The Justice Tarot Card – Your Complete Guide

Tarot cards are so much fun to learn about. Each card has its own unique touch and vibrations for the receiver. You don’t have to take my word for it, though. You should try holding one in your hands and see what you feel from it.

If you don’t have a deck, then you can count on me to give you the ins and outs of what the cards mean. That being said, let’s take a look at the Justice Tarot Card.

Are you ready to learn all you can about this particular card? Awesome – let’s go!

The Brief History Of The Justice Tarot Card

The Justice Tarot card is known for being a Major Arcana card. This means it’s important and has a great pull. Back when the Tarot began in the 1400s, the Major Arcana cards were known as trump cards.

Let me explain… In the 14th century in Italy, a man came up with an idea to make a new playing card game. This deck would be bigger and have more options.

He also thought it would be good to put artists’ illustrations on the cards to make them beautiful and unique. When this happened, the regular playing cards got changed up a bit.

The four suits in a normal deck became something different in this new “Tarot Game.” The Spades became Swords, the Hearts became Cups, the Clubs became Wands, and of course, Diamonds became Pentacles.

The Major Arcana was created all on its own for this particular game. They all have numbers on them so they can still be calculated.

It wasn’t until the 1800s that spiritual-seeking people decided they would try the Tarot as means of communication. Séances, automatic writing, table tipping, and Ouija boards were starting to be used.

Why not include some Tarot? The Tarot cards became yet another way to read the future and communicate with those who have passed on. They were and still are very popular for those looking for answers.

A fun side note is that the most popular Tarot deck ever created was in 1901, named the Rider-Waite deck. It’s still one of the most used decks of all time.

Beginners learn more easily with this deck. The Justice Tarot card was used as a legal type of card.

When you would see this card, you knew that something was up. Now… let’s look more in-depth at what the Justice Tarot card means.

1. The Basic Definition Of The Justice Tarot Card

Justice Tarot Card

Justice is pretty much the meaning of the Justice Card. It’s one of those that is simple to understand because the name and picture of the card are a literal reflection of its meaning. It shows a Judge on the throne with a sword and scales of justice. He’s making his decision.

Yes, it can mean legal issues. Pulling this card upright, of course, would more indicate that it’s in your favor but it is still important to look at the cards around it. Are they positive or are they negative?

The Justice Tarot card means Karmic retribution in some ways. Have you been doing everything right and telling the truth? You’ll be paid what you give out which can either be really awesome or not so much.

It all depends on what Karma you’ve been building, so be sure to consider this!

Another way to view this card depending on your question; it may mean that whatever you’re owed is coming to you. You’re finally getting paid back from someone who borrowed money.

Perhaps you’ve been waiting on money from the government (such as taxes) and it’s finally arriving. In any situation in which you feel owed for your services, then you’re getting it back.

Things are being put right and going in the right direction. This is typically a good card to see when it’s upright and is especially great when other positive cards are around it.

2. The Justice Tarot Card Definition (Reversed)

As you might imagine, the reversed Justice card means that you’ve not been handling things the right way and now things are not going well for you.

You may have an owed debt that is being collected and caught you off guard. Legal situations have delays or problems that get in the way.

Maybe you owe someone money and are not doing what you should do in order to pay them back, so now they’re seeking legal advice to get it.

Your life situation isn’t going well and it feels as though there just isn’t any justice. Dishonesty can come up as well, whether it’s you or someone else toward you.

Life does feel unfair sometimes for sure, but you shouldn’t let that hold you back from doing the right things in your life. Put this card back upright and take care of business.

You should try being more honest with yourself and others. Take responsibility for your actions before it’s too late. Life is unfair when you’re not doing what you should be.

3. Love And The Justice Tarot Card (Upright)

When it comes to love, the Justice Tarot card means that things are ideal. You’re able to make an agreement or commitment to someone you really like. This may be someone new or you may deepen what you have.

You’ve been putting in the effort with your relationship and now you’re being rewarded with beautiful, loving Karma. You know how to compromise or treat your partner right.

Always be there for your partner, show them your care, take care of them when they need it, and be their rock.

I have to tell you that this card does reflect Karma. You’re going to get back what you are giving out with your love. Are you open and warm with it or are you stubborn?

