Weekly Love Horoscope for April 15th – 21st

Hello again my Sweethearts and welcome to another reading for April, which is one of the most significant months of this year.
 Now we’ve only just had the solar eclipse in Aries which was highly energizing, dynamic and sets the scene for the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction which will be at the end of this week in Taurus.

Now Jupiter and Uranus are two planets associated with being energetic, spontaneous, a little bit rebellious outgoing and groundbreaking, and therefore it’s very important to build up a head of steam, to engage in confidence-boosting activities, and to remember that the sky is the limit. If you can dream it or envisage it, you can do it.

Mars sextile Jupiter also brings a lot of positive energy and good luck, so it’s very important for all of us right now to live our best lives, to have a good combination of fun and novelty in our life but at the same time to be ambitious about our personal growth and holistic goals

Check your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs for more accuracy.

Aries – Lucky Stars

Mars in Pisces sextile Jupiter in Taurus indicates that this is a time where you get a strong gut feel about things and any new romance where you feel there’s a lot of chemistry, is bound to be off to a good start. This is also a time when you feel like spoiling yourself and do all doing all those things that make life worthwhile.

As the Jupiter Uranus conjunction is in Taurus, this is a particularly auspicious time for money making and business opportunities, so it’s important to be looking and keep your eye out for brand new ways to use your talents and abilities to explode your potential.

In relationships, it’s vital to share genuine warm affection and generosity. In order to enhance your relationships, be loving and show your partner through your actions how much they mean to you.

Sometimes this brings out a little bit of a jealous streak, so be careful of any attempts to try and control your partner, support them and show them the you understand their needs and this will secure you happiness.

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Taurus – Higher Good

Now this is a particular exciting week for you Taureans as the Jupiter Uranus conjunction happens in your sign which is something that hasn’t happened for over 80 years, so it’ll be something that pretty much none of you have experienced before.

Now Taurus is known as being a somewhat people pleasing and passive sign, you like to live with a certain amount of harmony and you can be quite compromising, but what I want to encourage you to do right now to do is to go after exactly what you want, don’t let anything hold you back. It’s important to explore your independence and to live life with a sense of adventure. 

It’s highly likely you will encounter a variety of experiences during this week that will keep you alert and open to possibilities. Boredom is no problem, as you encounter sudden new experiences and opportunities in love and career.

This is a period that can bring about positive and serendipitous forces even if they produce effects that you didn’t expect or even purse. In fact, the lesson this week is to make be aware of how little control you should try to have on any process and that no matter how much you may want a specific result, you often end up surprised with the final product because something higher is working for your best good.

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Gemini – Escape Into Your Truth

Now with your ruler Mercury retrograde, this is one of those times of the year when Gemini require extra information and good advice, so what’s vital, especially with the total solar

With Jupiter Uranus in conjunction the events of this week will test the way you manage partnerships and love relationships, as commitments that seemed fine in the past may suddenly feel quite stale and restrictive, and you’ll suddenly feel the new to rebel against the expectations that others have imposed on you or that you previously accepted. Your reactions in close relationship are likely to be immediate and volatile, and very confusing to your partner who probably weren’t even aware there was a problem.

If things have become stagnant in your love life, then changes will be necessary to allow you to keep growing and while there is a danger of causing a little rumpus, luck generally is on your side so that things typically work out in your favor.

Success really depends on your attitude, and during this week you are guaranteed a more positive outlook than usual, which enhances the probability of fortunate outcomes. There are times in life to compromise and times to ensure your own needs and desire for growth is achieved, so move beyond any barriers, especially in terms of relationships.

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Cancer – Planting Acorns

Now this is a week where you are able initiate changes that can have a satisfying result in terms of greater psychological awareness and healing.

Jupiter-Uranus means you may encounter unexpected experiences that leave an indelible impression upon you and serve as a catalyst for taking steps, even extreme measures to transform attitudes about love and passion that make relationships more meaningful.

You can grow exceptionally stronger by planting the right seeds now, but the key is being totally honest about what you want and need. This is a time when your circumstances are highly conducive for increasing the power of your character. 

You may well come into contact with someone who has a commanding presence or indeed be put in a demanding yet exciting situation that will assist you to manifest your personality and to expand your influence or find truth. Whatever drives you and arouses your passion will increase right now allowing you to fulfill some of your deepest desires.

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Leo – Cupid Is A Maverick

The Jupiter Uranus conjunction is extremely impactful for your relationships and dating as it will have a positive and dynamic effect on your romantic interactions with other people. An excellent time to entertain, throw parties or attend events with friends.

The key is to be generous and show your fair fearlessly, which will encourage men to reciprocate with passion and spontaneity.

A great time for dating and you may initiate a very important relationship, which will be marked by a spirit of mutual respect and personal freedom.

As you are not inclined to be possessive or jealous, you shouldn’t tolerate this behavior from others, and you may choose to leave a relationships that hasn’t allowed you to grow as a person. This is a good time to initiate or settle contracts, and legal problems will likely resolve in your favor.

What’s awesome is that you will tend to attract exciting people into your life, which can mean the beginning of a novel and bohemian relationship. If you are single you may find someone who is a total change from those you connected with in the past.

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Virgo – Poles Apart

If you need to make a change but have been repressing your feelings, external events may compel or nudge you to relocate or change your living situation, quite suddenly.

With Jupiter-Uranus it’s an ideal time to get the travel bug and set off on an adventure. The key is a spirit of expansion.

Whatever happens within your employment, with colleagues or on trips, it’s likely to happen quickly and without much warning and you need to embrace these opportunities as quickly as they come up.

Changes in your job environment may also compel you to move, or you may initiate a new business venture that upsets the routine and stability of your current relationship testing you and your partner’s flexibility and levels of mutual support. 

