Weekly Love Horoscope for February 26th – March 2nd

Hello Sweethearts, this is an astrologically busy week with lots of energies to ponder.

Sun in Pisces is sextile Jupiter, we have the waning gibbous moon, Sun and Mercury are conjunct Saturn in Pisces and Venus and Mars are in Aquarius square Jupiter in Taurus.

During this week it is important to be conscious of whatever is lying dormant within you, because there may be some unconscious knowledge or truth that is trying to break to the surface, so it’s important to look out for coincidences, signs or serendipitous events rather than sort of sleepwalking through life, in order to become more conscious of your true power and purpose.

So make a point in new relationships of being clear where you stand, and that night include when you stand on social values, politics or religion, and while these are often very thorny issues, it can actually be quite a relief if you don’t pussyfoot around and you get them out of the way early on, by having an open heart and sharing openly with a potential partner, even if he’s still in the friend zone.

Check your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs for more accuracy.

Aries – Still waters, deep wells

With a three planet conjunction in Pisces, one-to-one relationships, including marriage or living with a partner, often encompass rather unusual events and conflicts are quite subtle.

There is often the danger of misunderstandings or vague communication, but if you focus on your mirroring, body language and subtle modes of communication as well as being more sensitive to what is unsaid, it can be a very successful period for relationships.

It’s very important to be aware of what is happening at the subliminal or subconscious level, because often subconscious fears and anxieties, both within your partner and yourself, are driving events far more than your conscious desires and ambitions.

Thus it’s very important not to take a surface view of what is going on, or to be reactionary or to try and force the issue, it’s more important to go with the flow, to develop a holistic understanding of what’s happened in the relationship.

Have conversations where you explore emotions and get to the root of problems.

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Taurus – Spark of Life

With Jupiter activated in your sign, if you and your partner are both in denial about the need for change, a sudden event can throw your relationship into chaos and you may end up talking about things that you haven’t talked about for years and this can possibly awaken both happy memories and some problems, but it gives you the opportunity to revisit what is positive and start working on some repressed emotions that you were both sweeping under the carpet.

You and your partner may suddenly shows sides of yourselves that the other was unaware of, you may both surprise each other not because you want to, but simply because events
activate parts of your personality that were latent and suddenly you seem to each other like different people. However, this could awaken a spark that was lost it could bring about sexual energy that’s quite exciting.

Do not be tempted by solutions that offer short-term release but which are merely kicking the core problems down the road. It may be time to think about what your long-term yearnings are and how committed you actually are to the relationship.

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Gemini – A big bite from the apple of life

With Mars Venus square Jupiter, you may not wait for a relationship end before you enter a new one simply because you are impatient.

One thing I would note is you can be a little bit insensitive in relationships, partly because you are impatient and you are focused on action and having fun, and deep and emotional matters are of less interest to you. So try to display a little bit more sensitivity to your partner’s needs.

Overall this is a good week for new romances and love, go for it, enjoy yourself and be open minded and you can see what happens – you’ll be surprised and you will have some fun at the very least.

Romantically it’s an excellent time for a new friendship or love relationship, however new relationships are often slow to become intimate or intense. New romance started right now will likely be fun, fast-moving, possibly affectionate, but not particularly close. Thus it’s important to focus on getting to know each other, exploring ideas together and developing a good rapport. The sexual and emotional side will possibly come later on.

If you have been experiencing difficulties in your marriage, this is an excellent time to have some marriage counselling and to get expert advice, perhaps on your sex life.

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Cancer – Integration of awareness

During this phase it’s important to focus on self-improvement, but this is not confined to improving your prosperity or your career prospects, it should rather be about making yourself more psychologically aware.

So this is an excellent time for some psychological spring cleaning, thus you want to get in touch with your personal taboos, the things you steer clear of, the things you are frightened of, or maybe even your phobias which you want to break down.

Analyze your fears and your internal barriers, so that they no longer bind you.

Due to the conjunction of Sun Mercury Saturn sextile Jupiter this week is about allowing your naturally expansive nature to thrive. Allow your positive attitude about life and love to radiate out, and use your ability to bring optimism to others too.

