Weekly Love Horoscope For January 23rd – 29th

Hello, my angels and welcome back to the weekly Love Horoscope, this time for January 23rd – 29th. It’s a relatively easy week with no big changes in the sky, and one thing to really look forward to is Venus moving into Pisces where she is exalted – this means that she is in her favorite position in the sky. 

Sun Sextile Jupiter on January 24

The energy of the Sun making a sextile to Jupiter creates a very fun and exciting energy in the Air this week. There are opportunities for abundance and enjoying yourself. This brings a very positive spin to the week that can make you charming and the life of the party. 

Venus Enters Pisces on January 27

Venus in Pisces is all about connection through emotion. It will be easier for you to feel compassion and empathy in your love relationships. This time will make you more vulnerable and open to sharing your deepest forms of intimacy. You will notice that it will be much easier for you to show your softer side this week.

Sun Trine Mars On January 29

Full speed ahead as the Sun and Mars meet up on Sunday. You will find a boost of energy and confidence on this day. It’ll be easy for you to express your passionate side and go for what you want, in life, and in love. 

Locate your Sun sign or Rising sign down below to judge for yourself exactly what you can expect for your romantic experience in the upcoming week. 

Aries – Pleasure In Vulnerability

It may be that your life is opening up in a significant way! Opportunities and possibilities abound. The number of options can be overwhelming at times, but if you’re up for experimenting and exploring without any commitments, it can be a lot of fun! Keep your options open, Aries!

Conversely, you could feel more bashful than usual: Aries loves the thrill of the chase, but you may be showing more of your bashfulness today!

You can connect deeply with yourself and others when Venus is in Pisces; it’s about compassion, emotion, and connection.

You might discover how much you value quiet time alone for reflection after reconnecting with a part of yourself you haven’t had time to sit with.

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Taurus – Listen To Your Intuition

This week may see you connecting to your intuition in a deeply profound way. Venus in Pisces will make it easier for you to connect deeply with your romantic partner. Pisces is a creative water sign that is all about abundance, pleasure, art, kindness, and passion, which Venus enjoys while it is in Pisces.

Venus adores all of these things, so you, dear Taurus, can enjoy this time especially. 

This is a thrilling time for your sign to make new connections, but they run deep and may be significant, but painful, but you have the resolve to learn from the pain. The pain of heartbreak may heal. A heart connection may be formed.

You can connect with old and new friends, and join groups and communities based on your interests and hobbies. This may very well be the place where you find your love. 

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Gemini – Connections And Possibilities Of All Kinds

It is an exciting time for you because there are a lot of opportunities opening up for you. Your social life could be expanding in some exciting ways at this time, and you can make some exciting social connections.

A group effort or shared goal can also be achieved with great success – you just need to put your mind to it. Don’t be shy, you never know who you could meet as one of these gatherings. Keep your options open. 

It can be a productive time to work towards a collective vision when you are part of a club or organization.

The public appreciates your talents, and this is an exciting time to reach out to them. It will be a lot easier for you to connect with a man in a strong position. There is a possibility that you and a lover could be quite a powerful couple!

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Cancer – Let Love Take You Exploring

My dear Cancer; Venus enters watery Pisces on January 27, suggesting an exciting trip or adventure for yourself or with a special someone. It’s possible to find love somewhere new if you’re seeking it. This is why you should never close yourself off to love.

Say yes to new opportunities, and let love open you up to exploration. 

As Venus is in Pisces, people are in the mood for romance, which makes the atmosphere quite flirtatious and fun! Get what you want girl. It is also a time when people feel particularly generous, and creativity flows.

It is possible to fall in love again with each other through deep, meaningful discussions if you are already in love! This is all about connecting from the heart. 

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Leo – Adventure Into The Depths

There is a possibility that you are about to embark on an exciting adventure, and this adventure may very well lead you to a place of love and happiness.

You must, however, put in the effort. There seems to be a strong feeling of forward momentum in your life, and I’m expecting a big conversation to happen between you and a lover.

A partnership could gain access to resources they’re excited to share with you when Venus enters Pisces on January 27.

Don’t forget to discuss expectations about shared resources with your partners, and make sure the give-and-take is fair. In Pisces, Venus is very tender and sensitive, but she is also extremely generous. Compassion, reciprocity, and trust are essential.

It can also be a powerful time to offer an apology or to forgive someone. Let that baggage go my darling.

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Virgo – Love Is In The Air For You

Out of all the signs you must be the luckiest in love this week, my darling Virgo. Your love life will be blessed on January 27 when Venus enters Pisces! There is a good chance you will meet someone enchanting if you are looking to fall in love.

This moment is all about keeping your heart open and allowing yourself to feel the magic of romance again. 