Justice is going to bring it right back to you. Respect your partner in every way and this card will mean that they’re doing the same for you. If you’ve put in the effort to gain a relationship, then this relationship is going to happen for you.

This also works for friendship or family, so be very careful with what you’re giving out with your heart.

4. Love And The Justice Tarot Card (Reversed)

Justice Tarot Reversed

Cheat on someone and it may come back around to haunt you. That’s no joke and it does happen. If it’s not cheating, then they may up and leave you if you are neglecting them.

Blaming your partner for the things that you should be taking responsibility for… bad choice… it’s all Karma, darlings. If it’s your fault, then accept it!

Another thing is when you have crazy expectations of someone you love. You don’t like them or feel disappointed they didn’t meet your criteria. People are all different.

You cannot change someone so it’s unfair for you to expect them to do certain things for you or act in a certain way. Get out of that headspace or Karma will show you retribution.

This is true also when you’re just starting to date someone. If you are unreasonable with your requests, then you’ll find that they will get back at you or that they’ll break things off. You’ll have someone else come along and do it to you.

You’ve really got to do your best at all times and let expectations go. You’ll be far happier if you do. The balance will be better for you in your life.

5. Finances, Job, And Career With The Justice Tarot Card (Upright)

You’re doing fantastically with your job and are being seen for all the work you’ve been doing. Your ideas are being heard and you’re finally going to get feedback or a bonus.

Seeing the Justice Tarot card means that things are going well in your favor where money is concerned. If someone owes you money, you’re going to get it back. If you have a court case, you will be awarded the money you are owed.

You’re finally having some fair treatment for what you work so hard on. Waiting for notice when you’re really hustling has its rewards sometimes.

In some cases, it can take time, but if you keep showing what kind of worker you are without complaints, you will actually get something out of it.

It may not be in the job you’re in either. It could be that you were not being appreciated at your job but busted your butt, then someone came along randomly with an offer for something new.

You see even if your boss, co-workers, or assistants don’t see it… Karma always does. You better believe it because it’s true. Seeing this card come up is fortunate for you one way or another.

Seeing positive cards around it will give you a little direction as to where the money or recognition may be coming from.

6. Finances, Job, And Career With The Justice Tarot Card (Reversed)

You might feel like your work environment truly sucks. Because you don’t like it you may be acting out or being lazy at your job. You figure no one cares so, why bother?

It could be that you work really hard and see others who are slacking that make the same or better money. Your attitude changes and you decide to be like them but the repercussion is that you are reprimanded or even fired.

You’ve got to be very careful with the energy you put out there. If you are not honest with those you work with or service, it’s going to come back around to you.

If you make a mistake with funds, then you had better fess up to it and make it right if you can. It will always come back and haunt you if you don’t.

Be accountable for finances. Spending money before you know for sure what you’re going to get will definitely have negative effects. It can put you into debt. What happens if you lose your job after you spend lots of money?

Always be prepared and be positive about where your money goes. Make a budget so you don’t get caught with your proverbial “pants down.”  Budget and save so you have what you need if an emergency arises.

7. The Justice Tarot Card As A Person (Upright)

As a description of someone being represented by the Justice Tarot card, it means that they’re an upstanding person you can rely on as long as you treat them fairly as well.

This person wants to do the right things, take responsibility, be accountable for what they do, be law-abiding, and will weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

The Justice Tarot card person is always using their head. They are really good at looking at both sides of the coin. In fact, this person sounds a lot like a Libra, right?

Then again, Sagittarius is this way as well. This person knows exactly how it works and they know that what they put out to the Universe, is returned when they least expect it.

In fact, they tend to learn at an early age that what goes around comes around. They live this way. They may screw up sometimes but they know they’ll pay for it so they try not to do it often.

8. The Justice Tarot Card As A Person (Reversed)

The reversed Justice Tarot card means this person is someone who doesn’t act truthfully. They may lie, they may steal, they may take advantage, or they may be totally unmotivated.

When you catch them being dishonest, they don’t want to fess up. They will lie and say it was because of someone else or something that caused them to do it.