Use positive reinforcement and a constructive approach to communication to steer relationships into safe, yet satisfying territory.

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Leo – Evaluation and evolution

Saturn in Pisces is complicated as you are prone to self-doubt and vulnerable to criticism especially from a new partner right now, you need support and encouragement.

You may be too tense for good sex, you need to be encouraged to get outdoors, get fresh air and exercise to chill out. You may get turned on by a lovely back and shoulder rub.

While you are not moody, you are edgy during this Sun Mercury Saturn transit and likely to snap at a new guy and be irritable, even though you are not up for a heated argument.

You are less concerned about your ego needs and by that token you may also neglect your partner’s and you can be critical without thinking to spare his feelings – yes, there are truths, but they don’t always need to be pointed out.

Boundaries and time for personal reflection are important as that can help you settle and of your own emotional discontent and that will in turn help your relationships.

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Virgo – Bringing passion into the spotlight

With Jupiter activated in Taurus you may look to hook up with, or rekindle a romance as you are hungry for love and quite adventurous in terms of your desire nature.

Your passion is best expressed in one to one relationships, so try not to dissipate your energy socializing, focus on your partner and give each other intimate attention.

Satisfy desire through concentrating on your partner and the sexual side of the relationship, use physically stimulating activities or games like massage or dance to get you relaxed
and into the mood.

Bring more spontaneity into your love life and encourage your partner to move beyond his own limitations or hang ups, help him to relax and challenge him to explore and express his fantasies.

If you are in an established relationship, this week you may be confronted with a number of different options, and you need to pick the option that is right, not necessarily easy.

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Libra – Sailing the Seas of Love

This is a week where you may decide to take a break from the dating game, it’s a very good time for single Libra to do the things you enjoy, relish your independence and do projects
that are quite selfish in nature.

You do tend to be quite self-directed at the moment and therefore it’s great not to be encumbered by a partnership.

Welcome changes in your relationship, even when you didn’t see them coming, use the opportunity to make adjustments.

Use this time to question and analyses the commitment you have to your partner and review some new relationship norms and mores that will help you both take your relationship forward. Success in love is a choice, so choose to be more successful and become closer than ever as you both learn to navigate the ups and downs of life together as a team.

Accept both the good and bad times in love and life as natural, and not necessarily indicative of problems, but as opportunities for growth. Stay alert for ways in which you can face and conquer the adversity, change and the inevitable ups and downs.

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Scorpio – Karma Chameleon

With Sun, Mercury and Saturn conjunct in your 5th house, even though this is not the best time for a new romance, you can learn a lot about yourself if you are in the dating game, even though you should be quite cautious.

The area of romance is highly karmic at the moment, so things that happen have a wider significance that can be more relevant to your emotional life as a whole, rather than just the state of your romantic life.

You may not be that eager to get into the dating game, you may withdraw from encounters with others and you may find dealing with other people poses challenges that you would rather avoid.

This may be a time where you would rather focus energy on your own projects, it might even be that some of your hobbies or your career is taking up so much time that you
don’t have enough energy to devote to the emotional side of a relationship.

It may be during this time that you subconsciously avoid people who would actually be right for you in order to avoid confrontation.

So sometimes Mr. Right maybe right under your nose, but you almost don’t want to go there because you fear some of the karma, subconsciously, that will arise in that relationship.

With Venus Mars triggering Jupiter in your 7th, if you have been in struggling relationships, you can use this week to constructively explore issues together and to more honestly convey varied emotions.

This is certainly a time when it’s very beneficial to talk about anything you’ve been holding back on, so be more fearless, find an open safe place within the relationship to express yourself and lay everything there, even raw emotion.

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Sagittarius – Hold on tight to your relationship dreams

Mercury, your 7th house ruler is conjunct Sun and Saturn, so it’s important to establish priorities and gain perspective on  your relationship and its meaning within your life.

Relationships aren’t just a way to team up and avoid loneliness, often they are key to your own personal unfolding and destiny, so try and understand how your relationship shapes you or influences your behaviour or perception of life.

