The Judgement Tarot Card: Your Complete Guide

The Tarot Cards are all very informational if you take the time to learn what they mean. They can help you get a handle on your love life, your career, your finances, and guide you forward.

Whether you pull one card or you’re doing an actual layout for a reading, you’re getting information from within that you might not have gotten otherwise. Keep reading to learn more about the Judgement Tarot Card!

1. The Brief History Of The Judgement Tarot Card

Originally, Tarot Cards were created as playing cards in the 1400s. It was a brilliant idea to add artwork to make the cards look fancier. In the 1800s, the Spiritualism movement was active.

Looking at the pictures, spiritualists decided they could make each picture mean something. So began Tarot Card readings. The most famous and most used Tarot deck worldwide was created in 1901.

That deck is known as the Rider Waite Tarot. It comes with a little booklet that explains what each card means, as well as a list of some of the layouts you can use to conduct Tarot Card readings.

There is a massive variety of Tarot Cards on the market today. The Rider Waite is the easiest to use when you’re learning how to read the Tarot.

The Judgement Tarot Card is the 20th trump card in the deck. At first, the figure in the card represented an Angel. This Angel judges you and sees what your karma is.

It’s like the guardian at the gate that decides who gets into heaven. That’s the representation of the Judgement card in history. With that in mind, the cards surrounding this one would tell you which direction your karma is headed.

Whatever you did or didn’t do would be weighed out and this tells you where you’re headed… a better life or one with more troubles.

Over the centuries, the definitions have changed and become more practical for modern times. This Major Arcana card still speaks of karma, but not just the individual in question.

Now it represents whomever the questioner is asking about. Perhaps someone did you wrong and so, this card would say that justice is at hand and the karma will be dealt appropriately.

2. The Basic Definition Of The Judgement Tarot Card

Judgement Tarot Card

I went into a bit of the meaning in the history but yes, there is more! The Judgement card can mean you’ll soon have a decision made in a legal situation.

The Judgement card meaning is broad because it covers you spiritually, as far as karma goes. It’s also a card that lets you know that there is going to be a decision made.

If you get a positive card with the Judgement card then it means that the decision will be favorable for you. You will get what you are owed in life or with a person.

Someone may finally pay what they owe you. The legal system may right a wrong for you. You’ll finally get what you’ve worked hard for.

What you may not know is that this card is also a transitional card. The Judgement Tarot Card means that you’re closing one door and opening up a new one. So, it helps usher in a new path.

If you’ve been working hard and not getting what you really deserve, this card is saying a huge change is happening for you and you will finally receive prosperity or abundance.

It’s normally a very positive thing to see the Judgement card unless there are negative cards surrounding it. If you pulled it as a card of the day then it’s definitely positive.

You may also be having an increase in spiritual knowledge, and thus, helping you reach a new level to help you to change your life for the better.

3. The Judgement Tarot Card Definition In Reverse

When you pull this card and it’s in reverse it may make you feel nervous, and rightly so. The reversed Judgement Tarot Card means that you’ve made bad decisions.

You’re having delays or problems getting your way. You cannot figure out how to go forward. Perhaps things haven’t gone right in a legal matter. You made the wrong choices and now you’re receiving the blowback.

Karma is a real thing and seeing this card in reverse, means that you’re getting the results of those bad calls.

The reversed Judgement Tarot Card can also represent your self-doubt about yourself or your life. Maybe you doubt someone’s intentions or decisions.

Perhaps things feel stagnant or immovable. The card surrounding this one will certainly tell you which direction it’s going in. If you get a positive card surrounding it then it’s just a temporary glitch in your matrix.

If a negative card surrounds the Judgement card, it could very well be telling you that you’re going in the wrong direction and need to look into other options.

Pulling this card in reverse as a card of the day means that you need to reevaluate your decisions because what you’re thinking right now isn’t going to pan out well.

4. Love And The Judgement Tarot Card (Upright)

Seeing the upright Judgement Tarot Card when you’re asking about love is a good thing! This is especially true if you have positive cards surrounding it. By itself, it’s a confirmation that you’re in the right place with the right person.

Perhaps you’ve been estranged from the person you love. This card can be telling you that there is a renewal at hand. You two may be meeting up soon and mending the love you have.

Now, this card can also indicate that the relationship you’re in may be switching gears very quickly. If you have a positive card with it, it means it’s changing for the better.