This person may not be someone you can trust with money or with your heart. They have no idea how to take responsibility for anything they do or don’t do. It’s likely they get handed crap often.

What I mean is that if you were to look at a narcissist, they deal out so much b.s. that they have problems with money, people give up on them, and they often complain about everyone else.

On the lighter end of things, this person may just be young and will learn better as they age. Maybe they really aren’t sure how this all works and how when they’re not nice to people, it rolls back to them at some point.

9. Advice From The Justice Card In A Reading

The advice from the Justice Card in a Tarot reading is to stand up and always do the right thing, even when you don’t want to. It may seem easier to take the low road but it’s not what’s best.

You do your work, follow the rules, treat people right, and do what you say you’re going to do. If you borrow money from someone, then pay them back in a timely manner.

Treat people well. Give love where you can. You can even do charity work. Don’t do it because you want things to come back to you but do it because it’s the right thing to do. It’s justice for those in need.

Do whatever you can to make the world a better place. You can’t do it all, I get that – but you can do something good as often as you can.

Being a nice person to people you encounter is also a fantastic practice. You never know who may end up in your corner and have your back when you need it.

Remember that the energy you share is what comes back to you. Sometimes it’s not immediate, but it will come when the Universe wants it to. Stay open and stay humble.

10. The Justice Tarot Card As Feelings

This is going to sound weird but the Justice Tarot card doesn’t exactly relate to feelings. The law doesn’t feel anything. It goes off of facts and what has happened.

If you’ve pulled this as an answer to “how does this person feel about me,” then it most certainly is telling you that they’re not invested one way or the other. It means they don’t feel anything… negatively or positively.

So, if you meet someone who is showing “Justice” as a feeling, then you may want to consider letting them get to know you more by speaking up or finding someone else.

The person probably doesn’t know much about you or just doesn’t think of you in the same way that you think about them. You may have a crush but this person is oblivious.

Then again, there may be a case where they know you like them but they just don’t see you in that light, so they stay neutral so as to not hurt your feelings.

If you happen to get this card in reverse, then it may be saying that they really aren’t into you and they have no interest. They may not be all that nice about it either. They might ignore you or put you off.

11. The Justice Card Meaning Regarding Children

“Just the facts ma’am…” Truly when it comes to children, you have to look at your kids for who they are and accept them. Don’t place crazy expectations on them. Let them grow into who they are.

If you’re asking about getting pregnant or if you should, the Justice card says look at the reality and the facts of your decision, then make up your mind. Do what is right for your life in its current state.

Are you actually ready? Are your finances in order? Weigh the pros and cons so you can answer your own question.

Have you been doing all the right things in order to get pregnant? Have you gotten tested to see if you are able to? There is much studying to make sure it’s possible for you to have a child or another one.

Take responsibility for raising your kids and making sure they’re getting what they need in order to be lovely adults when they grow up. You should teach them morals as well.

Teach them to look at both sides of every story instead of rushing to judgment. Look at all angles and see what makes sense.

12. Health and the Justice Tarot Card

When it comes to health, the Justice Tarot card meaning is that of creating and maintaining some balance. If you’ve been ill, it’s because you are not in balance like you should be.

You’re going to have to find ways to get your health in check. Go see a doctor and get it checked out. Do what they tell you to do. If all you do is take pills but don’t follow instructions, you only have yourself to blame.

This is about looking at your options and finding something you can work with. Your health is nothing to play around with. Do what it takes and follow the rules of your health regimen.

It may mean changing your diet as well. Depending on what is going on if you are doing what you should be doing, then your health will improve. If you aren’t doing what you should, then illness comes back around for you.

Your thoughts can affect your health as well. Not only can it affect you physically but it can get you mentally as well. Meditate, do yoga, or do something that balances both your mental and physical health.

Yes, that does include having a healthier diet in place as well. What you put in your body can bring you problems or it can help you maintain wonderful health.

This card is letting you know that it’s in your hands. If you want to get better, then do what it takes or you can suffer the consequences of not doing what you should.

13. The Justice Card Answer “Yes” Or “No”

I hate to say it because truly the pros and cons have to be weighed, as do your actions. That means that there is no clear “yes or no” to be had with this card.

