is by arguing or stoking the flames. Perhaps you feel a strain between your ability to express ideas and your anger. You could find yourself suppressing emotions in favor of good communication or sacrificing effective conversations in favor of making your anger known.

In your partnership, it’s a better idea to be honest about your feelings with your words while making your tone less charged in general. This allows you to get your point across without using your words as weapons.

The Sun forming a trine to optimistic Jupiter is a bright spot in an otherwise potentially strained week. This allows you to see the bright side of life. General feelings of warmth can arrive even after a week that has bred some tension! It’s a silver lining that you should bask in.

Use this time to take actions that promote growth in your life, in whatever capacity that you need. I’ll outline where this transit will have the greatest effect on your own sign though!

Without further ado, let’s dig into how all of these transits are likely to manifest for YOUR Sun or Rising sign! Find your sign below to learn more about how it’s likely to look for you and the best ways to use this energy to your advantage this week.


Aries, this week your planetary ruler (Mars) forms a square to the planet Mercury, making effective communication a potential struggle this week. Considering the fact that Mercury is in your house of romance, this could make your flirtation and general interaction with your loved one the most affected. I recommend focusing only on what needs addressing, and not bringing up any irrelevant issues until later.

Venus in Cancer forming a square to Jupiter in your own sign this week brings a more relaxed vibe to you, but it may be because you’re glossing over more important emotions. What are you distracting yourself from? While you’re not required to get to the root of the problem this week, being aware of the motivation behind your behavior can assist you in showing up better for yourself and your partner.

The Sun forming a trine to Jupiter in your own sign rounds out the week on a high note for you. You’re most optimistic about your place in your relationship. If you’ve been seeking growth within your relationship, this transit enables you to grow and change yourself in the ways that are needed to do just that!


Taurus, this week Mars is within your own sign, and this adds an extra fire to your interactions with others. With Mercury forming a square to Mars, be aware of your tone as you speak to your partner or love interest. Your emotions can add unnecessary bite to your voice as you make your needs known. Also, beware of focusing too much on winning arguments at all costs.

Venus (your chart ruler) in Cancer forming a square to Jupiter in Aries can make you feel like you’re missing out on the fun that others are having. You might feel ‘othered,’ which is never a good feeling. You could seek social stimulation with people who aren’t good for you just to ease the pain of loneliness. Don’t bring back toxic exes just to feel okay at the moment!

The Sun forming a trine to Jupiter can help you be more optimistic in general despite a period of seriousness. You have an opportunity to grow despite any subconscious roadblocks that you’re unaware of. Only you can see the effects of this transit immediately, but your changed attitude eventually radiates outward to benefit your partnership and relationships in general.


Gemini, this week you can take yourself pretty seriously as Mercury (your chart ruler) forms a square to Mars. You can be more detached from the emotions of others in favor of being right. While you can usually slay at arguments during this transit, it’s important to ask yourself if what you’re arguing about is really worth the emotional impact on you and your partner.

Venus forming a square to Jupiter this week can have you justifying big expenses together with your partner, even if you can’t afford them. It’s fun to splurge sometimes but don’t get caught in a trap of validating one another’s big spending! You could find yourself regretting it once this transit wraps up.

The Sun forming a trine to Jupiter in Aries this week brings awareness and growth to your achievements. You have put in a lot of effort, maybe even in places where you haven’t acknowledged it. Others are coming around to let you know that you totally slayed and that you deserve a pat on the back. Be open to love and validation to take full advantage of the growth this transit offers.


This week you’re seeing growth in your love life with Venus in your own sign. Others are drawn to your aura, and you are likely feeling like a princess. You’re beginning to release some of the self-consciousness that you may have been harboring, favoring a sense of light-heartedness. Embrace the love the Universe is offering you and don’t hesitate to give it right back! That’s how you benefit most.

Cancer, a square to Mars in Taurus from Mercury in Leo is placing emphasis on the way that you communicate with your friend group. Are you telling intentionally inflammatory stories to get sympathy or a response in general? Are you complaining about your partner when the issue isn’t that big of a deal? Asking yourself these questions brings awareness to your actions while also preserving the image that your friends have about your partner (you may regret sullying it later on!).

A trine from the Sun in Leo to Jupiter in Aries assists you in building up physical assets and foundations of your future. This is a perfect time to plan out the trajectory of your relationship with your partner. Get on the same page about the type of house, car, bills, and your path together in general. This will assist in your plans becoming a reality under this transit.


Leo, the Sun and Mercury within your own sign are both receiving some action this week, which means that you are feeling it potently! Mercury receiving a square from Mars in Taurus this week puts pressure on how you’re perceived by the world at large. It’s important to focus more on action than pacifying others with sweet words. No amount of talk will cover up for a lack of follow-through, especially in your partnership.

