The Star Tarot Card – Your Complete Guide

The Star Tarot card is a beautiful card, no matter which deck you are using. It’s clearly a card of inspiration and feeling wonderful! But what does it mean within different areas of life?

This is a card I am happy to share the details on with you. It’s a card of magic, optimism, and hope. I am going to share with you everything you could possibly want to learn about the Star Tarot card.

Stick with me and read this all the way through. You’ll be glad you did!

The Brief History Of The Star Tarot Card

The Star Tarot card is one of the Major Arcana in the Tarot card deck. The history, however, goes way back to the 14th century, when the Italians decided to make a Tarot card game.

They wanted to make a playing card deck that would have more to offer and would also have spectacular art on each card. They created the Major Arcana to be the “trump cards” in the deck.

They kept the four suits but changed them up a little bit so that it wouldn’t be exactly like the traditional playing card deck. For instance, the Hearts turned into Cups, Diamonds into Pentacles/Coins, Clubs into Wands, and naturally, the Spades into Swords.

This game is still being played by many that enjoy card games.

When did the Tarot cards turn into a divinatory tool? Well, it was in 1750, when using it for cartomancy became popular. It wasn’t until the 1800s when the spiritualism folks decided to make it into a tool for divining.

There were many other tools created to speak to the dead and read one’s fortune. The Tarot cards seemed to speak to the user and thus, they became very popular.

There have been many Tarot decks created since the 1400s, but the most popular of all is the Rider Waite deck which was created in 1901. It’s the one that is most widely used for beginners.

I will admit that if you are learning how to read Tarot, it is probably the best deck to work with until you learn everything about them. Then you can explore other decks and pick the one that fits you best.

1. The Basic Definition Of The Star Tarot Card

The Star Tarot Card

The Star Tarot card is the light at the end of a dark tunnel. There is reason to believe and hope again. Life is starting to look up. Good news is either given to you now or is on its way.

There is something to look forward to. You may be feeling very inspired by a person, place, or situation. Something or someone has sparked your interest to use your creative skills.

You both know and feel that there is a reason to believe in good things happening for you or for those you love.

After a long time of dealing with chaos, sadness, or letdowns, you’re very happy to get this card. The beauty of it makes you smile because you know there is help on the way.

You are one with the Universe and things are starting to shift in a very positive direction. Your faith is restored in yourself, your belief system, and the Universe itself.

This is a card to be grateful for because when you see it in its upright position, it shows you that the stars are aligned with you or soon will be. If you’ve been ill, then you are now on the mend.

Solutions to problems are coming and will help you in a profound way. The Star Tarot card lets you know that your problems will become lightened. It’s a sign to hang in there… the best is yet to come!

2. The Star Tarot Card Definition (Reversed)

With the Star Tarot card being so positive, it’s hard to think that there would be negativity in it. Unfortunately, the reverse of such a positive energy card is often the opposite emotion.

The reversal of the Star Tarot card means things are not going that well and you’re starting to give up hope. If not you, then it may be the person you’re asking about or reading for.

You’ve lost faith in yourself or whomever you placed your trust in. You feel as though the Universe is not helping you at all. You’re stuck and perhaps a little bit lost.

Challenges are even harder than they would ordinarily be. Perhaps it’s a good idea to do a bit of digging deep inside you to figure out what went so wrong. Meditate and get yourself back on track to find hope again.

Try to manifest solutions and a better way forward. You are not without resources. There are ways to do this, so do not give up!

3. Love And The Star Tarot Card (Upright)

Naturally, the beautiful Star Tarot card means optimism and healing when it comes to love and the past. Whatever hurt you before is going to become more of a memory.

Leave your past where it belongs unless you’re doing deep spiritual work in order to clear it completely. You’re undergoing a time when the stars are giving you a sign that all will be well.

You’re reminded not to give up on love or on someone else. If you’re in a relationship, the Star says that things are going to get better, so don’t let worries tell you otherwise.

Asking about someone and whether they’re a good match, the Star card is saying they are a pretty good match for you and are trustworthy.

If you are single then this card can indicate that there is someone out there for you and they are coming to you sooner rather than later. You may even have dreams about them before you meet them.

There is hope in your love life and you should be very grateful that the Universe is helping to bring you the right person or the healing you need to make a relationship last.

