The Lovers Tarot Card: Your Complete Guide

Anything and everything you ever wanted to know about the Lovers Tarot Card. It means a lot more than you may think and it definitely can reveal advice or answers to your burning questions. Keep reading to learn all you can about the Lovers Tarot Card!

The Brief History Of The Lovers Tarot Card

In the 14th century, a man had an idea to use artwork on playing cards. This was the birth of the Tarot Card “game.” These cards were used just as any other playing card deck.

The spiritualism movement in the 1800’s raised ideas about the pictures on the Tarot Card decks. It seemed that they could actually create meanings for those pictures and then suddenly… they became more than just playing cards.

The Lovers Tarot Card meaning came about to represent the “twins” of the Zodiac, which is Gemini, of course. There are two people with two personalities or two choices.

In different Tarot decks it can mean different things. You see, the artist or creator of each deck has their own ideas of what the cards mean which is why each deck is typically equipped with a mini guide.

Some Tarot decks give the Lovers card meaning as a sacrifice that must take place for a successful life or love change. The Rider Waite deck (created in 1901) mainly implies the meaning is about making a decision.

Over many years, they finally started to add the other meanings into the guide book to make it more definitive to the questioner’s question being answered by the Tarot deck.

Traditionally, the Lovers Tarot Card is one of the Major Arcana, and is considered the sixth trump card. It’s still used by some folks as playing cards but mostly used for divination.

Whatever deck you choose to get, always pay attention to the booklet it comes with as it may give you a very different definition. You can also stick with the Rider Waite definition no matter which deck you use.

Perhaps you can look at both and form your own decision about what it means. Shoot, you can even make your own Tarot Deck (yes, they sell blanks to do this with)!

1. The Basic Definition Of The Lovers Tarot Card

Lovers Tarot Card

I mentioned that typically when you see the Lovers card meaning, it’s about a choice or decision that must be made. It can also be about making a sacrifice to change or gain something in a situation.

What’s ironic about this card is that you would assume it’s about love because of the title of the card. The thing is, it’s not about love. It’s about something you’re going through that needs a different approach from you.

It can apply to love if that was the question you asked about otherwise, it’s about any situation in life that requires you to make a choice or a sacrifice in order to make a change.

It can represent a difficult decision that you’re going to be approaching or dealing with in your life. The good in this card is that you’re likely to make a change in the right direction.

That is especially true when it’s in the upright position. This card is a “heads up” in your life so that you can concentrate and make informed decisions. You have the chance to learn.

You have the opportunity to make the right choice – so don’t waste it!

Your life lessons have taught you right from wrong. You know what to do and when to do it even if you question yourself. The Lovers card represents your inner “knowing.”

It tells you to educate yourself before you make a mistake. Educate yourself so that you can head down the right path prepared. This also includes listening to that inner voice of yours.

2. The Lovers Tarot Card Definition In (Reverse)

The Lovers Tarot Card meaning in the upright position is about you not having made a choice yet or that you’re conflicted about what to do. There may be pressure involved.

Your life may not be in harmony when it comes to the particular situation you’re asking about. You may not be seeing things correctly; which adds difficulty in figuring it out.

You’re dragging it out and deciding not to make a choice. I know that sounds confusing, but think about it. If you’re having a hard time figuring it out or are refusing to make a decision, things become scattered.

It’s a sign that you need to pay more attention, do more research, and find a way to be at one with your life again. Only you can get your path moving down the right road.

The card reversed can also sometimes mean there is a delay in making choices. In fact, any card reversed can mean a delay, putting it off, or procrastination in your situation.

As negative as it may seem, the card wants you to know how you feel, embrace it and learn from it. There can be a positive outcome when you make changes to make it happen.

You’re never doomed. The Lovers card tells you it’s all your choice. You choose to feel hurt or you learn from it, move on, and do it differently next time.

3. Love And The Lovers Tarot Card (Upright)

Traditionally, the Lovers card meaning isn’t about love at all. It can apply if that’s what you’re specifically asking about though. In the case of love, you may have to choose between two lovers.

Being in a love triangle can be a difficult situation, but you eventually have to choose so that you can begin one path and end the other.

It’s impossible to take two paths at once!

When asking about love, it can be speaking of a perfect union, Soulmate, or partner that is wonderful for you. It speaks of trust that is unbreakable.

