Weekly Tarotscope for December 18th – 24th

Hello Sweethearts,

Step into the mystical realm where the ethereal meets the festive—a tarot soiree where the cards unfold like invitations to a cosmic celebration. In this enchanting gathering, each card dons the guise of a lively guest, eager to impart wisdom in the spirited ambiance of revelry.

Picture the cards as confetti, sprinkling insights and revelations across the cosmic dance floor. The Fool may be the life of the party, the High Priestess the mysterious guest in the corner, and the Tower a surprising twist in the tale. The tarot, like any good celebration, is a tapestry of emotions, energies, and unforeseen delights.

So, grab your metaphysical cocktail and join the cosmic fiesta! Let the cards guide you through the dance of destiny, revealing secrets amidst the joyful chaos. As we shuffle through the deck, let the tarot readings illuminate the path to a revelrous journey of self-discovery and cosmic merriment.

Check your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs for more accuracy.

Aries – The Tower

The Tower card is drawn for Aries. This card signifies sudden and impactful change, upheaval, and revelation. For Aries, it suggests that dynamic and unexpected events may shake the foundations of your current situation. While it can be a challenging card, it also brings the potential for necessary breakthroughs and a fresh start.

Aries are encouraged to embrace the transformative energy of The Tower, trusting that from mini crisis can emerge stronger and more resilient relationships. It’s a call for courage and adaptability in the face of upheaval, reminding you to use your natural strength and enjoyment of leadership to navigate through any disruptions.

In love, this signals some interesting karmic changes. Relationships that have weak or crumbling foundations will struggle and you may drift apart. While initially painful, this can clear the path for new experiences.

This time is a period of test, test of your spiritual will, but rest assured the time will pass. If single, it may not be your relationship that is being broken down, but your attitude and understanding of the entire love situation may need to be reviewed.

Reflect on what love means to you. What beliefs about love are not serving your highest manifestation? These notions need to be transformed so you can develop an individual understanding of what your needs are when it comes to relationships.

Taurus – The Empress

The Empress is this week’s card for Taurus. This card embodies fertility, abundance, and the nurturing aspects of life. For Taurus, it suggests a time of growth, prosperity, and a strong connection to the Earth. The Empress encourages you to embrace your nurturing qualities, whether in relationships or creative endeavors.

It signifies a period where the seeds planted in the past are now blossoming, bringing forth harmony and abundance. You are reminded to honor the beauty of nature and find joy in the simple pleasures of life during this phase.

The Empress encourages a balance between productivity and self-care, emphasizing that nurturing oneself is crucial for fostering external growth and stability.

In love, the meaning intrinsic to this card stems from the element of earth and it’s important to be loving, nurturing and caring. There’s financial security for you and your partner and the possibility to appreciative or buy beautiful, comforting things. Sometimes, the Empress can point to love and work coming together, either with a coworker, or perhaps a new business venture.

When it comes to relationships, the Empress also foretells of a stable, serious and committed relationship. As this card represents motherhood, it can also signal marriage or pregnancy, or at least a new family, in whatever shape that takes for you.

Gemini – Lovers

The Lovers card was selected for Gemini. This card represents choices, partnerships, and deep connections. For Gemini, it suggests a period where important decisions related to relationships and personal connections will come into focus. The Lovers card encourages you to explore the depths of your connections, be it in romantic relationships, friendships, or partnerships. It’s a reminder to align choices with values and to seek harmony and balance in relationships.

This card can also symbolize a time of increased communication and understanding, urging you to embrace the duality within yourself and others. It’s a favorable time for making decisions that resonate with the heart and align with the principles of love and unity.

When it comes to single Gemini, the Lovers card is a fortunate pick as it signals a wonderful cohesiveness and balance of forces coalescing in love, indicating complimentary energies.

This indicates that in new and existing relationships you and a partner can work cohesively. However, because this card also symbolizes dilemmas, and the choice of commitment, it also points to the subject coming up about how committed you are to love.

This can also indicate a choice between love or work, love or family, love or friendship, or even sometimes love and your entire lifestyle. The notion of the Lovers is that there may be a sacrifice that you or a partner must make in order to have this love. In many ways, all commitment can involve a sacrifice, but sacrifices made for the right person can help you both grow as individuals.

Cancer – Moon

The Moon is this week’s card for Cancer. This card embodies intuition, the subconscious, and the ebb and flow of emotions. For Cancer, it suggests a period of heightened sensitivity and intuitive awareness. The Moon encourages you to trust your instincts and navigate the uncharted waters of your emotions.

It may indicate that not everything is as it seems, urging you to explore the deeper layers of your feelings and perceptions. This card also symbolizes the importance of dreams, imagination, and the unseen aspects of life. You are reminded to embrace your intuitive powers and navigate the emotional currents with grace and introspection during this phase.

In terms of love, the Moon indicates emotions are complicated and intense this week. The relationship environment can be one of misunderstandings, and not everything is as it initially appears. You may need to apply effort and deeper understanding to get to the crux of the matter; be sure to not only perceive the intentions of others, but also understand your own emotions, subconscious desires and motivations.

