Weekly Love Horoscope For October 24th – 30th 

Hello, my dears! Welcome back to the weekly Love Horoscope for the week of October 24th-30th.

On the first day of this week, we see two planets shift signs. What sign are they moving to? And how does it get along with your Zodiac sign? 

Kicking off this week, we see the Sun and Venus still in each other’s embrace (also known as Venus Star Point), which means good things for your love and romantic life. This is besides the frivolity and money-making ability for which this transit is known. 

The transit has been going on since last week. For this reason, this week can easily feel like an extension of last week’s energies, with similar themes arising. 

The difference is, this week the Sun and Venus arrive in Scorpio, the feminine Fixed Water sign. People like to dramatize their experiences with the sign of Scorpio I have noticed, and while I don’t agree with this, it makes a lot of sense why Scorpio has this effect. 

Scorpio is dense energy, and Scorpio likes to hold insights and that which it loves close to the chest. They like to watch who has what and who doesn’t. They care deeply about whether things are fair. 

When Venus and the Sun enter Scorpio together, it deepens the partnership qualities that were apparent last week. If you were connecting to another person and appreciating them as their own individual, you may now want to embrace them into the fold. You may crave the sense of being ‘theirs’ and for them to be ‘yours.’ 

Some signs will experience this differently depending on what activities were being set up in the sign of Libra to be finished within the sign of Scorpio last week. 

Mercury in Libra forms a trine to Mars in Gemini after this. This is as good a transit for mental stimulation as one can have. You and those around you may speak more emphatically and with more passion. Things we never meant to say may slide out of our mouths.  

This is an ideal time to use Mars’ brave energy to make a move unless it’s otherwise not shown to be a good move. Use your head, but stay fearless. 

Mercury, in a square to Pluto at the same time, adds a dramatic element to many people’s communication styles. Someone may be emboldened by Mars’ passion to where they piss off the wrong person, for example. 

Mars in a trine to Mercury can feel like a free hall pass to say what you want, but Pluto will swiftly remind you of the consequences of overstepping. So, once again, stay vigilant. 

Finally, we see Mercury moving into the sign of Scorpio to join the Sun and Venus. Mercury in Scorpio exaggerates the more probing aspects of our mentality. How we interpret the events and people around us comes with a spark of curiosity about their motives. You may ask ‘why’ more, which can lead to some uncomfortable conversations. 

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got to tell you all about how these energies can manifest for your own sign!

Find your Sun or Rising sign down below to learn what you should be keeping your eyes peeled for this upcoming week.

Aries – Let Go of What You Thought You Knew

Aries, sometimes we think we understand others. You’ve been spending a lot of time focusing on the needs of others and appreciating them for ‘them.’ As your house of rebirth, integration, and transformation receives the Sun and Venus, you’re able to see some of the more subtle qualities within your loved one. If you like what you see, you may be ready to commit to them. 

As your ruling planet (Mars) receives a trine from Mercury, you’re more mentally active and engaged than you have been in a while. With Mercury still in Libra, you can speak freely with your partner about the way you see relationships and where you’d like them to go. Perhaps this is a transit that enables you both to deepen your bond before descending into Scorpio’s sometimes obsessive energy. 

Mercury then moves into Scorpio, which can signal a ‘death’ in your old ways of understanding others. Improve your partnership by being willing to release old ideas and expectations of them and partnerships in general. Put on your black dress because it’s time for a (metaphorical) funeral. 

Taurus – Appreciating Your One And Only

Taurus, this week the Sun and Venus move together into your house of partnership. My dear, this is an excellent sign for your love life. Sure, the honeymoon phase is nice, but this is a time when it’s clear that you’re fully intertwined with your partner’s energy. You’re a unit now, and it will take a lot to undo these bonds. 

Your chart ruler is Venus, and as Venus arrives in Scorpio, you may feel your core energy shift to a more altruistic one. You’re putting others first and genuinely valuing them. This is setting you up for a transit that is yet to come (but it won’t be long). Appreciating your partner for who they are instead of how much they give to you will go a long way.

