Venus Star Point 2022 – What Does It Mean For Your Zodiac Sign

Hello darlings, it’s me, Anna! Welcome to a very special article that I’ve been excited to share with you for a while. Ever heard of Venus Star Point? Do you know we’ll have two Venus Star Points in 2022?

I’ve got something here that might just make you feel more excited about the year to come… Sun aligns with Venus, and this magic celestial event will inspire positive growth.

But you might be asking, Anna, what are you talking about? Well, I have been researching this unique alignment known as the Venus Star Point for a while now.

With a name like that, whose interest wouldn’t be piqued? When I heard it, I knew that I had to bury my nose in some books to find out what this is all about.

It turns out, this configuration has a largely beneficial effect on EVERYONE. I can scarcely imagine a situation where this energy is unwelcome.

I’m prepared to get into all of the nitty-gritty details of this positive alignment, so without further ado, let’s get to it.

Venus Star Points Dates in 2022:

Venus Star Point in Capricorn – January 8th, 2022
Venus Star Point in Libra and Scorpio – October 22nd, 2022

What Is A Venus Star Point? – Venus Star Point Meaning

If you were like I was when I first heard about Venus Star Points, you’re wondering what the heck it even is and why you should care about it.

If this is you, you’re asking the right questions.

I’m talking about a configuration that usually only happens once per year, that actually is happening twice this year. This means double the chances to seize the positive energy this year!

The Venus Star Point is occurring on January 8th, 2022 in the sign of Capricorn and on October 22nd in both the signs of Libra and Scorpio. 

Obviously, the Venus Star Points involve Venus. She’s the planet of beauty, sensuality, pleasure, and delight. You definitely want to invite people under her rule to all of your parties.

When Venus aligns with the Sun in the sky, we get a Venus Star Point. The Sun represents creativity, health, vitality, and how we integrate energy from around us into our lives.

The Sun is commonly known as the single most important planetary body in Astrology. As a result, the Sun tends to accentuate the effect and meaning of every planet and body that it touches.

When the Sun meets Venus in the sky, you’re seeing both planets empower one another. Venus’ themes are blown up and new importance is placed on her.

Your core energy is more concerned with relationships and how you affect and are affected by others. Venus’ influence makes you generally more compassionate during this period.

Keep in mind, your spending habits are currently illuminated. It’s more obvious to you and others what you’re spending your money on.

Some signs could see a shift in notoriety, creating a period where suddenly their name is on the lips of everyone else, likely in a positive way.

This is a positive day to tackle any relationship issues, for most signs. You are seeing any potential relationship problems with ease while also being gifted with the couth to navigate them with kindness and consideration.

Constructive criticism about your relationship can be taken without hurt feelings and a high motivation to do better.

Since Venus can make us a little ‘lax’ when it comes to responsibility, you could find yourself slacking on some of the practical Earthly needs, like cleaning your house, going to work, or maintaining a smooth direction of your choosing.

The Venus Star Point is also an excellent time for conception in many cases. The length of time between two Venus Star Points is 9.5 months. This is within a week of the normal length of a pregnancy. Any child conceived on a Venus Star Point is likely going to find themselves to be blessed in life in general.

Since Venus and the Sun are associated with creativity while being a nice mix of masculine and feminine, you could find yourself being called fertile myrtle if you’re not careful.

The Venus Star Point is heavily associated with the Divine Feminine. If you map out every meeting of the Sun and Venus, you’ll find that their overlapping paths form a five-petaled flower, symbolic of the feminine energy of Venus.

You could find yourself coming to an understanding about your femininity and womanhood during this time. Venus being in the spotlight means that your identity as a woman is also in the spotlight. Events and activities that are determined by gender could become a theme.

So, with all of this information on the magical Venus Star Point, what does it mean for you personally? I know I’m dying to let you know how the two Venus Star Points in 2022 are going to affect you, so find your Sun sign below to learn about what the Venus Star Point is blessing you with.

