The Death Tarot Card – Your Complete Guide

The Death Tarot card is one of the most feared cards in the entire deck. Its appearance is often ghastly. People also fear that it means literal death. In some cases that may be true – but it’s rare.

The truth is the Death Tarot card has so much more to it than you would ever realize. I want to dispel the fear that people have when it comes to this scary-looking card.

Are you ready to learn all you can about the Death Tarot Card? Great! Then let’s get started.

The Brief History Of The Death Tarot Card

The history behind the Tarot is very interesting. The Death card is considered to be one of the Major Arcana cards. What does that mean? Let me explain.

Back in the 1400s, the first Tarot playing cards were created by the Italians who added beautiful artwork and created a new kind of card game. Playing cards was cool but these were even better.

The Major Arcana as we now know it were the “trump” cards of the deck in the game. The suits were pretty much the same, having only changed a little from regular playing cards.

The Diamonds became Pentacles, Hearts became Cups, Clubs became Wands, and the Spades became Swords. If you think about it, it really seems to make a lot of sense.

Many people in Europe still play the “Tarot Game” and it can be found for sale just about anywhere.

When the Spiritualism movement came about in the 1800s, people started to think about different ways to connect with ghosts, the spirits of loved ones, and reading into the past.

Tarot is one of the mediums that was converted from a game into an actual way for people to see someone’s future, find out how a crossed-over loved one is doing, or even to know if they should do something or not.

It was at this time that Tarot Cards became the Cartomancy tool that many use today for advice and for seeing what is ahead. You can even find out if someone is lying or cheating on you.

All this being said, let’s get into the definition of the Death Tarot Card. It’s scary looking in any deck, but it has a profound meaning that is so much more useful.

1. The Basic Definition Of The Death Tarot Card

Death Tarot Card

The Death card does mean “Death” but it doesn’t have to mean a literal physical human death. It’s rare that this will come up in that way as it’s not allowed to predict someone’s death.

That being said, the Death card means the ending of something that no longer serves you. It may be the closing of a situation at your job, an ending of your position, or the end of a relationship; a death of something in whatever you’re dealing with.

If you are in love with your partner and you get this card, look around to see which cards surround it. If it’s positive then it may mean a huge change in the relationship for the better.

This applies to a job or other situation where change is something that would help you greatly. This card is known as the great transformer. This isn’t something to be feared.

Yes, change can be hard and you may not even want it but it always happens. It’s an inevitable part of life.

Try not to flinch when you see the Death Tarot Card because the meaning is something that is meant to help or usher in newness into your life.

Think about it…

To gain newness in your life, you must force out what doesn’t belong anymore. It’s a bit like donating clothes you no longer wear so that you can make room for a new, fresh wardrobe.

Some things have sentimental value but if you’re not going to wear it, why keep it? See what I mean? Good! I knew you would!

2. The Death Tarot Card Definition (Reversed)

The ending or transformation that is destined to happen in your life may not be happening as quickly as you’d like. Maybe you’re afraid of it and are procrastinating.

You’re dragging your feet in hopes that something will change but at the same time, you are fearful of what could really happen if you let go.

It’s time to look into what it is you’re so afraid of so you can work through it. Change is going to take place and it’s better to do it as soon as you can, rather than wait.

Things have a tendency to sour or be less impactful if you wait too long. You may also get far more burned in the situation you’re in. It’s time for you to release your worry and fear.

Acceptance is part of growth. You’re going to have to search your inner self to figure out how you can embrace the change that needs to happen in your life so you can have a better future.

Face your fears and make the transformation you deserve. You deserve all the beauty you can have in your life so don’t deny yourself anymore.

3. Love And The Death Tarot Card (Upright)

Seeing the Death Tarot Card means that you will soon have to release a partner or an old way of seeing the love you thought you had. You need to “clean your closet” so to speak.

It’s time to unload your baggage to leave it behind. Past hurts, fears, and emotional bruising have to go. It’s unhealthy to carry this around with you. Let go of your abandonment issues.

Everyone is NOT the same as the one or ones that hurt you. Let that go and do it as soon as you can! When you do this, you’re clearing the path and allowing a new life or love to enter the picture.

