The Five Of Cups Tarot Card – Your Complete Guide

The Five of Cups Tarot card picture looks a bit like something disappointing is going on. What does it really mean though? Why are there some cups that appear empty and a couple of cups that are sitting upright?

There is so much more that you need to learn about the Five of Cups Tarot card if you’re learning how to read the Tarot cards. It can be spun in different ways depending on its position.

Are you ready to learn all you can about the Five of Cups Tarot card? Great! Let’s get started…

The Brief History Of The Five Of Cups Tarot Card

Tarot card decks were first created in the 14th century in Italy. They came up with a unique card game that would require a bit more than your standard playing card game.

Being that the Italians were so artistically inclined, it made it easy for them to come up with art that would go on each card and represent the numbers. They made it so there are trump cards (Major Arcana) and the four suits like playing cards (Minor Arcana).

The parallel between the Tarot game and regular playing cards is the suits. Hearts are Cups, Diamonds are Pentacles (or coins), Clubs are Wands, and of course, Spades are Swords.

Along came the spiritual movement in the 1800s and it was a huge craze to talk to the dead and the divine one’s future. Many inventions aided the cause and one of those things was the Tarot cards.

They figured out if they put meanings to the cards, then it was easy for someone to do readings for someone else or even communicate with the dead.

This was widely used all over the world. It spread fairly steadily. The most popular Tarot card deck made in history is the Rider Waite deck, which was made in 1901.

Now there are many different Tarot decks all over the world. It’s a popular game and divinatory tool. That being said, the Five of Cups was brought up to define someone who is disappointed by what they perceive as lost.

The picture shows someone looking down at the cups that are on their sides and ignoring the cups still upright behind them. They’re only looking in one direction.

Let’s take a look at all the different meanings you can get from the Five of Cups Tarot card.

1. The Basic Definition Of The Five Of Cups Tarot Card

The Five Of Cups Tarot Card

Upon looking at the Tarot card itself, you can see that it’s representing disappointment or boredom. The Five of Cups Tarot card means that something has happened that leaves you feeling depleted.

You’re bummed out and not seeing all the good you have in your life. This is on you, though. No one else is to blame because these are your thoughts, which can be changed.

The card tells you that it’s really important to pay attention to what you do have and to be grateful for it.

Yes, there could be things that happen that are out of your control that cause you to feel depleted of emotional understanding. Someone could have ghosted you or done something that you didn’t think they would do.

Again, you still can look at both sides of the situation and decide not to let it drag you down. I understand it’s hard to deal with disappointment or being let down, but you can get past it.

If this card is somewhere in the future, then it’s letting you know there is going to be a bump in your smooth path. It might be someone who lets you down. Then again, it may be a head’s up you can avoid if you pay attention.

This is a card that shows you how to really understand your emotions and what you can do to improve your reactions to things that don’t go well.

Do not be surprised if you feel sad, lonely, lost, or confused. This is normal, but you can recover from it faster when you learn what you can or cannot control.

2. The Five Of Cups Tarot Card Definition (Reversed)

The reversed Five of Cups Tarot card means that you’re able to actually get past your emotional reaction to a situation. You can heal and you can accept what is happening or what will happen going forward.

You can and will overcome anything that has come into your path. You will accept that what happened isn’t your fault and that sometimes life throws you a curveball. It’s up to you how long you will let it keep you down.

Keep focusing on the positive that can and will happen in your life. That’s where the magic of recovery happens. The quicker you can do that, the quicker you can move into a new and more fruitful phase in your life.

Pick up the pieces and build a new path that is much more optimistic. You did everything you could and you can take solace in knowing that. When you realize this, you’ll grow exponentially!

You can see hope again. You’re doing well and you’re being asked to acknowledge the accomplishments that you’ve made in this life. You’re better than you think you are.

Be proud of yourself because you are pretty fantastic! Keep looking forward. You’re not going backward so don’t look that way.

3. Love And The Five Of Cups Tarot Card (Upright)

Alright so this won’t sound pleasant – and it’s really not, trust me. When you are asking about love and get this card, the Five of Cups Tarot card means you may be headed towards a breakup or loss.

If you’re single, then this card could be representing a possible romance that isn’t likely to go anywhere. Someone has shown their true colors and you’re disappointed by it or even sad.

