Weekly Tarotscope for May 1st – 7th

Hello, sweethearts!

How have you been this past week? Have your earlier week’s card impacted you or gave you the direction you wanted? Please let me know in the comments, but only after you have finished reading your weekly tarotscope for the first week of May.

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Aries – Justice Reversed

This card indicates that it’s very important to seek honesty, and that’s honesty from others and honesty within yourself. Often we seek compliments from others because they make us feel good, but are these worth the figurative paper they are written on?

It’s very important not a delude yourself, and you should seek out wise counsel and honest opinions from others. So if you are looking to someone for romantic advice, make sure that they give it to you straight.

It’s very important this week for you to be honest with yourself about the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship you are in. Relationships have the potential to be improved for the better now; however, you have to understand the deeper meaning of why certain events have occurred, or certain things have been said; otherwise you will miss an opportunity to explore a greater understanding within your relationships.

It’s also vital to accept responsibility; it takes two to tango, so don’t play the blame game.

If you accept your mistakes, it always makes it more likely that a partner will step up to the plate and accept theirs. So you and your partner should take responsibility for the situation, realize it’s a result of free will and your own choices, but then, don’t keep looking back, make better choices and the outcome will be better next time.

Taurus – Death

Now while it sounds rather frightening to receive the Death Card, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. What it actually means is that it’s a time for some purging, letting go and cutting something out of your life. So the death card is actually a very positive prompt to move into new territory and to get rid of anything that you feel is holding yourself back.

So this is an ideal time to cut ties with a previous partner who could be bothering you or for whom you still have some feelings that are unresolved. So this is an excellent time to achieve closure on a relationship, and to maybe do a little bit of a social media purge to make sure that certain people from your past or past relationships are no longer impacting your daily news feed and thus your mood.

The other major message of this card is to have no fear. Fear can be a huge stumbling block, sometimes it’s rational, but most of the time it’s either irrational or blown out of proportion.

So improving your marriage, your relationship, or your dating prospects is all about embracing an extremely positive and hopeful frame of mind and letting go of the negative, draining energy of fear. Most of what we fear never even happens, so don’t worry, and remember that worry solves not today’s, problems but it depletes tomorrow of its strength.

Gemini – Three of Wands

The Three of Wands is an indication that you are about to start something new, you feel a little bit daunted, and you need to muster all of your energy.

The keywords for this month are preparation, foresight and expanding, it’s very important to remember that small steps are always the first part of any journey.

Thus whether you are embarking on the single life after a long relationship, looking for a new career or getting ready to start the dating game again, remember opportunities are like buses: there’s always another one coming. Therefore there’s no need to delay, start experiencing new things at once, and a whole new adventure awaits you.

As far as dating is concerned, there are far more opportunities than challenges, and you have a whole new adventure ahead of you, with a lot of potential. When it comes to your relationship with your partner, the message right now is that the best days are not behind you, there are better days ahead and it’s time to burn your bridges with the past and move on.

Cancer – Five of Swords

Five of Swords is an indication that there is some tension in your relationships right now, and there may be some conflict. So the message is that you need to get busy communicating, compromising and working through the challenges.

This is not a time to back away or to bury your head in the sand like an ostrich; the issues that are rearing their heads now need to be dealt with now, otherwise, they can mushroom into other areas of your life.

It’s important, whether you are dating or in a relationship, not to see conflict as being a negative, in fact, conflict is highly creative because it means that you and a partner can generate new ideas and through your disagreements, can gain a better understanding of how situations should be handled.

It’s highly likely that your finances and family life will experience certain challenges that need to be dealt with, and instead of feeling concerned or tense (and thus getting irritable with one another), it’s good to set aside time to thoroughly debate and discuss these problems, and then start working on a way forward. Do not be deterred if you don’t have a solution overnight; as long as positive communication is ongoing, you will get there.

Leo – Ten of Wands

Relationships are quite demanding right now you may have to take more of the weight of the responsibility when it comes to either organizing the finances, the children or family issues. It’s highly likely that your partner is a little bit stressed or under the weather, but this is your chance to show leadership in the relationship and to empower yourself by taking a strong hand to steady the ship of the family during these particular times.

