The Fool Tarot Card: Your Complete Guide

Whether you’re searching for this card to become familiar with it, or if you’re learning how to read tarot cards, the Fool Tarot Card has much to reveal to you. This Major Arcana Card in the deck means many things. Find out what the Fool Tarot Card has to offer you in love and life by reading all the way through!

A Brief History Of The Fool Tarot Card

As far back as the 14th century, Tarot Cards were used. The intention wasn’t for divination at that time. They were actually created as playing cards for people to use for entertainment.

This is also how they’ve kept the signature “game” in the description for all Tarot decks through the years.

Divination practices have been around for just as long as humans have been. When did the two combine? How did Tarot Cards that were used for games turn into divination cards?

The first known Tarot Card deck dates back to 1425, originating in Italy. It was called Visconti-Sforza Tarot. They were hand-painted and absolutely stunning.

In 1909, the most popular deck made was the Rider-Waite Tarot created in the United Kingdom. This is widely known as a fortune teller deck, made easy for anyone to use.

The Fool is one of the “Major Arcana” and it is important. You’ll notice at the top, there is a 0 instead of the numbers 1-21. He was almost like a stand alone.

He became known as the protagonist in the story. He’s the one that takes the risk and seizes adventure into the unknown.

This card is also known to be the beginning of the deck to introduce the Major Arcana to the person opening up a new deck. Now let’s check out what The Fool Tarot Card means.

1. The Basic Definition Of The Fool Tarot Card

The Fool Tarot Card

The Fool was originally considered to be the beggar or pauper in the Tarot deck. When divination began, the card evolved. In most decks, he does look like a young soul who is willing to take a risk via the cliff he’s standing on.

When it comes to the definition of the Fool Tarot Card, that’s exactly what it means is the willingness to take a risk because the gain could be worth it. The Fool speaks of new beginnings.

He may be telling you to actually take a risk of your own, because the reward will be amazing!

Procrastination will only hold you back. The time to act is right now!

There may also be a decision that needs to be made very quickly. It may not be a decision that you particularly want to make, but it has to be done.

There is a risk involved in this decision.

The choice you make will not be the wrong one. This is a very positive card and the outcome you have will be rewarding or happy.

Optimism is tied to this card which should be reassuring for you on your path.

Let’s now take a peek at the other meanings that this card holds…

2. The Fool Tarot Card Definition In Reverse

Seeing the Fool Tarot Card means that there may be delays in your plans to go full forward. There may also be a problem that needs to be addressed first.

It’s not a definite “no” but more like a “maybe” to a question you have such as: “Should I buy a house now?” Your answer would likely be “not yet.”

It simply means that there is something else going on that you don’t see but It’s not a good time to dive right in yet.

Hold off until you have more information that will help you to take care of anything that isn’t yet in line for you.

When the time is right, you can then move forward again. It’s not a bad thing, really.

Sometimes you do have to slow down or stop to take inventory so that you don’t jump to it uninformed.

Get all your ducks in a row before you make a life-changing decision. By doing that, it will ensure your success going forward.

3. Love And The Fool Tarot Card (Upright)

When the Fool Tarot Card is upright, it means that you are currently in a transformation for your life. You’re entering into a new phase that includes love, of course.

You may decide to choose a relationship that has come to light. Remember that The Fool means there is a decision you need to make.

Maybe you’ve been putting off making a commitment or saying “yes” to a date with a particular person.

Seeing this card means you should move into a new phase or commitment. Maybe someone wants to marry you but you’ve put off answering.

If you asked a specific question such as, “Should I marry him?” This card says “YES!!!!”

Do not let fear hold you back from the love you’ve always wanted. If you don’t take a risk, you won’t gain… in the words of Nike… “Just do it!”

4. Love And The Fool Tarot Card (Reversed)

The Fool Tarot Card Reversed

Not all people read reversals with Tarot Cards. However, if you do ever get a reversed card, there is a definition that you should know.

When you see the Fool upside down, it may mean that there are delays in a decision you need to make. You may be holding off out of fear.

Perhaps you’ve decided to pull back instead of move forward. You’ve put off a relationship or a commitment.

This may also be a sign for you to stop letting fear control you. Don’t pass up on love simply because you are afraid of getting hurt.

