All About The Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

Are you compassionate, sensitive, creative, and ruled by your emotions? If so, this may be the influence of the water element on your sign. Understanding your sign’s element is important because it helps you to recognize the archetypal imprint on your soul and personality. 

Even if your Sun sign isn’t one of the three water signs – Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces – it’s still worth learning about this vital element and its energies. You may have key planets in water signs. Even if you don’t have planets in water signs, you’ll likely have houses in your natal chart in these signs. It’s also helpful to understand the qualities of the water element for the sake of helping to develop compatibility in relationships.

There are twelve signs of the Zodiac, each is associated with one of the four elements: air, fire, water, and earth. These elemental energies give emphasis to specific traits within each sign’s personality. They provide a common link, creating a family of three signs whose energies are similar, yet each sign, even in the same element, has unique nuanced traits. 

Water Sign Traits

The water element is associated with emotion, relationships, and healing. Each water sign has a few main characteristics in common. 

  • Sensitive
  • Empathetic
  • Gentle
  • Focused on relationships
  • Introvert
  • Intense emotions
  • Intuitive
  • Creative
  • Romantic
  • Idealistic

While each specific water sign expresses this energy in unique ways, the common thread among these signs is a tendency to be more emotionally and intuitively driven than rational. They’re also inclined to be extremely sensitive to energies and to other people. Even if they try to hide their feelings, there’s no denying they’re influenced by the energies around them. 

Cancer: The Nurturing Water Sign

  • Homebody
  • Intuitive
  • Business-savvy
  • Clingy
  • Family-Oriented
  • Resourceful
  • Tenacious
  • Caring
  • Sensitive

Those born during the season of Cancer the Crab, approximately 6/21-7/22, express the power of the water element through their desire for emotional security. To soothe their emotions, Cancer needs to feel comfortable at home and with family. 

Cancer is the most nurturing of the water signs, often considered the archetypal “mother” of the Zodiac. In the sign of Cancer, the empathetic and intuitive energies of water are heightened. Cancer is shrewd and protective but also loving, gentle, and compassionate. 

Those born under this sign love to nurture others, especially those who are vulnerable. Like their symbol, the crab, they too may try to hide their vulnerability beneath a hard exterior, but they are soft and sensitive inside. Like the ocean that the crab calls home, Cancers can experience a tidal wave of raw emotion that is subject to change at any moment.

They may also somaticize their feelings, resulting in stomach issues or headaches if they are overwhelmed. The best way to soothe a Cancer who is upset is to comfort them with food, emotional support, affection, and words of encouragement. The water element gives signs like Cancer a desire to connect emotionally with others. 

If you are stoic or shy about expressing your feelings, a Cancerian will assume you holding out. They’ll have difficulty trusting you. 

Cancer Careers: Compassionate & Business Savvy

Because the water element drives Cancer’s desire for emotional security, those born under this sign are drawn to careers in which they can nurture others. They can be savvy in business and gravitate toward careers that involve family, relationships, and healing, such as family or child therapist. They may also prefer to work in real estate because of all the water signs, Cancer is the sign of home and family. 

Their love of good food can also lead them to want to nurture others literally by pursuing careers in the restaurant industry or hospitality. Like the other water signs, Cancers may prefer to live and work near bodies of water or do work that is related to conserving water. 

Cancer In Love: Hanging On Forever

In general, the water element can present a “go with the flow” mentality. But the sign of Cancer isn’t always passive. They may want to please others, but they will also tenaciously hold on to the people they love.

Like the crab, they’re known to cling once they are attached and Cancers can easily become attached to others. Even if a Cancer person hides their feelings at first, it won’t be long before they completely attach themselves to their love interest and hang on for dear life. 

Those born under this sign need to be in a relationship with someone who is patient, who understands their many moods, and who is affectionate and won’t be overwhelmed by their need for security and reassurance. 

In the sign of Cancer, the water element brings out the desire to nurture, heal and emotionally encourage others. Cancers may attract partners who are in need of emotional healing. In fact, this is a common pattern for all water signs. For Cancer specifically, parental issues may be worked out in the relationship because Cancer is compelled to act as a nurturing parental figure even when in love. 

Also like all water signs, Cancer can become insecure in love and needs to be reassured of where they stand. They are typically loyal and see friends and partners as family. Cancer may prefer to be in charge of the family or household budget as they are resourceful and can be frugal. Money, food, and affection make them feel secure. 

Scorpio: The Analytical Water Sign

  • Intense
  • Obsessive
  • Edgy
  • Charming
  • Authoritative
  • Investigative
  • Truth-seeking
  • Determined
  • Loyal
  • Instinctive

Those born during Scorpio season, roughly October 22 – November 21, manifest the qualities of the water element in a very different way. While Cancer shows their emotional nature by nurturing others or even through visible insecurities, Scorpio will go to lengths to hide their emotions. They are controlled and can be charming and passionate. Scorpio can also suppress their emotions.