How is Venus Star Point Going To Affect Your Sun Sign?


Aries, the Venus Star Points are affecting you drastically, especially the second one. As Venus and the Sun meet within your house of legacy at the beginning of the year (January 8th), expect a moment where all eyes are on you. Staying lowkey is difficult during this time since you’re temporarily more exposed.

This Venus Star Point also points to opportunities for advancing your legacy and career. Asking for promotion during this time is likely to bear fruit. Romance with someone older than you or with more authority could be a possibility.

As the Venus Star Point in Libra/Scorpio rolls around on October 22nd, you’re in luck. As your sister sign, Libra rules who you partner with. This is the final Venus Star Point in Libra as it transitions to station in Scorpio for another eight years.

Aries, use this period to get married, sign contracts, and spend time with those who mean a lot to you. This Star Point is all about comradery.

As the Venus Star Point enters Scorpio, you’re seeing pleasure come more from sex than ever. Try to arrange a little rendezvous with your dream guy.


Taurus, the Venus Star Point in Capricorn is arriving in your house of optimism, travel, and mind-opening experiences. A fateful meeting could occur on this day if you’re in college, studying religion, or traveling. This day will bless you if you stretch your legs, take the map off the wall, and go exploring.

This Venus Star Point could have you finding romance with someone who is educated, religious, or into the metaphysical (maybe a fellow who actually believes in Astrology?).

As the Venus Star Point in Libra/Scorpio rolls around on October 22nd, you’re beginning a new partnership cycle. As Scorpio rules your one-on-one relationships, this alignment is bringing in the energy of collaboration.

Taurus, this is a great day for marriage, but it’s more likely you’ll feel like beginning a new relationship during this period. Perhaps the chance meeting from January is finally progressing into something worthwhile!

Partnering up during this Star Point is easy, but you may want to hold off on marriage until next year at least, just because this is more of a ‘new love’ energy.


Gemini, with the Venus Star Point on January 8th landing within your house of secrets, sex, and unresolved issues, you’re far more likely to be penetrating, deep, and interested in the darkness within others. This Venus Star Point could have you feeling like a relationship scientist, testing and improving your technique.

Gemini, with the Venus Star Point in Capricorn, you can expect deep connections. This connection that you’re finding with another could have you thinking about going all the way with them since they’re understanding the emotions that you haven’t shared with many others.

As the second Venus Star Point on October 22nd rolls around, we see an opportunity for a romantic connection. This is the last Venus Star Point in Libra, the sign that rules your house of romance and creativity.

This Venus Star Point welcomes in a love that seems to wrap up a cycle. Perhaps you’ve been with someone for a long time and decided to get married now, for example. This ends the dating cycle and begins the married one.


Cancer, with the Venus Star Point on January 8th, 2022,  you’re facing incredible romantic luck. This is because the Sun and Venus are aligning within the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn rules your house of partnerships, meaning that his alignment is ideal for marriage or otherwise making your relationship ‘official.’

Cancer, with this alignment upcoming on January 8th, it isn’t likely that you can whip out a wedding at this time. Instead, try talking about and planning a wedding or other joining ceremony.

As Venus and the Sun meet in the sign of Libra, your house of family is activated. Home is feeling like a peaceful and quiet spot that warms your heart. As a Cancer, this is usually the case, but you might find yourself appreciating it all a little more now.

As Venus and the Sun move into the first degrees of Scorpio together, notice that your taste for romance turns up. You might suddenly become silly and flirty with your loved ones, making them love you evermore.


With the first Venus Star Point of the year in the sign of Capricorn, this activates your house of work and labor as well as habits and routines. You’re seeing a distinct uptick in your enjoyment of things that you might otherwise see as a total drag. Chores and going to work is fun for now.

With this transit activating your house of labor, you may become a little lax and ‘fall off the wagon’ in a healthy sense. Keeping your priorities straight will assist you in making the best choices.

