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How to tell if he really wants you? Check out his Mars sign!

You already know your man’s Sun sign, the general tones of his personality and what he needs in order to shine, but do you know where his Mars is?

The position of his Mars is essential if you want to understand the primal, masculine part of his nature. It describes his male ego, his approach to relationships and sexuality, what turns him on and what turns him off, his desire nature, his assertiveness – how he goes about to get what he wants (you, hopefully!).

It shows the way he expresses the “I want you!” principle. If you don’t understand the way his male ego operates you might miss the signs that he is really into you and fail to respond in like manner – assure him that you ARE the yin to his yang. So let’s dive into the secrets of his Mars position and find out what turns him on and how he behaves when he wants to impress you like a woman!


Fiery Aries Mars is a real macho type and a go getter so if he is into you – you will know it, and he will not give up until he conquers your heart.

He is thrilled by the chase and loves challenges where he can prove his worth, which is why rejection only makes him even more determined. You can play a little hard to get with this guy; it will only spice up his desire!

He loves a bit of competition in a relationship and an occasional argument, which doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you, on the contrary – he wants to see what you are made of and he is attracted to women who can handle his passionate energy.

Aries defends those he loves, he is a warrior and an idealist so if he stands up for you, treats you like a princess who needs to be saved from dragons – rest assured, he IS into you.

How to Tell He Likes You Based On His Mars Sign


Taurus Mars has a sensitive, sensual and practical masculinity so if he wants you he will show it in tangible ways: by buying you gifts, trying to please you with wellness weekends and by doing practical things for you.

In order to impress you he might even brag by how competent and reliable he is, or by how much he is earning.

He is not just showing off though, he is trying to show you that he is able to take care of you, for once the relationship is on the go Mars in Taurus is not afraid of commitment, he thrives in a stable relationship.

His sex drive is enormous but he is also fond of cuddles, kissing, hugging and touching so watch out for these signs, they mean a lot when Taurus Mars is concerned! And don’t be surprised if you spot possessiveness in him, this is how Taurus treats those he loves, like he owns them.


If a Gemini Mars likes you he will be in contact with you all day everyday; via instagram, facebook, viber, you name it. He desires contact and communication and talking to you turns him on!

He will try to impress you with his intellect and wit, by showing how smart and in-the-know he is so be engaged in the conversation! He likes a good discussion, word plays, puns, inside jokes and the newest memes, so use communication to spike his interest!

Mars in Gemini is playful and fun to be around and he might take you to new and interesting places since he is always ready to try something new! He will engage you in lively conversations and make a lot of jokes so be sure to show your playful side and a sense of humor for he hates dull women.


If a Cancer Mars wants you he will want to take care of you, nurture you emotionally; protect you like a precious jewel. Feeling needed makes him feel like a man so he might make himself indispensible, shower you with attention, cook for you and will touch you often for he craves emotional closeness.

He might even get a bit mothering – smothering, making you eat even if you are not hungry, of making you take his coat even when you aren’t cold, but that’s just because he likes to take care of you and sometimes he thinks he knows what is best.

Cut him some slack every now and then for he is pleased when he feels he had pleased you! Cancer is very emotional and being a sensitive sign he will sense your mood changes so be open with him, tell him how you feel – it will give him a sense of mutual closeness and turn on his libido!

Happy Couple - How to Tell If He Really Wants You. Check out his Mars Sign!


If a Leo Mars wants you there will be no doubts about it. He will display his affection in explicit and lavish ways with the tendency of even going too far.

Proposing in a stadium full of people while airplanes hover over and write your names in the sky is 100% Mars in Leo MO. If he likes you, he will want to put you in the sporlight for all to see, since you are now the leading female role of his big love story, and Leo is a hopeless romantic with a flair for drama.

He takes great pride in the ones he loves so don’t be surprised if he shows you off – your specialness makes him feel special too and he wants his queen to stand by his side.

He will show you his generous side by showering you with gifts; he will channel his passion in romantic gestures and give you a lot of attention. In short, he will treat you like a princess that you are, and the princess he deserves!


Virgo is very discriminative in selecting partners so if he chose you rest assured this is the result of thoughtful consideration and you passed with flying colors. Congrats!

Careful Virgo Mars doesn’t like to make mistakes, which is why he is not a promiscuous type, but once he is into you he will do his best to take your breath away by showing just how dependable, organized and capable he really is! He wants to be helpful, useful – a man you can count on.

He will be there for you and come running whenever you call, strive to solve your problems, and offer help in practical things. Virgo Mars might even try to “fix” you, ahem, help you to become a better version of yourself so don’t get upset if he comments on your new hairstyle (most men don’t even notice it, right?) – He has an eye for details and likes to improve things he cares about.