4. Love And The Star Tarot Card (Reversed)

The Star Tarot Card Reversed

Stop beating yourself up! The reversed Star Tarot card means that you’re looking down at yourself or on someone else. You’ve decided it’s no longer worth it or you’ve thrown up your hands and claimed yourself done.

Whether or not you’ve broken up with the person you’ve been with, this card is saying you no longer think that the love is valid. You’re afraid someone doesn’t love you anymore or that you don’t love them anymore.

If you are single, you’re hurting from past wounds and cannot see your way forward. You’re skeptical there is someone out there for you and you think maybe you’re meant to be alone.

You feel as though there is no light at the end of the tunnel and all hope is lost.

The truth is that it’s not lost at all! What didn’t work or isn’t working just may be a shift that you have to accept and learn from so that you do better going forward.

It’s not all your fault – it never is. Accept your role and then forgive the other person so you can move on. If healing is possible, then do whatever you can to make that happen.

5. Finances, Job, And Career With The Star Tarot Card (Upright)

When it comes to finances, jobs, or careers, the Star Tarot card means your dreams and plans are aligning for you. Soon your money problems are going to be handled in a very wonderful way.

Whatever you’ve been worrying about is going to change. There is an opportunity and there is a reason to believe that success is going to happen for you if it hasn’t started already.

The Star Tarot card meaning lines up with your hope, desires, and creative mind. These are the things that help you to get whatever you want out of life. Your dream job or career may be just around the corner.

Things are happening faster than you can imagine. You’re on the rise and there is a light guiding you out of the darkness that you’ve been experiencing. Any issues are being brought to light for healing.

You, yourself, are also being brought to the light for healing. You deserve the best and now you will have the chance to make exactly that happen. Be optimistic and filled with joy knowing you’re on the right track!

6. Finances, Job, And Career With The Star Tarot Card (Reversed)

Somehow, you’ve lost your luster for what you’re doing. The reversed Star Tarot card means that you’re on a downslide and now don’t see how things could possibly work out.

You’ve lost a job or lost income. Maybe it’s just the threat of this happening that makes you lose all your optimism about your job, career, or finances.

An unexpected bill or bills have come from out of nowhere. Your car broke down and needs costly repairs, your bills went up due to inflation, or you just feel stuck in a money pit type of situation.

The truth is, you can access help and pull yourself out of this situation but you have to find the light inside yourself and start to work on it. If you’re sinking back and taking it, then you will have a harder time later.

The way you feel or think will absolutely affect your finances or career path. Turn it around right now and start giving thanks to the Universe for your success, increase in finances, and the ability to pay off debts easily.

When you do that, you’re putting it out there in the Universe and things will start to shift. Do it now before you go too far down the dark path. The light is never gone, you just need to see it again!

7. The Star Tarot Card As A Person (Upright)

The Star Tarot card describes a person as being optimistic, enthusiastic, hopeful, open, and grateful for all they have. They know that staying positive will help them draw more to themselves.

The person believes in someone until the person proves them wrong. They love, and they are really hopeful about others and the future. They feel as though anything is possible.

This person can even be a bit of a dreamer but it’s alright to dream big, as long as you’re going to take some action for it. If you’re asking about someone and getting this card, they are someone you can trust and rely on.

If this is you, then you are the type of person that can manifest just about anything you want in your life. If you are feeling held back, then remove your blocks and keep pushing forward.

There is no reason not to believe in the Star Tarot card person. They are exactly the type of person you want in your life. Accept them with love and trust. You won’t be disappointed.

Whether it’s money, love, or friendship, the Star Tarot card person is someone that will have your back!

8. The Star Tarot Card As A Person (Reversed)

The reversed Star Tarot card person is unenthusiastic, unmotivated, negative, pessimistic, and doubts the tangibility of the Universal energy available to everyone.

This person may be a “Debbie Downer” type. They just don’t see the point of being optimistic anymore. This could have come from loss or disbelief due to someone telling them they cannot do it.

The reversed Star card person is very critical of themselves. They don’t believe they are worthy of success or love. They think they deserve all the negative things they receive.

This person is definitely suffering from low self-esteem, which could be problematic for someone trying to stay positive. They might bring you down if you let them.

If you’re asking about someone in your life, then this person is someone who needs some help to remember what it’s like to manifest the good in their life. Can you trust them? That’s up in the air!

