Weekly Love Horoscope for April 8th – 14th

Hello my Sweethearts and welcome to a very exciting week as we get into the business end of the year.

April is full of important planetary events and this week we have the total solar eclipse which is happening in Aries, and as a matter of interest, the solar eclipse will be seen across North and Central America.

What’s also significant this week is Mercury continues to be retrograde in Aries, so while the total solar eclipse (which is also a new Moon) is representing the potential is ripe for brand new projects and ideas, the Mercury retrograde indicates that you should be thoughtful and wise in your planning and adopt a fairly cautious approach without assuming anything.

The Sun conjunction Mercury retrograde in Aries could also lead to a commotion in terms of internet outages, travel chaos and other logistical problems. So be particularly cautious when traveling and have a plan B. Mars conjunct Saturn again reinforces the theme that caution is needed and nothing can be taken for granted, so definitely a week to be progressive, but also very cognizant of all the dominoes that could fall.

Check your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs for more accuracy.

Aries – Mindful of the moment

Now the total solar eclipse in Aries is particularly exciting and rejuvenating for you as an Aries. Now what’s important right now, especially in terms of personal matters, is that it’s quite okay to change your mind, as this is an awesome time to backtrack, retrace your steps and develop a brand new plan.

In terms of relationships, it’s also a good time to iron out a problem or review any recent decisions to see if they are really suiting you. So what the solar eclipse and Mercury retrograde represent for you is an excellent time to reassess and retrace your steps before starting out in a slightly different direction.

So this is certainly not a time of full steam ahead or guns blazing, your ruler Mars conjunct Saturn also represents that when it comes to career or relationships, it’s vital to take one step at a time and keep your eyes wide open as you are successful this week when you think before you speak and before you act.

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Taurus – Sense of Serenity

Now Mercury retrograde in your 12th as well as the total solar eclipse happening near Mercury represents an important time for your spiritual awareness and development. This is an excellent period to take some time off by yourself allow your mind to wonder. It’s very important to free yourself of obligations and constraints right now, because self-awareness and meaningful pontificating is really important. 

This is also a time when you very powerful in terms of your perceptive ability and your ability to tune in to your higher self, that’s why it’s important to be alone so that the messages from the universe can filter through.

Be particularly aware of any coincidences or strange events because there may be signs directing you to a new direction. So this is definitely a time to look up look around and use all your senses to understand what’s happening in your life and relationships.

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Gemini – Seeking and Perfecting

Now with your ruler Mercury retrograde, this is one of those times of the year when Gemini require extra information and good advice, so what’s vital, especially with the total solar eclipse in Aries, is knowing who your friends are.

This is maybe a time to establish new friendships with people who reflect your ideas, your energy and your ambitions, very often the key to finding love is to be found in brand new friendships and even if you are in a relationship, it’s important to have a solid support structure outside of your marriage 

So Gemini are obviously social people, you tend to have a lot of friends, but right now it’s time to deepen those friendships. This is also an awesome time to make an impression in your career, Mars conjunct Saturn represents that all eyes are on you but you need to perform to the max, so make sure you get it all right. 

Dot the I’S cross the T’s this week.

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Cancer – You have the key, you have the secret

Now with Mercury retrograde in Aries and Mars conjunct Saturn in Pisces, the key this week is planning, it’s thinking ahead, being honest with yourself about what you really would want out of this year and slowly and surely putting the pieces in motion.

 One of the key aspects for success right now is constructive communication in relationships and that means being a good listener and also a good debater. It’s vital for you and your partner to understand each other’s point of view but also understand that there is a whole range of opinions that exist beyond your bubble, so maybe it’s not a case of being right or wrong, but rather that you both are just needing more information and more perspective 

So what’s so important right now, both in your relationships and your career, is to keep looking for the information or the key and it’ll fall into a lap, revealing all.

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Leo – Turning Point

The total solar eclipse in Aries, as well as the Mars conjunct Saturn in Pisces create quite a high level of desire, enough is never enough. You are looking for answers, you want deeper meaning and sometimes you can even be a little bit suspicious in relationships.

What’s key right now is the phrase, seek and yee shall find. Don’t be afraid to ask deep questions of yourself, your partner and your relationship, however don’t be suspicious and paranoid, know the difference between constructive and reasonable questioning and looking for trouble.

Right now your restlessness and your intense curiosity can get the better of you, but if you use your time wisely, you can grow an awful lot and find out things that will help restore the momentum towards closeness and more meaning in all relationships.

An excellent time to make a key decision about money and this decision could represent a turning point for your finances.

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Virgo – Gritty and intense

This is a very intense and interesting time in relationships, particularly established relationships. For those Virgo who are in a committed relationships, this is a time for depth and renewal of trust. Work very hard at honest communication and make sure that promises made are promises kept.

Strengthening relationships right now comes from being clear, concise and consistent, work hard to follow through on agreements you have and to work at teamwork. It’s not all easy this week, there will be challenges, differences and some unexpected events, but you will be able to work through them as long as you show that Virgo ability to adapt and your tenaciousness. 

A new relationship that comes about now is likely to be very karmic in nature and could transform your life.

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Libra – Clutching victory from the jaws of defeat

Now the total solar eclipse in your solar seventh house of relationships represents an excellent time for a reboot and a redirection in terms of your relationships. It’s never too late to change bad habits and it’s never too late to restore a failed relationship, this is a time to throw everything out the window and start again.

