The Two Of Cups Tarot Card – Your Complete Guide

The Two of Cups Tarot card has always been seen as a lover’s type of card. What does it mean exactly, though? Does it mean two lovers coming together, or does it mean something else?

Is there more to the Two of Cups Tarot card? YES! There most definitely is more to it. In this article, I will explain the Two of Cups Tarot card in full, so that you understand what it means for you as one card or in a reading.

Don’t stop now! Keep reading so that you can learn everything that the card has to offer you!

The Brief History Of The Two Of Cups Tarot Card

There isn’t a whole lot of history behind the Two of Cups Tarot card itself. You see, the Tarot was created in the 1400s as a playing card game. The Cups are also known as Hearts.

The cards line up with playing cards in the four suits. Diamonds are Pentacles or Coins, Wands are Clubs, Swords are Spades, and I already mentioned Cups are Hearts.

It wasn’t until the 1800s, when the spiritual movement began, that people started to think about using the cards for something a bit more than just a game.

They got creative and came up with actual meanings for each card, so that they could be used to tell a story for people they chose to read the future for or even to connect with loved ones who had passed away.

Yes, you can actually connect with the dead using Tarot. It doesn’t work too differently than Pendulums, Ouija Boards, and Automatic Writing. They tend to give you that much more of an answer, actually.

These suits are in the Minor Arcana when it comes to the Tarot. Some people still use the Tarot as a game; however, it’s more widely known now for divining or cartomancy.

When you look at the Two of Cups Tarot card, you typically will see either two people holding cups, almost embracing one another in love. In some decks it shows two hearts, two animals, or two other figures.

It does represent love either way you look at it. Now let’s take a look at how it all breaks down.

1. The Basic Definition Of The Two Of Cups Tarot Card

Two Of Cups Tarot Card Image

Looking into the basics for the Two of Cups Tarot card meaning, you get two people coming together for the sake of love. Again, some see this card as similar to “The Lovers” in the Major Arcana.

The difference is, this card means that two people have chosen to come together to make a commitment. They agree on what they’re doing and they feel good about it.

The Lovers card is about making choices. The Two of Cups is saying the choice is made. The commitment to whatever the relationship is has become solid. The relationship may be beginning or getting to a new level.

In some cases, it’s two people who are committing to re-uniting or healing their relationship. The partnership forging is strong and offers the prospect of lasting a long time.

There is trust here whether it’s romantic, friendship, or business. The two individuals have brought together an agreement in which they intend on success.

Not only do the cups represent love but they represent abundance which can also be money, stability, or success. Looking at the cards that surround this card will be more helpful to provide you with better clarity.

If you are in a committed relationship, you’re working on a project with a friend, starting a new love relationship, or starting a business with someone, then this card shows the intention behind the tie you two have.

2. The Two Of Cups Tarot Card Definition (Reverse)

The Two of Cups in reverse means that the bond has been broken. An agreement is unfulfilled, or there was some sort of delay in getting things started.

There is possibly a disconnection or remorseful feelings. Something not working out is never pleasant. When you see the reversed Two of Cups, you think of a situation not going the way you wanted to.

Perhaps the relationship fizzled out before it could actually go somewhere. Your business partner may have decided that they cannot commit right now. If it’s a friendship issue, the friend wasn’t able to withhold their end.

Everything didn’t line up as you had hoped. It’s also possible that the communication that was there before isn’t there now. Someone could have lied or they just simply disappeared.

The card in reverse can mean someone ghosted you when they were supposed to be there. You’re left standing there alone. You will need to be careful that you don’t build up a wall or resent the other person.

Through this, there is still the hope that you two can talk and really open up to remedy the situation. It is fixable if both of you want it to work. Both of you need to throw all your “cards” out on the table to know where you stand.

3. Love And The Two Of Cups Tarot Card (Upright)

When it comes to love specifically, the Two of Cups traditionally is showing two people becoming more. Perhaps you’re going from friendship into an actual relationship or you’ve casually dated and are now committing.

Of course, there is the angle of your relationship committing to the point of getting engaged or married. The Two of Cups Tarot card means getting to a higher level of the relationship.

This indicates success and happiness with love. You both really want this and are at a point where you feel it’s time. Now is the timing and you’re both seizing the opportunity.

Naturally, if you pulled this as a card of the day then it’s telling you to honor your commitments and expect your partner to do the same. Be sure you give love to each other and do not forget the bond you forged.