It may also mean that it’s up to you what you believe about love, what you feel, and what you really want.

Your relationship may be well-balanced. If you’re asking about the person who you are currently with, it’s telling you that they are trustworthy and bring out the best in you.

It can also indicate that you have to make a choice about your relationship or what level the relationship is in.

The person you’re asking about can be trusted and will treat you very well. It may be someone you can see yourself marrying and growing old with.

When you’re unsure, draw some more cards for other hints or lessons. It may be that as a daily card, it’s telling you to trust in yourself to make the right call.

It’s ultimately your call to make, but you need to have faith in yourself to know what you’re doing and that you’ll do well or that you will find the love you’ve always wanted.

Self-love is also VERY important. The Lovers card can represent the Angel and Devil on your shoulders. The card upright tells you to pay attention to the Angel more and heed their advice.

4. Love And The Lovers Tarot Card (Reversed)

The Lovers Tarot Card Reversed

In reverse, the Lovers Tarot Card means that there is an imbalance with your relationship or your lover.

You may have turned a blind eye to problems you have with your partner, and therefore, you feel stuck and forced to figure out what you need to do.

Either you or your partner may have become cold or detached within the relationship. Something needs to change, as things have become stale.

If you’re not with one particular person then your dating pool has increased so much that you have far too many people in your life. You are in desperate need to decide on one.

Whatever is going on, it’s not going well, and it’s up to you to change the course of the road you’re on.

The potential relationship you’re asking about is a bust. It may be toxic, hurtful, or can cause you potential harm.

The person you’re asking about is not right for you in love, business, or life decisions. Get out while you can so that you can find someone who truly loves you and will raise you!

It’s not always that drastic, but it sure can be if you’re considering being with someone who is showing you red flags in their personality. Pay attention!

5. Finances, Job, And Career With The Lovers Card (Upright)

You may have a job offer on the table is what the Lovers card means when it comes to careers. You may get a raise at work or some kind of bonus.

The Lovers Tarot Card meaning when it comes to your finances is that you’ll soon see a positive change. It could be that you have more than one offer and will need to pick what you feel is best.

You may have an opportunity to open your own business with a partner. Maybe there are two or more people that want to partner up with you in business and you have to choose one.

Weigh your options. Look at all the pros and cons, so that you absolutely know what you’re going to do about this.

It could also mean that you spark a relationship with someone on the job. You need to choose what’s more important to you, the job or the person.

Making financial choices at this time may be very favorable! Pat yourself on the back and accept your abundance. Be sure you’re thankful to the Universe so that prosperity keeps flowing to you.

Look into potential jobs, positions, or ways to make money. Sometimes you can invest in stocks while working a well-paying job. It sort of covers you both ways.

Also, watch your savings. Build up a nest egg or save for something you want in the future. The small steps will bring you big dividends for your future. Check out your options.

6. Finances, Job, And Career With The Lovers Card (Reversed)

The reversal of the Lovers Tarot Card means that you’ve made some poor choices when it comes to a career change or your job opportunities.

You don’t have the confidence to accept a job position that offers you responsibility with great pay.

There may be conflicts with your co-workers or bosses. Perhaps someone doesn’t like the way you do things and it makes you second guess yourself.

It’s possible you’re not making the right decisions with your money or investments, and now things are not going well for you.

You could also be very irresponsible with money which causes many problems to come up for you. Bills don’t pay themselves.

If you keep overspending, you’re going to be in great debt. The card may be telling you that it’s time to take responsibility and stop spending so much!

Things just don’t look good and it’s time to make a change that will help you to find a better job, career, or finances. Change your path and find abundance. It’s up to you!

7. The Lovers Tarot Card As A Person (Upright)

As a person, the Lovers Tarot Card means that you may always have to make a decision. It’s like your life is one big choice to make. You’re the type of person who has to analyze.

You always want to make the right choice, so you weigh all the pros and cons in order to pick the right direction.

It’s possible that you’re a very sexual person. You’re a great lover that likes to have a variety of lovers.

If it’s not you then you may be dealing with someone who is this way. They really like living life openly and may appreciate “open” relationships or marriages.

If you think about it, many Gemini people are like this. Not all, don’t get me wrong, but many of them are absolutely open to it if you were to ask them. They may suggest threesomes or swinging.

Maybe the card is saying that you’re a lover of life, or the partner you’re asking about is zealous about their own life.