The saying “still waters run deep” definitely applies to Scorpio people. Their ability to hide their vulnerability leaves others with the feeling that Scorpio harbors deep secrets beneath the surface. Scorpio is also a sexually charged, potent, and powerful sign associated with transformation, mysteries, and the subconscious. 

In Scorpio, the energies of water have sunk down to a deep emotional level, no longer lingering on the surface making waves as in the sign of Cancer. Scorpios never like to show their hand and can also be more intellectual and analytical than other water signs. This helps them form strategies to succeed. No matter how long it may take, a Scorpio will always get what they want. 

Scorpio Careers: Getting To The Truth

When it comes to career, Scorpio’s manifestation of the water element can be paradoxical. They have the confidence, intuition, and determination to be a leader. They also love to be the authority. But they also would rather follow their own instincts than collaborate with others. 

In fact, in office team settings, Scorpio people can find it hard to share responsibilities with others. They don’t always trust others to get the job done right and would rather take matters into their own hands.

Ideal career paths for this water sign include any job that requires critical thinking, deep insight, a bit of a chase, and knowledge of the mind and subconscious. Psychotherapist, private investigator, auditor, or similar jobs appeal to Scorpio people because they want to get into the deep waters at the core of any situation.

They can be obsessive and intense and may also have a desire to work in fields related to extremes such as cutting-edge sports, addictions, or edgy careers like tattoo artist or espionage. Whatever the job title, Scorpio needs to be intellectually stimulated in order to remain dedicated to their career path. Tedious work is not for those of this sign. They need to feel as if they are exploring the deepest, most mysterious parts of the ocean or they’ll become bored.

Scorpio In Love: Intense & Obsessed

Scorpio is known for their strong sexual desire. For a water sign, Scorpio has the fieriest nature. Feisty, passionate, and obsessive, a Scorpio may instantly recognize a soul mate from across a crowded room. 

They also have a strong potential for attracting others in love. Scorpio can afford to be discerning in relationships, usually they are never at a loss for admirers. When Scorpio is in relationships, they expect others to be fully honest and transparent, even if they are elusive and secretive. 

They try to protect their sensitive vulnerability and are much more empathic and attuned to others than they let on. When working with this water energy in mature ways, Scorpio can be insightful, empathetic, healing, compassionate, and encouraging of others. When working with this aspect of water energy in a negative way, they can be just as insightful but will use their intellect and intuition to manipulate the emotions of others. 

Scorpio becomes so obsessive in love that they may seem addicted to their partner. Like all water signs, they tend to attract people in need of emotional healing. In this case, the lessons at the core of their relationships may include overcoming codependency and trauma-bonding.

Scorpio can be loyal for life, but they are also naturally suspicious. They need to be with a partner who shows through words and actions that they are devoted and faithful. When a Scorpio is interested in you, they’ll be subtle at first, but will always find excuses to show up where they know you’ll be. They’ll also try to find reasons to make small talk. You may feel as if you’re being evaluated because their discerning gaze is always on you when they’re attracted, even if they try to remain aloof. 

Pisces: The Mystical Water Sign

  • Dreamy
  • Psychic
  • Spiritual
  • Artistic
  • Imaginative
  • Loving
  • Merciful
  • Optimistic

In Cancer, the water element seeks nurturing, stability, security, and comfort. In Scorpio, water provides depth, insight, and transformation. Pisces brings the culmination of the archetypal water energy to the forefront, as this sign embodies love, emotion, healing, sensitivity, and intuition. 

Those born under the sign of Pisces, roughly February 18th to March 20th, have a gift of sensitivity that may sometimes become overwhelming. The quintessential empaths, Pisces are highly sensitive to energies. 

They are also sensitive to chemicals and may have many allergies or potential for addiction, because substances and foods are more potent in their systems. They embody the qualities of water that are receptive, absorbing everything as if they were a sponge.

It’s important for Pisces people to understand the distinction between feeling, intuition, and insecurity very early on. If they don’t, they may feel haunted by a sense that they are helpless to take on others’ feelings. In Pisces, the water element is like a pool that collects whatever debris lands on the surface and pulls this down, internalizing it.

Pisces understand that boundaries are an illusion. Boundaries in water, such as dams, need to be constructed. Similarly, Pisces people often have to work to delineate their own boundaries, lest they lose track of their core identity and desires.

In the sign of Pisces, water also creates a strong sense of imagination, fantasy, dreams, and connection to the spirit realm. It’s common for people born under this sign to connect with other realms with little effort. This is because water flows in all directions unless something physical and solid interferes. 

Left to their own devices, Pisces may become lost in fantasy and imagination. They may assume emotional insecurities are true. They need to develop “buffers” to channel their strong emotional nature, so they don’t feel as if they are drowning.

Regardless of culture or religion, Pisces often understand clearly that we are spiritual beings on a mundane plane. They crave spiritual connection and may explore various ways to alter their mental states in order to achieve this. 