If you’re still hanging onto someone who just isn’t “the one” and you pretty much know it, you’re hurting yourself as well as that person. There is someone else who is far better for you both.

Is your relationship stale? Then it’s time to make a HUGE change to spruce things up and make your love like new. It’s time to find new things to enjoy together.

Whatever this card means for you, it’s assumed that it’s symbolic of releasing the old to embrace the new!

4. Love And The Death Tarot Card (Reversed)

Death Tarot Card Reversed

Now, seeing that the reversed Death Tarot card meaning is that of holding back due to past fears, it may be showing that you are clinging to the fear of being hurt or abandoned.

This will surely keep you from moving on and healing as you should be. You could actually be afraid to heal or afraid that you aren’t good enough for someone.

Are you stuck with someone? No! You are NEVER stuck with someone. If that’s how you feel then you absolutely want to embrace the Death Tarot card, as it will help you to make healthy changes.

Daydreaming about a new love but never doing anything to change the situation you are in isn’t helping you. You’ve got to do the work. Whether you’re single or taken, you know what you need to do.

Stop dragging your feet and start making a difference. No one is going to do it for you and if they did, it wouldn’t be the same as if you did it for yourself.

Work on your transformation and let it help you let go of the feelings you’ve been carrying for so long. Don’t let your hesitation keep you from having the love you were meant to have.

5. Finances, Job, And Career With The Death Tarot Card (Upright)

With finances, the Death Tarot card means that there is some huge change going on or about to happen with your money. Look to the cards that surround this for a clue as to exactly what.

If there are good cards surrounding it, then this change is for the better and you should definitely go along with it. Resistance will only hold you back. Roll with the opportunities you get.

The open doors are meant for you to walk through and try something else that may make you wealthy, successful, and happy with what you do.

Your best career may be on the horizon with the change that is happening. Don’t be fearful. Be a lion and grab it! It’s yours and it’s meant to be.

Yes, it may mean letting go of a job or career that isn’t right for you. It may even mean you get let go. You wouldn’t be aware of new offers if you weren’t free to do so.

Think about it like a huge offering. The old quote “when one door closes, another opens,” is absolutely true!

Don’t stay stuck at some dead-end job. It’s time to rise up and go after more. It’s not wrong to put yourself out there and take a risk.

Take the death like a champ and look at the beautiful opportunities coming your way!

6. Finances, Job, And Career With The Death Tarot Card (Reversed)

The reversed Death Tarot card means that maybe you aren’t looking at your situation in the right way. Perhaps you have been at a job so long that you’ve grown fearful of moving on.

You’re afraid that you won’t make the money you need or that you won’t find anything else stable. This is so far from the truth though!

If anything, the reversed Death Tarot card is telling you that it’s time for you to release the beliefs or fears you have about money, security, and career.

Your livelihood can be exactly what you make it. You’re putting off something that could save your life and career. I know that it’s scary to let go of a job you’ve had for so long – it’s just so comfortable and safe.

You have to make yourself uncomfortable for a short while if you really want to have something more than merely being “comfortable.” Have something that you’re happy to do every day and get paid really well for.

Putting off what you need to do will only come back to haunt you later. You might miss something that would have taken your career to new heights. Don’t let that complacency keep you from moving on.

7. The Death Tarot Card As A Person (Upright)

The Death Tarot card person is someone who absolutely embraces the newness that comes into their life. They are always willing to take an adventure or risk.

They know that they cannot stay the same forever and be happy. They let go of fears and they let go of which doesn’t serve their higher purpose anymore. They see what isn’t good and they walk away.

This person lets situations or relationships die when they know it’s not right for them so they can fully grab a new relationship or new career. They’re not giving in to their fears.

The Death Tarot card person means that they’ve gone through much in their lives. Yes, they’ve dealt with loss and pain. They stand back up somehow and they keep moving forward.

In the present position, this card can be talking about a person going through a major upset or change at the current that is rather difficult for them.

It may also mean that this person constantly goes through changes or transformations as part of their destiny in life. Yes, this person may see lots of death in their lives.

They’re learning from it and it makes them stronger and able to help others to get through their own difficulties.

8. The Death Tarot Card As A Person (Reversed)

The Death Tarot card meaning changes in reverse. This person may be seen by others as someone not equipped to handle important situations in their lives.

