The Moon Tarot Card – Your Complete Guide

The Moon looks so fantastic in just about any Tarot deck you use. Who isn’t captured by the Moon and its beauty? What does this Tarot card mean, though? Is it a positive message or a harbinger for bad news?

It’s not quite that simple. The Moon is rather mysterious and depending on your question, the answer may be a bit different. If you’re learning how to read Tarot cards, you definitely want to go through my guide.

Learn everything you possibly can from the Moon Tarot card so that you will know what you’re working with. Check it out to get everything you need for a proper Tarot reading!

The Brief History Of The Moon Tarot Card

The history of the Moon Tarot card comes from the history of the Tarot itself. In the 14th century, the Italians decided to put artwork on playing cards and turn the deck into a game.

They added in what we know as the “Major Arcana.” To the creators of this new card game, the cards were called “trump cards.” The four suits that are in playing cards were also transformed.

The “Minor Arcana” cards are essentially the four suits. Hearts turned into Cups, Diamonds turned into Pentacles/Coins, Clubs turned into Wands, and of course, the Spades turned into Swords.

This new game was and still is very popular in Europe. In fact, you can still get online and order a “Tarot game.”

Where it turned into more than just a game is in the 1800s, when the spiritualist movement came into play. They wanted a new tool to speak to the dead and read people’s futures.

It was then that Tarot cards became used for divination. Mediums made it what they needed it to be and began using the cards so much that it caught on and became very popular.

The most popular deck (Rider Waite) was created and printed in 1901. Since then, it’s become widely used and seems to be quite helpful for people who are beginning to read Tarot cards.

1. The Basic Definition Of The Moon Tarot Card

Basic Definition Of The Moon Tarot Card

The Moon Tarot card means that all the unseen things are either exciting or unnerving. When you get the card in a reading, it means that whatever you’re asking about may not have an answer.

It could be that there is timing that has to be followed to get the answer you seek. On the other hand, it can mean secrets, uncertainty, strengthening of your intuition, or illusions.

Truly, this card seems rather confusing – but then again, it has a broad spectrum of meanings and it’s up to you to figure out which fits the question that you or someone else is asking.

As a card of the day, it may mean that it’s a good idea to use your intuition for today because there are things going on you might not notice otherwise. Trust your gut to make the right decisions.

It could mean your head is in the clouds, so pay close attention to what your gut reveals to you.

This card is telling you to discern what is in front of you so that you know the truth. Take the right path based on what your inner voice tells you. You’ll find the truth if you do.

2. The Moon Tarot Card Definition (Reversed)

The reversed Moon Tarot card meaning is more of the negative side of the card. This can mean you’re delusional about something or you’re not seeing things clearly enough to do what is right.

You may not be listening or heeding your intuition. You’re blinded by what you think is happening. The reality is that you do not perceive your situation the way you should.

The card could be saying you’re being deceptive to others or even to yourself. You’re telling lies and you want to believe them.

Paranoia could also be involved here based on whatever it is you’re dealing with. The reversed Moon Tarot card also means that you’re confused and unhappy in the situation you’re in.

You absolutely need to deal with your anxiety and/or depression. Only you can make yourself happy again. Only you can bring yourself out of this fog. It’s a temporary fog.

Perhaps you aren’t really interpreting your feelings about something in the right way. Try meditating to get your mind straight and open again.

When you do that, you can finally hear what your gut is telling you and can make better sense of what is going on.

3. Love And The Moon Tarot Card (Upright)

When it comes to love, the Moon Tarot card means there is possibly a misunderstanding or confusion about a relationship. If you’re asking about someone else, it may mean they are the one who is going through this.

If you’re asking for yourself how someone is feeling about you, this would reveal that they’re confused and not sure if this is something they truly want.

Naturally, if you’re single, then this may mean you aren’t sure what you’re looking for and what type of partner is truly best. This uncertainty keeps you from moving forward and getting into a relationship.

It’s really a good idea to do some digging within and figure out what would make you happy and what type of partner will be right for you. When you do that, you could manifest someone into your life.

Maybe something isn’t right in a relationship you are in and so now you’re sitting back and scratching your head. What in the world is going on? It’s time to work past your fears.

Hidden fears within you can keep you from finding the love of your life and keeping them. It’s time to get to work on yourself. Hypnotherapy would be a wise idea if this situation is too much for you.