While this can be a stressful time, it’s also a fabulous time for Leo because you are actually at your best when you are spearheading a situation with your positivity, creative and imaginative way of resolving problems.

Just remember that simply being an encouraging and optimistic voice can make all the difference; just as salt enhances any meal, optimism enhances every situation. So no matter what your partner is saying, doing or feeling, keep a very vibrant, proactive stance and make sure that everyone is looking at the glass half full.

Remember, it’s not necessarily the load that breaks you; it’s the way you carry it, so carry the weight of responsibility with your typical Leo charisma and optimism.

Virgo – The World

This card signifies achievement, fulfilment and reaching completion. So whether it be in your career or your relationship, there is a sense that you have weathered the storm, you have succeeded in achieving what you set out to do and as a result, you’re able to carry more confidence forward. This is definitely a time when you feel efforts are finally paying off.

Typically Virgo are highly pragmatic, thoughtful people who put a lot of effort into the hard work of a relationship, and you always like to see concrete results and luckily, you may be seeing these right now.

It’s very important in the context of your love life and also in other aspects of your life to see how the challenges and hardships, which you have successfully ensured, made you a lot stronger and wiser. It’s very important to reflect on that wisdom because this life is not just about getting through each day; it’s about growing wiser, and stronger and learning from our mistakes so that we don’t repeat them.

So this is the week where you not only breathe a sigh of relief, but you should also be mindful of the awareness and insight you have gained, and how you are going to use this to successfully navigate future similar situations in your love life.

Libra – Page of Pentacles

This is actually a fabulous time to write a love diary and put in your hopes, dreams and aspirations when it comes to either dating or relationship goals. Written goals have an amazing way of focusing our attention, and this can transform ideals into realities. So, sometimes when you have a clear strategy, and you write it down it manifests.

It’s very important to be positive, whether you’re looking for love or in a relationship that you hope will improve or grow stronger, as that can definitely happen as long as you have a clear idea of what the ideal will look like.

Often in life, we feel dissatisfied, but it’s very hard to improve things when we haven’t clarified the source of our dissatisfaction. So it’s time to look at what’s wrong with your relationship, or your previous relationships, and then develop a clear strategy to avoid those same hurdles and to move forward using mindfulness and meditation.

Scorpio – The Empress

The empress is a key sign of fertility, and so if you are looking to become pregnant and extend your family, this is an ideal week to work on that. Alternatively, it also represents an excellent time for nurturing your children and helping them to fulfill their hopes and dreams.

This can also be a really good time for an important project that you are beginning; so this is a week of the beginning of abundance, and for planting seeds in terms of activities that you don’t really expect to bear fruit for a long time.

In relationships, feminine charm is essential in dating and improving love. Thus it’s important to use your ability to combine colors, accessories and makeup, or if you prefer using fragrance or your physicality.

It’s important to be able to bring pleasure into your relationship by using sensuality, color and texture, it may be a great time to give your bedroom a makeover, or maybe treat yourself and your partner to a spa, a fine dining experience or simply buy a really expensive bottle of wine. So invite luxury into your lives, indulge, relax and enjoy.

Sagittarius – Six of Cups

For Sagittarius, recent decisions that you have made with your partner come into focus, and sometimes there is some regret, particularly financial regret. However, it’s important to keep moving forward, the key now is: “What’s done is done” and cannot be undone, and its’ wise to keep moving forward, have positive intentions and think about solutions.

This may be a time when you are invited to a reunion, and single Sagittarius could well hook up with an old flame right now. The past is a good place to go hunting for a future partner, so it’s highly likely that if you visit an old haunt or go to a reunion (like I said), you might hook up with someone with whom you share a history and a happy past, and this can lead to a good relationship blooming.

Married Sagittarius may spend some time either collating an album, looking at photos or discussing a recent trip you’ve had. It’s important to reflect within your relationship, and while you shouldn’t dwell on the past, it’s important to reflect on recent positive events and how they’ve contributed to your journey as a couple.

Capricorn – Seven of Cups

This month Capricorns are the kings of wishful thinking, but you have to be careful of not building castles in the air when it comes to love.