Leo, with the next Venus Star Point on October 22nd in your house of communication to start, your words are charming to the max. Talking and making new connections is currently a source of joy for you. You may be inspired to write, post, or speak more beautifully.

As this alignment moves into your house of home and family, your house is now becoming the best retreat for you. Peace and relaxation or alternatively riotous fun could be going down in your nest.


Virgo, as the first Venus Star Point goes down in your house of romance, it’s easy to see why this is one of the most positive configurations. As Venus and the Sun meet within your house of romance on January 8th, you’re seeing a prime opportunity for marriage and otherwise bonding yourself to another.

With this alignment, you must watch out for pregnancy. If you’re trying to get pregnant, then this is certainly the period to try for a baby. If you’re not interested in getting pregnant, then it’s important to take the right precautions.

Virgo, the second Venus Star Point is in your house of resources, which allows you to bring in new objects or to gain a brighter understanding of your finances. As Virgo moves into Scorpio, your words and thought processes as well as your interpretation of events are coated in honey.

As this alignment in your house of communication goes down, your best bet for romance is getting out there and talking to people. Sending texts and messages are highly beneficial since you’re writing them in a loving and kind way during this time.


Libra, you’re in luck this year, since one Venus Star Point is within your own sign partly. The first one, however, is in Capricorn, and thus your house of family and home. This means that home and family are largely peaceful. Being at home makes you feel most joyful at this time. A great time to bring a guy to meet his parents for the first time or to meet his.

Libra, in this house you could better understand your past and your childhood. Light is being shed on past events while Venus allows you to find joy in your interpretation of it.

The second Venus Star Point in your sign makes you embody the concept of love and compassion. You are seeing the world through an overall more empathetic lens.

As this point moves into Scorpio, your finances are then being positively influenced. An influx of money or a gift could be in the works for you. Being more charitable is also likely.


Scorpio, you’re likely the most blessed sign in the Zodiac as far as Venus Star Points. This is because your sign is the subject of a new energy shift, meaning that for the next eight years you are seeing a new love cycle that manifests in your life.

Scorpio, as the Venus Star Point moves into your house of communication on January 8th, you’re seeing that your words are more persuasive than usual. You are speaking with more kindness than usual as well, drawing others to this new glowy outlook you’ve got going on.

As the Venus Star Point in Libra and into your own sign happens, you’re finding yourself bringing love and romance as well as general understanding and compassion to your life. Your general life outlook is sunnier – literally.

You could experience a chance meeting or find that your whole approach to love is softened as well as emphasized. Welcome all of the positive energy possible because this is your time in the light.


Sagittarius, the Venus Star Point in Capricorn lands in your house of finances and resources. This also affects your self-worth and what you value overall. You’re likely to find that your self-love is through the roof. You see yourself as a more valuable person at this time.

Sagittarius, you could expect an influx of money or gifts. Big purchases are a possibility because of the emphasis on new objects entering your life.

With the Venus Star Point in Libra initially, you’re going to find more satisfaction in the realm of friendships and bettering humanity overall.

The Venus Star Point moves into your house of isolation. This means that you’re going to find a lot of enjoyment in isolation. Meditation and prayer could be great comforts at this time. You’re being gifted with an ability to let go of that which you don’t need anymore with ease.


Capricorn, what a blessed day for you on January 8th, since the Venus Star Point is in your own sign of Capricorn. This is incredibly beneficial since it positively influences your general outlook on life.

With the Venus Star Point in your own sign, you are enjoying life in general. You’re the star of the show, although this may make you feel a little uncomfortable due to your natural introverted tendencies.

Capricorn, the Venus Star Point in Libra, and Scorpio initially put an emphasis on your legacy and reputation. You’re seeing an incredible emphasis on the way that you present yourself to the world. Staying authentic is a good way to capitalize on this transit.