It’s always very important to look at the card surrounding this one. It gives you a clearer look at what is really going on and where it’s going.

You may need to make changes in a relationship that you have, or the other person is about to make some alterations themselves. If you pulled this as a daily card, you can pull another for clarity.

If you’re single, then maybe someone you have a crush on is finally noticing you and is ready to take your friendship to a new level. It inspires hope where love is concerned.

Giving love to people can help karma bring it back around to you, so this is also a card that tells you your good is well on the way for you in love.

5. Love And The Judgement Tarot Card (Reversed)

The Judgement Tarot Card Reversed

When you get the reversed Judgement Tarot Card and you’ve asked about your love life, this may be giving you some not-so-happy news. Perhaps you’re on the wrong track or not thinking clearly which is reflected in the card.

You might be in denial about something happening in your relationship. It’s time to really look at what is happening between you and your partner or potential partner.

Maybe you aren’t feeling confident in the relationship or in yourself. Something definitely isn’t right and it’s up to you to figure out what it is so you can fix it or leave it.

If something is missing, something that feels wrong, or love loss, then you need to do some “inner gardening” inside yourself so that you can figure out what you want.

It’s a re-evaluation type of card. You need to choose whether you want to stay in this relationship or let it go. It’s time to face what’s going on. The time has come.

It may be that the other person is having second thoughts or doing something dishonest, and so a breakup is possible.

Look at yourself, your beliefs, and your feelings, so you can figure out what is going on and how to fix it or let it go so that you can move forward to your dream love life.

6. Finances, Job, And Career With The Judgement Card (Upright)

Looking into your financial situation, the Judgement card is letting you know it’s time to look at your options, make sure things are in order, and that you’re investing the proper time to your goals.

Someone who owes you money may finally be paying you back, or you’re ready to remind them that it’s time to pay up. A decision regarding finances is in your favor.

You’re ready to dive in and take advantage of what is put in front of you. It may be time to learn some important things that allow your career to soar.

You might be getting a raise or a change in position that allows you to rise up and make more money. If not, then you may be changing jobs so that you can have growth.

Whatever you’re trying to accomplish, this card is saying it’s a good idea and that research plus effort equals rewards.

It’s possible that to get more financial upswing requires you to go back to school, take workshops, or complete your education process.

Upright, this card is very positive and should uplift you when you’re thinking about what you’re going to do next with your job, career, or money. Maybe that job offer is worth a second look.

Are you really ready to take a job that is outside what you’re used to doing? Is the risk going to pay off? Search your inner self and find out what your gut has to tell you.

7. Finances, Job, And Career With The Judgement Card (Reversed)

Things may be hard for you right now financially. The reversed Judgement Tarot Card means that you’re feeling stuck or unsure about your job, career, or money.

You’ve lost your way or there are delays in what you want to do. Perhaps the job you’ve been working at is a dead end and you know you probably should quit.

Be careful because if you’ve been blowing off opportunities or procrastinating then this card is a warning that things are taking a bad turn. It’s time to wake up and get yourself back on track.

Financial setbacks really may affect your well-being. The thing is, it’s changeable and it’s temporary. Don’t dwell on it. Instead, figure out what you can do and then get started!

It is a card of karma, so if you’ve been doing nothing about your situation then it’s about to get worse unless you do what you need to for it to turn around.

You’re not without resources, but you do have to want it. Old patterns in your finances or actions will destroy you if you keep it up.

Try to be thankful and appreciative of the opportunities you have so that more can come your way, but be sure to take one instead of letting it pass you by. It’s all up to you.

8. The Judgement Tarot Card As A Person (Upright)

Whether you’re asking about yourself or someone else, this card lays out a description. This is someone assertive and able to accomplish their goals.

This person is active and knows what to do to change their fortune to something more positive. They allow change to happen but mold it to situations they can work with.

This person remains positive and open to change. The Judgement person wants to live better and help the world to be better in their own way.

They are decisive and weigh things very carefully to know what to do next. They don’t sulk and don’t doubt themselves. They are brave and ready to take risks.

When a crossroads comes up in their lives, they seem to trust their intuition and know which way to take. A Judgement person is able to know what is right and what to do with that information.

9. The Judgement Card As A Person (Reversed)

Naturally, the Judgement card as a person in reverse is a person who is indecisive, unsure, and may be procrastinating where they should be taking action.