If you haven’t met anyone yet and are hopeful that you will, the Two of Cups meaning may very well be that you’re about to meet someone very special. Pulling more cards may give you more clarity on the time and possibly a description.

The Two of Love is without a doubt, one of the best cards to pull when you’re asking about love or the potential relationships ahead. When you’re asking if your partner is going to further commit then the card is telling you they will.

4. Love And The Two Of Cups Tarot Card (Reversed)

Two Of Cups Tarot Card Reversed

Seeing the Two of Cups in reverse when you’re asking about love can be rather disappointing or worrisome. Your partner may not be in the same headspace or heart space as you.

It could mean the communication just isn’t there and you two need to speak up with each other or give it up. Again, the card may also be speaking of someone ghosting you.

When they’re not calling or reaching out to you, then the Two of Cups fits. You don’t know where it stands, you feel totally unbalanced in your relationship, and nothing is moving.

You may be working very hard on the relationship but your partner isn’t. It can also be the other way around where they’re doing all of it and you’re just barely hanging in there.

Sometimes seeing the reversed Two of Cups means that you need to really sit down and have a very open talk with your partner so you two can get on the same page again.

Co-dependency may be rearing its ugly head as well. You might feel that something is just not right which makes you uncomfortable. Maybe he wants to be with you 24/7.

Maybe this is a warning that you need to work on being a little more independent so that your partner doesn’t pull away feeling frustrated.

There are definitely issues here, so it’s time to face them and figure out what will happen next.

5. Finances, Job, And Career With The Two Of Cups Card (Upright)

For finances, job, or career, the Two of Cups means a successful business partnership if you own your own business or are trying to start one. Things look to be going in the right direction.

You may have agreed to take a new position or a new job. You’ve committed to a new career and are optimistic about where things are headed for you. You know it’s time to shine.

There are excellent relationships with colleagues that help you to look forward to the path that you’re carving out for yourself. Success is assured if things keep going this way.

This card also represents a new beginning. Perhaps you’ve finally found a career that you feel happy with. Your investments are working and your finances are blossoming to a new level.

Seeing the Two of Cups when you ask about money is a wonderful card to get. You may be soon getting more money or a gift of prosperity. Whatever it is you’ve got going on, this is a successful card.

6. Finances, Job, And Career With The Two Of Cups Card (Reversed)

The Two of Cups Tarot card meaning changes when it’s in reverse. There may be troubles, conflicts, or tension with people you work with or even with your business partner.

Somehow one of you dropped the ball or you are not agreeing on everything. The need for clearer communication is there.  You can salvage the situation by having a meeting and airing everything out.

It could be that a job isn’t working quite the way you had hoped or you’re not making the money you wanted. Maybe you thought you could grow with this company but now you’re figuring out that isn’t going to happen.

You might even see the reversed Two of Cups Tarot card if you’ve been spending too much money and are now behind in bills. It’s time to pay attention and take more responsibility for your funds.

It’s wise to re-evaluate your budget and be sure that before you spend, you pay your bills first. That’s a good rule of thumb to follow if you don’t want things to get crazy enough to see the Two of Cups in reverse.

In fact, this card could serve as a warning for you to pay closer attention to your spending habits. There are times you need to spend less so that all your responsibilities are met.

7. The Two Of Cups Tarot Card As A Person (Upright)

If you are asking about someone, the Two of Cups Tarot card means that the person is very warm, charming, loving, and sensitive to your needs. They’re someone who will do what they can to understand you.

If the card represents you, then you are the person who wears their heart on their sleeve. You like being kind to other people and giving of yourself completely when in love.

The Two of Cups person may be a healer or involved in a medicinal profession, if not metaphysical healing. They could be in any career that lets them care for others, for they are humanitarians.

Two of Cups people are nurturing when they get into relationships. In business situations, they’re the person who stays optimistic and does what is best for everyone.

The sweetness of a Two of Cups person is not something you want to pass up. It may be time you give them a chance. Of course, it could mean you’re committing to a person like this.

8. The Two Of Cups Card As A Person (Reversed)

The Two of Cups in reverse when describing a person is someone who is reserved with their love. They may hold back or are the strong silent type.

This person may have fears about commitment or could even be rather disconnected. They are wounded and don’t know how to move past the hurt they’ve endured.