Maybe you’re feeling sad that you’re alone and haven’t been able to find a partner so this comes up reflecting your feelings. You could be thinking of someone from your past that it didn’t work out with.

This card is reflective for sure and when it comes to love, there is just no easy way to put it. You’re going to go through a rough spot, but you don’t have to stay in it.

Whatever you’re feeling regarding love doesn’t have to define you for the future. You’re going to have to work on finding a way to let it go so you can move on and open your heart up again to someone who deserves you.

The more you do this practice, the faster you’ll get through any disruptions in the future. It’s alright to be sad for a short time, but don’t get stuck there.

4. Love And The Five Of Cups Tarot Card (Reversed)

Five Of Cups Reversed

The reversed Five of Cups Tarot card means that you’re finally moving on from something that wasn’t working out. You may have ended it with someone who wasn’t good for you.

Maybe they ended it, and you were relieved because you knew they were not going to work for you in the end. There is a feeling of release and optimism when this card is reversed.

It could indicate a breakup that comes totally out of left field. You are surprised but you somehow sense it’s the right thing to do, so you’re not really too saddened by it at all.

Seeing this card in reverse is representative of you learning to take care of yourself. Give yourself lots of love and respect. When you do this, it draws in a healthy partner that’s a fantastic match for you.

If you’ve been single, then you’ve finally accepted a previous relationship that didn’t work out well. You’re able to look at mistakes that were made and how they would have gone, had it continued.

You realize that you deserve better and you’re going to remain open to love. You’ll become irresistibly attractive when you’re giving yourself a lot of love. That’s how the flow works!

5. Finances, Job, And Career With The Five Of Cups Tarot Card (Upright)

Career, job, and money-wise, the Five of Cups Tarot card meaning is reflective of a possible job loss or position change (demotion).  This can tend to make you feel down in the dumps.

You start to question whether or not you’re good enough for success and if you’ll ever have a successful job or career. This could also mean that an unexpected bill or expense came out of nowhere.

This loss may cause you to freak out because you’re not sure how you’ll recover from losing money or your job. The lesson here is that there is always another opportunity you might have missed that is better.

Would you have wanted to miss it because you’re stuck in a job that doesn’t pay you well enough or won’t move you up at all? Of course not!

This card wants you to realize what you have to be grateful for. Always look for the silver linings in your position in life. There are always side hustles you can do to bring yourself back to a good place.

You may be unemployed for some other reason or will be. There are things you can do to prevent yourself from being without resources. Have faith in the Universe to provide and in yourself to get what you need.

6. Finances, Job, And Career With The Five Of Cups Tarot Card (Reversed)

This is pretty much the opposite of the upright position. You’re getting over a job loss or financial change. Maybe you’re paying off a bill and are starting to recover your finances again.

You’re realizing money is still going to come to you as needed. Stay focused on what you can do and be goal-oriented. Nothing can stop you now because you’re climbing back up the mountain.

Now new opportunities and doors are opening up for you since you’ve left your last job or position.

You’re recovering from financial loss and rebuilding your future. You’re in a great position to try something new and inventive. You might even feel inclined to start your own business.

Side hustles are in abundance, so you are not without resources. Get out there and make it happen!

7. The Five Of Cups Tarot Card As A Person (Upright)

The Five of Cups Tarot card meaning for a person is rather sad. This person dwells on things that have happened in their life and finds it hard to move on.

They may have a negative approach to love or life due to the failures they’ve had. This could be someone with depression, anxiety, or other mental illness, so they find it difficult to move forward.

This person may need counseling or prescribed drugs for mental or emotional struggles. If you’re asking for a romantic reason, this person may have a lot of trials and tribulations that could make the relationship toxic.

This goes for business partners as well. Be very careful who you team up with because this person isn’t in a good place.

If the card is talking about you, then it’s time you realize what is going on so you can get medicated, talk to someone, or work on meditation so you can pull yourself out of your funk.

Naturally, if you get the card in reverse, then the Five of Cups Tarot card means that this person is someone that can overcome their problems and is working on making themselves better.

If this card is you, then you’re the one that is getting over something and realizing that being more optimistic is the way to be so you’re going for it.

8. The Advice From The Five Of Cups Tarot Card In A Reading

The advice from the Five of Cups is not to get too wrapped up in the loss or sadness you may feel. This doesn’t have to be a long-term thing. Grieve for a short time and get back to life.

