Weekly Tarotscope for October 17th – 23rd 

Hey there, babes! Welcome back to the Weekly Tarotscope for October 17th-23th. This week is mostly full of good news, Astrologically speaking. But one transit could throw a dramatic wrench into your plans. 

I think that the insights I’ve got for you will be helpful in preparing you for any potential curveballs.

Libra is totally stuffed with energy this week, which means different things for every sign. The Sun, Venus, and Mercury are all lingering in the sign of the scales.

The Sun in a trine to Mars in Gemini is like an extra shot of espresso in the morning. This gives you that extra zip that allows you to get the job done. This is an ideal time to start a new project or relationship. 

Venus trine Mars brings a lot of fun and social energy as two important relationships planets rest in air signs. I’m always pleased to see what’s cooking during this transit… because it’s usually something spicy and delicious!

Perhaps the most potent love transit ever is going down as the Sun meets the planet of love, Venus, in the sign of Libra. This amplifies the love energy of Venus because the luminous energy of the Sun projects it everywhere. 

Pluto does arrive to form a square aspect to Venus and the Sun, which can have dramatic results – to say the least. While romance is in the air from the Sun and Venus, Pluto can shake things up so much that it’s more stressful than fun. 

A trine from Mercury to Saturn this week serves to create a mature channel of communication between you and others. It’s a great time to attempt to communicate your needs more effectively. 

The Tarot serves as a way for me to see into your specific situation a bit more. Find your Sun or Rising sign below to find out how this Astrological energy can manifest within your own life, my dears.

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Tarotscope for Aries – Ace of Swords

The Sun forms a trine to your ruler, Mars, this week, darling Aries. I wonder if the cutting edge of Mars’ blade is influencing your mental processes. Speed and precision are the names of the game. 

The Ace is energy indicating beginnings and conception. The suit of swords is intellect, combined with a lack of compassion or distance. You may have found that in order to continue the journey indicated by the Ace of Wands weeks ago, you simply must cut others off or distance yourself from other concerns. 

Concentration and focus can have you feeling edgy. Give yourself some time to unwind. 


Tarotscope for Taurus – Nine of Pentacles 

After the heartache of last week, the Nine of Pentacles reminds you what you still have. Your planetary ruler, Venus, is in several aspects, leading me to believe that you’ll feel more in your element this week. 

The Nine of Pentacles encourages you to find what is solid in life and rejoice in it. You’ve got a lot to be grateful for. Just open your eyes and see what remains after the dust has settled. Some things really won’t just disappear on you. 


Tarotscope for Gemini – The Fool

Last week, you were either being celebrated as you returned, or set out. I couldn’t tell then, but with The Fool energy this week I think that you were just beginning something, Gemini. 

You’re not supposed to stress too much about the ‘how’ this week. On the contrary, just trusting that what is important will come to you is exactly how you can expect to get what you want. 

I believe a trine from Saturn to your ruler Mercury has made it clear to you where the boundaries are, and your optimism this week is prompting you to still attempt to move past them. Like the figure on the Fool card, pack for the road and keep those who understand you close, like the traveler’s dog. But also like the figure (whose eyes are closed), walk by faith over all else. 


Tarotscope for Cancer – Temperance 

Cancer, last week you received the Death card, and my jaw dropped when I saw that the very next card in the deck, Temperance, was your card this week. This is painting a vivid picture of the gravity of your struggles last week. 

This week is about realizing the significance of what you’ve lost or let go of. It was heavy, and it probably hurt a lot to release. And yet, you’re still here. You’re here, and Temperance represents merging yourself with a new version of yourself after the ‘death’ or ‘release’ that you experienced last week. 

Take some time to get present and connect with the you that exists now instead of the one that existed before last week. 


Tarotscope for Leo – Four of Pentacles

Leo, are you feeling defensive about what’s yours? Perhaps some jealousy has arisen in some respect? A square to the Sun from Pluto this week can certainly have that effect. Pluto can be possessive energy. 

Last week you felt as if you had endless options, and this week it appears that you’re attempting to protect what you feel is yours. You’re not feeling too secure in your standing right now. 

