The Temperance Tarot Card – Your Complete Guide

The Temperance Tarot card seems kind of complicated to understand. You look at the picture and you see someone with wings pouring from one cup to the other. They’re trying to create the perfect balance in each cup.

Why is this person doing that? What does it mean? Is there more to it than just balance? Yes, there is! I am going to help you really comprehend what the Temperance Tarot card means.

Keep reading so you can learn everything there is to know about this mystical card so that you can do effective readings!

The Brief History Of The Temperance Tarot Card

The history of the Major Arcana in the Tarot card deck is very interesting. The Temperance card is considered to be a Major Arcana card that represents balance or the need for it.

Back in the 14th century, people from Italy decided to expand card games by making a new deck that would have its own fun. There are similarities with regular playing cards, of course.

Major Arcana was considered to be the trump cards in this new game. The Minor Arcana was mirrored with regular playing cards. Diamonds became Pentacles, Hearts became Cups, Clubs became Wands, and Spades changed to Swords.

The cards were created with artwork of various artists. Many decks were then created after the first. It became a very popular game. In fact, many still play the “Tarot Game” today.

In the 18th century, spirituality started to grow as did the curiosity of finding new ways to reach out to the dead or read the future. The spiritual movement roped in the Tarot as a new divinatory tool called Cartomancy.

With Cartomancy the ability to read into the art on the cards and make it mean various things that people could easily understand and interpret.

In 1901, the Rider Waite deck was created and became one of the most used Tarot decks of all. It was easy to interpret and read with very simple pictures printed on each card.

The Temperance Tarot card is depicted (in the Rider Waite deck) as an Angel pouring from one cup into another to make them more balanced and even. This is why it’s known for its balancing definition.

1. The Basic Definition Of The Temperance Tarot Card

The Temperance Tarot

The definition of the Temperance Tarot card means creating and maintaining a sense of balance in one’s life. You need to make sure you put energy and effort into all facets of your life.

If you work hard, then you definitely need to find playtime so that you aren’t putting all your energy into work. When you’re unbalanced, you can become ill and have other issues in your life.

Pace yourself, plan and organize so that your life has harmony and flow. This helps you to work at manifesting your dreams into reality. If you work too hard, you can become stressed or overwhelmed.

If you play too hard without lots of work, then you become too relaxed without any stability. This can lead you to be poor or unfortunate.

Everything in your life needs good balance. Take care of your health, give your time and attention to those you love or like, and be sure you’re taking time out when you’re striving for success with work.

Patience is something you probably need to learn when you have this card. It can be telling you that in a certain situation, you need to stay calm and wait. It may also be communicating that you need to be patient with yourself.

Take your life in moderation. If you can do this in every area of your life, then you’re likely to find deep fulfillment.

2. The Temperance Tarot Card Definition (Reversed)

The reversed Temperance Tarot card means that you’re not practicing balance in your life, so everything feels or looks “off-kilter.” Examine what is going on with yourself and see where there isn’t enough balance.

If you are going overboard in some area of your life, then other areas are suffering, causing you to be sick, broke, or lonely. It’s very important to understand your situation.

Once you figure it out, then you can turn this situation around so that all areas of your life are more even and flowing like a fresh waterfall.

If it’s that you’re being impatient in a situation, then you’re likely to cause some sort of failure. Don’t do that to yourself. Take a step back and realize that all that is good only comes when it’s the right time.

It may not line up exactly with the time you want, but it will come. Try focusing on something else while you wait. It will be alright. You are rewarded when you allow it to happen at the right time.

Of course, getting this card can be warning you of the onset of illness, so please be careful. If you know you’re ill, then it’s sort of a flag of “hey go to the doctor!” or make healthy changes in your life.

3. Love And The Temperance Tarot Card (Upright)

When it comes to your love life, The Temperance Tarot card means that if you’re in a partnership, you need to be loving, patient, and kind. It’s a reminder of what you need to put into the relationship.

If you are single, then the Temperance Tarot card is telling you not to give up, your goodwill still comes if you are balancing your life well and giving out as much love to others as you want to come back to you.

It’s a vibration that you’re sending out when you do kind things for other people. They can be people you know or strangers. It’s the act of nurturing and caring.

It may not come back to you tomorrow but it will definitely come back to you when the timing is right with the Universe. Be patient and always have faith in yourself as well as the Universe.

