Weekly Tarotscope For October 24th – 30th

Hello my darlings, welcome back to the weekly Tarotscope for all signs, this time for the week of October 24th-30th.

This week is pretty quiet astrologically, but there is a lot of energy in that silence.

It’s Scorpio season, and it’s not just the Sun in this sultry water sign this week. You’ll also find Mercury and Venus here as well. These are all powerful planets in astrology, being inner planets and closer to Earth.

With such influential planets all in the same sign, that means that their influence is super strong wherever they are placed in your chart.

Events evoking our ego, thoughts, or capacity and receiving and giving love of all kinds are heavily affected by the sign of Scorpio and the house that it lies in your chart.

In general, Scorpio energy is characterized by concentrated energy, high intensity, dramatic moments, longing, passion, and not showing one’s whole hand.

Needless to say, this is a spicy and simmering transit that is super potent with such a heavy concentration of planets here.

The only aspect this week is from the planet Venus in opposition to Uranus in Taurus. I’ve noticed that this signals periods of romantic instability. Or rather, this is when romantic instability is exposed.

Let me explain. Uranus in Taurus seeks to question what we need to be comfortable with and what we find value in. When in a chaotic opposition to Venus, the planet of love, expect scenarios that demand that you strike a balancing act between what you desire in love and what you need to feel comfortable.

With such a quiet week, I’m curious about what the cards have to say to fill the spaces! Keep reading and find your Sun and/or rising sign to know the messages the cards have sent to you.

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Weekly Tarotscope for Aries: Three of Wands

Aries, this card features someone looking out onto a landscape ahead of them, surveying and perhaps readying to begin the quest forward soon. This person is in fine robes and a laurel wreath, so perhaps they’re higher echelon.

Are you on the precipice of a big change, Aries? It seems that you know where you must go, but you see that it won’t be a comfortable time. Uranus transits are rarely comfortable. But, this card indicates that you see the necessity of this journey and you’re prepared to go where necessary with optimism.


Weekly Tarotscope for Taurus: 6 of Cups

Uranus in your own sign in opposition to your planetary ruler (Venus) seems to have you favoring the water energy where Venus lies this week. My 6 of Cups card features a child who holds a cup and has 5 other cups around her. Only the cup that she is holding produces a suspended body of water filled with pink fish.

This card asks you to take any of the resources already around you and find the possibilities within them. This card reminds us that only the plants that we water grow. Where you put your attention is what you’ll get more of. It took the touch of the child to bring forth the bounty of the fish. Similarly, something unexpected could hold an ocean of possibility when approached with a curious and open mind.


Weekly Tarotscope for Gemini: King of Cups

King of Cups is your sign to move forward confidently but sensitively. Even though the King on my card has his eyes closed and appears relaxed, he still is moving forward on the backs of huge koi fish.

You are being asked to allow your mind to take some downtime. Disengage for a while until your body fortifies itself. You are safe to let down your guard. With enough confidence, you’ll eventually realize that you are royalty indeed. A sensitive masculine figure could play a role this week.


Weekly Tarotscope for Cancer: The Magician

Cancer, the Magician tarot card features someone sitting on the ground and holding a wand pointed upward. This is a card that comes up when it’s time to bring something into being, dear Cancer. The Magician seems to conjure things out of thin air!

Cancer, this week is the perfect one for you to focus on creating whatever your heart’s desire is. Scorpio located in your house of love and creativity is a strong indicator that you’ve got an interesting project on your mind this week. You’ve got something to pull out of your hat that surpasses what you thought you were capable of making.


Weekly Tarotscope for Leo: The 6 of Pentacles

Leo, the 6 of Pentacles in my deck is quite appropriately bright yellow and the primary figure stands on a hill with several pentacles suspended around them. A pair of hands reach for the hand of the figure, but their eyes are closed and their head is turned away.

Leo, something or someone around you needs more attention than you are giving it. You may feel that the most important tasks are taken care of, but perhaps your eyes are closed to the needs that others have of you as a result. Look to see what you have been neglecting and then genuinely ask yourself if you’ve got the resources to address it.


Weekly Tarotscope for Virgo: Two of Swords

Virgo, this card features a blindfolded figure wielding two crossed swords with the Moon suspended above them. This is a particularly tough situation for you since you appreciate having all of the information, which the blindfold signifies is not the case here.

