The Empress Tarot Card: 17 Different Meanings & Lessons

The Empress Tarot Card indicates a lot of different meanings both positive and negative, depending on her position and direction. Keep reading to see the in-depth analysis of The Empress Tarot Card meaning and explore the unknown as well as learn how to find out information for yourself. You’re in for quite a treat, so don’t stop now! 

A Brief History Of The Empress Card In Tarot

What many people may not know is that the art of divination was created way back in the 14th century. Just imagine how long we have been calling upon its guidance!

It’s been around for a very long time. Back then, divination was a bit of a game. They were used as playing cards for a different form of entertainment. There were talented artists commissioned to paint the artwork used on the cards.

If you can picture one of those games or books along the lines of a “choose your own adventure,” then you’ll understand one of the ways the cards were used. 

The first major deck created was in 1909, known as the Rider Waite deck. It’s been one of the most popular decks since then. 

The Empress Tarot Card was used to let the person looking at them figure out what it may mean by simply studying the picture on it. With the Empress, you see she’s royalty or a leader of some kind.

She wears her crown and she appears to be pregnant. A woman with a child is said to be maternal and a nurturer. Since then, they’ve developed many more decks and cards. 

The Empress still stands out, no matter what deck you are using or getting a reading with. She is still the matriarch of the family or group. Before there were books created for the cards, you could easily interpret the Empress. 

The quote “Be fruitful and multiply” from Genesis certainly fits the beautiful Empress Tarot Card. 

1. The Basic Meaning of the Empress Card

the original empress tarot card

The Empress Tarot Card meaning that is pictured in the card is a woman who is typically depicted as pregnant in most decks. While you 

may think this means pregnancy for you in the physical world, it many times doesn’t. It can mean pregnancy, but it will depend on all the other cards surrounding it.

The actual card’s basic meaning is that a new situation or possibility has been revealed. It can also mean that it is about to be revealed. This can be a new goal, new plan, an invention, or some creation that you’re about to embark on.

It’s the birth of something new that will bring you success and happiness in the near future. 

Another angle is that it can represent you as a person in charge of caring for someone that requires help. It may be children, someone sick, or someone elderly. You’re in a position of taking care. 

This means that you are empathetic to others in need and can assist them whatever it is that they need. 

The card is a very positive one to see and gives you a sense of good news or plans starting to evolve for an amazing future.

Now, let’s get into some more meanings of what the Empress represents…

2. The Empress Tarot Card And Love Life

What does the Empress Tarot Card mean in terms of love and relationships? I’ll tell you something, it definitely means things going well in the area of love. 

In fact, the Empress Tarot Card is pure love. She’s a caretaker and of course, she’s going to do this throughout her life. It means she’s open to love and not shutting herself off from it.

If you’re asking a question about your love situation and she comes up, this is good news! It means you’re loved and that there is going to be growth in the relationship if not a huge commitment for the long haul.

So, when you ask a question such as: “Will we become more than friends?” The Empress Tarot Card meaning is a “yes,” as it does mean a deeper commitment or getting one in place.  

The card is so positive that honestly, you could ask it a “yes” or “no” question and it does give you back a “yes” in response. 

This particular card is something you want to see when you need to feel uplifted or get an answer about being on track with your love life. 

3. The Empress Card With Finances And Career 

When you see this card after you’ve asked about money, your job, or your career; what does Empress Tarot Card mean in this situation? Well, it can indicate good tidings ahead. 

There may be a new job or position being created for you that will make you more money. You may be working at changing careers and this card confirms that you’re doing the right thing.

Money is being manifested for you in a big way and if you haven’t gotten news about it yet, you will!

You may finally be getting a more stable income that will help you build a nest egg for your future. It may be a windfall of money is headed your way as well. 

Just as The Empress Tarot Card meaning symbolizes growth or birth, this is also reflected when you’re asking questions about your financial situation or career. It means a new commitment that is in the works. 

You may finally get a contract to sign that will ensure your future is financially set. It’s always a good sign to see this card in a reading when you’re asking about your financial future. 

Questions like, “will I get the money I need?”  The answer is a clear “yes!” What a wonderful confirmation this card truly is!

