Weekly Love Horoscope For May 1st – 7th

Hello Darlings;

it’s now May, and we really have got the feeling that the year is underway, especially now that the new season is in full swing and we are well past the equinox.

This week on Thursday, we have the full moon and so it’s important to finalize and nail down some of the new plans and initiatives that you have put in place over the last two weeks. After the full moon happens, it’s a perfect time to get organized, contemplate, reassess and pivot.

The New Moon is also always a phase for a little bit of reflection and being slightly more passive and receptive rather than totally action-orientated.

Sun is conjunct Mercury retrograde in Taurus; this in addition to Venus Square Neptune indicates caution in both financial matters and matters of the heart. This is a time when miscommunications can happen between people in terms of business and also romance, so it’s important to use emotional intelligence to do your research and think a little bit deeper.

Right now, nothing is what it seems, so you have to be able to read between the lines and reach an understanding from both a logical and a more lateral thinking perspective.

This week it’s quite a good time for dealing with the softer side of life and for being subtle; you gain when you are observant and have empathy for others; this is a time when karma operates, and so any ill-conceived or negative action will have a pretty much immediate reaction.

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Aries – Tentative and Tactile

For Aries, this is definitely a week to work on improving understanding in relationships; while debate and conversation may not always give you the answers you want if you are supportive and understanding to your partner, you will find that bridges can be built.

With Mars in Cancer, Venus Square Neptune and Mercury retrograde, this is a very important time to be considered in your response. Aries tend to be quite impatient, and you like to be busy and feel the things in your life are moving forward, but right now, the essence is subtlety, it’s important to be aware of things that might be happening behind the scenes, or that might be developing slowly.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your power right now is in your ability to use your stamina and harness your energy for the long haul.

This can be a difficult phase for dating and meeting new people simply because you feel a little bit more awkward. However, this is an excellent week for establishing relationships where you already have a degree of familiarity.

You may be less inclined to strike up a brand new romance or to communicate extensively with a brand new romantic partner simply because you are more likely to question their motivations and feel a little bit insecure.

Taurus – The Divine Flow

This week it’s important to go with the flow, it’s vital that you understand the rhythm of life and know when you can push ahead, and alternatively, know when you have to take a step back in relationships because then romance can be quite brilliant.

This is a great time for romance, particularly in stable and established relationships where you already have a good basis of knowledge about your partner.

However, this is not the best week in terms of internet dating, long-distance relationships and new relationships simply because it’s very difficult to get a read on another person’s true intentions online, and it’s quite easy to get carried away.

This is quite an emotional time, and you need a lot of reassurance from your partner, so if your partner is a bit distant or aloof, it’s easy to feel neglected, but you may just be more prone to noticing those times when your partner is unresponsive, simply because you are little bit more needy right now.

The first week of May is a good time for reintroducing empathy and thoughtfulness into love, it’s definitely not a great time for debate and confrontation, so focus on understanding at the emotional level.

Gemini – Using your binoculars not your rose-colored glasses in love

This is a fantastic week for tenderness and affection in your romantic relationships, however, you tend to be quite idealistic, so it’s important not to make any concrete decisions when it comes to love.

Right now, it is all about enjoying the moment without any expectation and also being spontaneous, which suits Gemini just fine.

You won’t always find the answers you are looking for in terms of love, but it’s important not to make assumptions, keep an open mind and allow love to progress at its natural pace. Workplace romances can be particularly intriguing now, however, there are often hidden complications and so you need to be fairly private and discreet.

One of the key ingredients to a successful romance right now is privacy and integrity.

It’s important not to be too vocal on social media about your romantic life and to keep any feelings to yourself. While it can be tempting to share your private thoughts and information to get advice from friends, it’s often not helpful, so trust your own intuition.

Cancer – Your life, your power

Mars in Cancer indicates that this is a great week to show a little bit of assertiveness and exercise control in your life. You really need to believe in yourself and to exercise your own power. This is a time to take things into your own hands; what you need to avoid now is constant communication, chatter or information seeking.

