The Emperor Card – Your Complete Guide

One of the Major Arcana, the Emperor card makes quite an impact in your life and your reading. What does he seem to want to tell you? It feels like it is important!

I tell you what, it IS important. It may be a person or it may be a message – but either way, it’s really a good idea to learn everything you can about the Emperor, as he may be very useful for you.

Keep reading to learn everything about the Emperor Tarot Card!

1. The Brief History Of The Emperor Card

In the 1400s, the Tarot cards were created for another card game. It uses what we know as the Minor Arcana as the four suits of playing cards. Here’s how it goes:

The suit of Hearts in the playing cards are Cups in the Tarot cards.

The suit of Diamonds in the playing cards are Pentacles or Coins in the Tarot Cards.

The suit of Clubs in the playing cards are Wands in the Tarot cards.

The suit of Spades in the playing cards are Swords in the Tarot cards.

There were trump cards as well, which are represented by the Major Arcana. Some still actually use the Tarot cards as a game. In fact, many decks actually say “game” on the box.

It wasn’t until the 1800s when spirituality was brought into the mix. The spiritualist movement began with the Fox Sisters and their séances. Other forms of reaching out to the “other sides” started to surface.

The Tarot cards suddenly took on a new meaning. They had meanings put to them which made them easy to use for fortune telling, speaking to the dead, or answering questions.

The Emperor card was created to represent a man in power who has vast experience. He is able to teach his ways and his skills to anyone who asks for help.

This Emperor is also very good at being organized and making sure that everything is ready for any situation. He is a father, partner, husband, grandfather, or someone with age and experience.

The most popular and user-friendly Tarot deck is the Rider Waite. This deck was created in 1901. A.E Waite brought it together while the artist Pamela Colman Smith made the deck come to life with her graphic design.

2. The Basic Definition Of The Emperor Card

The Basic Definition Of The Emperor Card

Very simply put, the Emperor card means that it’s time to get your ducks in a row. If things have been chaotic or in disarray in your life, you’re being put in a spot where you must fix this.

It also means there is a man with age and wisdom who can or will guide you with whatever you are going through. He’s a beacon of hope and light for you, so it’s good to take the advice he gives.

He may show you how to properly organize your life. By the way, he may be a Virgo, someone who is a fantastic organizer!

This person may also be your current partner or a partner coming into your life very soon if you’re looking for love.

Sometimes the card can mean that you are now organized and ready for anything. Perhaps you did a spring cleaning of your life or are organized for winter, then the card confirms that you’re good to go.

This person also sometimes is a person of power or position. It may be your boss, business partner, or someone in your family (father, uncle, grandfather, boyfriend, or husband).

Whatever meaning you take it as for you, it always represents power, organization, intelligence, wit, and leadership. You can draw another card to help you discern a bit more.

3. The Emperor Card Definition (Reversed)

The reverse of the Emperor the Moon Card means that you’re possibly disorganized, chaotic, or uncertain. You’re not seeing things as they are and making your life more of a mess.

Maybe you’re being offered a leadership role at work but you’re feeling insecure about it. You’re just not sure if you can do it.

When you’re asking about love, it’s representing imbalance. It’s time to look at what isn’t working so that you can talk to your partner about making things better and getting back on track.

What is making you upset at this time? The Emperor wants you to look deep inside, identify the issue, and start working your way forward again. Don’t put it off, the time is right now!

As a person, the Emperor in reverse may represent someone who doesn’t have their life together and is trying to give you bad advice. Maybe your partner isn’t in a good place. Watch out for negative people around you.

The reversed Emperor means a lack of control. Find out what it is that has thrown you for a loop and then find solutions. Ask advice if you need to, but do not allow this situation to fester.

4. Love And The Emperor Card (Upright)

The Emperor Tarot card doesn’t exactly ooze emotion. He tends to be in control of his feelings but it doesn’t mean that he’s void of love. He shows it more than through words to represent his feelings.

He believes in using logic when it comes to love and dedication. The card is also about people who repress their feelings or it’s you holding back on your own feelings.

When the card is upright, it simply means that you need to work on getting a better grip on your feelings and learn how to express yourself better. If you cannot do it with words, then you need to show the people you love how you feel.