Now, don’t forget that when you do get a partner, they may not be exactly what you imagined. They will have their own quirks so you need to be really patient with them.

You’re not perfect and neither are they. That may end up making a perfectly imperfect match for a lifetime. Love should always be open and unconditional.

Open your heart to love and be sure that you’re balancing all areas of your life, not just relationships. You’ve got to get that momentum going so that everything flows the way you need it to.

4. Love And The Temperance Tarot Card (Reversed)

The Temperance Tarot Card Reversed

The reversed Temperance Tarot card definition is about not being able to pace oneself out or be patient when it’s needed when it comes to relationships.

Are you in a hurry to get that commitment? Why? What is your hurry? If the person you’re trying to get the commitment from isn’t going to give up on you if they truly care for you.

Trying to push for something is really limiting. You need to find balance and enjoy the process of the relationship that is building. When it’s the right time, you’ll get what you want.

Having an all-or-nothing attitude will definitely put pressure on your potential partner or the person you’re talking to. Not everyone wants to dive in immediately and make a lifelong commitment.

Impatience brings you heartache. Temperance in reverse is a reminder that you need to bring balance in your life and be more understanding to the process of really getting to know someone.

Love happens when both people are on the same page, which takes time. You don’t want to dive in and have a failure later on because you rushed in.

Remember that you are only in control of yourself. You cannot control someone else. Threatening them with an ultimatum to be with you or bust is the wrong approach and will cause you much disappointment.

5. Finances, Job, And Career With The Temperance Card (Upright)

The Temperance card means slow and steady progress that is necessary for success. That means you are taking your time and doing what you need to so that everything falls in line.

You want to make money; you have to do the work and you have to manifest it, which isn’t an overnight thing. This upright meaning is telling you to know that your reward is coming from your due diligence.

You’re headed in the right direction and everything is starting to really balance and flow for you. You’re doing a great job at making sure that every area of your life is in tune with the universal energy flow.

The upright Temperance is letting you know things are going well and as they should, so don’t worry about it. Good things are in the pipe for you. Know that you are supported by the Universe.

The upright position of this card is very positive for your reading. If anything, it says that you’re doing exactly what you should be doing or you soon will be, so keep up the good work!

It is also a reminder to stick with your course and stay patient. You’re doing a fantastic job. Don’t give up now!

6. Finances, Job, And Career With The Temperance Tarot Card (Reversed)

The reversal of the Temperance Tarot card means that things are out of balance for you at work or with your finances. Whatever you’re doing, it’s not leading you down the right path.

If you’re trying to rush through your job or projects just to get a paycheck, then this may be why you aren’t getting a raise or a new position in the company. Think about it.

You might be tired or bored but if you start getting to a point where you don’t want to perform, then you’ll never move ahead and certainly will not get more money.

When things feel as though they are failing, look at your attitude and work behavior. Maybe it’s time to look for something different where you can feel like you’re thriving again.

You can also try doing side hustles to make up for what you’re not making. Try creating your own business but do something so that you’re not being lazy and losing your drive.

Something else you need to worry about when you get the reversed Temperance Tarot card is accepting short-term happiness that thwarts or puts off your longer-term happiness.

The trade-off isn’t always worth it. Keep your goals in mind and start really working towards them. Motivate yourself or move on so you can be doing something you truly love.

7. The Temperance Tarot Card As A Person (Upright)

The Temperance Tarot card person is well-balanced. They know exactly how much effort and time they need to put into each area of their lives. They have everything going for them.

They have excellent karma because they know exactly how the give and take system works. Their success is amazing. If you pull this card, then you may notice things are falling perfectly into place for you.

The Temperance card person knows that if they do the right things and have patience, they will have some pretty fantastic things happen in their life. They probably have an excellent routine that works well for them.

They likely have wonderful patience. This person gets the love that they give out, they have lots of friends, a great job, and make excellent money.

When you see someone who is succeeding in their life, they are likely the Temperance Tarot card.

8. The Temperance Tarot Card As A Person (Reversed)

The reversed Temperance Tarot card person is impatient and doesn’t put effort where they should be. They may be working hard but not relaxing so they have health issues that cause them to lose the ability to have fun.

This person may not have love in their lives because they aren’t willing to wait for the right person. Maybe they’re with someone but want more, though their mate isn’t ready.