4. Love And The Moon Tarot Card (Reversed)

Moon Tarot Card Reverse

The reversed Moon Tarot card means that things are really confusing for you right now in regards to love. It’s to a point where you could actually be depressed.

This is something that you need to deal with on your own. I’m not saying you should break up if you’re in a relationship, but you’ve got to look within to figure out why you’re unhappy.

You may be afraid someone isn’t being true to you or isn’t meshing well. You may also be a bit paranoid that your partner may leave or cheat on you.

If you’re asking for someone else, then the person asking for the reading is the one that is fearful about love.

Just remember that sometimes the reversal also means that you need to also be truthful with your partner or potential love interest.

Once again, trust your gut and what it’s advising you about your partner or the person you have a crush on. It’s really important you stick with that feeling rather than fleeting paranoid thoughts.

5. Finances, Job, And Career With The Moon Tarot Card (Upright)

When it comes to job, career, and money; The Moon Tarot card means that things are a bit unclear. You may be struggling with getting a certain job or you aren’t sure which direction to go in.

Are you having a change of heart when it comes to your career? Are you confused as to what comes next? If so, then this is why the Moon has emerged. It tells you to look deeper because you already know the answer.

Perhaps there is some financial decision you need to make, but you’re not clear on which direction to go in. It’s time to put your inner voice to work. It will tell you what to do and what is right.

This card comes up when it’s telling you that you really need to rely on your intuition to help you get through your situation.

Are you reading for someone else? They are in need of weighing the pros and cons of their situation and, then allowing their gut to lead them in the right direction.

Tell them to stop ignoring what their inner self is trying so hard to convey to them. I’d advise you the same thing.

6. Finances, Job, And Career With The Moon Tarot Card (Reversed)

The reverse of the Moon Tarot card means that there is a possibility that whatever you’ve been unclear with will suddenly make sense. Answers are coming out of the woodwork or you having a “light bulb” moment.

Then again, the reversed Moon card can mean that things could get worse. This card is really something you have to meditate on to figure out which is what.

I would highly advise that you pull another card for a bit of clarity, or look at the cards around it to get a vibration of improvement or decline.

There may be deception at work or with those you work with. Secrets may topple out that are either helpful or destructive.

Some kind of trickery could be going on around you so be on your guard and pay very close attention to how you feel about certain situations or people. Your gut will tell you what it can.

I realize how confusing this seems but the card itself is based on what you feel deep inside. Not so much your emotions or your thoughts, but just an instantaneous feel.

You feel really good about it if it’s going to be positive but if it’s negative, you’ll feel that pull on your stomach. You’ll notice that your body tenses up. That is what this card wants you to do – focus.

7. The Moon Tarot Card As A Person (Upright)

The Moon Tarot Card as a person is someone who may be empathetic, creative, quiet, withdrawn, secretive, and moody. This person may feel things very deeply.

They rely on their intuition to help them navigate through life. This person can probably pick up on when someone is lying to them as well.

Some may see this person as a daydreamer, mysterious, and receptive. They are the type of person who can sense when you’re not doing well and reaches out to you.

Since they CAN feel so much, it can cause them to be confused, have deep-seated fears, and a bit of anxiety. This person is much like a hermit because they get overwhelmed with other people’s feelings.

If you’re asking if this person is a good person, the answer is yes. They may struggle internally with their feelings and desires at times, however.

8. The Moon Tarot Card As A Person (Reversed)

The reversed Moon Tarot card person may be better equipped to sort through their feelings. This person is more likely to overcome their fears and anxiety. They’re still deep and empathetic but also clear.

Even reversed, the person may still keep secrets or be sort of vague. This is why they always seem mysterious and possibly alluring. They live in their minds and make their feelings inaccessible to a certain extent.

So, as you see in this case, the Moon Tarot card as a person doesn’t change much whether it’s upright or reversed.

The Moon Tarot card person may actually possess psychic abilities. Sometimes they can get confused and may let their imagination take over where logic should be applied.

This person will be spontaneous and no one can actually “read” them very well. They can be unpredictable. No, they’re not crazy! They just have creative minds.

It may be hard to trust someone who is so vague and up in the clouds with their minds. If the card is about you, then it means you need a bit more discipline in your life. An Earth sign would be great to help ground you.