Do things for your partner that makes him feel like he’s the King in your life. You can do thoughtful things that make him feel seen and noticed. Give him thanks for what he does for you as it makes him feel appreciated.

This card could be representing your lover. He’s not a man of many words, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. He may be more traditional or old-school in the way that he’d rather show you how much he loves you.

In dating relationships, this guy may be someone who is somewhat egotistical and loves having his ego stroked. This may be one of the ways you need to show him your love.

5. Love And The Emperor Card (Reversed)

The Emperor Card Reversed

When The Emperor Tarot card is reversed, it can be a rather difficult relationship. There may be a power struggle between the two of you. Neither of you is compromising, which makes things rough.

There may also be too much competition between the two of you. Do you always want to stay divided by competing or do you want to have some together time where you’re in the same boat?

If the two of you are fighting too often, then your communication isn’t working. It’s time to find a new way to talk to each other. There are plenty of YouTube video counselors that teach techniques.

Maybe the two of you aren’t really connecting enough to show each other how you feel. It’s time to get back to where you used to be when you fell in love. You can do it, but you both have to work at it.

It’s not going to be an easy path, but if you really love each other, you can find ways to ensure the relationship lasts. This card may be warning you that it’s time to work at it before you lose it.

6. Finances, Job, And Career With The Emperor (Upright)

When it comes to finances, your job, or career, The Emperor Tarot card means that you have plenty of creativity to help you enhance what you’re already doing or find a better job or career that will fit you.

You might be able to get some amazing advice from a successful CEO or someone who is wise in finance. Someone wants to help give you guidance so that you can become very successful.

This may also mean a financial adviser or consultant when it comes to investing your money. It may even be telling you to be disciplined with your money.

Organize your finances so that you can easily take care of your bills, put money in savings, and still have money to spend. Yes, there is a way! The upright Emperor wants to help you.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea for you to get a mentor with whatever career path you’re taking. There is always someone who has been through what you’re going through.

This person is already successful and can gladly tell you how to get through your rough spots as well as how to overcome them with a great victory. If you want help, then ask!

7. Finances, Job, And Career With The Emperor Card (Reversed)

Seeing the Emperor Tarot card in reverse, the meaning is rather a wake-up call for you. You haven’t been careful with your money, so now you’re finding yourself in debt.

You don’t have enough money to do what you want to do. Maybe you lost faith in yourself and now don’t feel like you’re able to get back on your feet.

Your success has started to lose its steam, and now you don’t know what to do. Maybe you feel like you don’t deserve success in a leadership position. Insecurity definitely comes up here.

Your finances are way out of control. You’re embarrassed and afraid to ask for help, but if you don’t humble yourself, you won’t get anywhere. You can get back on your feet but you have to really want it.

You also have to do the work. Find out how you can organize your finances in a better way than you have been doing it so far. Learn self-control so that you don’t keep spending money you don’t have.

If you cannot pay cash for your purchase, then you shouldn’t be buying. Unless you know for sure you have lots of money coming that will pay back what you’ve used.

8. The Emperor Card As A Person (Upright)

The Emperor as a person is roughly the same as what I’ve talked about so far. This is a strong but silent type of person. They don’t express their feelings very well or they just don’t do it often.

This person may have a bit of an ego, so they expect certain things from people. When they don’t get it, they may turn cold. However, this person is very strong mentally.

They tend to use logic where most use emotion. This helps them to see the bigger picture and makes problem-solving much easier. His finances are in order, he’s reserved with spending money, and he probably has a nice-sized savings account.

This normally will be an older male, but depending on the other cards around it, it can be anyone. This person is experienced in life and is someone you definitely want to ask for help from.

Romantic-wise, this man will show you how he feels about you and does romance in his own way. He’s not the stereotypical flowers and dinner type of guy. He’s more of the man who will take your car to be serviced.

He’s old-school, so he may not want to dive into bed right away. He wants to be the man and he wants to court you. He may actually be quite refined in his tastes.

9. The Emperor Card As A Person (Reversed)

Reversed, the Emperor Tarot card meaning shows that this person as being cold, reserved, complicated, and loves to fight. He may actually be somewhat abusive.

This man spends way more than he should and ends up finding himself in debt. He doesn’t adhere to a budget and feels he should spend whenever he feels like it.