They push, then the partner just breaks it off. They might have gotten married faster than they should have then things failed badly, thus, leading them to divorce.

The person started to slack off at work or got too comfortable so they are never asked to be in a new position nor do they get bonuses. They’re bored and unsatisfied.

They wish but they do nothing to further themselves. They are unbalanced. This card could be a warning that you will become this person unless you start doing the right thing.

9. Advice From The Temperance Tarot Card In A Reading

Now that we’ve gotten some meaning out of the Temperance Tarot card, we explore what advice this card has to provide. Yes, it has key advice just as every card in the Tarot deck does.

The Temperance card wants you to find more balance in your life. Don’t make one area of your life more important than another. Dedicate a bit of your energy in every area.

When you are balanced, doors open for you in money, career, and even love. Your health is steady or has improved, allowing you to finally feel totally at one with yourself.

When you’re unbalanced, you find that your life may have crisis after crisis. Your luck doesn’t seem good and what you do just isn’t fulfilling. Your heart isn’t fully open or receiving love.

Try to find time each day to give a little energy to each area of your life. If you work overtime, then make sure when you can, you find overtime to relax or play. I hope you get what I’m saying to you.

It’s really important you heed the Temperance card’s advice so that you’re able to get all you can out of being here in the present and growing into a better self in the future.

10. The Temperance Tarot Card As Feelings

The Temperance Tarot card meaning when it comes to feelings is pretty clear. It means that you’re likely feeling very well-balanced and achieved in your life.

If you see the card upside down, however, you’re feeling as though things aren’t right.

In the event that you are asking about someone’s feelings for you in a love reading, the upright Temperance card would mean that they are feeling pretty good about you and are ready to explore.

Of course, if you get the card in reverse, then the person isn’t feeling that things are very well balanced between you two. They may not like impatience from you, or it may be that you don’t like their impatience.

Either way, the Temperance card indicates that someone is feeling as though all is well with the situation or person.

The reversal of the Temperance Tarot card meaning is feeling unsure, impatient, and unable to make heads or tails of a situation or person.

If you do get the reversed Temperance card, it may be a warning that you need to make some changes before you go forward with an idea or relationship.

11. The Temperance Tarot Card Meaning Regarding Children

If you are looking to have children, then the Temperance Tarot card means that you are in a good place or soon will be, which also says it’s a good time for you to go ahead and do it.

It may be saying your health is optimal; you’re calm, balanced, and very patient with what’s to come. That’s the perfect headspace for trying to have a baby.

Of course, getting the reversed Temperance card means you may need to do a bit of work, get your health together, and make sure your finances are in order before you have a baby.

For existing children, the upright Temperance card means they are doing very well with their lives or soon will be. They’re accomplished, happy, and well-rounded kids.

Reversal of the card will mean that something is off-kilter with your child and you should probably have their physical and mental health checked.

If it’s something caused by things being unbalanced in the home and in school, then naturally this would be the culprit in any mishaps your children may have. If the card is in the future, then it’s time to get things in order now.

12. Health And The Temperance Tarot Card

When it comes to health, the Temperance Tarot card means that all is well. Healing is happening and you’re being patient with the process. It may mean you are in pretty darned good health.

That doesn’t mean you should become careless. It means that you should keep up what you are doing as it’s working well to keep you healthy. Be patient with yourself and eat a balanced diet.

The reversed Temperance card means that something may not be right with your health and you should definitely get yourself looked at. If you know you have emotional issues, you should get therapy.

There is always help out there to get you balanced but you need to focus to make it happen. When you’re balanced, your health will be amazing. Even if something comes up, you will be able to heal.

Having patience with everything in your life will definitely make your body calmer and more relaxed. This facilitates excellent health and well-being. Don’t neglect yourself!

13. The Temperance Tarot Card Answer As “Yes” Or “No”

When the Temperance Tarot card is upright, then rest assured that it’s a full-on yes to your question. It’s a very positive card when it’s upright. It assures you there are possibilities.

Things should go well with whatever you happen to be asking about. This is the case with all positive Tarot cards when upright. Reversed varies based on each card, however.

When the Temperance Tarot card is reversed, it definitely means no or that it’s simply something that requires more work or effort in order for it to be more positive.

No doesn’t always have to stay a no. The Temperance card gives you the hope that if you make some changes, then you still have an opportunity to turn it around. If you pulled it with other cards, take a look at those.