If your relationship’s going badly, you can turn it around, if you’re separated you may be able to reconcile, even if the relationship is going well it could be better and you both could make some brave decisions that will lead to the empowerment of you both.

This is also a time, with Mars conjunct Saturn, to be disciplined, work harder at your diets, your fitness and you will achieve results. The overall idea of this week is a strong team ethos, supporting and encouraging your partner, appreciating the relationships in your life and having faith that everything can and is getting better.

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Scorpio – P for Patience

Now the great news for Scorpio is that the total solar eclipse in your solar sixth house represents a turning point for your health, so what a marvelous time to quit a bad habit and start a new positive habit that can help regenerate your health, relieve any ailments you are having and introduce positive routines for wellness into your world.

Mars conjunct Saturn in Pisces means that although romance and love are not a roller coaster or firecracker, they can provide a lot of tenderness and comfort. So what you need to be focusing on, both in new and existing relationships, is being a good listener, giving your partner physical support by comforting body language and affection and doing pragmatic things to improve romance like better routines and understanding each other’s love language and being patient.

Now the key winner for relationships right now is being patient with each other, every relationship requires the commitment of patience and that is your gold.

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Sagittarius – Talking back to happiness

The total solar eclipse in Aries represents a competitive time. Sun conjunct Mercury also brings out your feisty side and when it comes to love you are taking no prisoners.

This is a great time to go after what you want, to pursue the object of your desire or to reboot romance in an existing relationship. However, it’s important that you do things that you know are going to have a positive effect, play the percentages! This is not a time to surprise a partner with anything outlandish, you should be thoughtful and mindful of what they really like, enjoy and would prefer and make sure that you give it to them, preferably with bells and whistles.

This is a marvelous time to use your creativity to find solutions to any issues you are having in your sex life or particularly in new relationships remember there’s always a solution. 

There may be some uncertainty in relationships, but that’s an impetus to improve understanding and better modes of communication. Remember communication is many things, not just talking.

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Capricorn – Total eclipse of the heart

Now the total solar eclipse and Mercury retrograde in Aries incline you to pay more attention to the most personal aspects of your life, and this could be home, family, property and, more fundamentally, values that make you secure. In many ways, this is a time to get back to basics, so strip away pretenses, know who you are and start aligning your priorities with your true needs and self.

This is definitely not a time for pretenses, so if you are in any relationship that is somewhat shallow or fake it’s time to walk away or to encourage your partner and yourself to grow in a new direction that is more spiritually meaningful. 

This can be a good time, on a superficial level, to have an enormously big clear-out, a garage sale to get rid of all your junk and just get rid of things that are burdens and holding you to the past. Burning old correspondence from a failed relationship is a good start.

Mars conjunct Saturn in Pisces represent a tricky time for long distance and cyber dating, so keep your expectations in check and take it slowly.

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Aquarius – Good fences make good bed fellows

Mars Conjunct Saturn in Pisces has some interesting connotations, you should be very cautious with money, and particularly with Mercury retrograde in the third, you need to think twice before making big purchases or signing any contracts. However, this is a good time to proceed with any long-term business plans, particularly if they are very well thought out.

In terms of love, it’s all about affection, sometimes words get in the way and can be misinterpreted, so it’s very important to use positive body language and eye contact to underline your true intention and meaning. Be a supportive partner and understand that boundaries create security, which feeds intimate satisfaction.

While many of you may be inclined to start a long distance relationship right now, it can be quite tricky at first, so be careful of what you do or do not share with a brand new partner.

This is a perfect time for taking exams or embarking on a new course of study for the purpose of challenging yourself or improving your career prospects.

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Pisces – Please please yourself

What with Mars conjunct Saturn in your sign and the total solar eclipse in Aries, the power is in your hands. The key for you to achieve success in love and life right now is to be determined and to play to your strengths. Believe in yourself and be true to your nature, you can have a lot of success right now when you understand your talents, potentials and work with them. So what’s so key right now is showing resolve and moving forward fearlessly, trusting yourself and your abilities and allowing yourself to shine.

When it comes to love it’s important to show loyalty but also strength, and that means having strong boundaries, none of this Pisces people pleasing right now as you are most successful in love where you learn the word NO and establish clear red lines.

This week is awesome for spoiling and treating yourself as a message to the universe that you deserve the abundance that life has to offer.

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So all in all a very encouraging week but don’t take anything for granted as with Mercury retrograde you have to pay attention to all new information and be a little skeptical.

The total solar eclipse conjunct Chiron places an emphasis on healing and mindfulness. Chiron conjunct Sun in Aries signifies a potent alignment where the wounded healer meets the essence of the self, representing deep wounds and the journey towards healing.

This conjunction suggests we may experience profound soul-level wounds related to our sense of self, identity, and personal expression. However, it also signifies a powerful potential for healing and growth, as these we are called to confront and integrate our wounds into their identity.

There is a strong drive to overcome obstacles, assert individuality, and pioneer new paths of self-discovery. Ultimately, this aspect encourages the journey towards self-acceptance, empowerment, and the fulfillment of one’s unique purpose in life.

The themes for this week are:

  • Healing
  • Mindfulness
  • Understanding
  • Ambition
  • Deeper communication
  • Fact checking
  • Plans A, B and C.

See you again next week.

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