He may even have an addiction and spend all his money on it. He’s a weak-willed person who doesn’t know how to pull himself out of the hole. He might rely on you to help him.

This isn’t the type of person you can help by giving him money. He needs help with words of wisdom or advice since he lacks the ability to hold his own. In love readings, he’s someone you probably don’t want to mess around with.

This is a man with issues that he needs to work on before he gets into any relationship. Once in, he may be the type that argues a lot and may even have a violent temper.

10. Advice from The Emperor Card In A Reading

The Emperor card means to give you practical and logical advice. Keep your feet on the ground and your head out of the clouds. Plan, organize, and do what you know is right.

You must take command of situations that are unruly. Be the leader and organize what must be done in order to achieve success.

It’s good to follow your desires but always take a logical approach to it, so that you don’t go in headfirst and fall straight back on your rear. Everything must make sense.

Get in tune with your natural ability to lead. Whatever is going on with you, it’s time you take control of it and mold it the way you see it.

Confront your difficulties and deal with them head-on. It may be hard, but it’s best to take care of it immediately instead of stewing on it and waiting for it to get worse.

Stick up for truth, justice, and what you believe in. Do not back down to appease others! Compromise may be made if both parties agree. If you need counsel, then seek it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

11. The Emperor Card As Feelings

It’s hard to look at the Emperor card in the way of feelings. The Emperor doesn’t express much of his feelings. He relies on logic and reasoning.

The feelings associated with the Emperor card are cool, reserved, distant, ambitious, successful, and optimistic, as well as realistic.

In love, this person’s feelings may be that they want to be your partner but they have trouble telling you how they feel about you. They may instead do things to show you.

Your Emperor may always appear collected, mellow, and in control of himself. He’s more than happy to express his feelings physically in the bedroom but with words, he’s just at a loss.

Now as far as a partner goes, the upright Emperor means that he wants to take care of you in order to show how much he cares or loves you. However, the Emperor in reverse may indicate he loves you but lacks the ability to tell you or show you.

The Emperor will always make sure that you’re provided for, while the Emperor in reverse can barely even take care of himself, much less take care of you.

The reversed Emperor Card is a man that has some issues, which makes it hard for him to take advice. He is hard-headed and stubborn. He’s the type that if you suggest something that might help, he’ll act offended.

12. The Emperor Card Meaning Regarding Children

When you see the Emperor Tarot card when you’re asking about your child or children, it may mean that they require organized education and training.

The Emperor is a teacher and guide. This may be your child’s teacher, depending on the other cards surrounding your inquiry. This could be a tutor or mentor as well.

If it is your child, then you have a very intelligent child that is a natural leader, loves to learn, and can organize chaos. They’re the type of toddler that will line all their blocks up in a perfect row.

They may not give you lots of hugs and kisses willingly, but they will share their snacks with you to show you they love you. They seem detached but really, they are simply one to show instead of say.

Now if the card represents you in the situation with your child or children, it means you must show them a routine and how to properly organize their time, chores, and when they can play.

Teaching them to plan will be helpful for their future. Show them how to use a calendar and how to keep up with it.

If you’re asking if you will have a child, then the card may be telling you that you indeed will when the time is right. It may need to be a very well-planned pregnancy rather than by chance.

The Emperor in reverse regarding children; this card may be warning you that you’re not helping them as you should. You need to practice more discipline not only with them but with yourself.

The reversed card may be saying you need to help your child by helping yourself get better organized. Successful children come from their parents or parent practicing some sort of routine that works.

13. Health And The Emperor Card

The Emperor Tarot card meaning regarding health represents self-imposed stress. If you beat yourself up every time you perceive you’ve failed, then you’re going to make yourself a physical mess.

Your mental state will reflect into your body in illness or pain. When you’re being yourself up for failure, you’re bringing yourself stress headaches.

The sign that is associated with this card is Aries, and so the things you need to look out for when you pull this card in a health question are the head, the brain, and the face.

There are problems that can develop with these areas if you don’t find ways to keep yourself calm, centered, and grounded.

Seeing this card may also indicate that you need to practice some self-love. If you aren’t taking good care of yourself physically and spiritually, then you need to learn how to do this.

It’s possible to get advice from someone who is experienced in self-love. Visit a metaphysical store and tell the people there what you’re going through. They will tell you exactly what you need.