This person may procrastinate more than most. They may also not want to embrace the change necessary for personal growth. They drag their feet thinking they have plenty of time.

The Death Tarot card person is apprehensive about their lives and about trying new things. They aren’t willing to let go of what they know and what they are used to.

This may make the person hold onto the wrong relationship, wrong job, or an unhealthy habit. An unhealthy habit can create illness. This person could be sickly or suffering from a disease.

You may not want to be around this kind of person because they’re likely to be pessimistic and try to shoot down your goals or ideas. They will tell you to stick with what you know.

If you’re this person then it’s time for you to make a major change so that you can let go of this behavior and learn to be more optimistic and accept growth in your life.

Don’t dwell…

Release and move on in a forward motion!

9. Advice From The Death Tarot Card In A Reading

The advice that comes from the Death Tarot card is to look at change for what it really is. It’s a beautiful chance to make your life different.

The transformation may not be comfortable but if you stay positive about it, you’ll see another door open right up for you soon after. Healing can be yours, as can the life you really want.

Let go of that which isn’t healthy. Let go of relationships if they’re not the right fit for you. Let go of your fears of relationships so you can meet someone very special to your heart.

Stop putting off what you think you still have time to change. You DON’T have the time you think you do. Let change come and transform your life. You’ll be happier if you do.

Yes, life is filled with endings, death, and hurt, BUT that doesn’t mean you should allow it to drag you under. You’re still here and you still have so much to see, love, and grow with.

Don’t run from the prospect of change. Face it and allow it to alter your life in a profound way. You deserve the best and you should open your arms up to it!

10. The Death Tarot Card As Feelings

Old, deeply buried emotions are now being brought to the surface so that they can be dealt with and healed in a glorious way. Allow your heart to release the pain.

The Death Tarot card feels cathartic and refreshing after having felt so much darkness. You feel as though you can see the light at the end of the tunnel now because you’re at the end of it.

The feelings you feel may be something you either re-ignite because they’re good or something you want to put to death as it doesn’t suit you anymore.

You feel like the time is up and it’s over now. That feeling is correct because that’s exactly what is happening. It’s even possible to feel your knowledge get stronger.

Suddenly, you know more because you brought to like the darkness you were harboring within. Now cleansed by the possibilities of your future, you’re letting go of the old.

You feel as though you’re being cleansed or will be soon by letting go. You know that it’s important for transformation to make the effort and you’re ready to do it.

11. The Death Tarot Card Meaning Regarding Children

If the Death Tarot card comes up to describe children or a child, it may be telling you that this child has suffered some painful experience and may not be talking about it.

Then again, this child or the children that have been through something life-changing, they may actually be accepting of the newness that is offered by moving on.

No matter how much they are going through, they stand back up and keep going. They are totally alright with changes because it shows them how beautiful life or people can really be.

If you see the Death Tarot card in reverse then you really should check on your child or children. They may have something going on that they’re being silent about which could only cause them trauma later on.

Talk to them or take them to counseling so they can finally talk about what is holding them down or what they fear so they can get the healing they need.

Should you have children or will you have children? There is a life-changing situation that could bring about birth, yes, it’s possible. Reversal of this would be that until things change, it’s not the best idea.

12. Health And The Death Tarot Card

When the Death Tarot card comes up regarding health, this may seem a bit tricky. Yes, it can mean death is on the way BUT it’s rare it will pop up unless you’re reading for someone else.

That being said, 9 times out of 10, the Death Tarot card upright is saying something is coming to an end for a whole new cycle. Perhaps illness is coming to an end.

Maybe the illness is now gone and the person being asked about it healed already. The health of a person is changed in a big way when the Death Tarot card appears.

It could be a warning for someone to get to the doctor to find a cure for what ails them. They need to let go of the fears they have so that they can get well.

Whether it’s a fear of treatment failure or surgery, they need to let that fear go so it doesn’t keep them from doing what they need to do. They need to take the chance and trust the ones treating them.

The Death card reversed is definitely a warning not to put things off. Procrastination may add to illness or make a healthy person become ill because they weren’t taking the right precautions.

The bottom line is if you feel anything that isn’t right with your health, get to a doctor and address it. You won’t get well if you don’t do anything.