With the Venus Star Point in Scorpio, it moves you to connect more strongly with your friends. You’re finding that you are receiving random gifts and blessings from the goodness of Venus.


Aquarius, with the Venus Star Point in your house of isolation on January 8th, meaning that you’re more comfortable by yourself than any other way. You’re seeing new solutions to old problems that you may have swept under the rug.

Aquarius, you’re also seeing that you and your partner decide to hole up together and shut out the rest of the world. But even with them, you might still be feeling a little lonely at this time.

Despite this, on October 22nd you’re seeing improvements as the next Venus Star Point occurs in your house of religion, travel, and ethics. You might find that love and romance are more easily found in people who are well-educated or spiritual people.

This period gives you a more open-minded and optimistic attitude in general. You might want to schedule a getaway for this time to take full advantage of it.


Pisces, the first Venus Star Point in Capricorn is in your house of friendship and charitable acts. This is totally up to your alley because of your natural kindness, enhanced by the presence of Venus.

In the eleventh house, you’re seeing an influx of friends. Community and social events are enough to put you over the Moon. You’re more hopeful about your future overall, so planning out future events will feel good.

Pisces, on October 22nd, you’re seeing a steamy and sexy period as the Venus Star Point in your house of sex and other people’s resources. It’s a harmonious time to set up joint bank accounts or to fully lay bare your authentic desires.

This is a period where you could gain financially from others. Perhaps someone pays back what they own you, for example.

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Venus Star Points – FAQs

What Is the Difference Between a Libra/Scorpio Venus Star Point and a Capricorn Venus Star Point?

With all of this new information on what a Venus Star Point is, what is the difference between the Venus Star Point in Libra/Scorpio and Capricorn?
Well, let’s consider these signs and what they mean under normal circumstances. Then we’ll add in the additional significance of the Sun and Venus together in these signs.

Capricorn is what is known as a Cardinal sign, meaning that it’s part of the quartet (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) representing initiation and action. Cardinal signs are usually full of energy and don’t hesitate in doing what needs to be done.

Capricorn is also an Earth sign, putting emphasis on one’s experience in the real world and in the 3D. Earth signs are practical and grounded folks who emanate a sensual attractiveness.

Capricorn as a Cardinal Earth sign indicates that they’re motivated, and savvy, and take action when securing their spot as a ‘great’ person in the world.

The Venus Star Point in Capricorn combines these qualities with the traits embodied by the Sun and Venus. Capricorn’s energy emphasizes the practicality of romance and how it can support one’s place in the world.

The Venus Star Point in Capricorn excels at lining the pocketbook since Venus is money and the Sun enhances the energy of what it touches.

Falling for someone who is in a hierarchical business structure is a possibility.

However, the Venus Star Point in Capricorn (being ruled by aloof Saturn) could bring a rather serious approach to love and romance, which can kill the mood if you’re not with someone who appreciates this energy.

The next two are unique in 2022 since they occur in tandem. The Venus Star Point begins in Libra and moves into Scorpio, which means that a mix of the following information can be expected.

Libra is another Cardinal sign, meaning that just like Capricorn, Libra’s default is to take action and to foster new beginnings.

Libra as an air sign means that they’re naturally seeking to connect on a mental plane with others and to foster enlightenment and cooperation between themselves and others, within themselves, or within society at large.

