The Tower Tarot Card – Your Complete Guide

What in the world can this disturbing card mean? Is the meaning as bad as the depiction? There is more to this card than you realize – including both good and hard to grasp information.

I want to give you more knowledge about the Tower card so that you can appreciate and respect it. If you’re learning to read cards, then this guide is for you!

Stick with me and read what information I offer you in regards to the Tower Tarot Card…

The Brief History Of The Tower Tarot Card

The story of the Tarot cards began in Italy in the 1400s. The Italians thought it would be fun to come up with another card game. They created a deck that would include artwork on them.

This would be similar to regular playing cards but will be a bit more involved. These cards would have 78 cards. The four suits were still there but altered plus “trump” cards would be added.

These cards made for a really fun game that is actually still used today! If you look up “Tarot Game,” you’ll be able to find decks and kits to give it a try yourself.

Now… the “trump cards” are what we now know as the “Major Arcana,” then the “Minor Arcana” are the four suits.

Those four suits were changed, such as Diamonds into Pentacles/Coins, Hearts into Cups, Spades into Swords, and Clubs into Wands.

Now you’re wondering when the Tarot cards became used for reading people’s future and getting advice…

Well, in 1750 the first deck used for cartomancy was revealed. Cartomancy by definition: cards used to divine.

By the 1800s, these types of cards were beginning to be used more often with the Spiritualism movement. Other tools in divination were very popular right along with the Tarot decks.

The most popular deck being used to this day is the Rider Waite Tarot deck created in 1901. This is the deck most beginners use to learn how to read the Tarot.

Keeping that in mind, I’m using this deck to help teach you about the Tarot cards and their meanings so that you can give yourself accurate readings or reading for other people.

1. The Basic Definition Of The Tower Tarot Card

The Tower Tarotv

The Tower Tarot card means that something is about to be destroyed. This can be a job, living situation, relationship, or just about anything you can think of, really.

This destruction is something that is absolutely necessary to clear the path for new and better situations. While it looks and feels horrible, this ending has to happen otherwise you cannot grow.

While the card certainly seems horrific to look at, it’s not actually that harsh of reality, usually. Yes, it can be sometimes BUT mostly is more about huge changes.

In some rare circumstances, this can warn you about accidents, mishaps, and unexpected turmoil.

There may be some damage that occurs from whatever situation is going on or will be going on. It’s nothing that cannot be fixed, solved, or renovated.

The Tower Tarot card meaning changes with whatever your situation happens to be. You should go with the feeling you have upon seeing it. Use your intuition.

Most likely you know what it refers to when you see it. If you’re reading for someone else, that person probably knows what it’s for as well.

When Castles break down, they can be rebuilt. That is what the picture on the card represents. The people jumping out of the windows are terrified but a new path will be presented to them.

2. The Tower Tarot Card Definition (Reversed)

While the upright position seems hard to swallow, the reverse is not any better. This is one of those cards where the reverse is actually worse.

That being said, the reversed Tower Tarot card means that even when things are going badly, someone doesn’t want to change their circumstances.

Instead of problems being solved and life being rebuilt, the Tower reversed means that you’ve broken down mentally and are resisting change or feeling depressed with what is about to happen.

If you don’t accept change, then the transition will be very difficult for you. The things or people who were helping you before may not be there now. Moving forward, they won’t be there either.

You’ve lost your grip on reality and are stuck in the belief that everything must stay the same. The more resistant you are, the harder this is going to be for you.

Adjusting is absolutely necessary if you’re going to rebuild whatever you’ve lost or what has changed. You have to change your attitude and start accepting that change is part of life.

Start relying on yourself so that you aren’t disappointed by other people. When you expect, then that’s how you get devastated or let down.

3. Love And The Tower Tarot Card (Upright)

When it comes to love, the Tower Tarot card means there may be a breakup, an end to an unstable or toxic relationship, or could be a very bad fight.

Sometimes this card can also mean something about the way the relationship is about to change drastically. Perhaps it’s about peeling away what hasn’t worked.

Now you have a fresh beginning or will soon after the break of what needed to change. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing. The change may not be comfortable but if you can salvage your love, then it’s good to adapt to change.

Yes, this card can represent a relationship blowing up or coming to an end if things have been far too toxic. This may actually provide relief if it’s stressed you too much.

