Weekly Tarotscope For January 23rd – 29th

Greetings, gorgeous ladies! I hope you are doing well and enjoying life to the fullest! It’s hard not to feel grateful, isn’t it? When you see all the amazing possibilities in life, life can truly be amazing.

Here is your weekly Tarot reading from me once again. There has been really amazing feedback about my weekly Tarotscopes, so I am thrilled that you all seem to resonate with my message.

Take only what resonates and see this as a nugget of wisdom. Get the most accurate prediction by reading your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. Feel free to leave any comments below.

Aries – The Emperor

How would you describe the qualities you like in a man? Is it your preference to be cared for by someone or do you want something a little more unconventional? Asking yourself these questions is really important. 

In your opinion, what is the divine masculine archetype? When it comes to masculine energy, what are you most drawn to? When you know what you truly want in a man, it will be easier for you to attract someone like this because the Universe knows what you want. 

Decide what you want and be clear about it. Make sure you know what you want and don’t be afraid to pursue it!

Taurus – Strength

The process of becoming more vulnerable can take quite a bit of energy. Being open to love someone requires a lot of strength. It takes a lot of work to be truly happy in a relationship, even though it feels amazing. Relationships can be challenging, but they can also be rewarding. 

In order to work on your shadowy parts, you must recognize them. To overcome trauma, you must be willing to accept your flaws and work through them. You need to have the best relationship with yourself before you can have the best relationship with anyone else. 

It takes a lot of commitment to accomplish this. Your lifelong commitment should be to work on yourself every day. When it comes to love, discipline is required, so ask yourself: Are you willing to face your demons?

Gemini – 9 Of Cups

We often hear the saying, “Be careful what you wish for.”. It’s usually true that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. If you question things, it means that you have enough self-respect not to take everything at face value. Being a skeptic doesn’t mean that you are negative or cynical.

When it comes to love, always trust your gut. On the surface, someone may seem to have everything you desire, but don’t ignore those red flags. Take a closer look at the situation and dig a little deeper. 

Avoid rose-tinted glasses as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to see the person for what they are. 

Cancer – 6 Of Cups

Do you long for something you once knew? Avoid getting swept up in nostalgia. Mercury is in Shadow after the Retrograde, making it easy to let an old acquaintance back into your life after some careful thought. 

This is a very important decision, but you need to think it through carefully. Feeling lonely and wanting attention doesn’t mean you should give in. If you’ve been contemplating this for months and are truly interested in pursuing it, then go for it. Feelings of loneliness shouldn’t cloud your judgment when it comes to someone who is less than ideal for you. 

It’s your right to expect the best, so don’t settle for anything less. If that’s the case, you’ll never be satisfied!

Leo – 2 Of Cups

Love is in the air, or at least just around the corner. The perfect mate is waiting on the sidelines for you to open up and be vulnerable, but first you must let go of your past. To have the relationship you have always dreamed of, you still need to heal so many parts. 

You can fill your own cup with deep love by being proactive! Those around you notice your self-love when you pour it into your life. You will surely raise your vibration if you follow the things that bring you joy. To let the universe help you, you must create space in your life. 

Self-love is at the core of romantic love. 

Virgo – 7 Of Pentacles

Are you paying attention to any particular aspects of yourself? Everything you have accomplished in your life was once a seed that you nurtured into fruition. How can you improve your life and what goals do you want to achieve? 

Whether it’s your creativity, your love life, your job, or your fitness, this can be anything. Where attention flows, things grow. You have a greater chance of seeing something manifest in your life the more focused you are on it. 

The best things in life take time, so be patient and hold on to your vision!

Libra – 5 Of Cups

Now is the time to take a look around and see what you have. Put an end to focusing on what you lack or what you have lost. The only thing that will make you miserable is being negative. Keep your mind from getting lost in negative thoughts, because there is so much you can be grateful for. 

The only thing this will do is drag you down! If there are so many things to be thankful for, what’s the point of complaining? Life will always have ups and downs, but don’t get caught up in a cycle of loss and misfortune that never ends. 

Resilience is the key to healing and growing when times are tough. Persist and recognize that you are exactly where you need to be in your life. 