There’s a need to ground yourself and focus on reality and facts, sometimes you are a little bit dreamy, and while a slight bit of imagination and fantasy certainly enhances romance, and can help you and a partner to rekindle something that was lost, it’s important not to devote all your time to getting lost in these rather sentimental attachments, as you have to deal with cold harsh realities as well.

So the key ingredients in both new and old relationships this month is having an understanding of the realities of the situation, but not getting bogged down by the realities, as you have to see the bigger picture. You need to be positive about the potential of the relationship, but it’s definitely a good idea to have downtime and inject a little bit of fantasy and romance into the sexual side of your relationship.

Aquarius – The Star Reversed

With The Star reversed, Aquarius have to be careful of not having a distorted version of the spiritual aspect of your relationship. Sometimes devotion and commitment to a partner can become a slavish and unbalanced relationship. So it’s very important to be able to gauge the level of give and take in your relationship for what it is.

It may be a good idea to detach from a partner and have a little bit of time alone so that you can simply understand the true dynamics of the relationship. In some cases you’ve been working hard and making a lot of sacrifices to make the relationship work, now it may be a good time to put the ball in your partner’s court and see if they can step up

Feeling discouraged or overwhelmed in your relationships is often due to over-tiredness and stress and thus to get a clear perspective on your relationships and regain your positivity, you actually need a little bit of rest, self-care and being able to pamper and reward yourself.

Pisces – Page of Swords Reversed

The key phrase for this week is “Act in haste repent in leisure.” It’s very important to think things through properly in relationships. If there’s a chance to say something in anger, rather stay silent.

If you weigh in with a strident opinion, or put your partner on the spot, you can end up with egg on your face, so try not to react to any drama or tense situations, stay cool and reserve your judgment, there is still more information to come your way.

It’s important to say what you mean and mean what you say, so follow through and if you have made any promises or encouraged any kind of compromise, you must make sure that you hold to these promises and these commitments.

Right now, consistency is a vital ingredient in relationships and to be consistent you need to be backing up your words with deeds in a pragmatic way. You also need to be a good listener, so the vital ingredients for relationships now, are showing commitment and dedication to the relationship by being diligent about following through on promises.

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Wrapping Up

My lovely readers, I am so grateful that you took the time to read your weekly tarot. I hope it has some bearing on your current circumstance and can assist you in making better decisions for the coming week. Love is dependably around the bend, remember it!

I am indebted to each and every one of you for having the faith to return to this location repeatedly. I do everything for you! I wish for each of you to share your blessings and talents with the world.

Don’t even think about doubting yourself because you have so much to offer! You have this young lady, your life will go starting with one strength then onto the next.

Please take a look at this entertaining product! A tarot reading using three cards for each and every one of you! Isn’t that incredible? I would be delighted if you looked into it!

If it’s not too much trouble, additionally let me in on what sign you are and what is happening in your life at the present time. I find so much meaning in my life when I hear from you all! Much thanks for your affection and backing, it means everything!

Wishing you so much love and happiness,

Your friend and relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

4 thoughts on “Weekly Tarotscope for May 1st – 7th

  1. I’m with my pieces man we did break up for awhile he went with someone else but didn’t last long and he has come back to me been 7 weeks I know he cares and misses me when apart but does he actually love me I just want him to tell me how he feels I Love him he doesn’t show his feelings or emotions

    1. Dear Lesley,

      You can ask him how he sees this relationship going but ultimately, tell him that you’ll be there for him no matter what he does. This is a very important to a happy relationship with a Pisces man. Talk to each other about important things. Make him feel like he’s in control because if there’s chaos in a situation, Pisces will stay away from it at all costs. Once you have his mind, you will also gain his heart. 
      I hope all goes well for you both!

  2. I am a pieces and well been having troubles with my leo and his roommate. Roomie dislikes me so he tries to cause trouble but we are talking today. So I will be using your advise to listen and keep my word. Thank you.

    1. Hi Jessie,
      Your Leo man has to be careful though, or you may put his fire out. You two can be a rather odd combination. The success rate is very low but there IS still a chance if you two really fall in love and can work at maintaining a sense of compromise between you two as time goes by. No roommate can break your relationship if your love is strong!

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