This change may be welcome for you to see. If you’re single, then perhaps something about the way you see love or the way you act in relationships is about to be totally broken down.

The breakdown will allow you to heal and follow a new belief system when it comes to love and relationships. That may help you to finally take care of yourself and figure out what you really want or need.

4. Love And The Tower Tarot Card (Reversed)

Tower Tarot Card Reversed

The reversal of the Tower Tarot card means that the relationship is really taking a nosedive. This person may not be the right one for you. You may not be alright with the other person.

The relationship isn’t working and now you’ve got to end it so that you can move on. The breakup is definitely something that needs to happen if you two cannot find another way.

Of course, the card could just be a warning that you need to work it out with your partner or break free of them. You may need to break free of your old belief system if it’s not helping you.

If you’re single, then this will definitely mean that love isn’t going to happen until you can purge yourself of toxic behavior or unhealthy beliefs. What inside you needs work?

It’s a good time to meditate on the changes you need to make. Problems with yourself can cause you to not be able to connect with the right partner. You may keep meeting all the wrong potential partners.

This is about you and the changes you need to learn how to make so that you can actually have a beautiful and healthy love relationship in the future.

5. Finances, Job, And Career With The Tower Tarot Card (Upright)

Seeing the Tower Tarot card may represent a sudden job loss. It may be something you knew was going to happen or it may have taken you by surprise. What will you do now?

It’s time for you to make a solid new plan if you didn’t already have a “Plan B” in place.

If not a job loss, then things may be really chaotic at your job. There may be major changes going on with staffing, clients, or money. Whatever it is, you have two choices; find a new job or adapt to the changes.

As far as money goes, there may be some unexpected expense that appears that you really have no idea how you’re going to pay for it. This could be a serious wake-up call for you as well.

Your attitude about money needs to change if you’re going to heal it and make it better. If you feel stuck at a job, get out of there! If you know you deserve more… do something about it!

Look for some side hustles that can bring you supplemental income. Poor planning makes the Tower come out and shake things up. Expect the unexpected. Be prepared!

Stow away some savings and have extra funds that are hidden away. If an emergency situation comes up or an unexpected circumstance hits you financially, you’ll still be alright.

6. Finances, Job, And Career With The Tower Tarot Card (Reversed)

Where money is concerned, now isn’t the time to invest your funds. Don’t take any risks that promise wealth. This is false and won’t lead you to more money.

Hang on to what you have and put some extra away. You can survive this upheaval but you need to prepare. Financial troubles could be on the way so don’t be blinded by it.

Be very careful with your career. Keep everything steady and strong. It’s best to take it easy and not take risks.

Sometimes this card may be a near miss. That means that you were up for being laid off but somehow managed to dodge it. Consider yourself very fortunate but look at why the layoffs are happening.

You may not survive the next cut so it’s time to prepare and possibly look for other work that is more stable. Watch the economy and what is happening so you get a better handle on it.

Keep your head down and work hard but still be looking for something else on the side. You might be able to secure a better job which you can be proud of.

7. The Tower Tarot Card As A Person (Upright)

The Tower Tarot card as a person is complicated. This person may have mood swings or anger problems. They have outbursts at random times when it’s totally not needed.

This person may be destructive or hard to deal with. They want to fight and they want to tear things apart. The person probably challenges authority or the status quo in life.

The meaning can be metaphoric if you’re asking about someone in your life. This card could be saying that they are really blowing you away with their revolutionary ways.

The Tower Tarot card person is energetic and unpredictable. You never know what they’re up to or what they’re capable of. Don’t ever underestimate them!

In the upright position, the Tower is a pillar of strength and stability. I know that sounds weird since there are also destructive possibilities. What I’m telling you is that they have a lot of power either way.

It’s up to them to use it for destruction or for healing. They make great lovers and friends but if crossed, they can turn very quickly.

8. The Tower Tarot Card As A Person (Reversed)

The reversal of the Tower Tarot card means the person you’re asking about is perhaps fearful or afraid of changes that come with life. They do not like to find new paths.

The person is likely set in their ways. This is the type of person who will not change their minds no matter how much you try to convince them otherwise.

They don’t want to move, they don’t want to try new things, and they want to stick with what they know. The reversed Tower person is likely to cling to people, places, and things.

Fear seems to keep them from letting go. These are the type of people you would find hoarding. They have memories of every little thing they have in their home and cannot let go of it.