They aren’t stable and have to find motivation somehow so that they can get themselves out of the rut they may be in. This person may suffer from poor self-esteem.

Unlike the upright person, the reversed one doesn’t take many actions. They sit back, are possibly lazy, or just don’t feel motivated to take care of anything.

Maybe their life has been hard and they don’t believe that will ever change so they just do nothing. It’s also possible they don’t feel like they deserve good so they hold back.

This person isn’t putting in effort, isn’t trying to learn new things, and is basically kind of doing the bare minimum to survive. They don’t see the bigger picture.

The reversed Judgement Tarot Card means that whomever this person is, they are not seeing all the good they could have and don’t know how to boost themselves back up.

10. Advice From The Judgement Card In A Reading

The advice that comes from the Judgement Tarot Card is along the lines of it being time for you to accept the change that is transforming your life. Be open to what happens next.

It’s alright to prepare yourself if you need to. It’s a good idea to treat people well and handle situations with grace. When you are doing your best, you also get back the best.

Things will be set right with the right timing, as long as you trust and believe in yourself. If you want a better life, it’s yours!

Stay motivated and know that the Universe is always working to help you find success, love, and great joy. Don’t allow yourself to deviate from your plans unless the plans aren’t working.

Always look for alternative ways to go when something feels wrong. Be confident in yourself and know that you can do anything you set your mind and energy to!

11. The Judgement Tarot Card As Feelings

You’re feeling contemplative about your love life or situation. You’re not sure if you’re on the right track, and so you’re trying to tune in with the Universe to find the answers.

You may feel like some kind of message is trying to come through to you or will come through like a sign. It’s not a bad idea to pay attention to your surroundings.

It’s also likely that you’re feeling a karmic pull between you and your job, your spirituality, or your partner. It’s an irresistible magnetic force that makes it feel like your destiny is at hand.

It may be a possibility that you’re feeling you should analyze everything you’ve done or felt so that you can get a better handle on how you feel now. It’s time to analyze.

Investigate that karmic pull you feel because it may very well bring you a life-changing situation or person that will send you soaring in bliss!

12. The Judgement Card Meaning Regarding Children

This is going to sound REALLY weird to some of you. The Judgement card when it comes to children is representative of a child deciding whether to come to you to be born or not.

Maybe you’re trying to decide if you should have a baby. You’re feeling your biological clock ticking and aren’t sure if you should go for it or not.

Judgment in the upright position says that if you’re ready then yes, the time is right now!

Of course, if it’s in reverse then it’s saying that there is more information you need. You might need to wait until the time is right. The child may not yet be ready to be born with you yet either.

To existing children, this card says that all you have done for them will bring a karmic flow back around to you and them in a wonderful way.

If reversed, it may indicate an abrupt change that isn’t positive. Perhaps a child gets ill or gets into trouble. Maybe your parenting skills need some improvement.

Whatever it happens to mean, you really do need to pay close attention to the surrounding cards to get the clarity you need.

13. Health And The Judgement Tarot Card

When it comes to your health, the Judgement card can definitely give you excellent information. Pulled upright; the Judgement Tarot Card means that you’ve taken the necessary steps and now you are on the mend.

You may have gotten really good advice from a physician that told you exactly what to take or do to feel better.

You’ve learned what you needed to and now you’re on the path to healing or recovering.

Mentally and emotionally, you’ve gone through some hard stuff but now you’re headed in the right direction, feeling more sure and optimistic.

Now, if you go the card in reverse then it means you’re not doing what you should be, you are holding off on seeing a doctor or getting help.

You’re putting off what you need to do now and it’s costing you your physical or mental health. You had better pay attention if you get this card in reverse.

14. The Judgement Card Answer “Yes” Or “No”

When you see the Judgement card in its upright position, it’s a very positive card indeed. That being said, it’s very easy to determine that when you ask a yes or no question, the answer is YES!

If you happen to get the card in reverse then it’s going to be the polar opposite, because the card means you’re not doing what you should and so that definitely means NO!

Of course, if you pulled multiple cards doing a reading, look at those cards. Are they positive or negative? If the reversed card is surrounded by positive cards, then it could simply mean that things are delayed or that it’s not time yet.

An example…

You pull three cards and the first is the Sun, then Judgement in reverse, and finally the Ace of Wands. This would mean, things were set into motion, but right now isn’t the time. But soon, it will be time and you’ll see success.