4. The Empress As A Person In Your Life

Something you may not know is that sometimes the Empress is a mother-like figure in your life, a person who is trying to help you. She may have excellent advice or she may even literally help you. 

This could represent your mother or someone who is like a mother figure in your life. She could be a boss, co-worker, or older woman who has a vested interest in helping you. 

When you’re going through hard times, the Empress is an amazing card to receive. She is the help you need to get out of a predicament or simply to improve your life. 

If it’s not anyone you’ve met, talked to, or know, then it could certainly represent you being this to someone else like your own child, grandchild, or younger person who needs your advice. 

You may find yourself in a position of caring for someone. Sometimes when this card comes to you, it may mean that you will be helping someone through something and to be ready.

It will be a positive experience and bring you much growth in your understanding of life and human connection. The Empress Tarot Card meaning should help you be a better person and make better choices.

5. The Empress Card Reversed (Upside Down)

The Empress Tarot Card Reversed

What I’ve shared with you so far are the meanings when they’re seen upright. You see sometimes when you shuffle the deck, a card can come out upside down, which means something different than when it is upright.

It can mean the opposite of the true meaning when it’s upright, or it can mean delays or problems that must be worked on before things go the way they should. 

What the Empress Card means in reverse is definitely a “no” in terms of an answer! 

Now, let’s take a look at the differences of what it may mean for love and finances… The Empress Tarot Card meaning is vast and explanatory. 

Love Life and Empress Card Reversed

Where the Empress is concerned, there is a bit of a different feel when she is reversed. She may not be taking good care of herself or others. 

When you ask a question about love and you get the reversed Empress, you get a whole different answer. An example… “Will he and I work out as a couple?”

The answer with reversed Empress would describe to you that you still have more healing and growth to work on before you can get what you want. It can even mean that he’s the one that needs to work on himself.

It does not mean you need to fix him or help him. I need you to understand that it’s not possible to fix someone who is emotionally disturbed nor is it your responsibility to solve his problems.

This is more about you feeling down or insecure about yourself and the relationship. It also means instead of taking care of someone else, take care of yourself!

Now, the other thing is here is that it can indicate no progress in the relationship and therefore it’s telling you: “no, it’s not working right now.”

When this card is in a reading, you also need to consider the other cards that may be around it but if you’ve only pulled this one card, it is directly telling you no whereas the upright Empress card means yes

The Empress Card Reversed For Finances And Career

Just as I mentioned in love, the reversed Empress Card means there is more work to be done before you find success or change in your career or job. 

There may be delays on the money you were expecting or hoping for. If you ask something like, “Is this career the one for me?” then it may be telling you to keep looking because this isn’t it. 

It’s alerting you that the financial situation you’re in isn’t ideal for you and requires you to find and make a change in your life if truly want to succeed. 

It can indicate a dead-end job that offers you no promotions. No raises or bonuses are available for you in the current position you’re in. 

The Empress reversed is telling you to move on and find something else that will allow you to use your talents, excite you, and make you more money. 

You can create stability in your finances if you put in the work to find something else. 

The Empress As A Person Reversed

The upright card is a beautiful and helpful person. When it’s reversed, it’s a person who isn’t helping you, isn’t guiding you and is being very lazy. 

Whether it’s you or someone else, they are just not doing their best. They’re putting off learning new things, not giving as much as they could to other people, and is a bit of a miser. 

The person is either experiencing too many problems of their own that they aren’t facing or they’re not giving you the help they promised to give you. 

It may be someone who is letting you down or blowing you off. If it’s you, then you may be doing this in regards to other people. 

It’s going to require you to stand up and start taking charge, no matter how bad you may feel. Ask for help and do something. If you aren’t taking care of yourself, you won’t be able to push forward in your life.

Again, the Empress Card means that things are possibly delayed for you because there is still something left undone that you must take care of to get to where you dream to be. 

6. Advice From The Empress In A Reading

When the Empress Card pops up as an answer to your question that needs advice such as, “should I stay with him and give it more time?” An upright card tells you to hang in there as something is growing.

There may be something new brewing that may help give your relationship a boost. 

Of course, if it comes up reversed then it’s telling you that there is something more important to focus on and that’s you. The Empress Card means you probably should move on as the relationship may be too toxic. 