It’s now time to use your intuition in order to move forward because you are never going to get the clarity you need, and so part of your decision matrix has to be your own wisdom, experience and knowledge.

In relationships, it’s important to take control, don’t take a back seat, make sure that your needs are met and that your partner fully understands what your desires and goals are. This is certainly a good week to create more clarity in your relationships and get things moving forward.

This is not the best time for new relationships with friends or meeting other people that you are introduced to via friends. Long-distance relationships can, however be quite appealing, particularly if you meet the person while traveling.

Leo – Thinking Big

Leo will be thinking ahead to a big treat you have planned, a treat that you thoroughly deserve and are planning carefully for. With Mercury and the Sun in Taurus, you are future-orientated and are prepared to sacrifice small pleasures right now as the bigger goal is very much more important.

The big treat may be travel related or connected to a major life landmark goal.

Relationships and their dynamics will have a marked effect on your self-esteem, especially at the full moon. Single Leo may jump into ill-advised relationships (with friends or colleagues) merely for the completeness a steady relationship can give.

The full moon will, however strengthen and solidify good relationships reminding you and your partner what love and togetherness means.

Shaky negative relationships will crumble. Achieving inner peace and living in harmony with others, in general, is important to you. Leo are also reaching out to others to lend support and assistance; being a good friend or Good Samaritan to a stranger fulfils a need in you right now to be part of the bigger picture.

Virgo – Teenage Dream

This week is perfect for both spiritual and intellectual growth as you can see the necessity for some of the more challenging or inhibiting aspects of your life; you are able to see meaning within the troubles you face.

Sometimes we rebel or lash out to feel that we are empowered, but this week with Mercury retrograde in Taurus, you are aware of how the structures or routines in your life and relationships (however annoying they may be) play a role in making you secure and giving you a solid base.

A loving, generous and spontaneous attitude will help your love life to flow both in new and older relationships. This week, you are feeling young again, and this is what is helping you to find new and exciting ways to experience love and affection.

The teenager in you is alive again, and you are appreciating life more as you feel you can let your hair down and enjoy life without all the baggage that one usually feels weighed down with.

Libra – A time to come out fighting

With Mars in Cancer, a very busy and active week can mean less time for love. You really are stretched between your various commitments on the personal, home and relationship front. In fact, you have to be selfish this week and think of your own needs and your own health.

You cannot be all things to all people; your partner is an adult, and you may have to put your foot down and be firm about what you can and cannot be expected to cope with this month.

There may be some rows or heated debates within your love relationships, but these are very necessary for you to ensure that your feelings and efforts are respected and that there is a fair distribution of give and take. You just have to tell it like it is, subtle hints and silent treatment will not get the message across.

Your partner will also have to respect that you are very busy at work this week and cannot commit to evenings out, social events etc. a long time in advance as things at work are fast-paced and unpredictable and need your attention.

You do have enough energy to keep your sex life going, and sex is actually a great way to relax in what is a stressful week. So get the arguments out of the way and make love.

Scorpio – Secret Admirer

Venus Square Neptune brings a smoother week love-wise; you are feeling romantic and dreamy. It would be ideal if your partner treated you to a romantic dinner somewhere special or a surprise trip to the theatre.

The one danger, with Mercury retrograde in Taurus, is carelessness about communications – be sure what you say is understood properly, as misunderstandings can derail the romance. Say things clearly and don’t assume anything; get it straight.

Single Scorpio may have a surprise romantic communication or a mystery admirer who sends flowers or a message. Who in your circle fancies you but is afraid to make the first move? That is the question.

A good week for new and established relationships, whether you party or just veg out on the couch – it’s fun and enjoyable.

Sensually you are more attuned to your environment, and everything seems to look brighter, music sounds better, and things taste better than usual – this is wonderful as sexually, you are so much more receptive to touch, feel and movement.