See how the other cards impact the Judgement card? Now, if you pull the card in reverse as a card of the day then it’s telling you it’s not time to take action or, in other words, “no.” It’s a cut and dried answer when it’s the only card present.

If you aren’t really sure then you can always pull another card to get clarity from the one card. Whether it’s negative or positive will help you get a better direction.

15. The Judgement Tarot Card In Position

The Judgement Tarot Card In Position

As I just mentioned in the last section, it really does matter what position your cards are in, as does what the cards mean collectively. Here is a good reference for you to follow as you learn Tarot:

The Judgement in Past Position:

When the Judgement card is in the past position, it will indicate that you’ve made some really good decisions and are now heading in the right direction. It’s time to stand firm on your choices. Learn all you can!

If the card is in reverse in the past position, it’s saying you didn’t do what was required or necessary for your achievements. You may have not acted well in a situation; thus, problems are emerging. The next position determines the outcome of the past (typically recent past).

The Judgement in Present Position:

In the present, the Judgement Tarot Card means that you’re on the right path and you’re doing exactly what you should be doing. A decision is being made, and will be made on your past efforts. You’ll get what you karmically deserve.

If you get the card in reverse, then it’s saying that you’re slacking and you need to look into getting some help. Get off your rear and get things done, otherwise, you’re going to have a crappy outcome. It’s kind of a warning to get it together so you have a good future.

The Judgement in Future Position:

When you get the Judgement card in the future position, it’s showing you that an amazing change is coming your way, based on what you’ve been up to. If you had a positive card in the present then you’re likely to have some pretty amazing news coming your way, or justice.

Naturally in reverse, the Judgement Tarot Card means that something doesn’t go as well as you had hoped or it’s delayed because things were not done right. It might be you that didn’t do what you should have or it’s someone else that didn’t take action and it has a ripple effect for you.

16. The Lessons The Judgement Tarot Card Wants To Teach You

The Lessons The Judgement Tarot Card Wants To Teach You

When you’re trying to find success in whatever you are doing or whatever relationship you’re working at, Judgement tells you the ingredients to get what you want. Here are some important lessons to keep in mind:

  • Do what you say you’re going to do
  • Be proactive in your life so that everything keeps moving and flowing
  • Do your best to stay positive and treat others well
  • Never, ever give up on your dreams, they’re important!
  • Don’t give up on yourself, you’re worthy of so much
  • You’re almost there, so stay on course
  • Learn all you can because it can only help you go further

17. Astrology And The Judgement Tarot Card

The Judgement Tarot Card is rather open-ended when it comes to Astrology. It’s not tied to any certain planet or Zodiac sign. This card is different from all the other cards according to Aleister Crowley’s teachings.

He said this one needed to be separated to “carry on the tradition.” Now as an Astrologer, I feel like if there was a representation of planets, this card would be tied to Jupiter.

A person can bring fortune to themselves when they use the power of the Universe properly with a manifestation of energy. Everything lines up when things are ripe for the picking.

In time, people can actually manifest what they want when they see signs that everything is in its place and the right people happen to be in the right place.

In my opinion, Pluto may also be tied in with Judgement because it goes so deep inside everyone. It’s bringing our inner selves outward to make our dreams come true. In reverse, it would mean locking yourself inside; thus, no growth.

The other determining factor with Astrology or Zodiac would be the deck you choose to use. Since they all vary, you’d have to look at the planet or sign that represents on the cards.

When you look at how different Judgement appears, you’ll also be able to see more in the picture. Check the booklet or book it came with because it may give you insightful information.

18. The Judgement Tarot Card In Numerology

The Judgement card is number 20 in the deck. Numerology would break that down further and it would be 2+0 = 2. If your life path number happens to be a two, then this card may be telling you it’s time to play on your strengths.

It’s time to get on the right path. What is that for a number two? Your lot in life is to be a peacemaker. You help others come to terms with their feelings and help them to decide what to do with themselves or their relationships.

You’re here to help other people by giving excellent advice, guidance, or lessons.

In looking at the number two as a message, it’s time to focus on cooperation, development, and being patient as things fall into place for you. This is valid also for your yearly cycle number.

That’s a number that comes from your month, the day of your birth, plus the current year. When you add it up, you get a double-digit number. Add those two numbers to get one number, that’s your year cycle.