The Sun in your own sign forms a trine to Jupiter in your house of optimism, making this transit a double whammy of good vibes for you. It’s a good idea to focus on the ways that you’d like to grow yourself as an individual. It can be tempting to ask yourself how to be better for others. Believe me, others will feel the changes more positively if you make the changes for yourself.

Venus forming a square to Jupiter this week signals some feelings of inadequacy that you seek to remedy by going too far to prove that you’re enough. You can find yourself wondering if you’re enough for your partner which makes you go over the top to prove your worthiness to them.


Virgo, a square from your chart ruler, Mercury, this week to Mars in fellow Earth sign Taurus exaggerates a feeling of powerlessness within you. You may feel like the Universe is conspiring against you. Circumstances are aligning to further your growth, but that doesn’t mean it feels good! Leaning into your partner’s support can assist you in feeling less alone in this learning curve.

This week Venus forms a square to Jupiter in Aries, which can make you aware of a need to be more open to love from others. You may fear being snubbed by those close to you if you open up, but this week is asking you to embrace the fear. Transforming your attitude on receiving love of all kinds will ensure long-term growth.

The Sun forming a trine to Jupiter this week brings a clear-eyed look at deeper issues that need to be changed. While that doesn’t sound like a blast, you’re able to approach it with fresh optimism. This empowers you to make the changes needed to be your best self and the best partner you can be.


Libra, this week your planetary ruler (Venus) receives a square from Jupiter, making you more lenient in general. Venus in Cancer makes you more aware of your lifelong impact and the trajectory of your life, but Jupiter can make you blow off the importance of it all. Don’t rest too much on your laurels or life-changing romantic opportunities will pass you by.

As Mercury forms a square to Mars this week, expect some intense conversations with your partner if you’re not careful. Your inner fears can take over in your communication with them this week. Don’t allow fear to lead the way! Leading with love is how you are able to grow in your relationship. Prioritize your partner over your ego and you’ll find words flowing with more love naturally.

The Sun in Leo forming a trine to Jupiter in your house of partnership adds optimistic growth to you and your baby this week. You can course correct after the stressed Mercury/Mars alignment with greater ease this week. You’re able to create a better way for both of you with an open-hearted sense of opportunity.


Scorpio, your planetary co-ruler, Mars, forms a square to Mercury in Leo this week, which puts your partnership at odds with your place in the world at large. You may find that you speak misleadingly about your relationship in order to remain in a good light with others, but this isn’t underselling your partner. Aim for honesty and let down your guard with your partner to be more truthful.

Venus forming a square to Jupiter this week may have you escaping mundane duties to yourself and to your workplace through spirituality. Maybe you call off work in order to have a meditation day or to go on a day trip. Despite how nice this can feel to you at the moment, future you may not feel so Zen about the repercussions!

The Sun in Leo forming a trine to Jupiter in Aries does give you an optimistic boost in the realm of work and reputation. If you’ve been seeking a way to be seen as a harder worker, this alignment makes it easier to grow that reputation. Don’t invest so much in work that you ignore your partner though! That is a potential risk if you’re not careful this week.


Your planetary ruler is getting a couple of aspects this week, Sagittarius. Jupiter forms a square to Venus first, making it only far too easy to put off the important daily effort needed to maintain a partnership. Don’t assume that your lack of action will go unnoticed, Sagittarius. Even though you feel immune to repercussions from your loved one does not mean you are!

Jupiter also receives a trine from the Sun in Leo this week, uniting your houses of romance and optimism in a grade A transit for love. Give your whole heart to your partner this week! Woo them up and down. It will remind you of the Casanova you are, and your partner of how worthy they are of your love. It’s a win-win all the way.

A square from Mercury to Mars can make you come on too strong at times. You may have good points to make since you’re highly intelligent, but sometimes it’s better to sacrifice winning the debate in favor of keeping the peace between you and your partner. Even if you are right, ask yourself if it’s truly worth it.


Capricorn, this week Mars forming a square to Mercury impacts your love life significantly. You may feel lucky in love at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that it’s okay to disregard their feelings. Just because they’ll choose to forgive you for overreaching doesn’t mean that you should. Ask yourself if the point you’re trying to make is worth the potential hurt feelings.

Despite this potential roadblock, you and your partner are likely going strong. With Venus in Cancer, it’s a perfect time to strengthen a bond that you’d like to last for the long haul. As Jupiter forms a square to Venus, you may choose to nurture your relationship to distract from your own pressing emotions. The twist you may not have considered is that your partner really wants to help you process them!

As the Sun forms a trine to Jupiter in Aries, you can address emotions with greater optimism and from a safe distance that doesn’t feel too overwhelming. You can see the solutions to inner issues more easily. Don’t ignore your internal processes this week, and involve your partner wherever possible! They may be able to help you gain a greater perspective.


