Weekly Love Horoscope For October 31st – November 6th

Hello, my darling readers. Welcome back to the Weekly Love Horoscope for the week of October 31st through November 6th. This week the skies are rather quiet, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some things you’re going to want to know about.

Halloween is the first day of the week, which sets an appropriate vibe for all the planets in Scorpio right now. Scorpios are notoriously huge fans of all things creepy and edgy. 

Scorpio energy is strong this week, as the Sun, Mercury, and Venus rest within this water sign associated with transformation, attraction, and sexuality. 

There is only a single aspect going on between major bodies this week, which is an opposition between Venus in sultry Scorpio and Uranus in practical Taurus. 

Venus opposing Uranus can bring a shift to your romantic life if Taurus and Scorpio are placed just so in the chart. Venus (planet of love and romance) in an unignorable opposition with rebellious Uranus tends to favor changes and movement in the realm of social and romantic connections. 

In the fixed signs of Taurus and Scorpio, change can come as an unwelcome surprise. Your partnership could be tested as Uranus pushes the boundaries of what your partnership will allow. 

You should spend this week becoming comfortable with the unknown and releasing any sense of control that lingers within you. Both Taurus and Scorpio can be possessive and security-seeking, meaning that they often enjoy having an element of control to assure that their security is safe. 

We all have Scorpio and Taurus in our charts, which means that these energies exist within us all, some simply display them more than others. 

The end of the week is when the opposition arrives, so until then, assess any possessiveness or jealousy you may hold around your partnership or partner. Become aware of it and ask yourself where it came from. Accept whatever comes up as the answer, even if you don’t understand yet. 

With this awareness of what the upcoming transit between Venus and Uranus will be testing, you may relax and open your mind to releasing your partner’s ownership back to themselves. And if none of this seems to apply to your partnership, then perhaps it is you who needs to receive freedom and space from your loved one in some way. 

Okay, let’s tackle how Scorpio energy manifests in your chart and what an opposition between Venus and Uranus means for you. 

Find your Sun and Rising sign down below to find out exactly what you need to know about the upcoming energies this week.

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Aries – Insecure Love

Aries, this week so many planets in the sign of Scorpio mean that your eighth house of death, rebirth, transformation, and tangible ties to others are explored. Note that transits like this one come around once per year, so they don’t always (or even usually) mean literal death. Instead, this is a house that creates circumstances that demand letting old versions of yourself go. 

Venus in Scorpio opposing Uranus this week can create romantic upheaval or romantic transformation or redefinition. Uranus demands that whatever was interfering with a purer expression of your love be allowed to float out of your life. You may be attached to the old ‘version’ of you because it’s who a past lover knew you as. But are you dating them now?

Taurus – Balancing Intimacy and Independence

Taurus, Scorpio is what is known as your ‘sister sign’, the sign that lies opposite your own on the Zodiac wheel. This is an energy that you don’t naturally understand, but which you’re able to witness much more clearly than other signs. For you, Taurus, planets in Scorpio enhance your awareness of partnerships, romantic or not, and their significance in your life. 

Venus in Scorpio opposes Uranus in your own sign, which indicates that you’re being somehow seen by your partner as wanting more freedom or seeking independence. Past suspicions that were suppressed may become triggered as you and your partner work to align your past and current expectations of one another.

Gemini – Love and the Daily Grind

Gemini, Scorpio lands within your house of work, illnesses, healthcare, and things that need to be done routinely. Scorpio in this house holding the Sun, Venus, and Mercury (your planetary ruler) brings awareness to anything maligning the health of your body. This configuration indicates that a connection built on health, wellness, or routines is possible. 

As Venus forms an opposition to Uranus late in the week, you may find yourself feeling physically off in some way. Your romantic activities at this time may be soured or put off due to some nagging ‘real life’ problem. Events that you weren’t expecting and originating from places that you cannot see can color your love life at this time. 

Cancer – Friends First, Lovers Second

Cancer, this week an emphasis on Scorpio energy signals an emphasis on your romantic and love potential. This is a period that largely benefits you since Scorpio is a fellow water sign that puts out energy that you like to be around. If you’re seeking romance, you could find it with someone whose hobbies and interests have a dark element to them. 

As Venus forms an opposition to Uranus this week, expect to handle this better than those around you. This is because, in your chart, these two planets are in beneficial houses that mitigate some of the worst manifestations of this alignment. Investing time in your friendships can link you to your next romantic partner, even if you don’t see how yet. 

Leo – An Emotional Week

Leo, Scorpio lands within your house of deep emotion, memories, parents, and your home. Your planetary ruler is here this week, which means you’re seriously in your feels when Scorpio season comes around. Perhaps not in a bad way though! The presence of Venus and the Sun indicates that your sense of joy, gratitude, and love for others is also enhanced. 

Venus in opposition to Uranus this week tells me that in order to go down the path that will most benefit you, you may have to ask your partner to compromise. Your loved one wants to see you succeed and they may not even alert you to their feelings. I encourage you to go out of your way to recognize what they put into the partnership. 