There may be hackneyed attitudes and outdated beliefs or ideas that are clouding your judgement in love. Emotions can be lurking in your unconscious affecting your ability to accept love.

Are the ghosts of past relationships haunting you? Have you lost faith in your ability to be successful in love? Do you believe you are unworthy of love? All of these can have significant effects on how you project in relationships. Now is the time to examine these honestly.

Leo – Eight of Wands

The Eight of Wands is my card for Leo this week. This card represents swift action, momentum, and rapid progress. For Leo, it suggests a time of dynamic energy and accelerated movement in various aspects of life. The Eight of Wands encourages Leos to seize opportunities, act on your passions, and ride the wave of positive momentum.

It may signify a period where communication flows smoothly, and projects gain traction quickly. Leo individuals are encouraged to embrace the fast-paced energy and channel it towards your goals, ensuring that you make the most of this period of heightened activity and progress.

If you find your love or romantic life is stuck in first gear, you’ll be relieved to see movement and excitement once again this week as the spark of excitement returns. If you’re single, you’ll find that your dating and romantic life is once again motoring down the freeway of love; a new love interest may spark an exciting romance, and your love life can even start moving surprisingly quickly.

Make sure that this week you are positive and ready for anything because you should take advantage of this sometimes frantic, romantic energy. If you’re currently in a relationship, surprises can be in store, giving you guys of you some excitement to relish. It is likely that these surprises will be welcomed and can help the relationship move in the right direction again.

Virgo – Seven of Pentacles

The Seven of Pentacles is this week’s card for Virgo. This card embodies patience, assessment, and the fruits of labor. For Virgo, it suggests a time of evaluating the progress of ongoing projects or endeavors. The Seven of Pentacles encourages you to take a step back, reflect on your efforts, and consider whether your current path aligns with your long-term goals.

This card emphasizes the importance of patience and strategic planning in achieving sustainable success. As a Virgo, you are prompted to assess the investments you’ve made, whether in work, relationships, or personal development, and make adjustments accordingly for optimal growth and fulfillment.

In terms of love, this card urges patience as love can be slow to blossom. If single, long term platonic relationships can slowly turn into romantic love. Friendships that you establish now can also be the seeds of something very beautiful. Relationships can sometimes be exhausting right now, but the dividends that come are invaluable.

If you’re in a relationship, things may feel a little lackluster or demanding but perhaps in order to get the spark back, you guys may need to work on long term plans or creating compromises in your routine or finances.

This card is also a friendly reminder that love isn’t always passionate, spontaneous and exhilarating, but it is often about putting in the work every day to remain together within an ever-changing world. Over time, all the effort, all the hard work, will be something to be acknowledged when pride. After all, these were the trials that allowed your love grow into something unique and precious.

Libra – Four of Cups Reversed

Your randomly drawn tarot card is the Four of Cups in reversed position. This card typically represents contemplation, introspection, and a need for emotional fulfillment. In reverse, it may suggest a shift in perspective or a willingness to embrace new opportunities that were previously overlooked. For Libra, this signifies a time of openness to fresh perspectives and a readiness to break free from emotional stagnation.

You are urged to navigate your relationships and decisions with a keen sense of justice, while embracing a newfound openness to change and alternative viewpoints for a more harmonious and balanced path forward.

If you are single, this card suggests a week of retreat and reflection regarding your love life. Sometimes, this is all about taking a break after a separation, in order to get a sense of perspective.

Be careful of passive aggression in relationships, as if you are unconsciously attempting to protect yourself from possible pain and suffering in love, by being detached or remote, it may not play in your favor.

Opportunities in love come when you are open to seeing them, and right now you may be looking in the wrong direction, so open your eyes. If in a relationship, there can be a need to inject excitement, or to recognize that the spark has faded and you need to surprise your partner and establish new goals to excite the relationship.

Sometimes a little exploration and willingness to experiment again in love is key.

Scorpio – Seven of Cups

The card for Scorpio is the Seven of Cups. This card often represents choices, fantasies, and illusions. For Scorpio, it suggests a time where various options or possibilities may present themselves. It encourages you to carefully evaluate these choices and discern between reality and illusion.

The Seven of Cups also advises against being overly influenced by emotions or daydreams, urging you to ground your decisions in practicality. This card invites you to navigate this period with a clear and focused mind, making choices that align with your long-term goals and aspirations.

In love, important decisions lie ahead of you. If you are single, you may have to make a decision between competing lovers, or perhaps between pursuing a relationship and family concerns, or between love and career.

The seven of cups tarot meaning can also indicate that although many choices may look tempting right now, there may be illusions, so it’s important to make sure you are seeing what’s really there not what you wish to be there.

Take your time and consider things logically and intuitively; only regular communication and evaluation will give you what you desire in terms of information about different romantic prospects.

In love, you may be tempted to race into a situation, allowing desire and infatuation to propel you towards something that in the long run won’t last. It is important to contemplate of all the options, as well as look into any red flags or gut feelings of something being off.

Sagittarius – Queen of Swords Reversed

The card this week is The Queen of Swords reversed. This card, typically representing clear communication, independence, and discernment, takes on a different nuance when reversed. In this position, it may suggest a potential challenge in expressing oneself openly or a tendency to be overly critical.