Sagittarius – Searching for the key that fits

You may at times, feel very impatient and may attempt to use your willpower to manipulate a situation; you may not achieve the best result this way. Mercury retrograde means that you must be patient and strategic and use your gut instinct about when the best time to act is.

Impatience can lead to conflict with others. Conflict and opposition are a theme this week– not necessarily conflict in relationships, but you will find yourself rubbing up against people, rules, organizations or the government.

Sometimes it may feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall in trying to either get your view across or make progress in a given situation. Your endurance, and ultimately your belief in what you are doing or trying to achieve, will be tested.

There is a strong need for self-regeneration, and part of the conflict and frustration this week will involve you asking searching questions about what you truly want and need to be happy in love.

Capricorn – Good Fences

Mercury retrograde and Mars in Cancer mean boundaries are really important this week in your close relationships. No matter how close you are, there have to be some aspects of your personality or your personal space which are off-limits.

Now your partner may already know what you don’t like, but have you ever noticed how people encroach more and more until they need a refresher course? You may have to have a firm and diplomatic discussion about what you are not happy or comfortable with just to set that boundary back in place.

All relationships have secrets, and you should not feel guilty about having them; they add mystery and the sense that there is more to discover about you. You need to let your partner know this month that although you have secrets, he has nothing to worry about.

Everything I say above should be easy as communication in relationships is deeper and more relevant this month.

Aquarius – Money Talks

Sun Conjunct Mercury retrograde in Taurus means you have a somewhat reserved approach that can temper your love life this week. You are feeling drained both physically and emotionally, and you are not at your most open right now. You tend to withdraw into yourself, and you are not able to really let your hair down right now.

You will need to have a little peace and have some time alone to think. Lack of communication could be a problem if you do not explain yourself; be sure to make it clear to your partner that nothing is really wrong; you simply need some time alone.

Heated discussions about your finances or property are likely, and agreement on how to spend and where to save will be hard. What you should not do is take any of this too seriously, it will pass, and the worst thing you can do is avoid the issues that arise.

Tackle them systematically and patiently, and they will resolve. New relationships may have difficulty this week, partly due to money issues and also due to different priorities and standards.

Pisces – Your love melody

The friendship side of your love relationship is very important this month. With Venus Square Neptune, you will rediscover the strong emotional bond you have with your partner. There is a great deal of romance and a desire to be alone with your partner.

It really is time to shut the world out and cozy up together. Sex should be excellent this week as you are warm, sensual and very sensitive to your partner’s needs. Poetry, movies, and music all contribute to the very romantic and almost surreal love mode you are in now.

The fantasy element of love-making is vital – it has to be an escape from reality and transcendence from the mundane.

Single Pisces may fall in love with a friend with whom you already share a bond. All relationships where you have a spiritual connection will thrive and grow this week as you seek to get in touch with your soul.

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In summary

This is a week where the journey you are on as a human being really matters to you; meaning in life is what counts, and that is why all important relationships will get your full attention and appreciation. You want to immerse yourself in what really counts.

Whatever your star sign, remember that this week is powerful for:

  • Romance
  • Contemplating
  • Sensitivity
  • Deeper understanding
  • Hidden desires
  • Working on love

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  1. thanks but there is no love right now in my life.we are separated coz of Leo cold response and even he is ghosting me no response on my msgs on call he so rude he don’t want to talk to me regarding what happened in between us.

    1. Hi Nags,
      You could text him: “It makes me sad that we stopped communicating because
      everything seemed to be going pretty well between us. Did I offend
      you in any way?”
      Never beg him to give you an answer. Don’t even
      apologize in advance. Also, don’t try to push him, or send him
      dozens of texts insisting on getting an answer. Doing all of this will
      push him further away. Just give him some time and he will answer you. 
      If he doesn’t answer, move forward because he is not worth it.
      Sometimes the only closure you need is understanding that you deserve better.

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