9. Advice From The Moon Tarot Card In A Reading

When it comes to the Moon Tarot card, it can seem a bit back and forth. What it does seem to give you is a heads up or warning that things are not as they may seem.

Be careful of anyone who seems one way but who is potentially a different person under their façade. Keep your eyes open for dishonest people, enemies, or trouble from someone. Pay attention to the signs.

In some cases, it can be a sign or warning that there is danger coming. It may be currently present and you aren’t paying attention.

The card begs you to use your intuition to help guide you during this time. You may find that some secrets get revealed to you by someone or you bust somebody lying to you.

There are always red flags in bad situations and it calls for you to really be aware of them. Get out of sleep mode and pay attention.

When the card is reversed, it means that the danger is passing so you can relax. You can also keep going with your plans knowing things will be alright.

If you feel emotional, it’s alright but try to meditate to ground yourself so your judgment is still sound.

Your fears may be realized by something you had hoped would be different. This makes you feel off-kilter. Look at the facts and face them so you can get past them.

Remember that lies always end up coming out in the end, whether it’s yours or someone else’s.

10. The Moon Tarot Card As Feelings

The Moon Tarot card as feelings is not an enjoyable bunch. Everything feels erratic and never stable. This can create nervousness or an uneasy feeling.

One minute the feelings are excitement. You’ve unraveled a mystery or decoded someone. Then you suddenly realize the things you don’t know are disturbing. This makes you feel confused again.

Feelings can become a bit like a fog for someone that has The Moon Tarot card describing their current situation. They know something isn’t right but they feel lost and can’t make heads or tails of their intuition.

They may feel excited and filled with joy about what is going on in their lives or with themselves. Then their mood changes and they feel as though things aren’t what they really want, so they’re back down.

If you ask something like “What does this person feel about me?” then the card is telling you that they are excited one minute, then confused the next. They cannot seem to make up their minds about you.

11. The Moon Tarot Card Meaning Regarding Children

When it comes to children, the Moon Tarot card could be a warning sign that your child is dealing with depression or some other kind of mental situation that needs the help of a physician.

Your child may have psychic abilities and not even know it which makes them feel weird, bad, and afraid of how people would treat them.

If you’ve asked if you’ll have a child, then the Moon is saying that until you are totally sure, then you shouldn’t do it. Get all the facts and wait until your intuition tells you it’s time.

Something else you may find interesting…

If you do pull The Moon when you’re asking about pregnancy; seeing a bunch of upright cup cards surrounding the Moon may mean you ARE fertile or are pregnant.

Be sure that you’re taking good care of your health. If you are asking about your child or children and your get this card, it may be saying to pay closer attention to them.

Your kiddo may be going through a temporary change that makes them seem moody such as puberty and so this could pass. If it doesn’t, then you should have them talk to a counselor.

12. Health And The Moon Tarot Card

I’m sure it won’t be of any surprise to you when I tell you that the Moon Tarot card when it comes to health; can indicate problems with anxiety, depression, and mental health issues.

If you’ve been feeling down lately or feeling off, this may be something passing but if it continues, please go see someone. It may even be something physical that causes a temporary mental issue.

Because the sign of Pisces is involved with this card, I can tell you that this is one of the biggest reasons that they can come unglued with their emotions.

Some other things to look out for if you get the Moon card when asking about health is the feet and/or toes, intestines or digestive system leaks, lungs, and anything else that can leak out fluids.

It’s very important to pay close attention to your health. You know when something isn’t right but you need to listen to that voice and go get it checked out.

If you’re reading for someone else, then you should let them know it’s imperative that they go get a checkup to make sure they’re doing alright. It’s a warning and a nudge.

13. The Moon Tarot Card Answer As “Yes” Or “No”

When it comes to getting a yes or no answer, the Moon doesn’t exactly do that. It’s so foggy that you can’t really get that type of answer. It’s more of a “no or not the right time.”

It doesn’t matter whether it’s upright or reversed. The same answer is given because nothing is 100% in place or known. There just isn’t enough information to be confident in a yes or a no.

You can try looking at the cards that surround it to see what they say. If you only pulled one card, then you can try to pull another for a little more clarity.

Maybe it will tell you why it’s not a good time or when the time may become the right time. I would suggest dropping the topic and giving it a while (a few weeks to a month) before asking again.

