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Weekly Love Horoscope for October 17th – 23rd 

Dearest readers, welcome back to the Weekly Love Horoscope, this time for the week of October 17th-23rd. The manifestation of this week’s planetary energy is bringing out the best and the worst within us all… but what does that mean for you and your partnership? 

Last week was idyllic, despite a little drama brought on by the square between Mars and Neptune. Several trines and an opposition to Jupiter meant that the energies co-mingle with little fuss, which typically signals a low-key week.

This week we’re seeing more of the same, but with two souring squares. But first, let’s cover what we’ve got to be optimistic about and what can soften the effects of those harsh alignments. 

A Sun in a trine aspect to Mars is an easy flow between two fire planets. I channel high energy between Mars and the Sun in a neat, clean way with the charming trine. Your ego is in alignment with your drive, empowering your actions while making them impossible to ignore. If you want your passion and drive to be seen and appreciated by others, then take advantage of these sexy planets in harmony. 

The spiciest and sweetest transit of the week is Venus in a trine to Mars in the air signs of Libra and Gemini. 

While Mars is comfortable in Gemini, Venus is at the top of her game in Libra, so in this positive alignment, it’s the planet of love whose energy will ultimately soften and endear the approach of passionate Mars. 

This alignment is an ideal time to pursue and start relationships without coming on too strong. Even if you’re a little obsessed with them, they either won’t realize it or will read it as totally cute and sweet! This is the mac daddy of romance transits, aside from these same planets in conjunction. 

Take full advantage of the breezy trine between the planet of love and the planet of sex to propel your relationship potential forward.

The Sun, in a conjunction with Venus, is especially potent this week, amplifying one another’s energy. Planets on the Sun have the potential to be integrated into the personality, which is why conjunctions to it are SO vital to pay attention to. 

The Sun makes us aware of our love’s potential with others. The type of person who would appreciate your love style realizes that this week as well. If you act like the Star that you are! The Sun meets Venus demands a little exposure, so I recommend going where others can pay you the attention that you deserve. 

The source of the two squares this week is from Pluto’s angle to the Sun and Venus conjunction. Pluto forms a square for each of them because of their proximity to one another. A Pluto square to these points makes conditions that can lead to a personal or interpersonal ‘crisis.’ Depending on individual chart factors, this can be mild or more noticeable. 

A fight can erupt between you and your loved one because of some event or strengthening suspicion. Pluto’s energy can be messy. These transits from Pluto to the Sun and Venus can be because of a ‘rock bottom’ moment in some relationships. Though, it’s very possible to come back from a moment like that most times. 

On that suspenseful note, let’s address the most pertinent alignments for your Sun or Rising sign. I’ve broken down some transits that will most affect you. What is it you can expect this week? Read on to find out!

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Aries – Will You Walk the Walk?

Aries, this week is the last week that the Sun transits your seventh house of partnerships, but you’ll get one last gift before the Sun moves into Scorpio. A trine to Mars in Gemini allows your energy and drive to focus on collaboration with your partner proactively. You both can engage in the moment with one another and occupy one another’s thoughts. This spicy transit is a gift!

The Sun is meeting up with Venus this week within your house of partnership. These two planets together in your house of partnership are a rare blessing. You may fully appreciate your partner’s physical and soulful beauty. Getting along and compromising feels easy as these two powerful planets meet. 

As Pluto forms a square on the two planets, you and your partner could fall into disarray. You and your loved one have said to one another that you’ll be there no matter what, but Pluto is asking you both to prove it. The challenge is to walk the walk right now. Luckily, Venus is strong by house and sign and empowered by the Sun, so I have a feeling love will win out in this dramatic moment. 

Taurus – Romantic Highs and Lows

Taurus, Venus in a trine to Mars this week, is a highlight for your love life as the planet of femininity. Venus is in good relation to the masculine planet, Mars. You’re doubly affected by this, as Venus is your planetary ruler. Think of this as yin and yang singing together, uniting you and your loved one. The work and effort that goes into a partnership feel like nothing in love. 

The Sun, in a conjunction with Venus this week, can show that your sense of love and romance is being amplified by the power of the Sun. The Sun projects the qualities of Venus outward, making you charming and loved, perhaps, especially at work. 

Taurus, do be prepared for a potentially relationship-altering event or the culmination of events. After this week, you’ll be better able to discern within your relationships what works and doesn’t work for you. But for now, you could feel you’re lost in the dark with no hope. Understanding always comes after a Plutonian transit. 