If anything, it’s telling you that for now, it’s a good time to let go so you can work on yourself. 

On a blatant note, if it’s in reverse, it’s saying “NO!” to your question. You asked and it answered even when you don’t like it.

You see how different it can be when your card is upright or reversed. 

7. The Empress Tarot Card As Feelings

Sometimes the cards can come up as your feelings or someone else’s feelings, such as when you’re having a relationship reading done. You want to know how compatible you are or how the other person feels about you.

The Empress Card means when it’s upright that there is a feeling of love, nurturing, and great optimism that everything will grow and be wonderful. 

Of course, when the Empress is reversed, it takes on a different spin. It can represent sadness, despair, detachment, and the inability to feel close. This could be you or it could be the person you ask about.

Depending on if there are other cards pulled, it can mean the person needs more time or healing. It may also mean that’s you that needs more time or healing. 

If positive cards are surrounding the Empress Tarot Card means this feeling is temporary and you shouldn’t worry about it. I know that may seem confusing if the card is reversed.

The thing is, when a reading is done, there are typically other cards that mean something depending on their position and the actual card itself. Only pulling one like for your horoscope for the day, all focus is on that card.

When other cards are there, their position in the layout and what they individually mean will have to be put together with the Empress much like a story. 

The Tarot Cards are a stepping stone to telling you a story, in essence. You consider each card and what they mean, what the position means, and add in what you feel and you get the answer to your question.

Never discount the feelings you feel when you look at the card or even hold it in your hands. It’s important to feel what your intuition tells you when you experience its energy. 

8. The Empress Card And Pregnancy

The energy for the Empress is feminine.  The Empress Tarot Card means motherhood, nurturing, and great love that a mother has for children and her family. 

Yes, she can represent pregnancy, so if you ask if you are pregnant or will become pregnant, this card can represent a huge “yes.” This card can surprise you sometimes when you least expect it.

You may not feel well and aren’t sure why then the Empress card pops up and says you may be pregnant. Always be aware this can pop up unless of course you are taking precautions or are menopausal.

In that case, it can also refer to grandchildren or even a new pet. It can work from all those different angles. It means a beautiful bundle of joy that is about to bless your life. 

She may be telling you if you’ve been hoping to become pregnant that now is the time for you to give it a good try. The Empress represents fertility and the possibility of growth. 

When she is reversed, she may be telling you that there is an unhealthy dependency in your life. It may mean you are dependent on someone or someone is dependent on you. 

In that situation, the Empress Tarot Card means she’s alerting you so that you can take a chance. Co-dependency can really ruin a person. 

There could be an amount of smothering or jealousy going on and it needs to be handled. Whether it’s you or someone you care for, there is a need for healing and independence. 

It also means that you need to start relying on yourself. Naturally, if you asked about someone else, it means that they are the ones who need to embrace independence and practice self-reliance.

In some cases, this means a child who is grown and is taking advantage of your care, thus not getting out there in the world to achieve their own goals. It’s time to kick them to the curb if need be.

If you’re in a relationship with someone and this comes up, the Empress is telling you it’s unhealthy and you need to learn how to do things on your own so that you or your partner do not get caught up in co-dependency.

She says to you, get help and start working at healing! 

9. Astrology, Birth, & The Empress Tarot Card

The Empress card is also known as a Major Arcana card in the Tarot Deck. It’s one of the major cards that have much power and meaning. When you see multiple major Arcana cards together, it’s serious business! 

In fact, in order of importance, she is number three. That’s pretty high up, which makes The Empress very significant. 

Astrologically, the Empress is associated with the planet of love and passion; the planet Venus. 

Venus helps relationships and love. In terms of career or finances, Venus can mean abundance or growth so you can see why the planet ties in with the Empress card quite appropriately. 

If you ever get a card that is associated with Jupiter and is next to a Venus card such as The Empress, you’re about to have some serious breakthroughs and major lucky situations. 

An example… you pull the Empress then you pull The Wheel of Fortune next and finish with a 3 of Cups (celebration and joy) means you’re going to experience a celebration of an idea or goal that is being realized.

It can mean bringing you much fortune or love. It’s always important to pay attention to the full meaning of the Empress card. 

Look at the sign it’s associated with or planet and you’ll find more information you might not have realized before. 