Life must leave it’s mark, and often the hardest lessons are the only ones which teach us anything, and therefore I want you to trust and have faith that your loved ones will end up making the right decision in the long run, even if you see them banging their heads or making the wrong choices in the short run.

This is typically a time when you want to see concrete evidence of commitment and thus your partner needs to pull up his socks or you may read him the riot act.

If you have been in a relationship for a while and are not yet married, this is a month when you may want to have a talk about when you are trying the knot.

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Capricorn – You can both be whole again

With Sun and Mercury conjunct your ruler, you have greater confidence in your ability to charm and influence others and that applies to love as well.

Steer clear of men with issues or who come over as clingy or needy, this week confidence is the key trait to look for, so pay attention to the guy who looks after himself and interacts with others from a position of strength not need.

The level of happiness in your relationship is an issue during this last week of February, and because you are impatient, the disparity between what you have and what you want can cause discontentment, and you may seek ways to address this that are a little blunt and awkward, this is why it’s important to focus on your own wholeness irrespective of the relationship.

Be very careful to be honest about money matters, especially if you share a bank account. This is a time where any dishonesty or perceived dishonesty can destroy trust leading to a decline in intimate life.

If you can both stay focused on goals and making progress on things which you do agree on, then there is plenty of energy to work on relationship problems and also improve sex life.

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Aquarius – Plugged into your secret self

What I want you to do this week, is to reconnect with those parts of yourself that not many people know.

Often we don’t have enough time to be ourselves because we are too busy playing mum, partner, teacher, good employer, good employee etc. and we need time where we can have our own thoughts and go exactly where we want to in our imagination with freedom.

This is a time when I want you to explore your secret or hidden emotions, explore anything you have to hide or conceal from others.

Try and understand why you are not free to talk to your loved ones about these things, but don’t feel guilty about it because sometimes it’s very important to have a secret, whether it’s secret fantasies or secret needs, but whatever they are we should not ever hide them from ourselves.

So this is a time to indulge yourself and to be totally honest with yourself about how you are feeling at the moment about things in your life, or the direction of your life.

With Venus and Mars in Aquarius square Jupiter, this is a time to be genuine and sincere when you go into new romance in terms of being very clear about values and personal beliefs. I encourage you to clearly articulate your values to your partner before the relationship starts, so it’s very important to be authentic.

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Pisces – Build the temple and fortune will come

With Sun, Mercury in Pisces conjunct Saturn, the key to relationships this week is understanding the role of patience and compassion.

Sometimes there has to be a certain element of self-sacrificing in order to advance the relationship, so the more selfish or self-directed you are, and the more you have a me-me attitude where you focus on your own needs, the less successful your relationship will be.

The more you invest in growing the emotional side of the relationship and trying to understand the parts of your partner’s personality that are usually very difficult for you to understand, the more the relationship can grow into one of unconditional love, and a source of emotional support and strength.

This is a time of preparation, and it’s also a time to be slightly thoughtful and so do what you can now to avoid conflict by establishing better ways of communication or by putting in more effort to show love, appreciation and cooperation in your relationships.

This is also a good time for building up your physical strength and stamina. You can improve your fitness and it’s a good time to implement new diets, but you should not do anything suddenly as the idea is to gradually reduce the fatty, sugary and processed foods, introducing more healthy organic foods and supplements.

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With the Sun Mercury Saturn conjunction, ask yourself how you instill purpose and meaning into your life? Ask yourself if your life and relationships have meaning?

If they don’t, or if the meaning is vague or weak, it is now time to propel yourself and your partner to pursue different options making life worth living again.

It’s time to tap into the potential of the relationship, by seeing the long term potential and possibilities which you don’t always aknowledge exist and enhancing the traits in you and your partner that are underdeveloped and neglected.

With Venus and Mars Square Jupiter, you will need to work out what is most important to you, not only in the present but in the future, so you have to project forward and foresee what could be down the road.

Key topics for this week:

  • Deep satisfaction
  • Solidifying the relationship
  • Core understanding
  • Growth
  • Awareness
  • Growth and Loyalty

See you again next week.

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