If you get this when you’re asking about your partner or potential partner, you may need to realize they have some baggage that makes them behave in a way that gives you less than what you deserve in love.

In business, this person may have shady tactics or just isn’t good at communicating with you. You’ll have to find some middle ground in order to keep your business alive and well with this person.

There is a warning when you see the reversed Two of Cups when it’s describing someone… be careful! Sometimes wounded birds bite you. It’s a clear picture of taking your time before you give someone your full trust.

Now isn’t the time to get involved with the reversed Two of Cups person. Wait until you’re sure of who they are and what their intention is.

Finance-wise, you’ll need to look for other options and then weigh the pros and cons to make the right choices.

9. Advice From The Two Of Cups Card In A Reading

The Two of Cups is a very positive card when it’s upright. Seeing this card when you’re looking for advice means you’re getting some wise words coming to you.

Be sure to take care of the relationship you have. Appreciate it and let it prosper! Let your love and care for the business or love relationships grow in a healthy way.

If you’re about to get into a new relationship, take your partner seriously and really listen to them. Your two hearts need to connect on all levels in order to have a successful love commitment.

In the event that you want to know if you should be in a relationship with someone, then the card is telling you that you absolutely should go for it. This is especially true for new potential relationships.

If you’re in an existing love relationship, then the card is telling you to be sure that you feed and nurture your connection so it can renew, heal, and grow! Finding a deeper love is absolutely possible.

If you happen to get the Two of Cups Tarot card in reverse, then you may need to take another look at the possible relationship or the depth in which you’re already in.

Is this person able to give you the love you deserve? Are they upfront with you or are they keeping secrets? Does it feel right? Ask yourself these questions and make the right choice.

10. The Two Of Cups Tarot Card As Feelings

In terms of the feelings that the Two of Cups Tarot card brings up are love, warmth, care, tenderness, passion, joy, inspiration, and hopefulness. It’s an all-encompassing happiness card.

Whether you’re looking into business, friendship, or love, you’re looking from a positive angle and are looking to ensure the success of the relationship. You’re always open to talking and ready to take on the world together!

There is a mutual attraction between you and the person you’re asking about. A strong feeling of trust is also emerging for the relationship that you’re wondering about.

If you ask whether or not they have feelings for you, the Two of Cups says yes, they definitely feel the same way you do. In reverse, it would mean they are not on the same page.

You may have asked if this person loves you and the Two of Cups says yes, they are very much in love with you!

The Two of Cups card in reverse will say that the person you’re asking about isn’t into it as you are. It’s the same with business; the person doesn’t see things the way you do and great compromise is needed.

11. The Two Of Cups Card Meaning Regarding Children

If you have a child or multiple children and you’re asking about them, the upright Two of Cups Tarot card means that they are loving, warm, receptive, and humanitarian types.

Such children are very open to trusting those they care for. They’re also open to being loved as well as giving love. They know a good person when they see one.

Naturally, if you see this card in reverse when you’re asking about children, the child may be reserved, not too attentive, and is in need of help with their emotions or thoughts. Watch out for depression.

The same can be said that they don’t know who to trust and as a result are very skeptical of people, especially adults. There needs to be trust built up between you and the child/children.

In the event you’re asking if you’re likely to have a child, the upright card says yes! It’s definitely possible for you to have a child. If reversed, then it’s saying there is something else at play and you may need to see your doctor.

The Two of Cups can sometimes indicate illness, so you shouldn’t wait to get your child/children medical care. The card may very well be a warning that should be heard.

12. Health And The Two Of Cups Tarot Card

When it comes to the Two of Cups Tarot card and health, healing is probably happening or will be happening for you. If you’ve been struggling with illness, this is good news.

Making a total recovery is your destiny. There are solutions and healing techniques in the works for you, but you’ll need to be totally open to this so that you can get back on track as quickly as possible.

When you see the reversed Two of Cups in regards to health, you may still be struggling with illness or you’re about to deal with an illness you didn’t know that you had.

Perhaps you get a diagnosis for an illness you never thought you’d have to deal with. Then again, this could just be a very temporary downtime for you. It doesn’t have to mean it’s serious.

In fact, it may mean you’re dealing with too much stress or taking on too many projects, thus, you are in need of some downtime to relax and recover. Everyone needs this once in a while.