Gemini – Lucky in Love

Gemini, Mars, within your sign forms a trine to the Sun in the sign of Libra, which puts some positive attention on you. You’re empowered by those around you to be unapologetically yourself. Opportunities to put love out there are plentiful right now. Mars’ influence emboldens you to pursue the romance of your dreams or else reinvigorates your current relationship with that same feeling.

Venus forming a trine to Mars in your sign allows your drive and energy to be taken in a flattering way by others. You likely won’t have to fear coming on too strong since Venus ensures that your good intentions are front and center in how others understand you. This transit is ideal for love and romance.

Mercury in a trine to Saturn this week also allows you to come out on top! Lucky Gemini, Mercury, in your house of romance also forms a trine! Trines to this part of your chart are truly something special, especially if you’re single. Saturn’s influence galvanizes your partnership if you’re in one, allowing an understanding of one another’s deepest insecurities while handling them thoughtfully. 

Cancer – Maturing Together

Cancer, this week you’re seeing aspects of a collection of planets in your house of emotion and memory, which can have images of the past coloring in the present moment. This can be beneficial sometimes, allowing you to relive some of the happier moments in the past with your partner, connecting you more deeply in the moment. It also can keep you bound to ‘better times.’

Venus in a trine to Mars this week allows a channel to process old emotional upsets. Temper inner rage by having a more mature understanding of the other party. You can arrive at forgiveness this week for ways your partner has triggered your wounds (as happens in all relationships eventually). You may realize that you’ve been more triggering than you knew, allowing for repairs to be made.

Mercury forms a trine to Saturn this week, which impacts your partnership more than most signs. You and your partner can reach a mentally mature understanding of one another this week. You both could agree that it’s time to become more serious within your partnership, because of an undeniable sense of connection. 

Leo – Goddess Energy Awakens

Leo, your planetary ruler is the magnanimous Sun, which receives multiple alignments this week. You can expect a stimulating week if nothing else. The Sun in a trine to Mars as the week starts allows you to more fully engage in life. You’re living in the moment, which is ultimately where life is happening. This transit can make you feel very sexual. 

The Sun meets up with the beneficial Venus this week, which influences your sense of self. You’re being perceived as a mythological beauty, like Aphrodite, in some ways! This alignment is happening in the ‘house of the Moon,’ as some Astrologers call it. This emphasizes the attractive aura that others can feel coming from you. 

A square from Pluto to the Sun and Venus can be eye-opening for the way you process the love of others and yourself. You may have had idealistic views of what love is, and now the veil is being shattered somehow. You’ll soon be much wiser about romance, but there is a low point that comes before gaining that level of understanding.

Virgo – Practicality or Idealism?

Virgo, this week, your house of value and self-esteem holds several active planets. This can affect your money, your sense of physical security, as well as how you value yourself. The Sun and Venus aligning within this house can signal an influx of money into your life. Are you combining resources with another person by moving in with them or making a large purchase together?

A square from Pluto to Venus and the Sun in this house can create some romantic tension. Perhaps you’re feeling controlled by your partner’s involvement in your finances. Pluto’s influence may show a power struggle. Maybe one partner wants to invest in ‘frivolous’ purchases while the other wants to accumulate wealth together.

Mercury (your planetary ruler) in a trine with Saturn this week can spur you into action with more practical issues. You may not mind investing so much time at work to pay the bills. Your partner can feel isolated under this transit, so ensure that you’re not so caught up in the grind that you’re ignoring your loved ones. 

Libra – A Speedy Recovery

Libra, you’re the star of the show this week because of the immense involvement of the planets within your sign of the week’s energies. As your planetary ruler, Venus, aligns with the Sun, you feel like approaching the world at large with open arms. It’s like finally waking up and coming back to life after a long winter of hibernating. Your partner will be glad to see you feeling like yourself again. 

Despite these good vibes, a Pluto square here to both the Sun and Venus can trigger a high-octane event that can add a sense of panic or dread. Perhaps you’re realizing something about yourself that you hadn’t previously understood. Either way, with Venus involved, your partnership feels the impact. 

As the Sun forms a trine with Mars, your partnership feels further effects, but much more positively. The Sun is in a simple relationship with Mars, creating plentiful energy that easily and quickly manifests. In your case, you show energy and interest in your partnership. If you were to be thrown off-kilter by Pluto’s squares, then this transit can energize you to make amends within your relationship.

Scorpio – Stirring the Pot

The Sun and Mars (your planetary co-ruler) form a helpful trine this week, providing you with more energy than you’ve been putting out recently. With the Sun in Libra, you can feel very drained. The helpful trine from Mars to the Sun brings some pep in your step. If you’ve been too tired to put in a lot of effort with your partner, use this time to reengage with them.