What you can do though is make sure you pull other cards for clarity. If they’re positive, then you can see where things are going and if there is a chance. Positive cards will mean “yes.”

If negative cards come up, then it’s probably telling you that you’re not doing what it takes to make it happen and so it would change it to a “no” to your question.

Just keep in mind that the Justice Tarot card is neutral and is all about balance. It says something is either really right or not right. That will determine where things are headed for you.

14. The Justice Tarot Card In Position

Justice Tarot Meaning

I just got through telling you how to get an answer to your question. Now let’s see what the Justice Tarot card might mean according to the position the card is in when it comes to doing a Tarot card spread.

There are many decks out there that come with little booklets with definitions as well as some card formation. They’re great to learn but right now I want to share with you something simple to help you.

Take a peek at what the Justice Card means in position in a three-card spread.

The Justice Card in Past Position:

You did what you should have done so things went down a great road for you. You may have gotten news about a new job or things became more with you and your lover.

You made the right decisions. Justice supplied you with something or someone you really wanted because you put all your energy into it. You might have gotten good news about justice happening in your life.

The reversed Justice Card means that you probably got bad news or you didn’t get what you wanted because you didn’t give off the right energy or didn’t take responsibility. Karma came back around in a negative way based on your actions.

The Justice Card in Present Position:

In the present, the Justice Tarot Card means that the Universe sees you. It sees how hard you work, how loving you are, and how you’re always doing the right thing when you can.

You are getting what you deserve in a divine way and with divine timing. It’s good news if you’re doing things well. You may receive a gift or even have a debt paid back to you.

The reversed Justice Card means that you need to get yourself in check. There is something that you’ve been doing that doesn’t make sense or doesn’t do well legally. There is likely to be retribution.

The Justice Card in Future Position:

You have something coming up that may be in your favor. If you have a legal battle, things may start to swing your way or you will likely win the case. You’re going to have swift and just actions.

You also may find yourself committing to something or someone new. It will succeed so long as you take care of business. Treating the situation or person well will create a positive outcome.

Then the reversed Justice Card says that you’ve not been on the right track. Your Karmic payment is coming and it’s probably not going to be very nice. This is a head’s up for you to change your behavior and thoughts.

Now you see how different the card can be based on its position. Also consider that there are two other cards in this spread, and those are going to be crucial to the meaning of the reading, depending on how they surround the Justice Card.

Look into those just as you did with this one and you’ll have a far better understanding of how the story plays out. See it as pieces to a puzzle that tell you something.

15. The Lessons The Justice Tarot Card Wants To Teach You

Lessons The Justice Tarot Card Wants To Teach You

Advice isn’t too different from the lessons but they are still very important. There are things to learn from the Justice card that can and will help you with paving your future with money, career, or love.

Here are some crucial things to keep in mind when the Justice card appears for you:

  • Life may seem unfair but really, it’s “just and right.” What you do has repercussions. 
  • Do the right thing and the Universe will never fail you. 
  • Your good doesn’t come on your time. It comes in Divine Timing from the Universe.
  • Treat people fairly so that you are treated the same.
  • Don’t act irrationally; allow Karma to handle what other people do.
  • You only need to pay attention to your own Karma. 
  • Are you doing the right things or are you shrugging off responsibility? The Universe is watching.
  • Always be conscious of your decisions. Weigh the pros and cons before you make a choice.
  • Rewards come from the effort put in, whether it’s love or money.
  • If you want to be treated well, then treat others well.
  • If you want to make lots of money, then get out there and start doing things to help you get it.
  • Always find the balance in your life. Create it where you need to. 

I hope this helps you to do what is necessary to have the Justice Tarot card appear in your favor. May all your good return to you when it’s time.

16. Astrology And The Justice Tarot Card

Ha! Just as I thought when I was telling you about balance! Libra is the sign affiliated with the Justice Tarot card, but keep in mind that it works for Sagittarius as well. Both are fair and just.

Libra is ruled by Venus and that means all good things plus people can be brought to you if you just maintain a fantastic energetic balance. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter which helps with your Karma, as well as good luck.

So, you see how this actually rules in your favor. Follow that tidbit because I think it may help keep you in a good frame of mind for planning or deciding how you want your life laid out.