Virgo – Such A Trip

Virgo, this week your house of mental acuity, communication, logic, and information is activated by the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Scorpio. You feel the need to bring out your more investigative side, even if you’re not noticing it. You’re interested in securing some information about your partner, perhaps. 

Venus opposing Uranus in Taurus this week tells me that impromptu travel and romance, love, and partnership go hand-in-hand. Perhaps you and your partner go on a spur-of-the-moment vacation or you meet someone cute on the train to work. Either way, the way you move is moving you toward love. 

Libra – Becoming Secure In Your Romance

Libra, Scorpio is in your house of finance, security, self-worth, and what you personally assign value to. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus here place emphasis on finding physical and internal security. You may find yourself seeking validation or support from those around you instead of realizing your own self-worth.

This can change this week as Uranus opposes Venus, which can cause distance or time apart (by choice or not) from your partner. In putting your need for security in the hands of others, you gave up control of your value. When they stop fulfilling the need for security, you’re forced to look within to find security with just yourself. 

Scorpio – An Unexpected Partnership

Scorpio, this week you’re experiencing all the planetary energies firsthand. The Sun, Venus, and Mercury are all placed in your house of self, how you come off, your personality, your bodily strength, and how much energy you have. The planet Venus in this house accentuates your best features and really shows off your sweetness, drawing others in effortlessly. 

This week is an excellent one for mixing romance and friendship. Perhaps some rising tension between you and ‘just a friend’ breaks loose. Alternatively, your friend could introduce you to someone who is relationship material. If you’re partnered, this week asks you to find the best mesh of sweet, tender love and love built on faith that you’ll always come back to each other. 

Sagittarius – Just Not Feeling The Love

Sagittarius, this week the Scorpio emphasis may not sit too well with you since Scorpio tends to make you far too aware of things you’d rather pretend don’t exist. Venus in Scorpio indicates you’re seeing that about your approach to love which you’ve been ignoring. This transit can bring back feelings that you didn’t fully witness.

As Venus opposes Uranus in Taurus, the grind of daily life with your partner can feel like a prison at this time. You may be tempted to leave or feel that your partner wants to leave. Partnerships built on a strong foundation will not struggle under this transit. Less prepared couples may have to take drastic measures to stay together.

Capricorn – Hard Work Pays Off

Capricorn, you are honored this week as the Sun, Venus, and Mercury are in Scorpio, in your house of fulfillment, rewards, and friendship. All the relationships, ventures, and projects that you’ve invested time in are being recognized for what you’ve brought to them. You should be proud of how hard you’ve worked within your partnership especially. 

As Venus and Uranus oppose each other at the end of the week, you may find that your partner is forcing you out of your comfort zone, but in a way, you’re surprisingly open to it. You can find love in long-distance relationships at this time since Uranus can indicate the distance between you and a partner. 

Aquarius – All Eyes On You

Aquarius, Scorpio represents the part of you aligned with your higher purpose. When you align with this part of yourself, then all eyes can’t help but be on you. It’s hard to ignore someone who is living up to their potential! So, for you, Aquarius, the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Scorpio signal the best time to listen to your gut and move in the direction it points you. 

Venus opposing Uranus (your planetary co-ruler) impacts your life direction. The role that your partner plays in it is significant, but it’s not manifesting in a way that you’d expect. Rather, you may feel that in order to remain in alignment with your highest being, you must deal with old fears and insecurities arising at the worst times, and you must know how to calm them.

Pisces – Being Brought Back Down to Earth

Pisces, Scorpio influences your house of travel, religion, spirituality, and higher learning. With Venus here, you are learning something transformative from your loved one. Being a house of strong faith, this can give you a radical optimism that no matter what, your partnership will always survive. 

As Venus opposes Uranus in Taurus, Uranus seeks to wake you up to the facts of the real world. You would rather play into the dark, seductive energy of Scorpio, but Taurus is fighting for your attention this week in unignorable ways. As such, you’ll be asked to temper your romantic inclination with a dose of awareness of the world outside of your partnership.

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Wrapping Up

This week is like that overused line from tv and movies: “It’s quiet… too quiet.” The lack of transits this week can feel like a break or maybe just boring for some of us. 

Stay sharp though, because as the quote implies, there is something you need to keep your eyes open for. Uranus’ oppositions embody trickster energy – which can be good, bad, or neither! 

This means that a lot of the meaning of this transit is found in how good of a sense of humor you have. If you can laugh off the unpredictable, then you’ll be fine. And if your partnership is similarly flexible, then you both will make it through okay. 

But still, perhaps you want to know more about how Uranus’ shifty energy may affect your love life this week. 

I don’t blame you! It always helps to be prepared. And I can help you get ready for what’s next for you and your partnership.

Visit this spot here for some individualized support when looking over the meaning of this week’s love transit. 

Wishing you all the love in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach

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