It’s a very positive card and speaks for someone who is happy without settling down. Then again, it may mean that you’re in a position where you need to choose to get more serious or commit.

The Lovers card may also be telling you that you’re on the right course, or soon will be based on something you did or said. It’s confirmation of sorts. As a daily card or in a reading.

8. The Lovers Card As A Person (Reversed)

Naturally, the Lovers in reverse would mean that you’re the non-committal type. You are a player or someone who just really loves to do your own thing.

If you’re getting this card for someone else, the card is telling you that they are not going to commit to you, and in some cases, it can imply they are a cheater.

This will be especially true when you’re doing a relationship spread. It could be a warning to be careful.

If you’re thinking of cheating, it could end up disastrous. Re-think your situation and your strategy. If you’re not ready to commit, then don’t!

Again, this could be a warning that someone is cheating on you or playing you. Seeing this is a red flag for you to pay attention to.

It may be time to remove the person from your life as they are not meeting your needs. It could mean they’re just not good for you as a whole. It’s a sign that you should let them go.

Sometimes the card is telling you that maybe you need to be honest with yourself instead of trying to convince yourself you’re doing the right thing.

Your gut will be churning. Are you feeling it? It means something isn’t right and you need to correct it or avoid doing it in the first place.

As a human, it’s easy to convince yourself of doing or saying something that isn’t the best route. The Lovers Tarot Card may be pointing out to you that you’re on the wrong track.

9. Advice from The Lovers Card In A Reading

The advice from the Lovers Tarot Card is to choose wisely. Pick your path with research and intuition. It doesn’t have to be hard, but it takes learning and research.

You must weigh your options and figure out the best plan of attack for your path ahead. The pros and cons of your situation are always necessary.

Questions such as: “what looks best for me?” “Should I choose this road or that road?” or “Pick this job or that job?”

You also may ask: “who is the best for me?” “Should I pick this partner or the other one?” Only your deeper self knows the answer to that question.

You have to look deeper at your choice so that you’re able to really make sense of it and make the right decision.

Make your love relationship a priority or work hard to make sure you’re putting in all the effort you should be.

Pay attention to red flags and make sure you’re not going down the wrong path that leads you to unhappiness.

Make a commitment that feels worth it. Prioritize your life when it comes to work, money, and love. Create your own balance.

Your inner voice will help you determine the answers to your questions so that you can effectively head down the right road at the right time, in the right place, and for the right reasons.

10. The Lovers Tarot Card As Feelings

When it comes to feelings, the Lovers coming up in your reading may mean that your feelings are unbalanced. You don’t know what to do.

You feel confused and indecisive. You know that you must get on track!

You may not realize that you have to make a choice or that you need to do it quickly.

It’s also possible you’re excited about two different prospects on the job front. Which one will fulfill your dreams and desires?

Are you excited? This card shows that you could feel very adventurous and ready to do what you love most in the world.

Whatever your feeling is, this card will indicate the intensity, whether it’s upright or reversed.

When it is reversed, it may mean sadness, depression, indecision, or feeling ill.

The card reminds you to take good care of yourself so that you feel right!

11. The Lovers Card Meaning Regarding Children

The Lovers card is about relationships. When it comes to children, it may be telling you that there is some work that needs to be done with a child.

Either it speaks of your own children, other people’s children, or your future children. Perhaps you’re trying to decide on having a baby.

Maybe you’ve moved and you need to choose the right school for your kid to go to.

There may be projects or learning experiences that your child needs, and so you need to pick some activities that will help bring out the best in them.

Upright, the card favors good choices and decisions when it comes to children.

In reverse, it could indicate making mistakes with your child or your child is having some trouble that needs to be looked into.

If you do not have children, you may be helping educate children. Upright means you have bright students, and reversed means you have some troubled children that need your care.

12. Health And The Lovers Tarot Card

When you see the Lovers Tarot Card in a session in which you’ve asked about your health, you may get this card to tell you that you need a checkup.

It may be time for you to make a choice on which doctor will best suit your needs.

Perhaps you need to have a procedure done and you’re in need of picking the right date that will work for you or which doctor will handle it.

If you’re doing elective surgery, you may be trying to decide who is best or when to do it.

It can also bring your personal beliefs to the table. The card wants you to do what you believe. Trust your intuition.