Another way to look at this is the Empress is a family woman with much love to share and that certainly sounds like the Cancer sign in the Zodiac. She is also connected with the stability of family life as a loyal Taurus. 

10. When You Keep Pulling the Empress Card

It’s no coincidence if you keep pulling the same card repeatedly within a certain amount of time. It is trying to tell you that something is about to happen very quickly for you.

It may be to help you wrap your head around pregnancy, birth, or a new member of your family. 

The Empress Tarot Card means that possibly love is on the way or it’s about to become more serious such as a marriage proposal or even just exclusivity with you and your person. 

When cards like this are insistent, they are trying to make you very aware of something. It’s up to you to realize what it is that they want you to wake up to. She may be telling you to be more positive or appreciate the life you have.

Empress may be inspiring you to make your new ideas manifest what you really want in your life. She could be telling you to take better care of yourself or someone else.

Powerful Empress could also be alerting you to someone that is going to need your help. If you don’t know anyone like that then you need to practice more self-care so you can achieve your dreams and goals. 

Naturally, if you keep getting her in reverse then it means that self-care is needed as is motivation. Stop procrastinating and get things done!

It’s also possible she’s saying that the relationship you are in isn’t working and you need to get out of it so that you can make yourself happy again. 

When you get this card over and over, pay attention to it and know that there is a message from the Empress. Once you do observe and understand what she’s trying to convey, you’ll notice you stop pulling her.

11. The Lessons The Empress Wants To Teach You

The Empress Tarot Card Message

That’s right! The Empress is a teacher and sometimes when she comes up, she’s trying to flag your attention to what she has to say before it’s too late! 

Some of the things that she wants to share with you are:

  • Have patience with yourself. Self-care is important and it may take time to help you heal. Take good care of yourself; you’re just as important as anyone else. 
  • To take care of other people, you first must make sure that you are in good mental and physical health yourself. 
  • Stand back and look to see where your empathy and love can best be served. What can you work on to give of yourself properly? 
  • Have a great and deep love for yourself. No one can love you better than you. When you do, you’ll know how to love other people in the right way. 
  • Good comes when you put good energy into it. Start manifesting what it is you really want in your life. Be optimistic about your life and your future. 
  • Give yourself a break. Everyone needs space and time to find themselves to do their best. 
  • Be more empathetic with people. They have troubles just as you do. When you connect with others, you also connect with yourself. 
  • There is no hurry. Slow down and let things unfold as they may. Don’t try to force anything to happen. 

As you can see, the Empress card has much to convey to you if you’re ready and willing to listen to her. Think of her as your mother, aunt, grandma, or teacher. 

12. Health And The Empress Tarot Card

Yes, the Tarot can and will indicate things about your health or someone else’s, depending on who you are asking about. 

When you’re wondering about your own health and this card comes up, Empress Tarot Card means that you need to practice self-care, as I’ve mentioned a few other times.

If something isn’t right with your health then you need to do everything you can to get better. 

She could be telling you to try more homeopathic routes to healing. Look more into holistic treatments. 

Try Reiki, massage therapy, eating better, aromatherapy, essential oils, crystals, and therapy with a counselor if necessary. 

You are not helpless and you need to help yourself. You are the master of you. Don’t ever fully put yourself in the hands of others unless there is no other option. 

The card could be bringing attention to go see a physician if you haven’t. It may be possible for them to find something and catch it before it gets out of hand. 

13. Empress Tarot Card And Numerology

In Numerology, as I already mentioned, the Empress is the number three, which represents fertility, abundance, and expansion with growth. 

It can be very direct with you as in you may be marrying and having a child. Two adults and one baby are an instant family!

The number three can also mean that it’s time to get your house in order, patience is needed in a situation, or you need to practice self-discipline. 

Creativity also comes with the number three. You can manifest whatever you want into being with as little effort as giving thanks for what you want before you get it.

This applies to business or personal. It depends on what is going on in your life and your situation. 

You might see now how the number three ties in perfectly with the Empress Tarot Card, right? There is abundance, growth, and fertility. It works for family, relationships, and money!

One more thing you’ll find interesting is that if your Life Path Number happens to be a three then the Empress is your birth card! 