I would say that this person needs to prove their worth and value. They need to do it for themselves and for others. When they figure that out, they can be open again.

9. Advice From The Star Tarot Card In A Reading

The advice from the Star Tarot card in a reading is to hold on tight – help is on the way! You’ve gone through a rough time but you need to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Don’t lose hope. All is not lost. The light is going to cleanse everything including you so that everything will go much better in the future. See the beauty in everything and give thanks.

You’re humbled and amazed by what life can actually bring to you. You’re ready to give back and be part of the wonderful manifesting energy that moves for all.

Your thoughts need to be more positive and loving. When you give that out, you certainly get it back. There are opportunities for love, work, or more money is coming.

Keep your eyes open and your heart ready. What you dream about can come true and don’t you forget it! Everything is looking up again or will be shortly. Have faith in yourself and in the Universe.

The Universe moves in divine timing, so you can expect wishes and desires to come true when you’re staying on an optimistic high.

If you get the reversed Star Tarot card, then it’s telling you to remember who you are and don’t allow your sadness or worry to take you over. You’re not motivated right now, but you can fix that!

When you are feeling down, talk to someone or talk to the spiritual group that surrounds you at all times. Reach out and don’t allow darkness to take over your life.

Stand up for yourself and give thanks in order to receive exactly what you need or want!

10. The Star Tarot Card As Feelings

The Star Tarot card brings up great hope and the idea of dreaming of what you want your reality to be. You feel as though the stars are aligning. The planets are moving in harmony for you.

You absolutely have optimistic views on things going well in your life or for those you care for. You see things in a positive light and you’re grateful for all you have.

You’re in awe that the world can be so magical. You’re spiritually aligned and feel as though everything is exactly as it should be. You see the light down that dark hallway.

Even when things don’t seem so bright, you feel hope for a renewal. The upright Star is a wonderful healing light, making one feel very fortunate and loved.

The reversal of the Star Tarot card means that feelings could include loss of hope, no motivation, feeling unworthy, feeling unloved, and feeling as though nothing is going right.

The feelings of hurt and rejection in love or work cause this person to believe that nothing is good anymore. They may start to become depressed. They are not without resources.

This person needs to seek out help and be willing to accept any assistance that comes their way so they can get out of this rut!

11. The Star Tarot Card Meaning Regarding Children

Children are truly a gift to this world. They are the Stars in our own personal Universe. The Star Tarot card represents the awe and wonder that a child can bring.

They think so differently from adults, as they aren’t burdened by adult problems. When the Star is in an upright position, it indicates your child or children are doing very well.

It may indicate your child is a beautiful dreamer that has the ability to manifest anything they want. They are a light in the world that shines bright!

If you’re wondering about pregnancy, then this card could be telling you that you either are pregnant or may become pregnant soon. If you want it, go for it – the Stars are in your favor.

The reversed Star Tarot card may indicate your child going through issues they don’t understand or don’t like facing. They could be being bullied or having trouble at school.

Whatever is going on that is causing your child to withdraw from normal activities is something you need to pay attention to and try to find solutions for them.

Lift your child or children back up with tender special care. Show them how much you love them. Telling them is sweet but showing them is something they’ll take going forward.

Also, if you’re trying to get pregnant, the Star Tarot card in reverse may be saying it’s bad timing or it’s not happening anytime soon.

12. Health And The Star Tarot Card

The Star Tarot card upright represents excellent health and healing. You may be recovering from illness but now you’re on the mend and doing much better. If not now, then you soon will be.

Physical or mental issues are now being blessed with solutions and maybe even a correct diagnosis. Whatever it is that ails you, The Star Tarot card says that it’s being taken care of, so don’t worry!

When you look at the reversal of the Star card, you may be a bit prone to illness or you’re not doing well either mentally or emotionally. You might have lost your way and need help.

Perhaps illness has caused you to doubt that you’re going to get better. Things can and will if you give them over to the Universe. You can find solutions and remedies.

Since the Star Tarot card is associated with Aquarius, there may be things you need to look out for that may cause you issues. These issues could be problems with your ankles, legs, circulatory system, the lymphatic system, and veins.

Always be sure to check with a doctor to see what is going on if you are experiencing problems in these areas or anywhere else. It’s always best to check it early and get treatment.