This person seems to hold the swords like scissors, overlapping with one another. The Moon symbolizes intuition and obscuring of information. You could feel suspended in midair in some ways, afraid to make a move for fear of making the wrong choice. However, you may never have all the information necessary to make the best choice, so at some point you’ll have to rely on faith and your instincts.


Weekly Tarotscope for Libra: Queen of Cups

Libra, the Queen of Cups card in my deck features a gorgeous blonde woman in a pink gown. She sits on a small beach in the ocean, half in and half out of the water. She hold a cup upside down towards her face, peering easily into the bottom of the cup.

This is the full embodiment of feminine energy, and this woman looks much like the Goddess Venus, which the planet (your ruler) is named for. This tells me that this week your intuition is on point. Others may say you’re too trusting of someone, but you see something good in them. Follow your love and depth of emotion where it leads.


Weekly Tarotscope for Scorpio: Two of Cups

Scorpio, with Venus in your own sign this week, this card could not be more appropriate. You’re likely to experience the chaotic energy of Uranus in Taurus in a positive, receptive way this week as it forms an opposition to Venus.

The Two of Cups is a card of relationships, and wouldn’t you know that that is the house Uranus lies in for you this week? This tells me that either you’re holding onto your partner, who effectively secures you through a chaotic period or you’re meeting someone who you weren’t expecting to click with so easily.


Weekly Tarotscope for Sagittarius: Page of Cups

This card features an elegant woman who looks down at a swan in the water in front of her. She offers the swan a drink from a cup of water. She is only looking at the swan and ignores the choppy seas and dark clouds rolling in.

This card can represent a defense mechanism for you, Sagittarius. You dislike seeing what is upsetting to others, but there is nothing that can be done sometimes. You could be focusing too much on a positive aspect of the situation, ignoring the crumbling structure around you. Sagittarius, you’re full of faith, but weeks like this may ask you to open your eyes to the world that others are seeing instead of selectively focusing on a lofty ideal.


Weekly Tarotscope for Capricorn: Three of Pentacles

The three of pentacles on my card features three people beyond a fence in a lush field. Two lean on the fence looking further on at someone hovering three pentacles overhead in alignment with a stack of smoke rising into the sky.

This is a card that indicates synchronization, planning, and collaboration. The fence indicates that you’ve built the bones of an idea or project and you’re moving forward smoothly. This is a week to stay grounded but optimistic. Everything is going to plan and you’re picking up the pace. Your dreams are coming down to earth in the best way possible because of efforts like these.


Weekly Tarotscope for Aquarius: The Hierophant

Aquarius, some traditions weren’t meant to be escaped, overhauled, or reformed. Sometimes, things just are the way they are. This is hard for a rebellious Aquarius to swallow sometimes, but some human institutions serve a purpose for others.

Though you’re seeking a way out of the confines of what you’ve been told is correct, You might find that even if the boxes you’ve checked are different colors than the old ones, you’re still just checking boxes. Meeting any limitations in institutions or government operations is just a lesson in accepting some of the less sexy aspects of life.


Weekly Tarotscope for Pisces: 10 of Pentacles

The 10 of Pentacles in my deck features a woman who I imagine must be the world’s most contented Pisces. She lies in a soft bed surrounded by greenery and vines, and she sees pentacles floating above her and gently extends her hand and opens her palm for more.

This is a Pisces living in her best way! She’s not striving too hard, she’s super comfortable. Her faith that everything is on its way to her in perfect time is exactly what ensures that everything really arrives just like that. Pisces, remember, your biggest superpower is your ability to feel yourself into your ideal world and wake up to it like from a gentle dream.

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Wrapping Up

This week the cards were extremely kind I thought. Like I said, there are a lot of things going on, and when Venus is involved it’s typically relaxing and maybe dipped in chocolate.

Despite the fact that the Uranus transit at the end of the week can shake things up, many signs will still come out of this week no worse for wear.

Perhaps you’re one of my many readers who are wondering what this week brings as far as love and romance. I always get readers asking for clarification on this!

I have a reading for you to receive to reveal the truths about your love life. Whether you’re wondering who your lover is, if they’re being loyal, or what needs to happen before you meet your Soulmate, this reading can address it. 

I’m so excited to see you next week, but until then, trust in the Universe, my dears.

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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