14. The Moon Tarot Card In Position

The Moon Tarot Card Meaningv

Just as mysterious as the Moon Tarot card can be, it can still change a bit when it’s in certain positions in spreads just as it does when other cards are present. I want to help you with what Tarot cards are like according to their position.

There are so many different spreads out there that you can learn when you’re ready. Until then, I’d like to start with a very easy spread to work with for now. It will help you get an understanding of what you’re reading.

Are you still with me? FANTASTIC! Keep reading… I wouldn’t want you to miss a thing!

The Moon in Past Position:

When the Moon is in the past position, it means that you recently had a sketchy situation that you got through by using your intuition. You knew something wasn’t right and you were able to figure it out.

If the card is reversed, then the Moon is saying that you told the truth to someone or you were able to unravel a mystery that you created yourself. Some kind of news came to you and your intuition knew it was true.

The Moon in Present Position:

Seeing the Moon Tarot card in the present position indicates that there is more going on than meets the eye. Are you able to feel what that is? You may be utterly confused about what is happening.

You aren’t talking to anyone or asking questions. You feel isolated and alone. Your moods are jumping all over the place. You might be daydreaming more than you’re living.

The reversal of the Moon card in this position may actually shine some light on your situation to help you come out of the confusion. Your intuition is already actively helping you feel what is right.

The Moon in Future Position:

The Moon Tarot card in the future position means there may be a situation in which you feel deeply about but are not sure what to do with it. One minute you feel excited but, then you quickly start to doubt it.

The card can also be warning you that there is someone who will try to betray you or lie to you. Pay very close attention to anyone you come in contact with as their intention may not be good.

The reversal of the Moon card here may be saying that even if someone dishonest comes around you, you will feel it and you will act appropriately by sending them on their way.

15. The Lessons The Moon Tarot Card Wants To Teach You

Lessons The Moon Tarot Card Wants To Teach You

The lessons that the Moon Tarot card wants to teach you are all based on right from wrong. Your intuition already knows what is right and what isn’t but it’s important you learn to listen to it.

There are a few other things you need to keep in mind if you want to get the most out of the lessons the Moon Tarot card has for you:

  • Learn to accept life changes and flow with them without fear or reservations.
  • Change is part of life and when you can really embrace that, things will go much smoother for you.
  • Always purge yourself of negative thoughts so that you can rid yourself of any mental blocks you might have.
  • Release negative thoughts and start to be more optimistic.
  • The more fear or confusion you have, the more you will bring it straight to you. Put a stop to it now!
  • If you feel as though someone is not of good intention, then trust that. Do not try to reason with it.
  • Accept the abilities you may have. You were given gifts to help other people.
  • Be happy to unravel mysteries. It will make you feel more in touch with the world.
  • Learn to be more practical and patient. It will help you to grow and become better.
  • Meditate regularly and learn to breathe when you feel stressed or lost. It will help you connect with your inner voice.

So, as you can see, there are valuable lessons that come from the Moon Tarot card. Keep these helpful tips in mind and you just may appreciate this card.

Don’t be surprised if you start getting messages from the other side. You are tuned in with mystical energy. The Moon is letting you know that you’re blessed with wonderful gifts.

Take those gifts and learn to enhance them. You’ll be pretty shocked at how things play out for you once you do. You’ll be a wise person that others come to for advice or “sight.”

16. Astrology And The Moon Tarot Card

I mentioned in the health section that the Moon Tarot card is associated with the Zodiac sign Pisces. Truthfully, it could also connect with the other two water signs (Cancer and Scorpio).

The Moon reflects off the water and also helps with its ebb and flow. This is why water signs are so deeply sensitive, empathetic, and can sometimes get carried away with their feelings.

They sometimes struggle with what is real and what isn’t. That’s what the Moon represents. The Moon is all that is mysterious and unseen. It’s a teacher for anyone with psychic abilities.

It’s also at times, a warning to watch out for deceptive people, or being deceptive to yourself. The truth is good ALL the time. If you’ve forgotten this, the card is letting you know to be careful.

The Moon highlights all the things in the dark that you cannot see. It allows you to connect with your inner spirit so that you can finally understand who you are at the core.

The Sun is the opposite, but getting either the Sun or Moon, there is light being shed on something that you need to pay attention to. The Moon is to help you see in the dark or through dark matters.

The Sun highlights what you probably already know and it gives you the strength to do what needs to be done. So on that note, both cards are actually empowering you and your ability to know what is right from wrong.