When you are more balanced, you’ll find your health tends to be much more in check. Try doing something that helps you lessen your stress such as yoga or meditation.

13. The Two Of Cups Card Answer “Yes” Or “No”

This is pretty clear-cut when it comes to the Two of Cups. When you see it upright, it means “YES!” When you see it in reverse, it means “NO” or “not right now.”

Just like with most of the other cards, another card may be warranted if you only choose one card to ask a question with. I recommend using the simple three-card spread (past, present, and future) as it gives you more clues.

You may find that the other two cards give you a reason for the answer or make sense as to “No isn’t the end all be all.”

In fact, you can ask for more clarity while shuffling and pulling another card just for the clarity you seek. If you got a “no” then the card will tell you why and if it’s possible to try another way or another time.

Sometimes when it’s “not now,” it means that there will be another chance. Sometimes it simply is a “no” and there is no changing it. Again, it really depends on your situation, your question, and the other cards you pull.

14. The Two Of Cups Tarot Card In Position

Two Of Cups Tarot Card In Position

I just mentioned the three-card spread and so now, I’d like to show you what that would look like when it comes to the Two of Cups Tarot card. It’s important to get all of what you can out of it.

The position it’s in means something and so it combines with the card that happens to be put in that position. When you’re shuffling, try to think of what made you ask the question, where things are now, and ask what the answer is.

This should give you more than enough information to answer your question and give you helpful tips as well. Don’t give up here… Keep reading!

The Two of Cups in Past Position:

The Two of Cups in the past position means that you have already gotten into a relationship of some kind (business, friendship, or love). It’s been very happy and is why you’re now asking the question you are asking.

If the card is reversed, then you’ve had a disappointment in a relationship and now want to know what lies ahead for you or if there is someone else out there to love.

It may even mention a reconciled relationship that had not been going well. Any of these situations are what have brought you to your situation and question.

The Two of Cups in Present Position:

Seeing the Two of Cups in the present position says you’re beginning a new relationship, contract, or business agreement that is very optimistic. You’re feeling good about it.

You may be entering a new level of commitment because the time is right for it. Then again, you have to look at the flip side. Is the card upright or reversed? That does make a difference.

The Two of Cups card in reverse is saying something doesn’t seem right and it’s time that you talk to the other person about the disconnection that is going on. You can still salvage this if the other person is willing.

Don’t give up until you know that it’s not going to work. If there is a will, there definitely is a way!

The Two of Cups in Future Position:

In the future position, the Two of Cups indicates that you’re about to commit to a love relationship, business partnership, or make a new friend. You’re open and you’re ready.

The timing is right for you to go ahead and go forward with what you feel is best. The relationship is right, the business matchup is right, and the friend is your type of person.

In reverse, the Two of Cups says that it’s likely going to be a problem. Whatever type of relationship you’ve got ahead of you may not be a good situation for you to get involved in.

It may also be a “not the right time” type of lesson. So again, I would advise you to pull one more card to add to that for clarity. Concentrate on “will it ever be the right time?” and you should get your answer.

15. The Lessons The Two Of Cups Wants To Teach You

Lessons The Two Of Cups Wants To Teach You

Each Tarot card wants to teach you some very important lessons in your life. The Two of Cups are quite important and appeal to your heart, soul, and integrity.

Here are crucial lessons for you:

  • Go all-in when the relationship or commitment looks right for you.
  • Be transparent and open to those you are forming a bond with.
  • Be confident in your own skills in love and business.
  • Know that the person you’re asking about is someone of good character.
  • Yes, this business is the right one for you.
  • Always work at balancing and maintaining your love or business.
  • Never neglect your partner or yourself.
  • Always have harmony and respect for one another.

16. Astrology And The Two Of Cups Tarot Card

The Two of Cups represent water, which means that it’s also representative of water signs in Astrology. In this case, I am referring to the sign of Cancer. If you think about a Cancer’s personality, the Two of Cups absolutely fits.

Not only does it fit upright, but fits the reverse for when a Cancer is hurt, wounded, or jaded. Some say that Venus is also associated with the Two of Cups.

Venus does not rule Cancer though. What planet that does rule Cancer is The Moon. The Moon is mysterious, secretive, and exciting. Those are definitely some traits of Cancer.

Venus is about love and pleasure. The Moon is about embracing your feelings and experiencing things deeply. Two of Cups is all of the above. Even when it’s in reverse, it’s about one’s feelings and how they cope when things aren’t right.