What also is interesting to consider is that Venus feels strong in Libra and the Sun feels weak in Libra. This means that Venus’ energy is even stronger here.
Libra’s emphasis on partnership and cooperation makes this an ideal transit for marriage and fostering potentially life-changing relationships.
This is the transit most exemplative of the romantic power of the Venus Star Point. Scorpio’s energy is a bit different here.
The Venus Star Point moving into Scorpio signifies a shift into ‘Fixed’ energy from ‘Cardinal’ energy. For the next 5 years, we will notice a sticky quality in the people that we draw to us.
As a Fixed sign, Scorpio is misunderstood. Many of my readers ask how the sign of transformation and rebirth could be Fixed when Fixed energy is so solid and unchanging
The reason Scorpio is Fixed is that they strive for regularity more than other signs. They keep the status quo for a very long time, until they’ve suppressed so much and hidden so much to keep things the same that they’re forced into a full-on, radical transformation.
Scorpio is also a Water sign, meaning that most of the ‘meat’ of Scorpio’s existence goes on under the surface. They are incredibly intense folks, but others may not be able to tell you how intense they are just from a few interactions.
The Venus Star Point shifting into Scorpio signals a shift towards regularity and predictability, but not without cost necessarily.
Couples that began during the last Cardinal cycle may now understand that in order to be together something must transform or transmute between them.
The couples who embrace Scorpio’s wild and unpredictably volcanic energy are the ones who will find smooth sailing. Have those deep talks, don’t dodge conflict, and let out those thoughts that you thought were too edgy to say out loud.

How Should I Use Venus Star Points to Improve My (Love) Life?

Now you’re asking the right questions, babe! The Venus Star Point is one of the most beneficial periods for your love life.

Under a Venus Star Point, the Universal ‘ego’ is infused with the energy of love and cooperation, and so it’s an ideal time to combine one’s own energy fluidly with the energy of others.

For most people, the Venus Star Point is a perfect transit for marriage. Marriages under this transit enjoy a relationship that ultimately is full of energy and won’t go stale on either person.

These relationships are built on fun and partnership. They are able to have a lot of good times with one another while also valuing their relationship as sacred.

This transit also indicates that you’re able to see the best in yourself and in others, or you’re at least more understanding of what’s ‘right’ within yourself and others.

With a more potent sense of self-esteem, you naturally attract people who are willing to give you the love you’re giving yourself.

Under a transit as beneficial for love as this one, single people who are seeking a relationship would do well to go forward with a new relationship or to create/update/change their online dating profiles to better reflect their great qualities and how they like to love others.

Can I Have a Venus Star Point in my Birth Chart?

So we know how the Venus Star Point can be integral to partnerships, but what about within our own birth charts? Can there be a Venus Star Point in the birth chart?

The short answer is…yes!

Within a birth chart, the Venus Star Point seems to usher in crazy opportunities for growth and success. A fellow astrologer noted that his relationships and his business ventures were affected in uncanny ways.

What seems to be the most potent for romance is what happens when transiting planets (planets moving in the sky right now) are aligned with the part of our chart containing the Venus Star Point.

For example, if your Venus Star Point is in Capricorn, that means that as planets traverse Capricorn every year you can find romantic and monetary opportunities arise, even though Capricorn may not be in a romance house or contain any planets at all within your birth chart.

It seems that the sign that your Venus Star Point is placed within is yet another indicator of your romantic interests and partnerships (along with the planet Venus in the birth chart as well as the 5th and 7th house and their rulers).

It can be tricky to find though. This is because the Venus Star Point doesn’t have as many astrological calculators online as there are for more common astrological functions.

Looking up what is called an ephemeris for your year of birth can be daunting, but looking through it to find the last time the Sun and Venus were at the same degree in the same sign before you were born will reveal the sign that your Venus Star Point is in.

Even if all of that sounds like a lot of work, you can still enjoy the benefits of the Venus Star Point by taking advantage of all the times the Sun meets up with Venus.

Wrapping Up

What a fated and interesting alignment. This configuration affects every sign completely differently but universally positively. I wish everything in Astrology was so blessed!

One thing is for sure… every sign can expect better chances at love, romance, finances, and at experiencing pleasures. What a wonderful and joyful period to look forward to.

I’ve got some tips for those who want to BEST capitalize on this alignment. Since the energy is so good, I know you don’t want to waste it. Talk to me in a consultation for some help understanding the best ways to use the Venus Star Point to your advantage.

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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