If you’re torn on making decisions regarding your health then this card may be telling you to get more information or get a second opinion.

In reverse, the card could be telling you that now is not the time. It could also be telling you that you need emotional support with what you are going through.

A warning coming from the card is that your health needs attention. If you don’t take the time, you’ll certainly see illness.

Since the Lovers Tarot Card is affiliated with Gemini, there are possible health issues you should always keep an eye on.

Those areas are your thymus, your upper back or ribs, your shoulders, fingers, arms, and lungs. If this comes up as a future card or present, it may mean you should go make sure nothing is going on there.

13. The Lovers Card Answer “Yes” Or “No”

The Lovers card upright is complicated. It doesn’t typically give you a yes or a no directly, but it can lean toward a yes or no based on what you choose. This is what makes the Tarot subjective.

Pulling it upright, it’s telling you to weigh your options so that you can decide what the outcome will be. Or you can think of it as a “yes!” but only if you make the right choice.

In reverse means that you’re nowhere near knowing what the outcome will be because you’ve been putting it off or there are delays with the situation. It also means “not likely.”

Pulling more cards may be necessary for you to figure out which path you want to take and how to make the best of it.

Something else is that the card may also indicate being at a crossroads in your life, and until you choose, nothing changes. Which way feels right to you?

14. The Lovers Tarot Card In Position

The Lovers Tarot Card In Position

The Lovers Tarot Card in a layout will have other cards around it that will help determine what it’s trying to tell you and what you will have to decide on.

It will give the direction on if it’s about love, money, education, or your job. It stands as a representative of choice.

The cards around it will let you know in which direction things are leaning, or what you should do next. Let’s look now at what they mean in the position they’re in for a three-card layout.

The Lovers in Past Position:

The Lovers Tarot Card in the past is about you having made a choice that led you to where you are now. You had a choice to make, you had a relationship to choose, or you had a career to take on.

If in reverse in this position, it’s telling you that you put it off, didn’t make a choice, or made the wrong choice. Naturally, the next card to follow will be very important for helping you determine what is happening.

The Lovers in Present Position:

In the present, the Lovers Tarot Card means that you’re currently trying to pick the right path, lover, job, or financial investment. You’re in a situation where you must weigh your options.

In reverse, you’re being indecisive, unprepared, not weighing your pros and cons, and you’re not feeling confident at all. It’s time you choose another card for clarity to see what you should do about it or look to the next card that is in the future position.

The Lovers in Future Position:

The Lovers Tarot Card in the future means that there is something coming up that will require you to make a choice. Are you ready? You may need to prepare yourself with as much info as you can get. It’s a positive message. It says you can do the right thing!

If it lands in the reverse position then it may be telling you that there are problems coming up about a choice that you’ve made or that you put off. You may see issues or illnesses that come about from stress. It can also indicate a breakup, a loss of job, or a loss of money due to the wrong choice.

15. The Lessons The Lovers Card Wants To Teach You

The Lessons The Lovers Card Wants To Teach You

The Lovers Tarot Card is fantastic when it comes to lessons you may need to learn. This is especially true if you were asking the card what you should be doing.

The card, if not in a reading but rather as the card of the day; it definitely has some things to teach and share with you. Here are important things to remember:

  • Always try to remember that no one is perfect, and that is perfectly acceptable.
  • Your life is a series of ups and downs, so don’t run from it. Embrace it!
  • Life can be quite unpredictable, so try not to hold out expectations. Make the right choices instead.
  • You may make mistakes in your life, but as long as you learn from them, you will be fine. It’s better to choose than not to.
  • Don’t beat yourself up. Treat yourself with love, respect, and care. No one knows how to love you better than you.
  • Never forget to forgive yourself when you make mistakes. Sometimes mistakes are unavoidable so don’t beat yourself up for it.
  • Trust your intuition to help guide you to the right choices in your life. It will always give you the wisdom you seek. Trust what is within you.

16. Astrology And The Lovers Tarot Card

When it comes to the Lovers Tarot Card, the planet associated is Mercury. It’s a thought-provoking planet.

It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? I mean, Mercury relates to your brain and how you operate in your life, so of course, the Lovers Tarot Card is going to fit that description.

As I mentioned earlier, the Tarot Card itself relates to Gemini, which is someone who is always on the cusp of decision making. Also, it’s relative to the third house of the birth chart, which is for communication.