Sometimes you lose a job or position because there is something better brewing for you that you wouldn’t have known about otherwise. The change of life doesn’t have to be bad.

If you get the card in reverse, then you already realize that one door closed so that another opens for you and you’re ready to take that walk through the new door.

Yes, things are changing and they may not be pleasant, but even so, you are about to embark on a new journey that can be a whole lot better if you accept it and move forward.

Get up and dust off the disappointment and take life by the horns. You can do this and you can inspire others in the process. Work through your troubles and you’ll find a light at the end of the tunnel. Go for it!

9. The Five Of Cups Tarot Card As Feelings

The Five of Cups Tarot card upright represents sadness, disappointment, depression, lack of confidence, pain, and pessimism. Depending on what you’re going through, you will experience a negative emotion or more.

If you’re asking about what someone feels for you and it comes out with the Five of Cups card upright, it’s telling you they are not thinking highly of you. Either they see you as being down or they don’t feel good with you.

It’s possible it’s saying they don’t feel for you what you want them to. If the card is representing you, it’s saying you have emotions that aren’t healed yet. You may be skeptical of someone else as well.

When the reversed Five of Cups appears, it means that things have been rough in the past but now this person is feeling optimistic and hopeful for what lies ahead for them.

They may be feeling good about you and are optimistic that things will go well with a relationship if you’re asking about what they feel for you. How do you feel about them? You feel like there is definitely a possibility there.

In general, the reversed Five of Cups means there are feelings of being able to overcome and get back on track with life, money, and work. There is hope that all will finally be well.

10. The Five Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning Regarding Children

Will you have children in the future? Well, if you got the Five of Cups Tarot card, then it’s saying something isn’t right and the timing is off. You may have some physical issue that needs to be addressed.

Maybe you’ve had a letdown by taking a pregnancy test that came out negative even though you were sure you were pregnant. You may have lost a baby. You’re going through a painful time dealing with this.

If you’re asking about children which you already have, then this card could be telling you that something is going on with your child that you need to get involved in. They may be depressed or bullied.

Don’t ignore any warning signs you may see that your child isn’t doing well emotionally. Get them to therapy if needed.

The reversed Five of Cups Tarot card is much more positive. Asking if you will have children becomes more possible and optimal for you. You can become pregnant if you choose.

Again, asking about existing children, this is showing that your child has gone through something traumatic or very upsetting but is now healing. It’s an indication of your child being okay again.

Don’t worry that your child can’t handle something that your family has endured either. The reversed card means that they will get through it and everything will work out fine.

11. Health And The Five Of Cups Tarot Card

Clearly, since the card tends to represent sadness, then health-wise it’s going to suggest mental or emotional issues that need attention. If you suffer from depression or think something else is going on, go see your doctor right away!

Something else to know is that this card is tied to Scorpio. Scorpios can become emotionally unstable when something happens. They can recover but sometimes get stuck.

Scorpio has certain health issues they can develop so it’s important to pay attention to this with getting this card. The issues may deal with your reproductive system, nose, colon, blood, urethra, and maybe back troubles.

These are things you shouldn’t procrastinate on. Get your regular checkups. Scorpio tends to react to things emotionally which wreaks havoc on their physical body.

Their mental state can cause them to have emotional disorders. You may not be a Scorpio, but seeing this card may indicate you’re dealing with parts of this.

The reversal of the card won’t really change the meaning too much. It may indicate that you’ve already caught the issue and are doing what you can now to heal.

You’re taking control of your health and your life by doing what is necessary whether it’s therapy, surgery, or medication.

12. The Five Of Cups Tarot Card Answer “Yes” Or “No”

There is no nice way to put this: the Five of Cups Tarot card means no. You might be able to figure that out on your own by how negative this card can come across.

Any way you spin it, it’s an absolute no. Of course, when you get the card reversed, it’s a yes!

Yes, the cards around it will tell more of the story but pulling it alone or with other cards, it’s still a no. It may mean “it’s not time right now,” or “don’t do it!”

Whatever you’re asking about the Five of Cups, upright is no and the reversal is yes. Be cognizant of the difference, so that when you’re doing a reading you will know the answer right away.