The idea is to realize that some things could be taken from you, but they also might not. The more you leave room for well-intentioned people and trust others, the more your guard will be let down. 


Tarotscope for Virgo – Knight of Wands

After a lot of hard thinking last week as indicated by the Five of Swords, you are ready to take action this week. The Knight of Wands shoots first and asks questions later, which is not your usual style, dear Virgo. 

That certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t accept a little of this energy into your life. You’ve thought through all your options, and now you know what direction you must go in. It’s time to hop on your horse, point it in the right direction, and open it up. 


Tarotscope for Libra – Knight of Cups

Libra, the Knight of Cups signifies a person in your life. Considering that your planetary ruler (Venus) is getting a lot of attention this week, I’d say that this person is someone you will or already have developed feelings for. 

You’ll know this person because of how in tune they are with their feelings and your own. This person may have a loner quality to them but still maintains a regal air. 

This person takes initiative just like all the members of the Knights. Perhaps this is someone who responds and reacts to emotion and makes sure that those around him are taken care of.


Tarotscope for Scorpio – The Hermit

Last week, Scorpio, you received the Queen of Swords, indicating a split from emotions in some way. And now, perhaps you’re trying to find them again or distance yourself even more, as indicated by the Hermit card. 

Pluto (one of your planetary rulers) in a square with Venus, planet of friends, social events, and loved ones, indicates that you may have been forced to take a firm stance on someone close to you. 

Distance and time are required to know if this relationship is worth it to you. Perhaps it feels like it is, but part of you knows that with a little space of your own, you may come to a different conclusion.


Tarotscope for Sagittarius – Eight of Pentacles

Sagittarius, last week you were asked to look to your future to determine what it is you want and where you should go. This week it seems you’re looking into what work needs to be done to make it happen. 

The Eight of Pentacles in my deck features someone holding eight pentacles, placed in a precarious stack, upright. But the figure doesn’t look nervous or apprehensive. This person knows that they have the diligence to account for any wobble in the stack. 

Being present with your current situation is necessary to achieve that bright future that was conceived last week in the suit of Cups. The Pentacles ask that you remain present in the moment to accommodate for what is needed in the now to secure your future.


Tarotscope for Capricorn – Two of Pentacles

Capricorn, this week the Two of Pentacles tells me that you’re taking a Mercurial approach to life this week. This is because the Two of Pentacles seems to reference the Magician card since this individual is hovering two pentacles in the air without touching them. Pretty magical!

Mercury in a trine to your ruler Saturn has you feeling like a wizard. You’re grounded enough to tap into the energy of the moment while being diligent and focused enough to reach out and seize what you desire once you’ve manifested it. 


Tarotscope for Aquarius – The Chariot

Aquarius, The Chariot is usually associated with Cancer and The Moon. This tells me that some changeable emotions are on your mind. You are moving around vigorously, but are you ignoring a major wound?

The Chariot card in my deck features a driver with his eyes closed, trusting his two lions to pull his cart while balanced perfectly over a huge crack in between his wheels.

Perhaps he can maintain course and straddle the cracked Earth, but can he guarantee that the crack won’t get larger in the meantime? Open your eyes to your pain to avoid what can come if you don’t address it now. 


Tarotscope for Pisces – Ace of Cups

Has your mind been racing too fast lately, Pisces? Has some inner turmoil that you tried to push away last week caught up to you? The Ace of Cups is asking for you to be proactive about your innermost emotions. 

You’ve been ignoring the fact that you’ve been drowning. But the figure on my card seems to have been scooped from a wide, empty ocean into a chalice held by a larger version of themselves. This tells me that only you can save yourself, and you need to be allowed to feel your feelings in safety rather than leaving them to your subconscious.

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Wrapping Up

I won’t lie, a few of your readings this week were moving for me to perform. I could tell that there are some of you that have deep emotions that need to be purged. 

Whether it’s preferred or not, Pluto’s squares this week may go ahead and do just that for you. But give yourselves some TLC to celebrate the Sun and Venus being together for another whole week. 

I think some of you may be craving some more intimate Tarot readings… something where you can address your love life. It’s the most common question I get, after all. 

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach 

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