Seeing this is pointing out your fears of being with someone and being in a serious relationship or marriage.

Recognize this and know that you have it in you to heal and make the right decision.  Don’t let the best union you could ever have pass by you because of your fears.

If you’ve asked about a relationship with the Tarot and you get the Fool reversed, it may mean it’s not the right time or that you must work on your fears first.

5. Finances, Job, And Career With The Fool Card (Upright)

This is probably going to seem rather obvious, but if you ask financial questions about a career or job, then this gives you a very positive answer upright.

“Should I take this job?” is a good example. The card is saying: “Take it! It’s perfect for you!”

There you have it. In terms of pulling it as your card of the day, it would mean that there is a decision at hand and you need to say yes.

It may also mean you get news about a new job, career, or money that is headed your way.

A new job or position in your current job may be opening up and you’re going to get news of it today. It could also mean an opening comes to you and it’s up to you to apply for it.

Should you invest? Yes! This is the right time for you to take the right risks. Look into that new job, position, or your own business.

6. Finances, Job, And Career With The Fool Card (Reversed)

Just like in love, the Fool reversed may mean that your fears are keeping you from taking on something new that can lead you to great success.

You may need to look at your fears and try to overcome them so that you can take advantage of offers sent your way.

Perhaps you’ve looked at a job and got your resume ready but are afraid that if you send it, you will be denied.

You’ve got to work past asking for a raise or a new position. You deserve better, but you’ve got to go after it and get it.

This card in reverse can also mean that there are delays in your plans, job, or any other financial situation.

The fear of the unknown may stop you from trusting your intuition. It can be crippling but you can get past it by saying “yes,” even if you are afraid.

A question such as: “will they accept me?” will give you an answer of: “yes, if you can work past your insecurities… you have to accept yourself first.”

7. The Fool Tarot Card As A Person (Upright)

If this card pops up and it’s meant to represent someone that you’ve asked about this means they’re a person who likes taking risks.

Asking something such as: “who should I look out for?” Then the card is saying, this is a carefree type of person.

This free spirit may come into your life to help you work past any worries you have so that you can see life the way they do.

The Fool wants you to learn how to be more of a “go with the flow” type of person. He/she wants you to relax and trust your gut.

The person in your life may be someone who is creative and curious about everything in life. It can even be a child because this is the type of mentality here.

Children are open-minded and ready to explore. Perhaps they’re telling you to be the same.

8. The Fool Card As A Person (Reversed)

When you pull this card, you may be dealing with someone who is quite immature. They don’t yet know how to look at things before they leap.

While the upright meaning is someone willing to take a risk, they typically trust their gut whereas the Fool Tarot Card meaning in reverse is different.

This person doesn’t listen to their inner voice and often ends up getting themselves in a lot of trouble. They may even be adrenaline-seeking.

This is the type of person that does things at risk on purpose for the thrill of it, or because they want to believe it will all work out for them.

This reminds me of a teenager who thinks they are invincible. While that may be the case with someone in your life, it could also be an immature adult.

As well, it may be a person who is trying to lure you into something that you know you shouldn’t do. Trust your gut and don’t listen to that person.

If you’ve asked something such as: “Is he ready for a relationship?” Then the answer is going to be: “it’s not likely right now.”  They could be ready if and when they can get it together and grow up.

9. Advice From The Fool Card In A Reading

Should you take a risk? Yes! It’s time for you to do something you haven’t before so that you can succeed on the path that you’re on.

“Is it wise to start this new business?” … The card says: “absolutely this venture is good for you and will pay off.”

“Is it time for me to commit to this person?” … “Now is a perfect time.”

Now, if you get it in reverse when asking for advice, then the answers will vary. It will tell you to take your time, learn more about the person, and don’t rush.

Let things develop naturally so that you don’t make the wrong decision. It’s not time for you to jump on it. Success comes from the time you take to get to know that person.

In other words, the Fool Card meaning in reverse is telling you “not yet” in regards to whatever you’ve asked about.

10. The Fool Tarot Card As Feelings

The Fool Card meaning when it is describing feelings is pretty simple. You can see in most decks that the picture looks like a person who is carefree and happy.

The card may actually be asking you to look at your own feelings and how do they line up with what you’re seeing in your reading? What is your gut feeling on whatever it is you’re asking about?

