Weekly Tarotscope for February 16th – March 2nd

Hello Sweethearts, welcome to a mystical journey of tarot readings infused with the enchanting energy of the waxing gibbous moon.

Welcome to a mystical journey through the fascinating realm of tarot readings, immersed in the ethereal and intuitive energy of Pisces. As we dive into the depths of the subconscious, guided by the compassionate and dreamy essence of this water sign, we embark on a profound exploration of the Tarot.

Pisces, the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac, invites us to surrender to the flow of intuition and imagination. It is a sign deeply attuned to the spiritual realms, where boundaries blur and dreams intertwine with reality. In this collection of tarot readings with a Pisces theme, we embrace the boundless creativity, sensitivity, and empathy that define this sign.

Each reading is infused with the intuitive wisdom and compassionate guidance of Pisces, offering insights into the hidden depths of the psyche and the mysteries of the soul. From exploring the realm of dreams and subconscious desires to navigating the currents of emotions and spiritual growth, these readings serve as a beacon of illumination on your journey of self-discovery and inner transformation.

Join us as we venture into the enchanted waters of Pisces, where intuition reigns supreme, and the veil between worlds is thin. May these tarot readings awaken your intuition, inspire your imagination, and guide you towards deeper understanding and enlightenment.

Check your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs for more accuracy.

Aries – Six of Pentacles

In love Tarot readings, receiving the Six of Pentacles signifies mutual compassion and generosity in a romantic relationship, fostering strength and growth through balanced give-and-take dynamics.

This card suggests a period of abundance and optimism, potentially bringing supportive individuals into your life if you’re single and emphasizing the importance of kindness in forming new connections.

Your partnership is characterized by compassion and support, with your significant other likely to provide both emotional and financial backing as you pursue your goals.

While embarking on new ventures or endeavors, your partner’s willingness to assist may pleasantly surprise you, reinforcing the importance of maintaining equilibrium within the relationship. Expressing gratitude and reciprocating acts of giving strengthens the bond between you and your partner, while for singles, generosity may lead to newfound love.

The Six of Pentacles also bodes well for financial matters, indicating opportunities for both giving and receiving kindness, with success and monetary rewards on the horizon for diligent efforts.

Taurus – Strength

Strength in the Tarot signifies the ability to take genuine control of a situation by means of compassion, shrewdness, or empathy, rather than mere imposition of one’s will. It depicts you as a resolute individual capable of achieving anything with determination. Assertive and confident, you are unafraid to express yourself authentically.

In a Tarot reading, the upright Strength card symbolizes power, courage, conviction, vitality, dynamism, and proactive action, highlighting the capacity to assert authority over one’s circumstances. In moments of doubt or anxiety, tapping into your inner reservoir of strength and resilience is key, enabling you to overcome any obstacle.

Consistent embodiment of these qualities assures success in your endeavors.

In love Tarot readings, the presence of the Strength card may indicate a passionate and intense relationship prone to bouts of strong emotions such as resentment or jealousy. While such partnerships come with both advantages and challenges, they also offer opportunities for growth and deeper connection.

Alternatively, Strength’s interpretation in love Tarot emphasizes compassion, empathy, and inner fortitude, qualities that attract suitable partners and nurture existing relationships. Empathy facilitates understanding of both your partner’s and your own desires and anxieties, promoting harmony even in heated moments. 

As the Major Arcana card associated with the Leo zodiac sign, Strength suggests a potential connection with a Leo individual. For singles, now is an opportune time to meet someone, as your confidence radiates attractively.

However, be mindful of potential partners with a wild streak, embracing the excitement while exercising patience and understanding in tempering their exuberance. Coaxing gently, rather than imposing control, fosters mutual growth and compatibility.

Gemini – Hermit

Taking time for solitude can be essential for gaining deeper self-awareness, stepping away from the daily routine to connect with your spiritual essence, reflect on your identity, life goals, and core values. The Hermit archetype in the Major Arcana suggests a period of introspection or isolation, perhaps to heal from past challenges or to address anti-social tendencies, indicating a need to prioritize self-care.

This phase invites you to redirect your focus inward, seeking answers within your own soul rather than external distractions. Embracing solitude, you recognize the richness of your inner truth and wisdom, distancing yourself from the superficial to embark on a journey of self-discovery guided by your inner knowing.

This may involve activities such as retreats or pilgrimages aimed at deepening your understanding of yourself and aligning with your authentic path. 

In matters of love, the Hermit encourages introspection before committing to a relationship, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness in fostering meaningful connections.

Whether single or in a partnership, exploring individual desires and aspirations lays a foundation for open communication and mutual growth, even if initial discussions may feel uncomfortable. Ultimately, this introspective process paves the way for genuine and fulfilling love to flourish.

Cancer – Six of Swords

There come moments in life when the most prudent choice is to let go and start anew, even if it feels like a retreat. When all avenues have been explored and exhaustion sets in, embracing change becomes the only recourse. Mapping out a fresh path towards happiness becomes paramount.