The surrounding cards will give you a better idea if the no is changeable or not. Positive cards would mean it is, and negative would mean that it’s likely a firm no.

14. The Temperance Tarot Card In Position

The Temperance Tarot Card In Position

I just mentioned surrounding cards when you come across the Temperance card in a reading. The card in question has to be viewed by where it is in your Tarot spread.

That being said, I want to give you an example of what it may be like with the Temperance card. I want to use the three-card Tarot spread, as it’s the easiest to do and perfect for beginners.

If you haven’t done this yet, you should give it a try. Look at each card in each position and piece together the story. This is how you read cards. Check out how it’s done here:

The Temperance Card in Past Position:

In the past position, the Temperance card means that you were doing the right things and were well-balanced in all that you do. Everything was going very well and things were looking up.

You were healthy and open to love. You were patient and hung in there for whatever you knew was coming your way.

The reversed Temperance card in this position would mean that you weren’t balanced, you were impatient, and you were not putting in effort in all areas of your life.

The Temperance Card in Present Position:

With the Temperance card in the present, you’re doing very well. You’re waiting for what you know is worth the wait. You’re present, clear, and you’re giving it your all.

You know that you have to maintain balance in your life, as it helps you manifest what you want into your future if it’s not already happening right now.

When the card is reversed, it means you’re out of whack with your life. You’re doing too much of one thing and not focusing on another. You have to pay attention to all areas of your life or you will stunt your personal growth.

The Temperance Card in Future Position:

The Temperance card coming up for the future means that you’re about to make changes in your life so that you’re happy with all areas in it. You’re about to have hope, energy, and action!

Your health will be better than it has been. You may recover fully from an injury or illness. Your love life will be amazing and your money flow will be incredible.

Reversed, the Temperance card is saying that if you aren’t doing the work and are being impatient, the near future is going to bring you unhappiness. Things will feel as though they’re falling through. You can change this though.

I hope this helps give you some direction on how the Temperance card would work when it’s in different positions. Again, look and study the cards around it as well so you get a fuller scope of what is happening.

15. The Lessons The Temperance Card Wants To Teach You

The Temperance Card Guide

I mentioned advice earlier in the guide but now I want to give you some pointed lessons so that you get more of a feel for how the Temperance card wants to help you grow and feel fulfilled in your life.

Check out the points now so you don’t miss anything:

  • All the best things in life take time. Don’t try to rush it.
  • Meditate and give healing to all areas of your life.
  • Learn to focus and ground yourself so you don’t get carried away.
  • Don’t ever try to hurry love. Great lifelong love has to be grown over time.
  • Work hard, play hard, love hard, and enjoy every minute of it.
  • Eat and exercise with balance. Don’t overdo it. Realize that relaxation is just as important as being active.
  • Starting a new job will take time to adjust and make the money you want. Success isn’t an overnight process.
  • The Universe helps you to manifest when you are balanced and accepting of the process that it will take.
  • The more you work at balancing everything in your life, the more you’ll actually enjoy your life. Want to be happy? Balance yourself!

These are all pretty on-target lessons. If you follow them, you’ll get whatever it is in your life and be happy with what you do have. What an amazing revelation!

16. Astrology And The Temperance Tarot Card

How does Astrology tie into the Temperance Tarot card? Well, it just so happens that the card is associated with the Zodiac sign Sagittarius. It’s true! The archer is Temperance.

If you ever get to know a Sagittarius really well, you’ll find that they do an excellent job at balancing their lives. They do have to learn patience but for them, it comes with experience and age.

The older the Sagittarius gets, the more knowledge they acquire, which helps them to be a very patient person. Some tell them they have the patience of a saint. They’re not wrong!

Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is very lucky as is Sagittarius! They always seem to get what they need at the right time. They’re masters at manifestation as well.

It’s much easier to manifest when you’re taking care of all facets of your life. A bit of time for each and boom! They get what they want or need. They are patient once they put in their manifestation request.

They know it takes time for the Universe to do its thing. They also know it won’t be in the way they expect. They embrace this.

If you are not a Sagittarius but pull this card, it may just be telling you this is how you need to be if you’re trying to make something happen for yourself.

17. The Temperance Tarot Card In Numerology

The Temperance Tarot card is the Roman numeral XIV which translates to 19. The number 19 gives you a deeper understanding of what it takes for the Universe to bring you what you manifest.