There is no gray area here. It’s all black and white with its message. If you do get confused, pull another card which should give you a bit more clarity in the answer it’s giving you.

13. The Five Of Cups Tarot Card In Position

The Five Of Cups Tarot Card In Position

Let’s now take a look at what the Five of Cups Tarot card means in different positions in a Tarot spread. There are many different types of spread but for starting out, I recommend the three-card spread, as it’s super simple.

The past gives insight into what’s occurred in the recent past and how it may still affect you now. The present is well… the present. The future position is the near future and how things will likely pan out.

Here is what the Five of Cups means in each position:

The Five of Cups in Past Position:

When the Five of Cups is in the past position, it’s stating that you’ve gone through something that was a letdown or made you sad. Something didn’t work or you even went through a breakup.

Though you went through the wringer, nothing stays the same. It’s up to you to get back up. In fact, if you got the reversed Five of Cups Tarot card, then the meaning is showing you got through it alright and are on the rise again.

You’re going to fight through and get back on top. Don’t let sadness or disappointment define who you are as a person. Let your own actions and healing define you instead.

The Five of Cups in Present Position:

The Five of Cups Tarot card in the present says you’re currently going through an ending of some kind. It’s making you uncomfortable or emotionally drained. You’re depressed or feeling blue.

You may not know what’s happening and that makes you feel even worse. The reversed Five of Cups is better to see here. It means that you’re not broken, you’re rising above and you’re planning your future.

You’re getting past the temporary mess or turmoil. You’re looking forward to the future and recuperation is going well from any illness you may have gotten. Stay optimistic!

The Five of Cups in Future Position:

The Five of Cups in the future position means that you’re about to deal with something that won’t be pleasant to go through. It may be a breakup, an ending of a job, an ending of a position, a cut back on money, or unexpected expenses arise.

You may get screwed over by a bill that you shouldn’t have but it arrives anyway. This could be getting sick and having to go to a doctor, a car accident, or something that just causes you distress.

The reversal of the Five of Cups says that you’ve already been through the wringer but now you’re finding a way to pay off your bills and get back on top. You’re finding side hustles or a new job that will change your life for the better.

14. The Lessons The Five Of Cups Tarot Card Wants To Teach You

Five Of Cups Tarot Card Lesson

There are some valuable lessons that can be learned from the Five of Cups card. They mostly make themselves known when the card is reversed.

Let me share with you the things you should learn from the Five of Cups. It’s something that you should work on and move forward within your life, that way you don’t become stuck.

Here are things you should know:

  • The pain and suffering you feel are temporary, so don’t stay there any longer than you have to.
  • You are in control of your emotions, even if you don’t think so.
  • You can only control yourself and your actions, not others.
  • Let go of your pain every single day via meditation and healthy exercise.
  • When opportunities crash on you, there will be more so don’t despair.
  • How it looks or feels will change, just give it a few minutes.
  • You can and will heal if you allow your pain to show you the truth of the situation.
  • A breakup sometimes needs to happen so you can see how toxic it was and how much better you can do going forward.
  • When a job ends, look at the silver lining because now you’re available for a much better position.
  • A relationship didn’t work because both of you were not on the same page.
  • You suffered a loss so that you could make room for much better in your life.
  • Let go of your past, you shouldn’t be living there. It’s time to live in the present and look forward to your future.
  • Learn from what you’ve been through so you can be a better person.

As you can see, there are some really wonderful lessons that can help you substantially change your life for the better. Learning about this card is important if you’re going to use it for yourself or for others.

15. Astrology And The Five Of Cups Tarot Card

The Five of Cups Tarot card is associated with the Zodiac sign Scorpio. It’s also associated with the planets Pluto and Mars. There is a combination of fighting to clear out that which doesn’t help you.

Pluto goes deep and shows you what needs to happen and if you don’t take care of it, Pluto will throw something at you that will be shocking and you won’t like it.

Learn to use Mars’ fighting energy to really take action and do what it takes to get your life together. The upright Five of Cups card says you’re not doing that and should be.

The reversed Five of Cups says that you are taking advantage of the Pluto/Mars energy. You’re learning the hard stuff and it’s making you a much better human being in the scheme of things.

You might want to find out where Pluto and Mars are in your Astrological chart. You could be surprised at what these planets reveal!