13. The Star Tarot Card Answer As “Yes” Or “No”

The Star Tarot card is so incredibly positive when it’s upright that it’s for sure going to give you a “yes” to your question. There is no doubt about it. The light is green and you should go for it.

Now when the Star Tarot card is upside down, it means “no.” There isn’t really a “maybe ” here because there are things that definitely have to change in a big way for them to turn into a “yes.”

I recommend pulling another card to see if you can get some clarity as far as which direction its heading. If it says no to you, then pulling another card may tell you why.

At that point, you can decide what you will do next. You’re not without the resources to make changes, so don’t be afraid of a “no.”

14. The Star Tarot Card In Position

The Star Tarot Meaning

I mentioned how pulling a card for extra clarity helps. Something else that helps a confusing card may be to go ahead and do a full spread with the cards. There are many different ones you can learn.

For now, you should start with a simple spread so that you can learn how it works and how to read the card correctly depending on its position in the layout you’re working with.

The easiest spread for beginners is the three-card layout. The first card is the recent past, the middle card is the present time, and the final card is the near future answer or result.

Check out my examples so that you’ll understand what I’m talking about:

The Star Card in Past Position:

The Star card in the past position means that recently you had something wonderful or enlightening happen that made you very positive. You felt as though there was hope in a dark situation.

You may have gotten information on a new job, career, money, or even a love interest. Love could have gone up to a new level of commitment. It brought you pure happiness to think about.

The reversed Star Tarot card meaning is one of a negative situation. Somehow your legs got knocked out from beneath you in a metaphorical sense. You are now doubtful about what happens next. You might even feel down.

The Star Card in Present Position:

The Star Tarot card in the present means that you’re starting to see that there is light at the end of the dark road. You feel hopeful that whatever you’re doing is best. You’re grateful and jubilant!

Your health is getting better and you’re starting to see more opportunities open up for you. You feel good about someone you have a crush on or are getting closer to.

The reverse of the Star means that right now you’re feeling really shaky and unsure about what is going on. You’re in disbelief that there is a way to heal what ails you. Your self-esteem likely isn’t doing well.

The Star Card in Future Position:

The Star upright in the future position means that there is some really fantastic news coming your way. You know that something is changing and for the better!

You’re quite sure that you’re going to get a certain job, start a new career, or your love life is going to feel like it’s hit the jackpot. You’re on top of the world and no one is going to knock you down.

The reversed meaning holds a different view. There may be something that is going to happen that you’re going to feel discouraged or low. Do NOT let it take you over.

You can avoid it if you look at it differently. Know that problems will pass and you will rise again. Having this attitude will change things for you significantly.

15. The Lessons The Star Tarot Card Wants To Teach You

The Star Card Meaning

The Star Tarot card wants to teach you how to stay optimistic even when it seems tough. There are positive things that are lining up for you and you need to reach out and grab them.

Here are some things that the Star Tarot card wants you to know when you pull it:

  • Always hold onto your hope. It’s what fights away the darkness!
  • Never give up on yourself or the Universe. All things definitely ARE possible.
  • Staying positive will always bring you blessings, even when you don’t see them right away.
  • Be true to who you are and know that you’re loved by the Universe!
  • Your dreams very much can turn into something tangible. Keep dreaming!
  • Look into the deeper lesson you may be learning in whatever situation you’re going through.
  • Have faith in yourself. You are worthy of love and good things in your life.
  • Guidance is open to you if you’re willing to ask for it.
  • Your spiritual lessons are taking you to a new level of understanding.
  • Allow the healing to begin inside of you and let it work its way outward. You can heal yourself!
  • These are some pretty powerful lessons to be learned. This positive and beautiful card offers up love and hope. Accept it as such and you’ll see how much you actually grow.

16. Astrology And The Star Tarot Card

As I mentioned before in the health section, the sign associated with the Star Tarot card is Aquarius. The Aquarius is a realist but also holds out hope when it is warranted.

They know what is happening but always hope it will get better despite what they know. They try very hard to be optimistic despite their acceptance of what they see and hear.

The Star is something that they want to see and receive as it does offer them the hope that may be lacking. It allows them to view things in a new light that may bring a more successful situation.

The thing about Aquarius is their ruling planet is Uranus. This is why they are sometimes very unpredictable. When you think they’re being negative or too “real,” they will shock and amaze you by being optimistic.