You try telling them the city is going to have their home condemned and they won’t hear of it. They will stand firm on what they know and that’s the way it is… in their mind.

Holding onto a relationship that is deteriorating is another characteristic of the reversed Tower person. It will have to totally fall apart via the other person leaving for them to see it. Still even, then… they don’t believe it.

9. Advice From The Tower Tarot Card In A Reading

The advice from the Tower Tarot card is that you have to let go of the old sometimes so that you can experience growth and renewal. It’s time to let old situations, people, places, and things.

Look around you. It’s time to blow it up and clear the path so you can finally walk down a whole new path. There is a new life ahead with great love, wisdom, spiritual growth, and enrichment.

It’s alright if things fall apart because it means that something wonderful can now be formed. New opportunities can be seen when the old has washed away into the past.

Don’t like how things are going? Blow it all to kingdom come! I kid you not, it does work. It’s uncomfortable yes BUT when you’re finally living a different life that you love, you’ll be glad you did.

Blow up old ways of thinking and toxic people (not literally). Just cleanse yourself of the gross cloud that has built over your head all these years. Once you do, you’ll be FREE!

10. The Tower Tarot Card As Feelings

The feelings that can come along with the Tower card are overwhelming. There is a feeling of oppression, too much pressure, and intensity. How does someone feel about you?

Well, seeing this card would definitely seem to indicate that they are overwhelmed or confused. This person isn’t ready to make a choice or they make the wrong one.

I will tell you that this card has to be paired with another card to really tell you whether their feelings are leaning toward you or away from you. The second card’s vibration will let you know.

It’s possible that the person is letting go of everything they’ve ever known or believed in to love you. You can see how this may be a bit confusing? Upright can still be answered with another positive card.

However, if you get the reversal of this card, this person isn’t feeling good about you or the relationship. They cannot connect with you the way you want and don’t make a good match.

The reversal doesn’t need another card for clarification. It’s pretty to the point on its own. Remember, upright means adjustment can be made and reversal means there is no way.

11. The Tower Tarot Card Meaning Regarding Children

With the intensity of this card, the Tower is indicating a no when you are asking about pregnancy. If you’ve been trying, the Tower says something has to drastically change in order to make that happen.

If you already have children, then the Tower card upright may be letting you know that your child is going through some issues or changes that are really difficult.

You need to be compassionate and patient with them. Don’t let them go off into their room and spend lots of time alone. That would indicate possible depression or anxiety.

Try to connect with them and find out what is going on so that you can do whatever you can to help.

The reversal of the Tower card for pregnancy is “not likely to happen.”  There isn’t a suggestion of changing.

Your existing children may not be doing well at all in their environment. Check for problems at school or have them looked at by a doctor. There may be something that needs to be treated.

Again, upright or reversed, take caution and care with your kids. They often don’t tell their parents when they’re struggling. They don’t want their parents to be disappointed.

12. Health And The Tower Tarot Card

This is a rough card to see when you’re asking about your health. This card can be more of a warning that a sudden illness is about to happen or some sort of possible accident.

Since it IS a warning, you probably should be VERY careful and make sure you’re doing everything you can for your health. The cards are definitely subjective which means if you know ahead, you may be able to change the situation.

That part is the good news so take it with you and hang onto it.

Now, this is weird, but if you’ve suspected something going on with your health in particular, you may find this card is verifying and telling you that’s correct. The solution is to get to a doctor!

There is something in your daily routine that needs to change for your health. This card is giving you the opportunity to try to cut it off from the pass or get treatment for it.

The reversal for the Tower Tarot card meaning when it comes to health is not a pleasant one.

The reversed card is saying you know what’s wrong but you aren’t getting treatment. You’re refusing to go to the doctor and get it taken care of. You’re fearful of what the worst may be.

You don’t have to remain in this fear. You need to go do something about it now so that you can be sure to treat and recover whatever is wrong.

13. The Tower Tarot Card Answer As “Yes” Or “No”

This probably will not come as any sort of surprise to you but whether the Tower card is upright or reversed, this card is saying big and bold NO!

There is no sugarcoating this one and even if you pull another card, it really isn’t going to help. Whatever it is you are asking about isn’t going to happen. The person isn’t right for you or you’re not going in that direction.

It’s not time to start new ventures or take a relationship to new heights. It may not even be time to start a relationship if you’re trying to become more than friends.