Mercury then enters Scorpio right after forming a square to Pluto. To me, this means that you’ll be required to do away with how you previously understood the terms of your partnership. You’ll be asked to be open to a new solution, and it could be super uncomfortable. The best way to see eye to eye is through conversation that reflects mutual respect for one another. 

Gemini – Things Are Getting Juicy

Gemini, a shift into Scorpio for several planets this week can feel like a killjoy for you because of where Scorpio lands in your chart. The good news is that you might be enjoying work a lot more than usual because it’s full of that stimulation you crave. The bad news is, your intense focus on work can leave your loved ones feeling lonely. 

Your planetary ruler remains in Libra until the end of this week, and Mars forms a trine to it from your own sign. This means that you’ve got a little more time left to really flex your creative muscles and manifest like crazy. You should also use this period to engage with your partner some more before work totally takes your interest. 

As Mercury moves into Scorpio and receives a square from Pluto, your work obligations are being revamped and reimagined. You enjoy where this is going and your energies are now totally entrenched here. Once again, don’t forget to put in the work with those closest to you too. And, try not to make it look like it’s ‘work!’

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Cancer – A Dramatic New Beginning

Cancer, what a week you’re in for! Right off the bat, your planetary ruler (the Moon) is meeting up with the Sun and Venus in the sign of Scorpio… this is BOUND to create some shifts. When the Moon and Sun meet, it’s called a New Moon. Right in the first degrees of Scorpio within your house of romance, you can expect the kindlings of a new beginning within your love life. 

This week, something big is growing! You may not notice it until later this month, but the wheels are turning and something is being created. On that note, watch out for unwanted pregnancies because this transit can make your womb a hotspot for creative growth. But besides that, it’s a perfect time to initiate a new relationship that has the potential to grow.

Mercury arriving in your house of creativity and romance makes it more natural to create new and necessary connections with others. Think about what genuinely sparks your curiosity and creativity, and think about where you’d meet people who are similarly inspired. You could meet a new partner here. 

Leo – Embodying Love

Leo, this week you’re reminded of some of the more tender aspects of your past. Your planetary ruler in a tight aspect to Venus is activating your memories and emotional baseline when it moves into Scorpio. Venus is generally indicative of happiness, so some of your more interesting and happy memories are taking the spotlight. Share some of your vulnerabilities with your partner this week. 

You may realize how much your loved one is good for you this week. The way that they can steward your emotions and just know what it takes to make you feel loved is driven home this week. You’re also more considerate and aware of the emotions of others, which opens you up to establishing soul connections. 

Leo, Mercury moving into Scorpio just after receiving a square from Pluto can signal an emotional breakdown of some kind. Leaning into the solidity of your partner will be the most comforting thing to do this week. 

Virgo – Communicating With Sensitivity

Virgo, the Sun and Venus arriving within the sign of Scorpio brings a focus on your mental life. This deeply impacts how you engage with the world and the messages that you send the world. Venus’ presence is amplified by the Sun makes you more sympathetic in your understanding of others. It’s easier to open up and communicate love at this time. 

Mercury (your planetary ruler) forms a trine to Mars and a square to Pluto this week. This brings a sense of confidence when communicating that isn’t justified by the circumstances around you! You may feel that you’re fine saying just a little too much and then receive consequences. Keep this in mind this week, and speak consciously. 

Mercury moving to Scorpio this week is the cherry on top when it comes to mental stimulation. Your chart ruler in Scorpio also capitalizes on your more probing mental qualities. You might become curious about the history of your partners and you both can indulge in some emotional and mental bonding. 

Libra- Powered By the Sun

This week, Libra, we see that the conjunction between the Sun and Venus is moving quickly into your house of money, making money, security, and what we value. Do you value yourself? This week is making that question a theme of the week. But also, are your security needs for being your best self and helping others be your best self being met?
Mercury moves into Scorpio this week as well, which adds an extra emphasis on the money-making capacity of the second house. The presence of Venus helps you work with your partner to find money-making goals that make sense for both of you. Within your motivation to strengthen your physical and romantic security together, you and your partner may draw closer.
Discussing what you need to feel secure and safe with your partner can be challenging since you struggle to be upfront with your values. Your values and security needs may be hidden behind a wall of defense. This week, it’s easier to access and reveal to your closest loved ones what you need to feel safe in a partnership.