It teaches you that good things take time but as long as you are patient, it will happen. When you relax and let the Universe do its thing, you feel more at peace and you understand the meaning behind your life.

Now, you can also reduce the number 19 to get more definitions. This would be adding 1+9 which equals 10 and now reducing it further with 1+0 which is 1. The number one is a leadership number.

The most patient people in the world often end up being number one. They are amazing leaders, people love to follow them, and people listen to what they have to say.

The number one is influential indeed. Now if you happen to be a Number One Life Path Number, then you yourself are meant to be a leader. You’re here to help inspire people to be their best. This is your purpose!

How fascinating is this? It all ties into the Temperance Tarot card. I bet you didn’t know there was so much to know. Guess what though… you do now!

18. When You Keep Pulling The Temperance Tarot Card

Yes, it does mean something when you keep pulling the same Tarot card over and over again. With the upright Temperance card, it’s telling you there is something in the works so relax, continue your efforts, and wait for it.

If you’re feeling impatient, this card is reminding you that you need to stay steady and not try to push or rush anything. What you want is well underway and isn’t going to unfold the way you thought.

It will be amazing and you’ll love what happens. Have faith in the process and have faith in yourself to be patient.

Now, if the card keeps popping up and it’s in reverse, then it’s telling you that whatever it is you’re trying to do requires more effort on your part. Look at what you’re lacking in your life and try to fix it.

Whether that means your health, relationships, love, money, job, career, or living space; you’ve got to be sure you’re putting in effort everywhere, not just in one or two areas.

It can be a warning that if you do not work at healing all areas of your life, you will be disappointed and what you’re after will not come or will be VERY late. It’s an opportunity for growth.

19. Symbols For The Temperance Tarot Card

Each deck will be different picture-wise but overall, there is a picture that indicates balance and flow. In the Rider Waite deck, it’s showing an Angel pouring water from one cup into another.

This Angel is trying to make sure both cups have the same amount or are very close to. There are flowers and grass growing, there is plenty of Sun, there is a clear path ahead, and the light on her forehead indicates her Third Eye, open and wide.

There is water flowing as you can see the water rippling. That means that life around this Angel is teeming. This is what you can have when you achieve balance and patience.

Now, if you were thinking of getting a Temperance Tarot card tattoo, you could go with the Rider Waite pic OR you could focus on some other type of symbolism that would include the number 19 (XIV) and perhaps Scales or Cups.

Do something that shows that the scales are perfectly balanced or the cups are equally full. See how the combination just works? I bet you can talk to a tattoo artist who will know exactly what would be awesome for you! Have fun with it.

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20. Spirituality And The Temperance Tarot Card

As you can imagine, the spirituality of this card is quite powerful. Nothing ever comes to you the way you think. Everything has its own unique flow, as do other people.

I know sometimes it’s a hard thing to think of when someone tells you to be patient or wait. As human beings, we have a hard time waiting. We always want it right now.

The truth is that anything in life is worth any amount of time you have to endure. It may not seem like it at the time but when it does happen, you’re elated.

Here’s a great example… You go to an awesome breakfast place. You order some eggs over medium and other menu items to go with it. Some of the things you ordered take time.

They don’t bring your meal out to you quickly because of those items. You start getting upset that it’s taking so long and tell them about it. Then they pull it before it’s done.

Now your eggs are not cooked right and the other items that take time aren’t done either. You want to complain to them. Whose fault was it? The impatient customer or the people trying to make your order right when you rushed them?

See how that works? The same goes for love. You want someone you just met to marry you quickly. The person isn’t even sure about you yet because you don’t really know one another.

You put pressure on them for a commitment or marriage. Either they do it to appease you but, then later break it off, or they break it off before it even starts.

Impatience will screw you over every time. The Temperance card teaches you that if you put your request into the Universe, you go about doing your best in life while waiting it out patiently.

This is a HUGE spiritual lesson that is hard for many people to learn. Once you put it into action though, you’ll see how quickly things start to manifest for you and it also turns out perfect.

You have the perfect job, the perfect mate for you, and make plenty of money living in a gorgeous place that makes you feel fulfilled.

Take these lessons to heart as they can make a massive difference for you in life!

As always, I wish you all the very best the Universe can bring you.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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