If you’re already in love, you may be falling for them all over again! You are dreamy, creative, magical, and open-hearted under Venus in Pisces: Compassion and kindness fill your relationships, romantic and platonic.

There is no greater time for you to share the love you have in your heart. There is a possibility that you might even be getting along better with your frenemies, remember peace begins with forgiveness!

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Libra – Lucky Encounters

At this moment, you may feel especially confident and charming, and the people you meet are especially energizing and exciting. As Venus enters Pisces on January 27, you should update your wellness routine and edit your wardrobe.

This is a time of taking care of yourself and putting energy into yourself. You are focusing a lot on beauty right now! Pisces is a water sign, so perhaps a spa day is in order. Or just get close to the water in general.

Venus in Pisces urges you to reconnect with your body: how does it feel? Air signs are very intellectual, but can sometimes get stuck in their heads… they know what they think, but do they know what they feel? In other words, what makes your body feel amazing? Is there anything you eat or do physically that energizes you?

Are you looking for a partner who will give you physical touch? What can you do to maximize your enjoyment of beauty in your life and schedule? These are questions I urge you to ponder this week. 

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Scorpio – Find What Uplifts You

The sun connects with Jupiter on January 24, bringing an uplifting and productive energy, and Venus enters Pisces on January 27, bringing romance, fun, and creativity to your life. Pisces, the dreamer’s zodiac sign, is home to Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and harmony.

There’s nothing better than exploring your fantasies, and letting fluffy but meaningful and sentimental connections form! You can easily connect to people if you’re looking for love, and if you’re already in love, your connection can deepen at this time.

It’s a great atmosphere for making new friends as well! This is a particularly fun time to attend celebrations and to live in the moment by enjoying yourself wholeheartedly.

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Sagittarius – Funfilled Love

Jupiter and the sun connect on January 24, bringing plenty of fun: A big celebration may occur, you may meet a lover, or you may create art.

Allow yourself to dream big and explore all your many options. This is a time for expansion for you, Sagittarius.  

Venus enters Pisces on January 27 and fills your home with loving energy! Your space may be being redecorated or rearranged, inviting more beauty into your life.

Your family or loved ones may be introduced to your partner, or you may be connecting deeper and more vulnerable with them. You, Sagittarius, are generally having a cosy, love-filled time with Venus in Pisces! This is the time to find what gives you comfort.

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Capricorn – Connections Of The Heart And Mind

Jupiter is conjunct the sun on January 24, which gives you an extra sense of abundance and luck! You may hear good news about your home, family, or finances. Your communications will be sweet and caring as Venus enters Pisces on January 27. Your relationships are centered around communication at the moment!

Capricorn, be clear about what you expect and want from communication with your love interests. 

Are you connecting on a mind level? It’s also possible you’ll find yourself reading something inspiring or writing beautiful poetry with Venus in Pisces.

There’s nothing better than rediscovering how beautiful and useful language is and how it can make you grow closer to the people you care about! 

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Aquarius – Money Matters

As the sun connects with Jupiter on January 24, an optimistic, happy atmosphere is engendered! It may be possible for you to connect with your local community in an exciting way. There is an abundance of positive attitudes, making communication easy as it gives you the space to connect with people in an inspiring way. 

During Venus’ entry into Pisces on January 27, you’ll be blessed with financial blessings and this may happen unexpectedly! It’s possible that you’ll receive a gift or find out about a new source of income. An abundance of feeling flows!

A fun, competitive atmosphere is created on January 29 when the sun meets Mars. There is a sense of passion and progress in the air during this period of your love life. Now might be the time for you to fight for something you are passionate about – let that special person know that they are worth fighting for.

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Pisces – You Are The Magic

On January 24, the sun will be connected to Jupiter, inspiring an atmosphere of abundance.

The planet Venus enters your sign on January 27, making you feel particularly attractive and indicating that things are looking good for your romantic life. 

You will be absolutely irresistible over this transit – put yourself out there. Be yourself and see how the magic enters your life.

Your irresistible personality might make people find it difficult to resist you! In addition to having a great time for a makeover or shopping spree, it’s also a great time to simply surround yourself with art and beauty in any way that you choose.

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Wrapping Up

This week seems to be relatively easy and gentle, but the universe works in mysterious ways. 

This may be exactly the energy you need to process and progress forwards. 

Allow yourself to be guided and trust in yourself and where the Universe is guiding you towards.

Have a question about how your horoscope might show up in your specific situation? Wanna know if you and your loved one are a forever match? Well, I’m dying to look at your chart and tell you what you need to know.

Just reach out to me here, and I’ll be sure to get your request and respond quickly.

Wishing you all the luck in the universe,

Your sister and relationship Astrologer 

Anna Kovach

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