13. The Death Tarot Card Answer “Yes” Or “No”

While the Death Tarot card can mean endings that lead to new beginnings is very positive, it still points out that there is a huge change that has to take place.

If this comes out as your final card in a layout, it’s saying no. It’s not because it’s negative but rather, there is more you need to do in order to create a yes.

There may be a sacrifice you must make or you may need to let go of something or someone in order to achieve your goals. Until you do, change cannot happen.

If you pull just a few cards and there is a very positive card right after then a change will definitely be in your favor and can become a yes. It really matters if you pulled it by itself or with other cards.

Be sure that you ask the cards what change it is that you need to make as it may actually tell you so that you don’t have any guesswork. Letting you know what you need to do will help you to achieve the yes that you’re looking for.

14. The Death Tarot Card In Position

Death Tarot Card Meaning

As I’ve mentioned, position definitely plays a huge role in what a Tarot card means. The Death Tarot card can mean different things depending on if it’s solo or if it’s with other cards.

There are plenty of different Tarot card spreads out there that you can learn. Many will have several cards but some will have fewer. It depends on what you’re looking for that will determine what you should pick.

Right now, I want to use a really simple three-card spread to help you understand how this works. Take a peek below!

The Death Card in Past Position:

The Death card in the past position means that something has changed in a big way. You may have gone through a painful situation or something that was extremely difficult.

You lost your job, experienced a breakup, or the loss of someone you cared for. It was so hard. You aren’t sure what you should take away from it.

The reversed Death card in the past would indicate that you didn’t accept the change that was presented to you. You’re in denial or putting off what you know needs to be done.

The Death Card in Present Position:

The Death card in the present means that you’re in the process of making a huge change or transformation. Something happened or came to an end but now you’re ready to walk through an open door.

You’re experiencing change or growth from a situation you think is awful. You may not like it but it was likely something necessary at this point in your life.

The reversed Death card in this position says that you’re definitely dragging your feet in not wanting to allow change to occur. The more you struggle or wait, the worse it will be.

The Death Card in Future Position:

In the future position, the Death Tarot card means there is a transformation or transition coming up very quickly in your life. Though you don’t much care for it, it has to happen.

If you want your life to be better then you must let go of all that may get in the way or that holds you back. Embrace the newness and bathe in the beautiful possibilities.

Naturally, getting the Death Tarot card in reverse means that a change will present itself, and either you’re not ready or you are resistant to it. Either way, if you don’t allow change, it will keep you from your good. Wise up!

15. The Lessons The Death Tarot Card Wants To Teach You

Lessons From The Death Tarot Card

I share with you some advice that you should take from the Death Tarot card’s appearance. There are definitely lessons that need to be taken seriously and learned.

If you really want a successful life filled with love and happiness; you’ve got to allow change to happen.

Here are some lessons for you to keep in mind and perhaps grow from:

  • Listen to the call of change; you cannot stay the same forever.
  • Change is inevitable but it’s your choice which way it will go.
  • There is always light after dark times, you simply have to allow it to come.
  • Never hang onto that which hurts you, keeps you from healing, or keeps you from your good.
  • Embrace the changes that come your way, they are for the betterment of your future.
  • If you allow the pain of the past to keep you hostage then you will never see the freedom in your healing.
  • Even if it’s hard or painful, always move forward no matter what!
  • Know that you will have the absolute best when you embrace change.
  • Don’t put off what you know needs to be done now!
  • Change doesn’t always have to hurt. Say YES! to the new.

I truly hope that these inspirational lessons will help you to finally have the best life you can have. May it lead you to the most fulfilling love, marriage, and career that you wish for.

16. Astrology And The Death Tarot Card

In looking at the Death Tarot card, Scorpio is the Zodiac sign affiliated with it. The Scorpio sign is one of sometimes dragging feet trying to find perfection. Sometimes the Scorpio is fearful.

The Scorpio sees the possible future and is also sometimes willing to go for it and make the best of what life has to offer. They know that even a painful change is something that may be necessary.

Scorpio is passionate about life and love, so the Death card helps facilitate that passion with changes or alterations.

Something else to know is that sometimes Scorpio allows negativity to grow through jealous behavior. They also are known to obsess about people or situations. This negativity can absolutely make them ill.