Venus and the Sun meeting add some levity to a time that has been relatively dark as of late, dear Scorpio. There are opportunities to exchange love all around you, but Pluto’s influence may affect how it’s received by others or interpreted by you. 

Pluto squares to Venus and the Sun can set up circumstances that cause great inner turmoil for you. This can be as harmless as some uncomfortable private thoughts or as hurtful as infidelity being exposed. Someone intentionally meant this transit to ‘stir the pot’ for you. You must be shocked every once in a while to evolve, so this transit can be dramatic. 

Sagittarius – Motivated by Love

Sagittarius, this week your sister sign, Gemini, holds Mars, which is forming a trine on the Sun in your house of friendship. The key to your partnership this week, Sagittarius, is to connect to your partner as a human being and a loved one. Help push one another to remember being in the moment as humans feel like this week. 

Mercury in a trine to Saturn this week allows you and your partner to have grown-up conversations meaningfully. Showing up as your best self to your partner this week while communicating mutually beneficially allows you both to respect one another and connect. It’s easy to ace the ‘fun’ parts of the relationship, but this week is your chance to prove that you’re here for the tough parts too.

Mars and Venus in a trine with one another further benefit your partnership in meaningful ways, since these are two traditional relationship planets. The way that you express your desire is interpreted as a tremendous compliment during this transit. You’re motivated to do the work that it takes in your partnership because the love of your partner is so motivating to you. 

Capricorn – Find Your Best Light

Capricorn, this week you’d well to be conscious of what you’re putting out into the world because it’s being seen and notes are being taken. The sign of Libra is full of activity this week, and this sign represents your public persona. With the Sun, Mercury, and Venus all within this sign, it’s important to be cautious of how you present your role in your relationship. 

The Sun meeting up with Venus first draws all eyes to you as you appear as a golden goddess. Social media can play a role this week, so it’s important to ensure that you’re fine with EVERY image of yourself that you put out there or allow others to post. 

If you wanted to show off your partnership this week, there could be some sort of backlash from someone who doesn’t approve. Unpredictably, you yourself may regret how your partner made you look to others or vice versa. However, controlling the flow of information about you can assist you in mitigating any negative effects, dear Capricorn. 

Aquarius – A New Beginning

Aquarius, this week Mercury in Libra makes a trine aspect to Saturn in your own sign. This allows you to reach a higher understanding of others, especially on very ‘big’ subjects like spirituality and politics. You may agree with someone else, or find understanding within yourself about your approach to partnerships. 

Your house of partnership is ruled by the Sun, so a happy trine to Mars in your house of romance is about as good as it gets. You’ve got an excellent chance of making this week work for you, Aquarius… especially if you’re in a partnership! Use this energy to infuse passion into a less romantic relationship or to begin a new partnership. Mars favors new beginnings. 

The Sun receiving a square from Pluto tells me that your partner may experience some drama or scandal. Keep your head low while also making it clear to your partner that you’re there for them through thick and thin. 

Pisces – Processing Romantic Emotions

Pisces, this week, expect some refreshingly mature conversations with your partner. Mercury in a trine to Saturn allows you to talk about the things you’d normally hesitate to bring up with a very grown-up approach. You and your partner should express expectations of yourself and each other within your partnership.

A trine between Mars and Venus this week can bring up emotions you didn’t even realize lingered there. However, the trine between these planets ensures that you’re benefiting from the lessons. Venus in a trine to Mars allows you to process and release the anger that has gone unexpressed. This tears down walls between you and your partner. Addressing inner concerns helps EVERYONE around you.

You may have been feeling a bit on edge lately as it feels like emergency after emergency keeps coming up. Pluto in a square to the Sun and Venus in Libra can be an especially dramatic blow. Within your partnership, something intense and Earth shattering could go down… but relationships that make it through a transit like this come out stronger.

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Wrapping Up

Such an interesting week we’ve got here! I’m equally excited and nervous to hear how this week manifests for you… I can see some AMAZING things coming from it, but I must imagine that some awkward or dramatic moments are in store as well. 

My advice is to enjoy the wonderful moments as they come and when things get dicey, look for the helpful energy around you. So much calm energy is going on alongside the explosive energy that you may find a loophole or out of the harsher moments. 

Are you still wondering what this week’s energy means for YOUR specific situation? 

I get that a lot, so I created a helpful spot to reach out to me with individual requests! 

If you’re just wondering about this week’s energy or want to know more about your relationship’s fate, solutions to personal or marital problems, or to address many questions involving yourself or others!

I can’t wait to see you next week, my loves! 

Wishing you all the love in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach

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