How does it make you feel when you think about your question? More optimism is being brought to your attention. If you aren’t enthusiastic then you may experience failure.

The Fool Tarot Card means that you need to look at things from another positive perspective, brimming with love, and full of inspiration.

Maybe someone is going to inspire you to dive deep and take a risk that you wouldn’t ordinarily take. It’s good for you.

This card brings caring, warm, and fun feelings. Think of life as a child would. Release your fears and allow yourself to feel a sense of wonder.

Be honest with yourself. Children say things without filters. That’s a great way to see your life and your choices.

In a reading, there will be cards around that will indicate whether you should proceed or hold off to look at it differently.

When they are all positive then it means that it’s time to do something different that will set you free and allow you to find the success you’ve been after in finances or love.

If there is a negative card or two around it, it may be saying that even though things may be a bit dicey, you should maintain your sense of optimism. If in reverse, stop and think before you do anything else. You need more time.

11. The Fool Card Meaning Regarding Children

Seeing this card could be telling you that you will have children or that children play a significant role in your life. In fact, it could directly be talking about a certain child.

Children are playful, brilliant, willing to learn, and absolutely dazzled by everything! Maybe there is a child around you like this that may inspire you to see life differently.

Perhaps you’re pregnant and getting close to giving birth to a child that will be very important as they grow. They could teach you the unconditional love that you’ve never experienced before.

It could also be that you’re destined to work around children. There are endless opportunities where kids are concerned and the Fool Card is bringing this to your attention.

Are you a teacher? If you are not, then this card may be saying that it would be a good career choice for you to make if you’re open to it.

Perhaps if you’ve got children in your family then it’s a note for you to spend a little time around them. There is something you may learn.

Charity work with children would be a fantastic avenue for you to explore as well. Help them dream their best dreams. Teach them that it’s absolutely alright to reach for the stars!

12. Health And The Fool Tarot Card

What does the Fool Card mean in terms of your health? Ironically, this card is associated with your health. If it’s upright, then the Fool Card would mean that things are quite well with you.

If you get the Fool Card reversed, then you are having some medical or mental issues that need some attention so you may want to go to a physician and get a checkup.

Of course, if you already have issues that you know about then it’s time to get it taken care of by the right medicines or medical advice. Don’t put it off!

The biggest thing to know is that the Fool Card meaning when it comes to health is that you need to be true to yourself. Trust your intuition when it comes to your emotions.

It’s time to practice self-love so that you don’t need to rely on anyone else to love you. When you can do that, you attract the right person into your life.

Your mental and emotional health is very important, says the Fool Card. If you get the card reversed, then you may need to seek counseling or some kind of medication that will help lift your mental or emotional health.

It will help you to be strong and make the right decisions for yourself. Be inspired or find a solution that will help you to do this. You’re not without options.

Say “Yes!” to mental and emotional help! You cannot lose for trying. It will help you to improve other areas of your life when you feel good.

Of course, holistic options may help you as well. Reiki, yoga, or meditation will get you in a better position in your mind. It will help you breathe, stretch, and cleanse.

13. Astrology And The Fool Tarot Card

As you may have noticed, the Fool Tarot Card has a “0” at the top. It doesn’t mean it’s unimportant. It means that it’s more of a personal type of card. Originally, it was a playing card that eventually turned into a divinatory card.

When you’re doing a reading for yourself or even pulling a card of the day, you’re getting a very positive card that wants you to stay open to what you’re reading.

Card of the day reminds you to stay optimistic for the day and to stay open to any offers that come your way.

The card is making you aware of the good crossing your path. It’s also asking you to see things differently.

No one sign is affiliated with the Fool Tarot Card, but the closest to it would be Scorpio. They’re willing to go with the flow but they’re also not afraid to take a risk if it will help them.

There is a planet that goes along with this Tarot Card. I bet you can guess it… the one that brings random news or activities? That’s right! Uranus!

This planet is a force that helps open up your options and brings you things out of the blue. If it’s upright, then it’s bringing you good news that will make you feel happy.

If it’s reversed, then it may be telling you a problem is coming your way or foreshadowing an unexpected bill. Even with that, you should try to stay optimistic no matter which direction it goes for you.