14. Symbols For The Empress Tarot Card

Indeed, there are symbols that are associated with the Empress Tarot Card! The symbol of an eagle is one. The eagle means freedom, wisdom, and her Mother Nature wholeness.

I mentioned Venus being her planet. That means the symbol for Venus helps represent her if you’re thinking of a design or Empress Tarot Card tattoo. 

A crown with twelve stars is what the Empress wears on her head in the card’s picture. This is for her being a queen, a woman in power with symbols that are bent the wind in her favor. 

Of course, the number three is a symbol for the Empress. It could be a nice Tarot tattoo to have a number three somehow integrated with the Venus symbol. 

You might even try to get the actual card’s picture tattooed on. If you’re just using symbols in artwork or another form of creativity, anything to do with motherhood, leadership, or love works just as well.

15. The Empress Card Answer “Yes” Or “No”

Certainly, if you want to pull one card from the deck to answer something that requires a simple “yes” or “no” then you can. 

If you pull the upright Empress Tarot Card, it means that it’s a very positive direction and answer. It definitely would give you a “yes” to your question, whereas the reverse would tell you “no.”

If you ever pull a three-card spread that is laid out as past, present, and future, then you would have to look at the other two cards. The final card is the actual answer BUT the other two cards are important also.

The past card tells you what led you to the question you’re asking. The middle card is where you are now and what is going on in the present. 

The last card is the actual answer which can sometimes come out with a “maybe” or “unknown,” in which case you need to pull another card for clarification.

With the Empress Tarot Card, you don’t really need to pull any other cards as she’s a loud resounding “yes!” 

16. The Empress Card In Position

The Empress Card In Position

The Empress Tarot Card also has different past, present, and future meanings, believe it or not. They can give you a determining answer if you pull just one card or if you pull more cards.

Let’s take a look now to see what the Empress card alone means in this way:

The Empress in Past Position:

With the Empress in the past, she may be saying that you’ve planted seeds before that are still in the process of growing into something wonderful. You may have given birth or got a new member of your family (child, marriage, pets). 

The Empress in Present Position:

You’re experiencing growth or birth of something new in your life. You’re starting a new project, job, or love relationship. You could be getting more serious with someone special. Abundance flows to you now. Expect good news and/or advice. 

The Empress in Future Position:

If you get the Empress card in this spot, then it means your good is on the way. You haven’t given birth to a new idea or child yet. You may get news of something new that will change your life. Abundance is on the way and you’re going to be very happy. 

Of course, you could go back to all the information I’ve given you thus far and get even more meaning out of it. Remember that the cards surrounding it do matter if you’re pulling more than one. 

17. Spirituality And The Empress Card

The final tidbit of information I have for you is about the spirituality involved with the Empress card. You may be going through spiritual evolvement. 

It’s possible you were in transition with your belief system and now the Empress card means that you are well underway with a big change that transforms you and lifts your spiritual knowledge to a new level.

When you see the card, she wants you to remember that there is more going on than meets the eye and you need to pay attention. The mundane world isn’t offering you much.

Look deeper below the surface. There is much more for you to experience and grow from. The Empress card is tied with Mother Nature. It makes perfect sense when you think about it.

Mother Earth IS The Empress, in essence. The card could be telling you that it’s time for you to spend more time in nature and energize yourself. Going out and getting fresh air on a nice walk will help you.

You can go spend time with animals as well. You can be a volunteer at a shelter or you can go spend a day at the zoo. Spending time with children is food for your soul too!

Grounding is important and the Empress card is an advocate for keeping yourself that way. Get outside, stand tall and take a few very deep breaths of fresh air. 

No matter what you’re going through, the Empress is there for you in one form or another. Nature is the easiest for you to access. Don’t forget to take quiet downtime so you don’t overwork yourself. 

Your energy is very important to the world’s energy, so heed the Empress’ message and take great self-care! 

I do hope this has helped you get an in-depth look at the Empress Tarot Card. She has much hope, love, and healing to offer you. She’s the mother of the Tarot Deck who always cares for you. 

I wish you nothing but the very best on your path and please be sure to check out the other cards for more information on the Tarot Cards and their meanings. 

You might be surprised at how much you can help yourself by pulling one simple card each day. 

I wish you all the luck of the Universe!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach 

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