When it’s in the upright position, the Tower says there is some major change that needs to happen before you do anything else. There are things you must do before you can push forward.

Before you fall deeper in love, you need to take care of other personal issues so that you don’t carry baggage over into your relationship.

One last thing is this card is telling you to expect the unexpected!

14. The Tower Tarot Card In Position

The Tower Tarot Card Meaning

There are many different Tarot spreads available these days with all the many varieties of Tarot card decks. Before you confuse yourself, it may be best to take an easy approach while you learn.

One of the easiest spreads that most decks do provide is the three-card spread. It typically will be for the recent past, present, and near future. It’s the easiest to use for a “yes” or “no” answer or just to see what’s going on.

Once you use this spread enough and get comfortable with it, you can, then move on and experiment with other spreads. When you get really good at it, you can create your own as well.

Let’s take a look at how the Tower Tarot card relates to each position so you get a good idea of what it’s like.

The Tower Card in Past Position:

In the past position, the Tower card indicates you’ve been through a recent event that was rattling or dramatic. It was very uncomfortable but it may have been necessary for a great change in your life.

This may have been illness, job loss, relationship loss, or something else that was very difficult. Whether or not you can see it, it likely cleared a new path for you.

The reverse Tower Tarot card in the past position indicates that you were not willing to accept the change that was thrown at you. You didn’t absorb the meaning, you didn’t accept a breakup, or you were in shock about your job.

The Tower Card in Present Position:

The Tower Tarot card in the present position means you’re in the middle of a huge change. You may or not be aware of it but whatever it is, it’s shifting your core beliefs.

You’re dealing with a crisis or difficult position right now but once you get past it, you will have a clear path with which to plan. It’s a necessary change though very hard to work through.

The reversed Tower Tarot card says that you’re in the process of having to adapt which you don’t like at all. You refuse to change your ways or beliefs which makes this harrowing for you to get through.

The Tower Card in Future Position:

The Tower card in the future position means that you have a transition coming up that will not be comfortable. It may be a change of job, an ending of a relationship, relocation, or something else that is life-altering.

This change is going to help you to mold your future. If you feel ill, go get help from a physician. Don’t wait until you’re too sick. Change is good even though it won’t feel good.

The reversal of the Tower card in the future position means that you’re going to be caught off guard by a catastrophic event that will confuse you. If you don’t open your eyes, you will struggle. Wake up and take charge!

15. The Lessons The Tower Card Wants To Teach You

Lessons The Tower Card Wants To Teach You

I believe that by reading this guide, you’re already getting the gist of some of the lessons that the Tower Tarot card teaches. If not, then here are some key things to learn from the Tower card…

  • Expect the unexpected in life so that you are more prepared for surprises!
  • Enlightenment comes when all the old has been wiped away and cleaned up.
  • The harder the lesson, the more profound the growth.
  • Remember the fact that you cannot control everything. You can only control yourself.
  • You’re stronger than you think you are. What you’re going through will give you more courage.
  • View situations from different angles with an open mind.
  • Tear down old belief systems to let new perspectives through.
  • Hard times are lessons waiting to be learned. Look for the silver linings.
  • Let go of your rigid thoughts, beliefs, and ideas.

As you can see, the lessons here are very wise and strong. No one wants to go through upheaval but sometimes it’s completely necessary for change and significant growth.

16. Astrology And The Tower Tarot Card

There is no Zodiac sign associated with the Tower card, per se. The planet Mars, however, is very much associated with the card. It’s not surprising as it does seem to fit the description of the card.

Those who have the rulership of Mars (Aries and Scorpio) are fairly hot-tempered people who definitely don’t like change much. If you’re trying to figure out who the Tower is in your life, you might look at who is an Aries.

Remember that Mars is hot and known for bringing on chaos or war. Not all the time but in cases where the Tower Tarot card is concerned, it may very well be.

Mars also brings you great strength in your time of need. The card isn’t necessarily a bad thing you see. It’s to help bring newness into your life. You’re due for change so will you roll with it or fight it?

The outcome you have from the Tower card is going to definitely weigh on your decisions. You can adapt and change or you can refuse and cause yourself more problems.

You better watch out for Mars when it retrogrades because it will be rough and tumble. It’s a good idea to keep track of what is going on with this planet and where it transits.