In the event that yours happens to be two, then you know that you need to develop your projects or relationships. It means that compromise is necessary, as is your focus on what’s important.

One more thing you should know… the number 20 itself is a spiritual card that says you’re about to go on a journey.

19. When You Keep Pulling The Judgement Card

Yes! It absolutely means something when you keep pulling the same card again and again. It’s a message. You’re asking what that message is…

What this may mean is that the truth about a situation is coming to light soon, so it’s important to pay attention. If anyone has lied to you, you’re going to find out.

It also may mean that someone found out you lied about something. Have you possibly deceived yourself? You’re about to see the truth of your own situation.

If it’s not about truth, then karma is making its rounds, and depending on your recent actions or thoughts, you can either expect backlash or some good news.

Seeing the same card repeatedly is always a message that something is about to happen and it depends on the card as far as what it may mean for you personally.

Perhaps you have been waiting on a court decision. It’s about to come out for you! If you pull other cards and they’re positive, then it’s going in your favor.

When you keep pulling the same card over and over, it’s not an accident. Pay attention to the card’s meaning and review your life. What is going on that could possibly change very quickly?

Is your love life going through troubles? Maybe something new will happen to help your relationship heal or end to accept a new one that is much healthier.

You must be willing to let go in order to achieve a new level of happiness and abundance. You can do it! I know you can!

20. Symbols For The Judgement Tarot Card

The symbols for the Judgment card are normally an Angel hovering up above two or more people. If you’re looking for a Judgement tattoo to represent, the scales of justice work well, as do an Angel holding them.

Another symbol that would make a nice Judgement Tarot Card tattoo would be the triangle that has a circle in the upper portion. It’s a meaning for rebirth, motivation, and of course, absolution.

If your birth card is the Judgement card based on your Life Path Number is two, then you could actually get the whole card tattooed.

In some different Tarot decks, you might see souls rising from the grave which is the rebirth that I mentioned.

In the Rider Waite deck, the picture is of an Angel up in the sky with a horn and a flag with a cross.

This Angel is hovering over people that have risen from their coffins and are holding their arms up toward him/her. The Angel is blowing the horn, which is what motivated them to come alive again.

Once dead, they are ready to come back with renewed faith. They are happy to be servants in the world. This is the “rebirth.” It may be time for you to let the old you die to gain a sense of the new you.

It’s time to let go and move into a new time in your life. Your spiritual side is changing, as is your literal life. The card says now is the time to stand up out of your coffin and rejoice!

As I mentioned, the picture will be different in different Tarot Card decks. It’s all dependent on the artist who creates the art for the cards in collaboration with the author who writes the definitions.

Check out the deck you feel most drawn to and look at the Judgement card. What does it look like? What does it say in the booklet or book it came with? That’s what you learn from it.

21. Spirituality And The Judgement Card

The Judgement Tarot Card means that spiritually, you’re approaching a new level. You’re ascending or learning more that helps you open up your Third Eye.

You’re experiencing a spiritual awakening or you already have and are ready to learn more. You may be ready to learn something new or explore things you never thought.

It’s time to learn more about who you are and where you’re going. What do you get out of life? Why are you here? What are you supposed to be doing? How can you help others?

Everyone goes through this experience. When the Judgement card comes around, it’s letting you know it’s time to do some studying in the spiritual area so that you can grow.

The Universe is possibly trying to get you to pay attention because you’re having a big awakening to what your life will hold and where you should be going.

Karmic lessons are being learned or have been learned leading you to a new perspective on your life and your connection spiritually to the Universe.

Self-reflection is an important goal for you to have. When you figure out who you are and what you’re about, you’ll know what to do with your life. You might be surprised at how much things change for you.

You’re going through a spiritual transformation that will dictate what you do next in your life. It may be far different than how you lived before. That may include taking a job that is in the spiritual field.

You may suddenly awaken psychic abilities. What are you seeing, hearing, and feeling? Meditate outdoors with your eyes shut. See what you hear, smell, and feel.

It’s possible you’re becoming a teacher for others to learn their own spirituality. Look into things like Reiki, Psychic Readings, Yoga, or whatever grabs your interest.

I truly hope that this has helped open up your understanding of what the Judgement Tarot Card meaning represents.

I wish you all the luck in the Universe!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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