For Sagittarius, it’s a reminder to be mindful of communication styles, ensuring that assertiveness doesn’t turn into harshness. It encourages finding a balance between honesty and tact, especially in relationships and discussions.

This reversed Queen of Swords prompts you to reflect on your communication patterns and make adjustments for more effective and harmonious interactions.

In love, the Queen of Swords reversed, signals a shift where emotions may be taking precedence over rational thinking. Your deep emotional involvement in a situation might be skewing your perspective, urging you to step back and analyze with a clearer mind. This calls for a conscious effort to detach emotionally and assess the situation objectively.

Relationships might be influencing your judgment, creating a hesitation to disrupt the harmonious balance. Despite the desire to maintain positive connections, it’s crucial to embrace assertiveness, confidence, and clear vision.

To achieve relationship success, you must refocus your goals, prioritize objective analysis, and carefully weigh alternatives without compromising your assertiveness. In essence, the reversed Queen of Swords advises finding a balance between emotional depth and rational clarity for a more accurate understanding of your circumstances.

Capricorn – Two of Cups Reversed

This week’s card is the Two of Cups reversed. This card, which typically signifies emotional connection and partnership, takes on a different aspect when reversed.

In this position, it may suggest challenges or disharmony in relationships, emphasizing the importance of addressing underlying issues and fostering open communication.

The reversed Two of Cups points to potential disharmony or even a breakup within a relationship or partnership. Discord prevails, and both parties struggle to see eye-to-eye, leading to strained interactions. Honest communication becomes challenging, eroding the mutual respect and understanding crucial for a healthy connection.

Unlike its upright counterpart, which signifies balance and emotional bonding, the reversed Two of Cups unveils an uneven playing field, but knowing this can certain help you to side step these thorny issues.

In new relationships, this card implies a lack of equality where one partner may perceive themselves as superior or their opinion as more significant.

Even if the relationship seems outwardly positive, the reversed card suggests a possible disparity between the physical aspects of the connection and its heartfelt depth, hinting at a fleeting affair rather than a profound, meaningful bond.

Aquarius – Eight of Pentacles

The Eight of Pentacles typically represents dedication, skill development, and craftsmanship. It suggests a period of focused effort and commitment to honing one’s talents or mastering a particular skill.

The Eight of Pentacles encourages you to take a diligent and detail-oriented approach to your work, emphasizing the rewards that come from dedicated practice and continuous improvement. This card is a reminder that progress is achieved through consistent effort and a willingness to refine one’s abilities.

With the Eight of Pentacles, your dedication to enhancing relationships takes center stage, reflecting your strong commitment to their success. You are willing to invest additional effort, whether it involves spending more time with your loved ones or seeking professional guidance to continually refine your connections.

Relationships hold immense importance for you, and you approach them with a desire to ensure they are right from the start. 

In your quest for love, you actively educate yourself on giving and receiving love, demonstrating a focus on ongoing self-improvement. Your conviction lies in the belief that preparing yourself is crucial to finding the right relationship, and you persevere unwaveringly, refusing to give up on the journey.

For those in committed relationships, the Eight of Pentacles signals positive engagement, indicating that both partners are diligently working towards long-term success. Clear understanding of necessary improvements and a shared commitment to making them contribute to the overall health and prosperity of the relationship.

Pisces – High Priestess

This week’s card is The High Priestess. This card symbolizes intuition, mystery, and inner knowledge. It suggests a time for deep introspection, trusting one’s instincts, and delving into the hidden realms of the subconscious.

The High Priestess encourages you to listen to your inner wisdom, explore the mysteries of life, and embrace the intuitive guidance that arises from within. This card often signifies a period of heightened spiritual awareness and a connection to the unseen realms.

The presence of the High Priestess in a relationship reading signifies a profound connection steeped in intuition and deeper understanding. Your bond is characterized by an extraordinary level of intuition, where both you and a partner feel a profound and instinctual link.

This connection transcends the conscious mind, and you might perceive each other as soulmates due to the depth of this intuitive resonance. Trusting your intuition is paramount, and if a relationship doesn’t align with your inner feelings, it’s likely not the right path. The High Priestess urges you to heed your inner voice for guidance on the best way forward.

This card may indicate finding qualities of allure and mystery within yourself or in a female friend, extending beyond traditional romantic dynamics. Emotionally, the High Priestess underscores your attunement to your heart, emotions, and dreams, revealing that your feelings are influenced by an unconscious, non-logical realm.

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Summing up

Whether you find yourself navigating the expansive horizons of Sagittarius or embarking on the transformative journey that heralds Capricorn’s arrival, take solace in the Tarot’s steadfast companionship. It consistently mirrors your path, unveiling concealed truths and casting light upon the road ahead.

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May the Tarot cards forever ignite your imagination, provide unwavering guidance, and empower you as you navigate your distinctive journey through the ever-shifting seasons of life. Until we meet again, may your path be illuminated by the radiance of wisdom and the warmth of love.

Love and light,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,


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