If you’re not a Scorpio then this could simply mean it’s giving you a warning on what you need to look out for.

Negative behavior or unhealthy obsessions can cause problems with reproductive health, and hormones, as well as painful bladder or kidney issues. Diabetes is yet another issue that can come up.

If you have any symptoms along these lines then please seek out a physician and have it checked out. Also, be sure you’re not allowing negativity to take over your life.

17. The Death Tarot Card In Numerology

The Death Tarot card is the Roman numeral XIII which is 13. The number 13 in Numerology is a karmic number. It helps bring a bit of luck and some much-needed prosperity to the people who embrace change.

So, you see my dear friends, if you embrace the changes that come your way, you’re more likely to succeed with some beautiful prosperity in life, love, and health.

Now, 13 also breaks down to 4 in Numerology (1+3=4). The number 4 as a personal year means creating and building foundations for your future. A number 4 Life Path Number means this life for you is about learning your purpose.

What does life mean and why do changes happen? Who are you really? That’s what a Life Path Number 4 is about. You learn about the ebb and flow of how life operates.

It also very much goes hand in hand with the Death Tarot card if you think about it. It’s all about growth and change which is the heart of the card’s education.

18. When You Keep Pulling The Death Tarot Card

I know you cannot imagine it – but what happens when you keep pulling the Death Tarot card? Is it an omen of some kind? Does it mean death is coming for you or for someone else?

Well while it could mean literal death, it’s more than likely just informing you of a change you have brewing or on the way so keep your eyes open and be ready.

While you can’t always prepare for your life being altered, your attitude definitely can be swayed one way or the other. Your attitude will determine how it will go.

My suggestion to you is to keep your attitude as positive as possible so you can have more of an ideal outcome that will help you push forward in the very best way.

If you keep pulling the card upright, change is definitely a big thing in your life. Now if you pull it and it’s reversed then it’s telling you that you know what you need to do but aren’t doing it.

If you leave it up to fate, you may not like the outcome that happens from the change you didn’t embrace. Do you want to take that risk? Get your head out of the sand and start moving!

19. Symbols For The Death Tarot Card

The symbolism in the Death Tarot card is pretty exact. In the Rider Waite deck, it displays a skeleton in armor atop a beautiful white horse. The skeleton is waving a flag with what looks like a flower on it.

Though the flag is black, the flower is still symbolic of newness or rebirth. There are people praying at death’s feet begging to be spared. It would seem this rider is collecting those not embracing change.

What would you do if you wanted a Death Tarot card tattoo? There are a million different ways you could represent this card actually. As long as you include the rider and a scythe or flag with a new beginning on it, you’ve got it!

Talk to your local tattoo artist to find something that you find suitable if you don’t want the actual card itself tattooed though there are lots of gorgeous decks with amazing artwork on them.

Whatever spin you want to put on it will come out looking beautiful and means acceptance of the ebb and flow of life. You’re strong and willful. You aren’t afraid.

20. Spirituality And The Death Tarot Card

Ah, spirituality with the Death Tarot card. The spiritual meaning with it is that unless you experience various deaths, you will not understand or appreciate the births that come along with them.

The more difficulty you tend to go through somehow seems to teach you more expansively about the comings and goings of life. This card is symbolic of the ability to look death in the face and accept the road it’s taking you on.

You’re brave and you’re willing to close some doors in order to step through new ones. You know when your relationship is ready to be transformed or let go of.

The Death card gives you the wisdom to be spiritually one with your life’s energy. You understand how the Earth moves and you know that whatever happens, you’ll always triumph.

The reversal of this card only tells you that you cannot get from spiritual point A to point B until you learn how to release periodically. No one likes having to do this, but it’s absolutely crucial.

This is why people go through their belongings and purge what they no longer need then perhaps sell or donate for someone else to make use of them.

It’s also why people sometimes feel the need to move cities in order to move on. They literally pick up their lives and go somewhere totally new to them.

They aren’t afraid to make a fresh start even if it means leaving behind their things, friends, family, and “comfortable” job.

The faith is there that they have so much more opportunity when they let go and get going. Things are fleeting but your spirit lasts forever, my friends.

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