The Moonlight may reveal a person’s true intentions or it may help the person that loves them understand that everything isn’t as it seems. There may be more needed to keep things flowing.

17. The Two Of Cups Tarot Card In Numerology

Going into Numerology, the number two represents the ability to embrace your feminine qualities. It makes you empathetic to other people and you’re someone who feels things deeply.

The number two means you’re sensitive, loving, affectionate, and love helping others. That sure does sound like the Two of Cups Tarot card and the Zodiac sign Cancer, doesn’t it?!

If your Life Path Number happens to be a number two, then your purpose in life is to be a peacemaker of some kind. Perhaps you find yourself doing things like counseling, mentoring, teaching, or anything that helps humanity in some way.

Number two in repetition may mean that you’re being called on to have patience and be open to the changes coming your way. Again, this does absolutely tie in with Cancer and the Two of Cups!

Also, the number two means you need to have faith, trust in the Universe and be brave as everything aligns for you.

18. When You Keep Pulling The Two Of Cups Card

Why do you keep seeing the Two of Cups card so often? Why do you keep pulling it every time you do a reading? Well, it means something profound for you!

Anytime you see a card that repeatedly comes up, it’s a message that you should pay attention to. It may be something that you need to be aware of to understand it better.

The Two of Cups card means thoughtfulness, understanding, and love. You may need to try to work on those abilities. It may be a message that you need to be more patient and understanding of other people.

Perhaps you’re about to go through a small rough patch and so the card is telling you to be more receptive and hold onto the faith that the Universe will provide. Stay optimistic!

It may also be telling you that if you’ve been single, you may not be for very long. The card might be indicating that you’re about to be in an incredible love relationship.

If you keep pulling it in reverse, then it may be telling you that your relationship needs more time and dedication if something is broken. It can also imply a breakup is near.

19. Symbols For The Two Of Cups Tarot Card

For the Two of Cups, there are normally two hearts or two cups coming together in a union. In the Rider Waite Tarot deck, it’s two people face to face who are having what appears to be a celebration.

They are making a commitment or signing a contract. It’s either two people in love or two people making an agreement that will change their lives for the better.

There is also the medical staff above them bringing good health and wellbeing. Above that is a Lion with wings. The Lion with Wings represents being brave and having the courage to do something new.

There is so much optimism to be seen in this card. If you were trying to do a representation of a Two of Cups Tarot card tattoo, then you could definitely put two lovers, two animals, or even two lions with hearts.

Tattoo artists love the Two of Cups as it gives them so many good ideas on how to represent love, contracts, and friendships. It’s really up to you and your artist but definitely one of the best cards to represent you.

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20. Spirituality And The Two Of Cups Card

The Two of Cups Tarot card is a very spiritual card. It inspires love, hope, optimism, courage, sensitivity, patience, and trust. Your spiritual path is being opened up to you.

You may actually be making a new level of commitment in your spiritual path that leads you to love and trust in the Universe. You become more in sync with your ability to manifest what you want in life.

Manifesting doesn’t work unless you have faith in yourself and faith in the Universe. Once that bond itself is made, then you can make all your dreams come true.

This card can also signify your commitment to spirit. Are you connected and dedicated to your beliefs? If not, then this is a card letting you know that you need to or will be in the near future.

You’re learning how to balance your life and balance your spiritual beliefs. If you’ve been lost, this card says you are about to be found and your dedication needs to be solid.

So, the Two of Cups not only means dedication and commitment to a lover, business, or friendship, but it also means your dedication to your spiritual path. It serves as a reminder that you need to check in with you.

It’s time to meditate, relax your inner self, renew your faith, and learn all the Universe has to teach you. There is a new path you need to be on or will be on as the Universe adjusts things for you.

If you were using this as a means to speak with the dead, it would mean that the person you are inquiring about still loves you very much and all is forgiven if you’re worried that they’re still upset with you.

They may also be telling you that all is wonderful; they love where they are, and their bond with you is still intact no matter what.

Your spirituality paves the way for everything else in your life. It’s very important you don’t ignore this card. The card is a stepping stone for you to take a leap that will lead you toward success, love, patience, and faith.

I hope you now have a much better understanding of how versatile yet the to-the-point meaning of the Two of Cups Tarot card.

I wish you all the luck of the Universe on your journey!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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