16. The Five Of Cups Tarot Card In Numerology

The number five coordinates with the Five of Cups Tarot card. In Numerology, the number five is teaching you adaptability, how to go with the flow, and how to let go of the limits you may have had.

The number five wants you to get out of your comfort zone. Surprising things come from difficult situations. You learn things you would have otherwise taken forever to learn or might not have at all.

The number five is curious, social, adaptable, and on the other side can be non-committal, without direction, and somewhat unreliable at times. Does that sound like you?

Maybe it’s someone else you’re asking about. Of course, there is your Life Path Number. If your Life Path Number is five, then your purpose in this life is to help other people make crucial changes in their life.

So, you see, you have to learn how to grow, learn, and help others with what you figure out. Not only are you learning how to be more adaptable and go with the flow, but you’re also teaching other people how to do this.

Oftentimes, you learn through teaching so as a number five, this seems to be true for you. People tend to learn faster through hard times which is what this card represents for who you are asking about.

17. When You Keep Pulling The Five Of Cups Tarot Card

Why, oh why, do you keep pulling this card?! There is a purpose for it just like any other card that keeps coming up. They are often a message the Universe wants to impart to you.

The lesson with the Five of Cups is to give you a heads-up that things are about to get crazy, but you can get through it if you actually learn to understand the nature of it.

This card could be a warning that a breakup in a relationship is possible or a job is coming to an end for you. Whatever it happens to be, it’s for the greater good of your life, even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time.

Naturally, if you keep pulling the reversal of Five of Cups, then it’s telling you that you need to work on your healing, remember who you are, and do better in your life.

You are the one in control of your emotions, just as you are at decision making. To see this card keep coming up, something is about to happen and you need to be strong for it.

18. Symbols For The Five Of Cups Tarot Card

The symbols in the Five of Cups Tarot card (in the Rider Waite deck), you see a brooding person who is bummed out by the cups that are spilled and not focused on the two still intact.

There is a house in the background as well as a river with a bridge. This person hasn’t learned the art of letting water go under the bridge in their lives. The river represents flow.

Now if you’re thinking of getting a Five of Cups Tarot card tattoo, you can get the picture of the card in whatever Tarot deck you are using if you really like it, otherwise, you can get just the cups.

Have three cups that have appeared to spill out your drink with two sitting straight up still full. Honestly, there are many different ways to spin this if your tattoo artist is creative enough with it.

Talk to your artist and ask them what they think of when they think of the Five of Cups or show them the card and see what their interpretation is. They may have an insanely good idea for a Five of Cups Tarot card tattoo.

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19. Spirituality And The Five Of Cups Tarot Card

The spiritual lesson that comes from the Five of Cups Tarot card is that you’ve got to learn how to adapt and go with the flow so that when something negative happens, you can move on from it.

You cannot “beat a dead horse” and expect the same results. You do not or should not live in the past. You’re in the present and need to make sure you’re living that way.

Your future hasn’t been set in stone yet and depends on what you do with it. You can absolutely make yourself an amazing life, but not if you cannot let go of the past.

Try to hang on to loving and warm memories, and let go of the negative memories that you feel when you think of the past. That’s normal but doesn’t have to be part of your daily routine.

Look at where you are and where you’re going. That’s the right direction. The more you learn to bounce back from breakups, job loss, or disappointment, the stronger you become.

It allows you to get to a place where you can manifest just about anything in your life because you understand how life works. Your inner self needs to be purified by ridding yourself of bad energy.

Memories can sometimes bring out bad feelings that are painful. While you cannot always help it, most of the time you can catch it and learn how to shrug it off.

I hope that this lesson has been inspirational for you. Each Tarot card truly has unique lessons. If you learn to love the Tarot, then it can help you in so many ways.

It not only can tell you what is ahead if you stay on the current path but it can give you warnings or comfort you depending on what is going on at any given time.

Sometimes you just need confirmation of what your intuition is already telling you. In that case, you’ll pull a card that fits that notion and is telling you yes, you’re correct.

If you’re just thinking too much and it isn’t the truth, the card will tell you that it’s not the case. Tarot cards are very handy to consult with. They’re also amazing at helping other people with their own issues.

Remember, it’s your lot to learn and teach. I hope I’ve helped inspire you as all of you inspire me daily. Go forth and show the world how wise you can really be!

I wish you all the luck of the Universe!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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