Pisces Careers: The Wounded Healer

In the sign of Pisces, the water element is its most passive. Pisces may be impressionable and malleable. They are motivated by feeling and the desire to heal and show love for others. Work that is too structured will not fit a Pisces’ personality. Like water, they need to flow beyond boundaries. 

They are most likely to be drawn to work that involves art, music, performance, costumes, fantasy, fiction, spirituality, or healing. They may also ignore all the conventional rules and simply evolve from one career to another, according to their intuition.

Often, people born under this sign have dealt with deep emotional wounds and have had to awaken to their strength through some kind of recovery or ascension. This is usually the core of their motivation for whatever work they end up doing. Whether a recovering person who works as a counselor, or a spiritual guide who has gone through their own spiritual doubts, they have a gift for transforming suffering into power and strive to help others to do the same.

Pisces are very sensitive and may look for work they are passionate about. They need to feel emotionally attached to their work or it will have no appeal. Not always the ones to take initiative, Pisces prefers to let things percolate and see what opportunities come their way, like water left on a slow simmer. 

Pisces In Love: Two Hearts Become One

In love, the sign of the fish wants to lose themselves. They may mistake boundaries for rejection. They are compassionate and forgiving, often easily making friends with everyone they meet yet reserving their deepest secrets and inner world only for their intimate friends.

Pisces may attract lovers and friends who need healing, and in this case, part of the lesson may involve awakening from illusions and facing toxic patterns. When a Pisces is not well grounded, they may inadvertently connect with people who are needy and whose toxic behavior “contaminates” Pisces’ watery nature. 

They may also be susceptible to losing themselves in order to try to please their partner. If a Pisces becomes comfortable being who they are, they will be able to maintain relationships as a balance rather than always giving of themselves in detrimental ways.

Pisces intends to be devoted and loyal in love, yet theirs is a sign of confusion or fantasy. As if they are looking at the world through a glass of water, what they see may be distorted from what is true. If a Pisces makes a commitment, they may find themselves unhappy in love and seek mental or emotional escapes through other relationships or addictive patterns of behavior. 

Yet Pisces is also nurturing, charming, sweet, and sincere. When they find someone who is a true partner, they will devote themselves to that person and stay together through thick and thin. 

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Final Thoughts

All water signs provide the emotional connection, support, and healing that others look to. It is through the water element that we experience compassion, empathy, release, and renewal. Now that you understand the common traits that unite all water signs, you’ll be better able to work with compatibility to your advantage. You’ll also understand how to appeal to the motivation and psyche of water signs. 

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Wishing you love and light on your journey,

Anna Kovach

9 thoughts on “All About The Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

  1. All of your articles are so eerily accurate in describing the signs’ unique qualities and issues. I’d love to find out more about my natal chart and how it can help me be the best possible version of myself.

  2. Wow, you really make us Pisces folk sound a bit pathetic. My Venus, Moon and Jupiter in Taurus and Leo rising certainly temper my Pisces sun. I’m in no danger of getting lost in a cloud of Pisces wishy washiness, and I am never ruled by my emotions. As Pisces is supposedly so malleable, Imwould think that the planets in our charts have an even greater influence on us.

    1. Hi Celeste,

      Well, naturally, not all depends just on the Sun sign. As you mentioned, your placements are not watery, so you are not led by your emotions. Taurus placements are keeping you grounded and Leo rising makes you generous, confident and attractive.
      I wish you all the best!

  3. Thank you Anna but I can not be longer with my Cancer guy.He loves freedom,gossip and I don’t trust him anymore.No respect and he never told me that he love me .He listening all kind people He trust them not me .I can tell that I hate liars .He love have ladies around and their attention Even if I gave him a Star fro the Sky -never a good words from him that I did something good Thank you again He wants to be alone Ket him have that I wasted 6 years

    1. Hi Ulla,

      From what you’ve described he obviously was not your twin-flame.
      I fully support your decision to move forward with your life. Start healing. Start the new day with good vibes. Nothing is gone, just one temporary person of your life. You made a good choice by ending the story which was not meant for you.
      So, better start a new journey thinking that everything happens for a good reason and soon you will meet a man who will be everything you ever hoped for!

  4. Describes my Scorpio exactly. Can be very tricky to deal with their secretive nature when they don’t want you to have your own secrets. Conflict can be tough unless you are willing to own your part in the dispute.

  5. The Cancer man I’m interested in sounds Exactly as YOU described. I’m hoping his Cancer sign and my Taurus sign will become a strong bond. Fingers crossed 🍀

  6. I am a Scorpio woman, and your description is EXACTLY correct. It is funny you mentioned the career path because I have recently had the inkling that I should change careers and study Psychology. I am currently working in the ICT industry, but I feel like it is no longer challenging me or that it is not what God has called me to do on this planet. At least I know I am not insane now. Thank you very much!!

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