If you pulled the Star Tarot card, you might consider where Uranus is at the time, transit-wise. It could help you to understand what energies are affecting your life and what you can do about it.

17. The Star Tarot Card In Numerology

When it comes to Numerology, the Star Tarot card is XVII, which represents 17. The number 17 helps where business and money are concerned. It helps make you successful in what you’re doing.

In fact, if you are starting your own business or already have your own business, then the number 17 is lucrative for you. It’s a lucky number and hey… if you ever get lotto tickets, keep this number in mind!

The number 17 as a person means that this person is proficient in business. They have the “Midas Touch” in that whatever they do, they will be very good at it.

Breaking the number down (1+7=8) you get a Life Path Number of 8. If your Life Path Number happens to be an eight, then your purpose in this life is to use your power or strength to help other people.

You can teach them how to be better at business or investing. Find a way to do that and their success will become yours as well.

You’re a business leader and will have no trouble finding employees that are looking to better themselves. Do what you can, it’s what you’re made for!

18. When You Keep Pulling The Star Tarot Card

When you keep pulling the Star Tarot card, there is a message you need to pay attention to. If you aren’t aware of a new beginning, the card is telling you that it’s on the way.

It may be that something profound and amazing is about to happen in your life and you need to be prepared to embrace it. Don’t miss out because you’re stuck in a stagnant frame of mind.

A blessing is being brought to you. Give thanks and know that you are worth every single second of it.

If you keep pulling this card in reverse, then it’s a warning that if you continue down a path of being negative, you’re not going to be able to manifest your good.

You’re going to most likely end up getting more negative things or people thrown in your direction.

The choice is yours! Through dark situations, lessons can be learned. Don’t make the same mistakes. Handle your problems with grace and dignity.

19. Symbols For The Star Tarot Card

There is much symbolism in the Star Tarot card. Each Tarot deck will have a different picture but the feeling and what you see are virtually the same. You should always feel renewal.

In the Rider Waite deck, there is a naked woman bent over a water source. She is collecting in one hand and pouring the other out into the area so things can continue to grow.

She has a giant star above her shining its light on all the nature that surrounds her. There is a small bird in a tree in the background. There are also seven other smaller stars.

The smaller stars represent the Chakras in us. These need light and attention just as much as anything in our lives. The Chakras help align our thoughts and feelings to keep healthy.

This may be a suggestion to get some Reiki or Light Therapy done to tune-up and heal your Chakras in order to live your best life.

If you’re thinking of getting the Star Tarot card tattoo, then you’ve accepted the meaning and are an advocate of positive thinking and healing. You might get the smaller stars color-coordinated with the Chakras.

I’m sure your Tattoo artist would love to get creative with what the Star Tarot card represents to you.

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20. Spirituality And The Star Tarot Card

The upright Star Tarot Card is a spiritual card. It’s a reminder that you’re in for a spiritual lesson. If you do what you should, you will be well rewarded.

Your karma is manifesting in a very good way because you’ve been a good person that helps people, stays positive, and inspires others. This is now coming back around to you.

Spiritual healing is occurring for anything in you that may be off-kilter. This is a healing light that is being brought to you. Your own inner light accepts this light and is ready to get to the next level.

The Stars bring bright light and love. You’re evolving spiritually and it feels fantastic!

If you pulled the reversed Star Tarot card, then this lesson is hard for you but if you look at it and understand it, you will get to a new level in your spirituality.

Sometimes the quickest way to evolve is by dealing with and getting past difficult situations, careers, or relationships. Take hold of what the Star has to teach you.

Never forget that when you need help, ask! It’s not shameful or low of you. Dropping your pride helps you be humbler and accepting of the good coming to you.

I hope you have enjoyed learning everything possible about the Star Tarot Card. You should find it useful when you’re doing a reading for yourself or doing it for other people.

You’ll know right away if the reading is going to be a good one or if it’s going to be delivering some shaky news. Now that you know what it consists of, you can teach the person you’re pulling the card for.

Maybe they need help to pick themselves back up and be a more positive and loving person. Your words of wisdom may make them wake up and get back to their natural state.

Hope and wonder always prevail when there is a loving soul behind them. Be well, my friends. You are a shining star yourself!

As always, I wish you all the luck in the Universe!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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