17. The Moon Tarot Card In Numerology

The number on the Moon card is the Roman numeral XVIII. This is the number 18. In Numerology, this number is one that can help uncover the hidden energies that may be in your life.

You can find out what exactly is influencing you with the number 18. Even more interesting is that if your Life Path Number happens to be the number 9, which is (8+1), your purpose is to work in any field that will allow you to help others.

Your life is about being sure that other people have what they need and can do well with their lives. You’re a teacher, a helper, and a kind heart that people can rely on.

I would suggest that with the Moon, you would choose things that allow your abilities to grow. Being something like a spiritualist, Tarot card reader, psychic medium, Reiki practitioner, or yoga trainer would be very ideal.

The number nine is a power number, which, in some way, makes you a lot more powerful than you really know. You’re someone who can use your intuition to help diagnose people’s physical ailments.

You might also instantly know what to tell someone who is asking you for advice. It just comes to you naturally and it seems to fit that person’s life.

It’s so interesting how the number, Zodiac sign, and Tarot card line up, isn’t it?

18. When You Keep Pulling The Moon Tarot Card

If you keep pulling the Moon Tarot card, then someone is trying to get your attention on a spiritual level. This is especially true if you aren’t listening to your gut.

Your inner voice is always trying to point out issues, reveal lies, and reveal people who want to betray you or hurt you. When you’re not paying attention, the card could keep coming to you as a wake-up call.

Pay attention, look around you, take time to breathe, and see what you feel on a very deep level. The better you get at doing this, you will know a liar the second you meet them.

If you keep getting this card in reverse, then it’s telling you that you’re on the verge of figuring something important out but you still need to listen to your inner voice. It’s still saying “stay alert!” whether it’s upright or reversed.

Don’t ignore these warnings – otherwise, you will have heartbreak or you’ll get betrayed in the worst way. Wake up and take notice!

19. Symbols For The Moon Tarot Card

The most obvious sign for the Moon Tarot card – no matter what deck you’re using – is the Moon being pictured. There are normally animals in the picture that seem ominous or scary.

There is flowing water with creepy critters crawling out. In the Rider Waite deck, there is a lobster crawling out of the water in the Moonlight.

There is a path ahead that leads to the unknown. Will you take that path or will you let your fears control you? There is an element of taking a leap of faith or facing the unknown.

If you can do it with bravery, you might find some really amazing things down that path. If you stay where you are you may let your fears bury you. It’s up to you to choose.

Now, if you’re looking for a Moon Tarot card tattoo, it should be pretty easy for any artist to depict fears, hopes, and the revelation of the Moon. The Moon is the main element so keep that the main thing in your tattoo.

The Moon is one of the easiest things for a fantastic tattoo artist to do. You can throw in a forked path indicating a decision and maybe a creepy monster or two off to the side that you have to walk past.

20. Spirituality And The Moon Tarot Card

Yes, the Moon Tarot Card is very spiritual. It teaches you to become one with your own spiritual self. You know everything you could ever want to know. All you have to do is access it.

Teach yourself how to become one with your inner self. When you do that, you can ask yourself anything and get the answer you need. It may not necessarily be the answers you want, but it will be the truth.

It’s up to you to tell the difference so you can actually figure out what to do. Again, you’ll be a human lie detector when you get really good at it. You’ll know a bad person immediately.

You will see straight through people who are deceptive or hurtful. You may even start having dreams that give you answers to things you’ve been wondering about.

Dreams can effectively give you information about people and their intentions. Do you know what your own intentions are? Ask yourself because you have the right answer.

Seeing this card may offer you insight into your own psychic abilities. Not everyone has the same ones and not everyone is psychic. You can ask the Universe for clarity.

You’ll be surprised how you get the answer to what you’re longing to know. You might get a random message, someone may say something meant for you to hear, or you could come across a book that just speaks to you.

Whatever it is that you are gifted with, you have to learn how to use it. Let the Moon light your way. It’s a very powerful card. You can meditate on it as well.

It can give you more information than you could ever imagine. It’s a card you can use for divination.

I truly hope that this guide has helped you to get a much better understanding of the Moon Tarot card. I know it may not seem totally clear to you, but in time, you’ll understand it completely.

This is one of those cards that seem scary or confusing but really, once you learn the message, you will easily know what to do in your life and who to look out for.

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Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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