Yes, Uranus is the ruling planet for this card. Some people fear when they see this planet in retrograde or in action because they assume something out of left field is going to bring them trouble.

The truth is, it can bring really awesome things into your life, so don’t get wrapped up in the mentality that it’s a bad planet. It’s simply about luck, randomness, and change.

The Fool Card means that change is afoot. Change isn’t always bad. Change may be necessary for great growth!

14. The Fool Tarot Card In Numerology

I mentioned that the Fool Tarot Card is a “0” and that means that you have unlimited tries in your life. You aren’t held down. However many times it takes you, you can do it!

You have unlimited potential to create and manifest anything you want to. You simply have to think about what it is you want and then accept the opportunities that are presented to you.

This is an interesting card because there is not a “0” in life path numbers. That means that it isn’t typically found to be anyone’s birth card.

The “0” in Numerology means before the split road presents itself. It’s the beginning and creation. The Fool is like a clean slate for you to work with.

It’s a fortunate card for you that reminds you that you can manifest your own life and the direction it will go. The Fool doesn’t have a past and has lots of options for the future… That’s you!

Every single moment, the Fool has a new beginning possibility. This is essentially what it means for you if you pull the Fool.

15. When You Keep Pulling The Fool Card

Does this card fall out of the deck when you shuffle? Maybe you keep pulling it as your daily card or in a reading. What in the world does this mean?

This very much may be a sign that you’re in for some big changes and you need to be open-minded about it. Don’t resist, because now is the time for you to pick up and move forward.

It’s time to decide on something you’ve been putting off. Get off your butt and do something!

Another way to look at this is when it’s in reverse. It may be saying to you to slow down, think things through, do more research, learn more, and ultimately trust your gut over those who may be trying to persuade you.

A new relationship may be on the horizon. Perhaps you’re in a relationship, but pull the Fool card upright and find that your person proposes marriage.

The Fool is always a “heads up” if you think about it. You may be meeting someone brand new in the right place and right time soon. The Fool acts as a reminder for you.

A reminder is what happens when you keep repeatedly getting the Fool Card. It’s a huge message for you to prepare yourself. Get a new haircut, color, get a manicure and pedicure, and get some new chic clothes.

These things work for love or business, believe it or not. Your appearance will be involved in any change that is headed your way. Do and look your best so that when the time arrives, you’ll be ready.

Lastly, this card keeps coming up to remind you to trust your intuition and stay positive for what is coming. That way you’ll know what the right answer is.

16. Symbols For The Fool Tarot Card

Did you know that there are symbols for the Fool Tarot Card? Certainly, there are!

Since the Fool has infinite possibilities and beginnings, the first symbol you may think of it as the infinity symbol. Life goes on and on.

There is also the white rose in the card from the Rider-Waite deck. It stands for the freedom and desires of the person in question, whether it’s you or someone else.

In the other hand, he has some stuff in a bag on a stick as a vagabond or traveler would have back in the old days. This represents wisdom and the opportunities to learn so much more.

The dog in the picture is his support system that backs the decisions he makes. The little dog loves him no matter what he chooses to do. This is true of you or anyone else that has this personality.

You may find that whatever you decide to do, the Universe is supporting you all the way!

If you’re looking for the Fool tattoo, you can do the whole picture or you can go with the symbolism of a white dog, white rose, or an infinity sign with a white rose.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to artistic creation. Think of what you want to symbolize the most and have your tattoo artist design it for you.

17. The Fool Card Answer “Yes” Or “No”

I mentioned earlier that upright, the Fool Card means a big “YES!” It’s the highest yes you can receive when you’re asking a question.

There is no mistaking it. Whatever question you ask that needs a yes or no answer to, the Fool upright means an absolute yes.

If the card is reversed, then the answer is more of a “no” or “not yet.” Again, it means you need to take your time and really look things over before you do anything else.

You may be being reckless or not seeing what is actually happening. This card is telling you to stop when it’s in reverse. There are things that you need to seek wisdom for.

When it’s a yes, then go for it! Being careless can be a tricky thing. It can either mean that you have happy times ahead not letting anything get to you.

You need to know that if you get the reversal then carefree isn’t a good thing. It means you need to re-examine your life. Don’t make irrational decisions. Get out of your rut.