How can the Emperor properly advise others if he’s not taking care of himself? That’s what the card is telling you when you pull it asking questions about your health.

14. The Emperor Card Answer “Yes” Or “No”

The Emperor card is not perceived as a bad one. That being said, when you see the Emperor card in an upright position after you’ve asked a “yes” or “no” question, your answer is a clear “yes.”

The Emperor Tarot card in reverse is exactly the opposite. There is no middle ground here, and there is no “maybe” or “not the right time.” It’s just flat out “no.”

What I can say is that just like with any card in the deck, you can pull more cards for clarity. Maybe it can turn a “no” into “try another time.” Other than that, the first answer that comes to mind with the reversed Emperor is “no.”

There really isn’t a whole lot of wiggle room when it comes to getting a “yes” or “no” answer with the Emperor. That being said, you may find the next section very useful.

15. The Emperor Card In Position

The Emperor Card In Position

The Emperor Tarot card is not a complicated one. It’s actually very easy to read, in most cases. However, I understand when you want to know a bit more so that you don’t mess up what you’re seeing.

We have a tendency to find it hard to be objective with ourselves in readings. That being said, I think that when you’re asking a question that needs a “yes” or “no,” I recommend the three-card spread.

Here is how the Emperor looks in each position:

The Emperor in Past Position:

The Emperor Tarot card means you’ve had some good advice given and gotten your situation together. If not, then it means that someone tried to give you guidance and it’s up to you what you do with it.

If the card is in reverse then it may mean that you are asking the question because things have not gone well thus far with your situation. You aren’t sure what you can do now to make it right.

Not you? Well, then if it’s someone else you’re asking about then recently they were a hot mess and you’re not sure if they can fix themselves or not.

The Emperor in Present Position:

The Emperor in the present is either saying you’re very well organized and getting it together in your situation or that you’re being advised by someone who knows what they’re talking about.

In the reverse, the Emperor is perhaps your life unhinged and in need of good advice or something is wrong while you’re trying to find a way to make it right.

Maybe you’re the one giving advice to someone who doesn’t know what to do. It’s not entirely bad if the Emperor shows up in reverse, as it is still fixable.

The Emperor in Future Position:

The Emperor Tarot card’s meaning in the future position is that you’re approaching a situation that requires you to take some leadership and show others how it’s done. You may also be seeking out someone who will advise you.

In reverse, the card means that you’re about to have some problems that you’ll need to deal with. Don’t let pride get in the way of you asking for help. Everyone needs it now and then.

16. The Lessons The Emperor Wants To Teach You

The Lessons The Emperor Wants To Teach You

The Emperor is a strong individual who is in control and is a natural-born leader. He has some things he wants you to learn so that you can also take the reins in your own life.

Here are a few things to remember:

  • Stay in control of your own life.
  • Be a dependable person that others can rely on.
  • Use your logic and practicality in all situations.
  • Be a worthy partner, spouse, parent, co-worker, and boss.
  • Create stability for yourself and for people around you.
  • Be the person people want advice from.
  • Take your natural leadership seriously.
  • Be courageous enough to take control of a situation that needs it.
  • Stand strong and show people your integrity.
  • Be more open and honest with your feelings when it comes to love.
  • Create structure when it comes to your finances.
  • Your hard work will get noticed.
  • Do not neglect your spiritual side.
  • See yourself as someone who will always find the answers needed.

As you can see, these are valuable lessons to take away from seeing the Emperor card. Meditate on it if you need to, and you just may get even more lessons as you go.

17. Astrology And The Emperor Card

When it comes to The Emperor card and Astrology, the card is associated with the sign of Aries. It’s also affiliated with the planet Mars. There is no surprise there.

Aries is an active, go-getter type of person. When it comes to Mars, the person isn’t afraid to take action where it’s needed. Mars and Aries are leaders that people look up to.

It sure sounds like the definition of the Emperor, doesn’t it? This card also represents fire, which goes hand in hand with Mars and Aries. This isn’t a lazy type of person or a lazy type of situation.

The Emperor is who you look to for inspiration on how to do things and the motivation to actually get out there and go!

The card also infuses a bit of resilience into the meaning. You’re able to dust off and get back up so you can try again. Don’t give up. You’re strong and you can do this.