The Six of Swords advises methodically planning your next steps with rationality, clarity, and a clear-eyed assessment of your present situation, past experiences, and desired destination. While intuition has its place, sound reasoning is essential for ensuring success.

In matters of love, the Six of Swords signals a period of easing tensions and overcoming obstacles in a relationship, paving the way for progress fueled by healing, stability, and honest communication. For singles, this card indicates a phase of emotional healing and readiness to move forward after past heartbreaks.

Despite any lingering disappointment from previous efforts, it’s crucial to resist dwelling on negativity and instead make space for healthier connections. 

This card may also symbolize the courage to break free from an abusive relationship, if applicable, marking a significant step towards healing and liberation. In love readings, its upright position suggests the resolution of conflicts or the conclusion of a challenging phase, whether through separation or reconciliation, as you strive to leave behind the past and embrace a hopeful future.

Financially, the Six of Swords heralds an improvement in your financial situation, alleviating some of the pressure you may have felt.

However, it also serves as a reminder to maintain vigilance over your finances to avoid repeating past mistakes. Overcoming financial hardships is possible, but it requires diligent stewardship and a commitment to responsible financial management.

Leo – Emperor

The presence of The Emperor in the upright position signifies your inclination towards leadership and authority, driven by a desire for power, status, and recognition. You thrive in roles where you can dictate and oversee the actions of others, relishing the opportunity to exercise control.

Working under someone else’s guidance is not your preference; you prefer to lead with a firm hand, ensuring everyone stays on course towards your envisioned goals. With a clear vision for your life, you meticulously organize and direct the efforts of those around you to align with your objectives.

As a leader, you confront conflicts with confidence, possessing the strategic acumen to navigate challenges and emerge victorious. Your leadership style is characterized by resilience, strength, and discipline, typically translating into professional success.

While The Emperor may not directly relate to romance, its upright position suggests the importance of structure and rationality in relationships. It advises bringing logic and order to maintain balance, emphasizing the need to temper emotions with practicality.

In relationships, The Emperor urges you to approach decisions with a level head and consider the long-term implications. Striving for stability and security, you may find yourself adhering to traditional roles, potentially stifling spontaneity and passion. Embracing spontaneity and allowing room for fun is encouraged to keep the relationship vibrant and alive. 

Regarding personality traits, The Emperor may represent an individual who is mature, established, and reserved in expressing emotions. They may struggle to communicate openly, leading to misunderstandings. Additionally, there may be tendencies towards dominance and control, prioritizing personal agendas above others’ needs.

Virgo – Six of Cups

The Six of Cups encourages a return to the innocence and joy of childhood, inviting you to reconnect with your youthful spirit and embrace carefree spontaneity. By tapping into your inner child, you align with your true self and intuition, fostering a sense of freedom and creativity.

This card may also symbolize the presence of children in your life, whether through parenthood, caring for them, or simply enjoying playful interactions with youngsters. It signifies qualities of innocence, generosity, and nostalgia, urging you to cherish the bonds of family and close friendships for support during challenging times.

 In love Tarot readings, the Six of Cups evokes memories of the past and nostalgic longing, possibly heralding a reunion with an old flame or a rekindling of affection with a familiar partner. It suggests a period of healing and comfort, where reminiscing about shared experiences brings solace and strengthens the bond between you and your partner.

However, it’s essential to avoid dwelling solely on past joys and instead use them as inspiration for building a fulfilling future together.

For those already in relationships, this card may signify a deep connection with your partner, possibly indicating the potential for starting a family if surrounding cards are favorable. However, it can also warn of challenges stemming from immaturity or unresolved issues from the past, urging you to confront and address them openly.

In the context of being single, the Six of Cups may herald the return of a former lover, the emergence of romantic feelings for a childhood friend, or the possibility of finding love within familiar surroundings. 

Libra – Seven of Pentacles

The upright Seven of Pentacles encourages a shift towards a long-term perspective, prompting you to assess where to allocate your resources and efforts for optimal returns. If certain endeavors are draining your energy without yielding benefits, it may be time to reconsider your approach.

If you’ve been diligently working towards a goal, this card suggests that you’re nearing completion or seeing progress after months of dedicated effort.

However, there may be instances of disappointment or frustration with slow progress, where you question the appreciation for your hard work. In such cases, it’s important to remain patient and acknowledge your achievements thus far, recognizing that results may not always align with expectations.

Gratitude for the present moment and making the most of your current situation are emphasized.

 In matters of romance, the Seven of Pentacles signifies patience, growth, and development within a relationship, highlighting the rewards of mutual effort and dedication. If you and your partner have been working towards strengthening your bond, you’re likely to see positive outcomes or advancements soon. Similarly, if you’re striving towards shared financial goals or considering starting a family, progress is indicated.

 For singles, this card encourages reflection on past relationships to gain clarity on future desires and partner preferences. It suggests seizing opportunities for love without hesitation and remaining patient as you pursue your romantic aspirations.

Ultimately, the Seven of Pentacles assures that with persistence and perseverance, your desires can manifest, urging you to continue your current efforts with confidence in eventual success.