Aquarius, this week Mercury forming a square to Mars can put a distinct strain on your partnership if you let it. You may be too defensive of the deeper emotions that you’d prefer to keep private. But sharing with your partner is integral to any relationship. Letting down your guard by directing your anger at those who have hurt you instead of those trying to help you is the best course of action.

Jupiter forming a trine to the Sun in your house of partnerships brings a greater sense of well-being after the dust settles from the Mars/Mercury combination. You and your partner can happily tease out the places where you can grow together with very little issue. Allow your partner to be your sunshine and choose to be grateful for their presence to take the greatest advantage of this transit.

Venus squaring up to Jupiter this week can have you spewing pretty words to avoid work. Maybe you come up with the ultimate work excuse or have conversations that conveniently glaze over the bigger issues. This feels good in the moment but can catch up to you. Make an informed decision if you want hardship now or later.


Pisces, your partnership can feel a bit dicey as Mercury forms a square to Mars this week. It’s easier to say what you have to get out of conflict when you’re as sensitive as you are. However, your partner will eventually catch on to what you’re doing. It can feel hurtful to have your needs overlooked, especially by your partner. Choose to not be that person.

Jupiter (your planetary co-ruler) forms a square to Venus this week, bringing a strong sense of romance to your relationship. You may seek to hide within your partnership or less serious relationships to avoid responsibility outside of the warmth of their arms. This avoidance can always catch up to you, so proceed with caution.

As the Sun forms a trine to Jupiter in Aries, it’s a bit easier to do work and commit yourself to more practical pursuits. This is a rare time for you, Pisces! When periods like these arise, snatch them up. You can create new financial growth with your partner to lay the groundwork for larger purchases that can solidify your commitment to one another (like a house or car!).

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Wrapping Up

Despite the lack of sign changes this week, it’s still a bit of a doozy! I’m confident that with your knowledge of how it can all shake out that you’ll be able to make it work for your partnership. Channel the chaos to be most beneficial for you to reap all of the rewards.

I’m so grateful for my readers that continue to show up every single week. If you’re new here though, I want you to know what my faithful followers have known for a long time: I’m here to answer any and all questions you’ve got.

Whether you’re seeking more information about this week’s Horoscope, you want clarity on your specific chart or are looking for an interpretation of how you and your partner’s charts work together, I’m here for you.

I learned a long time ago that all the commented questions can get lost in the sauce though.

>> I encourage you to reach out to me here to get on my list! That way I can make sure that your question receives the attention that it deserves.

I’ll see you all next week my loves.

Wishing you all the love in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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  1. hola Ana, soy nueva en esto, no sé ni cómo la encontré, aún muy indecisa, ese capricornio de mi pasado ha vuelto. Perdoné, pero nuevamente se ha vuelto a desconectar, le doy su espacio, pero me tiene desconcertada. Sé que está sufriendo mucho, lo cierto es que desde que nos separamos hace casi seis años, le han pasado miles de cosas desafortunadas, sólo salió la compasión en mi, aunque reconozco que aún estoy herida, y no sé adónde va a ir este reencuentro pues ya hace una semana en la que me castiga nuevamente con el látigo de su indiferencia. Obviamente, ni contacto, si bien, lo cierto es que ya no sé cómo hacerlo, ni si hacerlo. Una libra en un mar de dudas, qué raro, ¿no?
    Intentaré ver si me puede alcanzar tu sabiduría. Un saludo, y gracias

    1. Hola Belth!

      Gracias por escribirme cariño. Creo que estás haciendo lo correcto. Es hora de que hagas lo tuyo y permitas que tu vida siga floreciendo sin tanto estrés. Eres una bendición en mi vida. Muchas gracias por darme tu opinión. ¡No te deseo nada más que amor y alegría como te mereces!

  2. Hi Anna,
    I struggle understanding what to do with the knowledge I get from your horoscopes, as I am single I don’t always know what it means for me, what is written under my sign.
    I am a Leo, so this is my time right know, but I don’t see how I can benefit from a horoscope that I read as one directed to a Leo in a relationship.
    How do I discifer this?
    Other than that, I love your horoscope readings, and have been following you for the last year and a half at least.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Christina!

      Sometimes checking your moon sign helps as well as checking your rising sign. If that’s still not giving you the information you connect to, you can also take a peek at the Tarotscopes. Those are a bit different as they’re giving information via the Tarot. Leo season should actually be pretty lucrative especially with Jupiter in retrograde. It may not go as quickly as you’d like but you can manifest exactly what you want. You certainly deserve all the best! I wish you nothing but the best and again, check out the Tarotscopes.

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