He wants to be a part of your everyday life so doing chores and grocery shopping together means he really likes you. And if you wonder how to approach him, ask him to fix your bike and then show LOTS of appreciation! Read next: How To Make Him Fall In Love With You According To His Zodiac Sign


Libra is one of the most romantic zodiac signs and Mars in Libra is prince charming, a master of seduction! If he likes you he will take you to the best restaurants the trendiest art places, dazzle you with his good taste in music and fine food.

He will listen attentively to what you say and surprise you when you least expect it – yes, Libra Mars man actually listens. He really cares about what you want to do so reaching agreement will flow naturally and he will often leave the decision up to you. (And if both of you have Mars in Libra, you might want to flip a coin.) A hopeless romantic, he will send you flowers and romantic texts, flatter you incessantly.

Libra Mars prefers sex in a committed relationship so you might have to wait until things get serious for him to make a move, but when he does, the bed will be covered with rose petals and candle lights will light up the room!

How To Tell If He Really Wants You Based On His Mars Sign


If a Scorpio Mars wants you you can hardly miss the signs, for this is an “all or nothing” kinda guy. He craves closeness and depth so he will try to be as close to you as possible (whether you like it or not), he will be involved in your life and approach the relationship with full force and intensity.

Your issues and problems won’t scare him off so you can confide in him at any time – sharing secrets and deep contact are what turns him on. Mars in Scorpio tends to be faithful, for although his sexuality is strong he appreciates quality more than quantity, but he will expect the same level of involvement and commitment from you.

You might even feel overwhelmed by his intensity and his subtle demands, or you may feel that he wants to possess you – which IS probably the case. But this is the price to pay for his emotional interest and integrity, and yes, lots of passionate sex.


Mars in Sagittarius is a free spirit, a nomad, a philosopher, and a know it all. So if he likes you he will aspire to fascinate you with his positive and daredevil attitude, make you fall for his big ideas and ideals, for his vision.

His open mindedness and plans for the future are what makes him feel like a man so complimenting them will be a plus in his book. He is spontaneous and fun to be with and he will want to enjoy his time with you; take you to loud concerts, spontaneous trips, rafting, bungee jumping, a fun fair – any place where you can have fun together and enjoy an adventure.

You will never be bored with him and he will do his best to make you laugh – he finds intelligent women with a sense of humor very attractive, and since his humor is spiked with sarcasm and bluntness do keep a playful and witty attitude.

His honesty and directness are a real breath of fresh air if you value such qualities, just make sure you are fit enough to keep up with his tempo. Read next: How to ask a Man out according to his Zodiac Sign


Ladies, you are in for a real gentleman! Mars in Capricorn may take some time before he makes a move and opens up for he needs to feel safe before he puts his cards on the table. But once you melt the ice and he starts to feel secure, he will show you what he is made of.

He will treat you like a princess, open doors for you and indulge your every wish. He is a traditional kind of guy so allow him to play the “male role” during the courting game! If he wants you he will strive to show you that he is a “real man”; a provider, a supporter and an attentive lover.

He takes pride in his dependability and practicality and will want a stable, committed and serious relationship with the one he loves. The way to win his heart is to show ardent support for his ambitions and life goals for he needs to know you are here for him for the long run.

Couple in Love - How to Tell If He Really Wants You . Check Out His Mars Sign


First and foremost, Mars in Aquarius wants a friend in his partner. Sex is cool, some romance might be cool, but friendship, trust and intellectual stimulation are paramount to him.

Don’t worry if he is not all over you, he is just more into the friendship side of a relationship than the sexual or touchy feely one. If he wants you Mars in Aquarius will want to show you just how smart he is, how interesting and unique he is, so don’t be surprised if you see his freaky side and be sure to appreciate his love for the unusual and “out there”.

If he bores you with the latest conspiracy theory – he is into you. It is important to him that his partner shares his ideals and ideas and that she is herself interesting and independent – Mars in Aquarius likes strong women and will support you on your own path.

Also, in line with his progressive views on gender roles and ideas about fairness, he WILL do a fair share of household chores, which is definitely a turn on for most women.


Mars in Pisces is a sensitive soul: a lover, a poet, an artist, not a fighter. He will win you over by subtlety (with such subtle signs of affection you might even miss them…), by romantic gestures, emotional warmness and a lot of flattery.

He might try to impress you with his sensitivity, artistic talent and beautiful atmosphere; candle light, soft music, fine wines, the whole nine yards. Mars in Pisces is basically shy so you need to sharpen your love sensor since his love signals sometimes tend to be discreet – no “pulls your hair and takes you to his cave” scenario, he thrives on fantasy, mystery and subtlety.

But if he expresses his emotions artistically, writes you a poem for example, be sure to complement him and let him know the message is received! Mars in Pisces is very emotional and will usually open up to sex only after some level of romance and emotional connection had already been achieved, and then you got yourself a very tender and sensitive lover who can sense your desires.

There you have it ladies, now that you know what makes his heart tick and how he shows his affection, do stroke his masculine ego from time to time – the way he likes it – and make him fall for you even more!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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