Information, messages, or discussing things is definitely part of the third house, but it also makes total sense for the Lovers Tarot Card, as you have to gather information before you choose.

It’s really interesting how they all tie in together, isn’t it? The Tarot Cards basically are an extension of the other tools, including Astrology. Wait… there’s more… Keep reading!

Remember that when Mercury goes retrograde, it sort of slows things down and forces you to look at what no longer works in your life.

It inspires changes. Yes, it does cause some confusion and makes electronics act up, but do try to just understand it’s temporary. If you can laugh it off, you’ll be just fine.

The Lovers Tarot Card tells you that it’s your frame of mind that will determine what will happen, how you feel, and how your communication with others may be affected.

17. The Lovers Tarot Card In Numerology

Yes, that’s right! The Lovers Tarot Card also has a number! If you look at the top you see the roman numerals for six.

In Numerology, the number six represents the beginning of mankind for some. The number of personalities is a bit of a lover. Sound familiar here? Of course, it does!

If your life path number (or birth Tarot Card) based on your date of birth ends up calculating to six then you may be here in this world to help counsel other people as an actual guide, psychiatrist, counselor, or helping to beautify the world for others to enjoy.

As long as you’re doing something in your life to help other people then you are following your life’s path.

If you pull it as a daily card then it’s telling you it’s a day for helping people. Volunteer work is excellent or just being there for a friend in need of your great advice.

When it comes to romance, the number six brings up feelings for you with your relationships with family, friends, and children. There is a need to listen to your gut about trust.

Let your inner self guide your way. Partnerships and the number six are really working hard toward a loving relationship and family harmony. Look to find balance.

Communication in the right way can make for a very successful life together with the people you deeply care for. Be truthful and open. This will help you to grow a very tight bond.

18. When You Keep Pulling The Lovers Card

It’s always interesting when you keep pulling the same Tarot Card day after day. You might even notice it jumps out of the deck and lands on the floor when you shuffle.

A card that repeats itself is trying to get your attention. What does it mean? For the Lovers Tarot Card, it means there is something you MUST pay attention to and make the right choice.

If you keep putting it on hold, it could end up badly. Don’t let that happen. You’re being warned and encouraged to look further into an issue you’ve been unsure about. You may be able to find a solution that works.

Get some clarity if you aren’t sure what it is. Shuffle the deck and ask: “can I please have clarity on what I’m supposed to learn from the Lovers card?”

Take notice of the card you pull and what it means. It should help you figure out the direction you’re going in and what you need to do. Remember, Tarot Cards are tools to guide you.

Seeing the card recurring for you is a sign that you need to take notice and make a change, or learn all you can about what is going on. Learn all about the person who is on your mind or will be in your path.

19. Symbols For The Lovers Tarot Card

The symbols will vary as the artwork does in each Tarot deck. Looking at the most popular deck in history “Rider Waite,” you see two people who appear to be much like Adam and Eve.

As you may know, Eve made the choice to bite into the apple, whereas Adam didn’t want anything to do with it. There is a serpent trying to bring temptation to the mix.

Symbolically, it’s about the decisions we must make every day in our lives. If you’re looking for an awesome Lovers Tarot Card tattoo, you might choose the actual card itself. It’s pretty powerful.

If not, you can try an apple with a serpent going through it. You can even do an Angel hovering above a couple trying to guide them. The possibilities are endless.

Tarot Card tattoos have become quite popular in today’s society. Have fun with it, but never forget what it means, especially for you personally.

20. Spirituality And The Lovers Card

The Lovers Tarot Card may be trying to keep your eyes open to the fact that there will always be distractions or temptations that come into your life.

See them for what they are and understand that your choices affect your whole life. It also affects other people’s lives. You cannot go through life without thinking things through.

The Lovers card brings you passion, desire, willpower, and your ability to rise above your problems or issues. You get stronger the more you learn from the decisions you make.

It also helps you to learn how to better listen to your own inner voice. It’s such a precious resource that definitely can tell you which path to take, which person to commit to, who to be friends with, which job is best, and a variety of other situations.

You absolutely experience spiritual growth when you listen to the wisdom of the Lovers Tarot Card.

Listen to its wisdom and see yourself for the beautiful spiritual being you are. Imperfections are actually quite perfect.

Now… What will you choose?

I wish you all the luck in the Universe!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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