The stars are aligned with great success when you see the Emperor Tarot card. See this as a blessing that you can absolutely obtain with strength and belief in yourself.

18. The Emperor Card In Numerology

The number that appears on the Emperor card is IV or better known as four. In Numerology, this means a no-nonsense way of keeping your head down and muscling through.

Dependability is definitely possible as is stability with the number four. The Emperor’s number four is saying that you have every capability of standing on your own two feet independently and accomplishing your goals.

Be loyal and practical in your approach and you will succeed. The number four is ready to get things done and move forward. Once he finds a method that works well, he sticks with it and doesn’t veer away.

The Emperor is a tremendous leader and servant. He knows how to do this elegantly. Whether you work for yourself or for others, you know how to handle yourself.

If not, then this card is telling you to learn how to do that by getting some help from another who does know how to do it. It will only help you become more in tune and able to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

Now, if the number hour is also your Life Path Number, then your purpose in life is to help other people fulfill their highest potential by way of helping them enhance their abilities or skills.

19. When You Keep Pulling The Emperor Card

When you keep pulling the Emperor card, then you’re definitely getting a clear message to stay strong, use your logic, and remain calm in whatever you’ve been going through or are about to.

There may be a situation that requires you to be the Emperor. There may also be something going on that will require you to ask for help. Naturally, it may be a sign that help is on the way.

To see it keep appearing is to know that something important is transpiring. Have faith in yourself that no matter what it is, you will remain in control.

If you see the Emperor card in reverse, then there may be something left undone or something you still need to learn and pull yourself out of a sticky situation.

Seek help so you can focus on doing your best and getting ahead. The card in reverse may be saying you cannot do this on your own this time, so accept the assistance wherever you can get it.

Maybe you need to actually accept the power you possess. The upright card will tell you that’s the case, but if it’s reversed, then you’re afraid of your power or don’t think you’re able to harness it.

The theme remains the same for you to stand up and either give help that you can or ask for the help that you need. Self-help and self-love also will get you into the mode of doing what needs to be done.

20. Symbols For The Emperor Card

The Symbols on the Emperor card are a King or Queen sitting on a throne looking old and wise. The King has a crown on and holds a scepter representing his leadership position.

There are also two Aries rams on the ends of his armrests, as well as two ram skulls on the top back of his throne. They show his resilience, organized temperament, and logical approach to life.

He’s the leader that people can rely on. He’s shown his dedication and logical approach to life. He’s the type of person that you go to when you want to learn how to be like them. They’re very open and will be happy to share the secret to success.

Finding an Emperor card tattoo isn’t too difficult. If you’re trying to represent his power, you can get a scepter with a couple of ram skulls at the base of it.

Then again, getting the whole card tattooed is spectacular as well. As always, I advise you to check with a tattoo artist and tell him the symbolism you’re looking for, and they will likely know what to do based on the card and your life story.

21. Spirituality And The Emperor Card

The Emperor card seems so logical and stern, so it doesn’t feel like it’s a spiritual card when you’re looking at it. The truth is very different!

The Emperor Tarot card is telling you to practice self-love, which requires your spiritual innovation. There are things you can do spiritually that help with your physical body.

The card may be suggesting you get a healing massage, or try reiki, meditation, yoga, or another metaphysical practice. Perhaps you can attend a workshop that will teach you new things.

Read books that help you to learn how to spiritually evolve. When you can do this, you become a better leader and a guide to others. You can even go talk to a psychic who can fill you in on where your path is and what you can do.

Get an Astrology reading done. They help clarify why you are who you are and the things you can do to succeed in your chosen path. It can also tell you that you should be on a different path.

A Tarot card reading can help to see where you’re headed and if you can change that path or if you should embrace it. What’s important is that you’re evolving.

You should always keep striving to a new level each day when you wake up. Try affirmations if you need the self-pep-talk daily. They’re wonderful for retraining your thoughts and putting your intentions out there.

The Emperor Tarot card is educational on so many levels and I truly do hope that it’s helped give you some personal insight. Whether you are learning to read cards for yourself or for others, it’s always good to keep learning.

Stick to your values and live your life with integrity. Be the person that many look up to and want advice from. That’s your purpose. Be other people’s inspirational guide!

I wish you all the luck of the Universe!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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