One last thing which goes back to your health… Libra needs to look out for ailments having to do with their kidneys and bladder. They also need to practice quality rather than quantity when it comes to sex.

If you are asking about your health, then this may actually be good advice. Keep up with your regular checkups and be sure that you’re doing right by your health.

17. The Justice Tarot Card In Numerology

Numerology is just amazing. The number that the Justice card has on it is the number 11. This is an important number. It’s known as a “master” number. It’s a powerful number.

The 11 is powerful and operates on inner strength. This person lives on intuition. They know they had better pay attention to what their soul is telling them.

They are typically inspirational. This number gives you strength, honesty, and the ability to stand up at the right times.

When you see repeating numbers, such as looking at the clock to see 11:11; it means there is a very spiritual lesson to be learned or paid attention to.

As a Life Path number, this can stand as an 11, but it can also be turned into a single-digit like this: 1+1= 2. So, the person has 11 and 2, essentially.

The life purpose of a number 11 is to inspire people to be the best they can be in their lives. People look up to the number 11 person. If this is your number, then it’s telling you now is the time to help others.

Now a number two’s purpose is to be somewhat of a peacemaker. You have the ability to go into people’s situations and find solutions for them. You can see both sides and can help them take the right path for themselves.

Yep, this all sounds just like the Justice card, doesn’t it?

18. When You Keep Pulling The Justice Card

It’s always interesting when you keep getting the same card no matter what you do. It just slips on in there and can really puzzle you. Why are you pulling the Justice Tarot Card so often?

Well, if you’re pulling it in an upright position, then it may be warning you that there is some adjustment to your life that you will need to make soon or you are in the process of making.

It’s letting you know to weigh the good and bad of a decision you will need to make. Try to look at both scenarios of the situation you’re in. Keep a calm rational mind, no matter how things look.

Getting the reversed Justice Tarot Card, of course, changes things. It’s letting you know that whatever you’re thinking of doing or saying isn’t the best way to do it.

It’s warning you that you need to change your thought process or how you’re going to handle it. Though you may not like having to adjust, you’re going to have to – otherwise, this isn’t going to play out well for you.

This card in reverse tells you to pay more attention to what is going to happen if you don’t change course.

19. Symbols For The Justice Tarot Card

I mentioned this briefly in the history but let me be more specific for you. The Justice Tarot Card has what appears to be a King in a Judge’s robe. He has a Sword in one hand to deliver a swift judgment.

In the other hand are the scales of justice. He’s waiting to see how things weigh out with all the knowledge he’s given before he makes a decision. He is wearing a red robe, which is a powerful color.

Naturally, this description is for the Rider-Waite Tarot deck. Other decks will have different depictions that mean the same thing.

This color is often associated with politics. Presidents tend to wear red ties, as do Republicans. Next time you watch a presidential speech, look at the ties the representatives are wearing; it has meaning.

It’s like a promise to be strong and make the right choices for their people. They are in power and will weigh the pros and cons to do the best thing. Nope, I’m not making this up.

If you think about it, it really does make a lot of sense. Democrats like to wear blue ties until they are actually in position.

Now, if you are planning to get a Justice Tarot Card tattoo because you are a Libra or someone else who is in power or control of their lives, then this card is a strong symbol for you.

I would look at different Tarot card decks and pick the best picture that suits your personality or what you’re trying to represent. Talk to a tattoo artist and get your Justice Tarot Card tattoo planned out.

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20. Spirituality And The Justice Card

I kind of touched on this a little bit when I talked about Astrology and the Justice Tarot Card meaning.  Basically, what you’re learning spiritually is how to be the best person you can be.

This card teaches you about Karma and how whatever you put out there energetically or with your thoughts will return to you at some point. For some people who know better, it comes quickly.

For others who don’t know or don’t believe in Karma, it tends to happen to them when they least expect it. Whether it’s good or bad, they see it as problems or gifts.

They don’t really appreciate the spiritual value. When your child is well behaved, you tend to reward them positively. The Universe treats you the same way.

It’s pretty simple even though some people make it difficult. The more you accept that what you do, say, or think absolutely dictates what comes back to you and when.

Pay attention and learn as best as you can so you can have a great life and love!

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