Scorpio – The Devil

Have you ever given in to your carnal desires? The key to being nice is sometimes being a little naughty. No one should feel guilty about indulging in some of life’s naughtier pleasures. It’s impossible to always be a good girl.

Play with your shadow self and don’t be ashamed of any kinks you may have. Our desires make us feel dirty only when we feel shame about them. Nevertheless, I can assure you that feeling the way you do is pretty normal. There is a pleasure that everyone yearns for. 

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself and your body! There is no need for you to feel ashamed about it.

Sagittarius – 8 Of Wands

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Whenever possible, avoid rushing into situations based on your feelings. In order to avoid getting into trouble, you need to practice some impulse control. Take a look at the situation and decide if it is actually conducive to your goals. 

In most cases, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is! Think carefully and take your time before making a decision. Keep your options open and don’t rush into anything you’re not yet ready for. You should be strong when it comes to your boundaries. 

Do not let any unnecessary pressure get the best of you. Take it slow and don’t rush. 

Capricorn – The Chariot

Feeling stuck in a rut in life and itching for a change? It is only possible to do this if you break out of your current routine and try something new. Leaving your comfort zone can be scary, but it’s the only way to grow.

Can you tell me about something you have always wanted to do, but were too afraid to do? Maybe it’s time to embrace this aspect of yourself and just go for it. It’s impossible to know unless you try, isn’t it? You might become more daring and take more chances as a result. 

There are times in life when taking a risk is definitely worth it, so what are you waiting for?

Aquarius – The Lovers

You have a good chance of finding love soon. However, ask yourself, what are you doing to prepare? Do you focus on yourself and what makes you happy, or are you expecting a man to sweep you off your feet and give you the life you have always dreamed of?

You might be sorely disappointed in your relationship if the latter is true. It is impossible to have everything you want in life from one man. Taking care of yourself is your responsibility! It is therefore crucial that you focus on your own goals and dreams. Taking care of yourself is the most important thing you can do. 

It is guaranteed that the more self-love you put into your life, the happier you will be when you find yourself in a relationship!

Pisces – Knight Of Swords

A smart and motivated man could make his way into your life very soon, but don’t be fooled; he might not be looking for a relationship. How is it that women seem unable to resist detached and aloof men? There must be something exciting about the mystery. 

Introspection is necessary, and you should ask yourself why you like to be with unavailable men. When someone doesn’t want to put in the time and effort you are willing to put in, what is the thrill you feel? Find out what’s causing this and take action. 

An engaged and committed partner is what you deserve in a relationship. Don’t settle for anything less than the best!

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Love And Blessings

This is just a short note to extend my gratitude and to let you all know how much it means to me to hear that you enjoy my work. I truly hope that as a result of the content I provide on this website, each and every one of you ladies will receive something meaningful from what I have to share with you. 

There is no doubt that each of you is incredibly special and incredible, and I hope you know it. I believe you deserve so much love and happiness in your life, and I believe there are so many happy moments ahead of you. All you need to do is to believe in yourself and open your heart to all the possibilities that lie ahead of you. 

There’s no point in giving up on your search for love, and there’s no point in giving up on improving yourself as well. I believe that this is the secret to everything in the world! If you take care of yourself and your own needs first, you will have a lot more space to give and make others happy when you put yourself first. 

What is your Zodiac sign and what is currently going on in your life? Do you have a special man you have been talking to, and what makes him so special for you? I am so nosy and interested in hearing what each and every single one of you has to say! 

So please leave me a comment in the section below. You have no idea how much this brightens my day when I hear from you. I just wanted to let you know that I am so proud of every single one of you gorgeous women and the commitment you put in to live the life you have always dreamt of. 

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  1. Hi dear Anna! I truly appreciated of all you taught for us who believed in you. I have so much fun and love reading your messages. God bless you more , hope and looking forward to recieve from you especially regarding my Capricorn bf. Thank you!

  2. So very grateful for your posts and knowledge. You’ve helped me enormously over the last couple of years and I continue looking forward to your weekly/daily/whenever! guidance. I think you’re rather special Thank You

    1. Dear Sue,
      I highly appreciate your feedback.
      I hope all goes well for you. Let your feelings navigate your path and all will be good!

  3. Thank you for all your insight!! These readings give me the ability to keep myself in check and know where my Gemini stands from day to day. I love getting these.
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