Scorpio – Seven of Wands

The Seven of Wands symbolizes the ongoing battle to maintain success and defend your position against challengers aiming to usurp your achievements. It serves as a caution that hidden adversaries may be scheming to undermine your standing, requiring vigilance and readiness.

Expect tests of your abilities and the validity of your endeavors, likely originating from external sources. However, by remaining steadfast in your convictions and committed to your work, you can overcome any obstacles that arise.

This card advises holding firm to your beliefs and capabilities, even in the face of adversity. You may encounter resistance and setbacks, but perseverance is key to preserving your position and reputation. Confront challenges head-on and refuse to yield ground easily.

In matters of love and relationships, the upright Seven of Wands calls for establishing boundaries and defending your partnership against external threats or interference. 

Your relationship may face opposition from various sources, such as disapproving family members, societal norms, or rival suitors attempting to sow discord. Despite these challenges, trust in the strength of your bond and your ability to overcome obstacles together.

Your faith in the love and trust you’ve built forms the foundation for weathering any storm that threatens your relationship. Stay resolute in your convictions and plans, and you will emerge victorious from these trials.

Sagittarius – Knight of Wands

Your passion and drive have reached a crescendo, signaling that you’re primed and ready to pursue your goals wholeheartedly. Where uncertainty may have lingered before, the Knight of Wands upright assures absolute clarity and determination in your pursuits. You’ve made a firm commitment to your objective and are brimming with inspiration, poised to forge ahead with your plans.

The Knight embodies your courageous spirit, showcasing your readiness to confront challenging or even perilous situations head-on in pursuit of your goals. You embrace the unknown with enthusiasm, viewing obstacles and dangers as thrilling opportunities to test your mettle and add excitement to your journey.

In matters of love, the appearance of the Knight of Wands suggests the arrival or imminent presence of a dynamic and charismatic individual in your life. This person exudes confidence and vitality, drawing attention wherever they go.

Their bold and impulsive nature may lead them to pursue you with fervor, but their propensity for quick decisions and volatility could pose challenges for a stable, long-term relationship.

If this description doesn’t align with someone specific entering your life, it may reflect the general nature of your romantic experiences—exciting, adventurous, but perhaps transient. At this moment, you feel most adventurous and unafraid of rejection, ready to embrace risks and seize the thrill of the unknown.

Capricorn – Page of Swords

The Page of Swords typically signifies delays in communication, planning, or inspiration, urging caution and vigilance. It advises patience, thoughtful speech, and avoidance of unnecessary conflicts. This card also symbolizes the pursuit of justice, advocacy against injustice, and mental agility.

In a relationship tarot reading, the presence of the upright Page of Swords may suggest challenges arising from frequent trivial disagreements with your partner. While it’s important to stand your ground on significant matters, it’s advised to avoid escalating every minor dispute into a major argument.

Additionally, this card indicates potential delays or changes within the relationship, urging patience.

For singles, the Page of Swords advises increased social interaction to improve chances of meeting someone special. It suggests that finding a relationship may take longer than expected, requiring patience and persistence.

The upright Page of Swords represents someone intellectually curious with a restless energy, possibly bordering on anxiety. In relationships, they may shy away from emotional conflicts and prefer intellectual engagement. This card implies a relationship characterized by cerebral connection, where partners enjoy stimulating conversations but may exhibit reluctance towards emotional intimacy.

Aquarius – Page of Cups

The Page of Cups emerges as a gentle nudge from the universe, encouraging you to trust your intuition and remain open to the subtle messages unfolding around you. It prompts you to pay attention to synchronicities and serendipitous signs that guide your path, even if they defy rational explanation.

Following your instincts, no matter how unconventional, leads you along a journey of discovery and growth. Each intuitive nudge propels you closer to a state of harmony and joy, revealing unexpected delights and newfound understanding about yourself.

In matters of love, the Page of Cups carries promising tidings. For those already in relationships, it hints at romantic gestures, proposals, or deepening bonds. Single individuals may find themselves swept off their feet by a charming admirer or discover a delightful connection with someone younger.

It’s a call to embrace your emotions, express your feelings openly, and take bold leaps toward love.

Whether embodying the qualities of the Page of Cups or encountering someone who does, expect delightful surprises and a fresh perspective on relationships. Love may bloom with innocent wonder, revealing previously unseen depths and renewing appreciation for the beauty of connection.

Pisces – The Hanged Man

When The Hanged Man appears in your Tarot reading, it signals a sudden halt in your endeavors, urging you not to persist in pushing forward with sheer force. Instead, embrace this pause as an opportunity to reflect and reevaluate your path. Allow yourself the necessary time and space to gain clarity and perspective on your journey.

In matters of love and relationships, The Hanged Man advises against rushing or forcing progress. Embrace the idea of sacrifice and patience, understanding that timing plays a crucial role in the development of connections.

For singles, it’s a reminder to observe how your perspective evolves when you’re alone and to avoid pressuring potential partners. In existing relationships, dissatisfaction or the need for introspection may arise.

Take a step back to consider your options and reflect on what truly matters in your partnership. Postpone major decisions and focus on appreciating the positive aspects of your relationship rather than dwelling on its shortcomings.

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