17. The Tower Tarot Card In Numerology

Looking at the Tower Tarot card, you see the Roman number XVI. That is the number 16. You’re not going to be shocked at all when I tell you what this number is about.

The number 16 represents someone who represents learning wisdom. This knowledge comes from independence and trying things even when it seems hard.

This number helps teach you about yourself and figure out what you can do, what you can handle, and how you can grow to adapt in your life when change comes.

With this number, it can help you with your spirituality and becoming self-sufficient. This is, then something you can teach other people so they too can be strong and wise.

That being said, the number 16 also converts to a 7. If your Life Path Number in Numerology happens to be a number seven, your purpose is to experience spiritual growth.

So, either way, you’re learning something very deep and useful for getting through this life effectively. When you grow spiritually, you help others to do the same thing.

The number seven actually vibrates with Neptune. Neptune is known for dreaming but also for intuitive growth and knowledge.

How about that? It all really ties in together nicely. This card is to help teach you to find your inner self, trust yourself, and allow for growth even when it seems impossible.

18. When You Keep Pulling The Tower Card

What happens when you keep pulling the Tower card? Well, it’s a message that if you don’t make some changes to your life that will help you, the world will do it for you.

The Universe won’t do it in a way that you like. This rather sounds like the planet Pluto who does actually the same thing. It’s up to you to stop procrastinating or refusing change.

It’s time to go with the flow, accept the chaotic changes, and grow as a human being. The less you fight the flow, the better off you’ll be.

If you get the reversed Tower card repeatedly, then it’s telling you that you’re really ignoring or putting off the inevitable. The pain will only be worse if you don’t open up and accept what happens.

It may also be a warning of illness. If you feel any symptoms coming on no matter how small they are, get to a doctor and get it checked out.

Pay attention! You could get hurt or have an accident if you don’t keep your eyes open and your attention in tune with what is going on around you. Wake up!

Don’t ignore the warnings being sent your way. You’ll only have yourself to blame when you’re blindsided by a catastrophe in your life.

19. Symbols For The Tower Tarot Card

Looking at the Tower Tarot card, it looks quite destructive and worrisome. I totally understand where you are coming from! There is a building that is crumbling.

It appears to be exploding as lightning and fire are taking it out. Two people are falling from the building as if they were thrown or jumped. Either way, they are trying to escape the inferno.

This building happens to be on a cliff to make matters worse. The clouds have darkness behind them. The two people appear to be royalty with their crowns. In fact, one big crown toward the top is being burned by the flames.

They’re being shaken from their normal reality. It’s time for them to learn how to live like others instead of being so high up from everyone. This is a lesson for them.

Now, if you’re going for the Tower Tarot card tattoo, I could see you getting the whole card depending on the deck you favor. If not, you could always get some kind of structure being blown to smithereens with lighting.

I say lightning because lighting represents strength, power, and intelligence. If that’s what you want to display, then your Tower Tarot card tattoo will be brilliant!

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20. Spirituality And The Tower Card

Last, but certainly not the least, is the spiritual lesson from the Tower Tarot card. You cannot keep thinking in old ridged ways or you will never succeed. You will be knocked off your throne.

It’s time to make changes and adapt so that you can allow the beauty of life. You also have to realize that the energy you put out there is the energy you get back.

If you are stagnant and tend to put things off, then you won’t get much manifesting your way. Is that what you want?! No, of course, it isn’t!

Let go of all that no longer serves a higher purpose for yourself so that the new and brilliant can come in. Learn to stand on your own two feet. Be independent and rely only on your own intuition.

Spiritual lessons are often the hardest to learn because it stems from deep inside of you. You can access this though if you start letting go of old beliefs, people, situations, objects, and anything else you’re too attached to.

To be healthy, you have to let go of that which is toxic. Purify your spirit by eating healthier, having good people around you, and doing things you don’t ordinarily do.

You’ll find more peace, love, and spirituality by accepting changes as they come. Be a wise Jedi and realize that “The Force” is the way. Yes, this is my Star Wars reference, but it seems fitting.

I do hope that this guide has helped provide you with some wisdom you can use for reading Tarot cards for yourself or for others. Understanding each card in the deck helps you bond with them and truly feel the readings.

Open and meditate on each card until you can actually feel what they are without looking. Make peace with your heart, body, and spirit. Only you can do that.

I wish you all the luck of the Universe on your journey.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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