Know that right now important areas of your life, home and career, are polarities that need to be juggled.

This is an excellent time to develop your relationship communication through broader perspectives, and new ideas may seem more acceptable.

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Libra – Truly, Madly, Deeply

This week with Mars sextile Jupiter, existing relationships really improve, and new ones may develop that have fun and happiness as a basis. You tend to give increased 
consideration to what is spiritually essential in your interactions instead of rushing headlong into whatever or whomever appeals to you on a superficial level.

Because Uranus-Jupiter is in your 8th solar house, you can display better judgment in your choices, you will attract what you truly need rather than what you want. This is a very socially active week with the opportunity to meet a wide range of people, some of whom may have a strong and sudden impact.

New friendships begun now probably will flow easily into the love channel. Existing partnerships benefit from increased openness and greater thoughtfulness towards each other.

Interactions with others can provide refreshing experiences because you tend to attract people who have a novel perspective which likely appeals to your curiosity and need for deeper awareness.

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Scorpio – Home, Heart and Fundamental Understanding

Jupiter stimulating Uranus indicates that your home is the center of activity during this week and you are more concerned with your personal happiness and freedom. You may renovate, expand your home, buy property or work on achieving positive and healthy family relationships.

Now if you have been feeling confined in your personal life, you may decide to review a relationship’s future or try to find more personal freedom within your relationship. Personal concerns may take some energy away from your business pursuits, as you feel torn between your need to take care of yourself and your loyalty to authority figures and the demands of your career.

However, taking care of your emotional needs is vital now, and as you lay strong foundations in your personal life and access the positive energy and valid purpose to redirect to your career. 

This transit affects your feelings, as you react more directly, especially if you have previously avoided expressing your emotions. Your relationships are less predictable with Jupiter Uranus in Taurus, which can cause problems for understanding and you should awaken to dormant or unknown feelings that can have a significant impact on you and your relationship future.

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Sagittarius – Electric Avenue

This week, with your ruler conjunct Uranus, you will be highly energetic and stimulated, as well as quite spontaneous. You’re ready to break free from restrictions that have prevented you from expressing yourself in life and relationships. These restrictions may have been self-imposed, as you took on more responsibilities in the recent weeks as needs required, but now you have to push back and regain your freedom.

During this time, you actually improve both current relationships and the potential for love by reclaiming your individuality and it will be important not to conform to the expectations of other people, be your authentic self.

There’s an immediate and urgent need for personal liberation that you’ll likely make very sudden changes, which will have surprising results, mostly for the better, so don’t hold back.

This week will open up wonderful opportunities to relate to your partner in a new and different way. This may be due to your own actions as you actively seek new challenges out of your comfort zones.

You’ll tend to be more outgoing and friendly and may develop important friendships that bring romantic opportunities.

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Capricorn – Funny People

Although your sensitivity and sensuality is unusually strong, what impresses or turns you on is likely to change and you could be drawn to bizarre dating experiences. You may have strange mood swings that can lead you down some peculiar relationships path as during this period you tend to attract situations that are different from the norm, but these experiences could be richly rewarding.

While this week can prove unsettling, because you keep veering into the unknown, circumstances may allow you to make shape a whole new relationship paradigm through which you could find the perfect person.

An excellent week for problem solving in relationships as matters considered really complex may now come into focus, bringing breakthroughs to convoluted issues that seem to have no beginning or end. 

An excellent time to enhance your personal appearance and do activities which are immediately gratifying. With Jupiter Uranus you can use this time to connect with your inner child and uncover what really brings pleasure into your life and sometimes it’s more simple than you think.

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Aquarius – Shining Star

As Jupiter is conjunct your ruler Uranus, this is a very exciting and fortunate week for you, when you have the opportunity to interact with different people and achieve new goals, more in line with your true purpose. 

Your faith and optimism are enhanced and nothing seems impossible which will inspire yourself and also be a boost to your partner who can take inspiration from your energy and are likely to follow your lead and support your efforts.

Dating is supercharged as you can easily attract the eye of an awesome new partner who will not only love you but join you in your path for personal growth and contentment, making the relationship bigger than just companionship.

You may find a mentor who can help you achieve an important life goal. Expansion is also vital to your development and arranging travel or attending courses and education is also totally apt. 

You may have a lack of self-discipline and are sometimes erratic, and it is possible that you will encounter situations that are different, even somewhat bizarre, which can throw you off centre but that’s a great thing as this is when you learn the most about what you really want.

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Pisces – Road to Damascus

This will be a very exciting week especially in your career, but it has its share of the unpredictable. Be bold as you have a great need to express your true identity through your career or through planning for your future, but this will be a problem if you’ve been denying this need for a long time or have caved to the demands of partner, it’s now time to regain your power and take your future into your own hands.

If you have been ignoring the need for more self-expression or independence, and you feel stuck, things can suddenly change, so be open.

Your restlessness is now surfacing, and your needs are so immediate and urgent that you’re likely to jump into new relationships, so Cupid strikes quickly.

Jupiter Uranus means you could really surprise yourself as you take actions that you would’ve never attempted before, rebelling against the expectations that constrained you before.

You prosper when you use your Pisces’ instincts to swing to the rhythm of life where you can attract whatever appeals to you 
without losing a sleep.

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The astrological environment that surrounds us now definitely encompasses elements that are unfamiliar, perhaps nudging us to reassess what we thought we knew.

Flashes of insight can occur, we may feel rebellious and impulsive, many of us will reboot our spirit through travel and this will regenerate relationships.

Sudden events help to put everything into perspective and allow you to let go of your past in order to thrive in the present.

The themes for this week are:

  • Sponteneity
  • Escapism
  • Ambition
  • Travel
  • Outdoors
  • New forms of romance
  • New Chapters

See you again next week.

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