If you are still unclear about what you’re looking at, then refer to my guide here for more help. You might try a layout of cards instead of just pulling one.

Sometimes pulling a couple more cards will help to give you more to the story. Be adventurous and pull as many cards as you feel compelled to. Your intuition and spirit guides are great at telling you how many cards you should pull.

Just keep reading the definitions in your booklet and you’ll find out exactly what role the Fool plays in the cards you flipped.

18. The Fool Tarot Card In Position

The Fool Tarot Card In Positions

It’s important to know how to read the Fool Card when it’s presented in a reading. Where is it and what additional meaning is there?

That being said… Let’s take a look at a three-card reading and what the Fool card may mean depending on its position.

The Fool in Past Position:

In upright, the Fool Card means you’ve taken risks that have paid off. You have had success and still have more on the horizon if you keep up the optimism you’re carrying. Opportunities have presented themselves.

The Fool in Present Position:

You are entering a new period in your life. You’re getting offers and openings for a positive life change. Thinking the risks over will help you determine if you should go for it at this time. Weigh your options and you’ll do what is right for you.

The Fool in Future Position:

You may need to find some new ways to create success for yourself. Something must change so that you can take a new direction. Try new methods with your creativity. Work at manifesting so that you can bring a new path to your door.

If you consider these positions plus all the information I’ve shared with you, you’ll be able to pinpoint what you need and how to go about getting it. You’ll know everything you need to.

19. The Lessons The Fool Wants To Teach You

Lessons The Fool Wants To Teach You

Yep, that’s right! The Fool Tarot Card has some things it would like you to learn. It’s time you wake up and notice the good you can bring into your life.

Check out the things that the Fool Card wants to teach you:

  • Everyone is a fool. We are newborns in this life and need to pay attention to signs, learn all we can, and trust our own inner intuition to help us make the right choices.
  • Procrastination does not help you. Putting things off with no good reason will only drag things out. Get up and do something. Taking a risk may bring rewards.
  • It’s time to look at things from a new perspective. This card helps you to learn that there is more than one way to get to your dreams and success.
  • Sometimes you need to let go and be free. Enjoy your life. Play just as hard as you work. When the work time comes, put your worker’s cap on. Balance is important.
  • There are times where you need to quit focusing on your past and just be in the present. When you’re in the present, you create new opportunities for your future.
  • You should take a chance when it feels right! Do not let fear rule or control the outcome you want to have. You may open the right door for a lucrative possibility.
  • Give yourself a chance. Don’t listen to what others think of you. It’s your path and your decisions to make. Each day is a new day to create change.
  • Don’t take your life for granted. Appreciate the Universe and yourself. Give thanks every single day to keep manifesting forward.

20. Spirituality And The Fool Card

The fool card itself is a very spiritual one. It represents digging deep and getting in touch with your inner self. It’s about becoming one with yourself and finding the right alignment.

You are ultimately the one that paves your life and destiny. No one else is going to do that for you. You have to rely on yourself and your inner ability to manifest.

This card is who you are or who you need to be. It’s the depth of you represented by someone willing to have courage and take risks when the rewards are obviously abundant.

It’s a reminder for you to keep your sense of hope and optimism. If you haven’t yet learned this, then the Universe is bringing it to your attention so that you can change your fate.

What you may not know is that it’s up to you to pave your destiny. It’s not prewritten and Astrology has shown that you have options. You’re not limited to one type of life.

When you become still and focus on the present, you can easily build your future. Have you ever played with Legos? It’s a basket of blocks you can build anything you want with.

You can build a fort to close yourself up in or you can build a huge mansion where you and your love can live. You can even put children in there.

The point is, the possibilities are endless, and accepting your inner “Fool” will help you get the best outcome that you could ever dream of.

Try doing things that help you work at your manifesting abilities. Take classes, do meditations, get yourself a session or reiki healing, and find time daily to practice the art of “sight.”

What that means is creating a dream board in your mind of what you want in your life. No desire is too big. Don’t let anyone tell you that your dreams are ridiculous or unobtainable.

Those people are jealous or just negative. You do not need that in your life. Believe in yourself, believe in your path, and believe in your future. Believe in the Universe and all you can have.

I hope this guide helps you to do what is within your reach and find your best life ever!

I wish you all the luck of the Universe!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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