Scorpio – More Powerful Than Ever

Scorpio, this week begins YOUR time. That’s right, the Sun is entering your own sign along with the beneficial Venus. This signals a new beginning for you after some time of feeling unseen, unheard, and unappreciated. The world is now conspiring in your favor because of your inner motivation and love for others. 

You can welcome a fresh new start that can have effects for the next 6 months or more, Scorpio. I’m glad that you got to read this Horoscope because you need to know about the New Moon in Scorpio conjunct with the Sun and Venus. This ushers in a new era. A new ‘you’ that others are appreciating and accepting. You are also enjoying this version of yourself, and it’s a universal win. 

Use this week to manifest! As Mercury arrives in Scorpio, this energy is amplified. Mercury represents the Magician card in Tarot, a card of manifesting. Mercury is the bridge between the mundane world and the supernatural world, believe it or not. Mercury here with the planet of love and the planet of self-esteem means that you can create a whole new world of your own creation. 

Sagittarius – Taking Some ‘You’ Time

Sagittarius, this week signals an influx of solitary energy. Venus within the sign of Scorpio paired with the Sun has an isolating effect on you. While you are well-received by those around you, you might not really feel understood by others at this time. Even a long-time partner can feel out of sync with you. 

A trine from Mars to Mercury can assist in reigniting your relationship a little. You may find yourself romantically and physically infatuated with your loved one. You can connect with one another in a raw and untamed way. This is very intense but ultimately feels joyful. 

Uninhibited communication may go too far as Pluto squares Mercury. This opens a can of worms that you never wanted to know existed. This is a testing period for your partnership that will require a lot of soul-searching to make sense of. Some alone time from your partner can help you process recent events. 

Capricorn – Friends To Lovers

A super powerful transit is coming along for romance this week, dear Capricorn. The Sun and Venus arriving in Scorpio indicate some pretty unbelievable luck for you. Scorpio represents friendships and groups for you, Capricorn. And Venus representing romance in this sign creates incredible opportunities for romance with someone who feels like a friend first and a lover second. 

A New Moon in this house is also especially beneficial for you. This New Moon is special because the Moon rules your house of partnership and is meeting up with the Sun and Venus. This signals a brand-new relationship or turning a new leaf in an already established relationship. It may not physically manifest this week, but trust me, the wheels will begin turning to bring them to you.

Capricorn, Mercury in a square to Pluto can make peeling the bandage off your ‘old’ version of yourself (or an old version of your partnership) a less than smooth period. However, after a harsh Pluto transit always comes a deep understanding that provides all the tools needed to rebuild from the ground up. 

Aquarius – All Eyes On You

Aquarius, you’re being asked to step into the spotlight as the wheels behind your life’s direction begin to turn. You can be seen as a bad guy at times, Aquarius. Of course, this is usually because you’re willing to explore less popular ideas. Now, you can be seen for the revolutionary you are and are rewarded for it too. Venus’s presence in Scorpio tells me that your approach to love may be noteworthy to others.

The Sun at the top of your chart as it moves with Venus into Scorpio means that it’s time to pay attention to the opportunities being presented to you. Your life is literally transformed when you lean into what you are interested in (even if it doesn’t pay off for you in any obvious way yet). 

Romantically, you are seen as someone attractive to others. You are eye-catching; you can change how others see you at this time. Revamp your reputation if needed and you can find a new, perhaps better, type of person showing up for you. 

Pisces – The World Opens Up For You

Pisces, the Sun and Venus moving into Scorpio indicate a period of freedom. You’re lighthearted and less concerned with social consequences and more concerned with being authentic. This is divisive energy; some people are threatened by a ‘real’ person. Remember that your one and only will see your most authentic self as your most perfect self. 

Venus in this house indicates falling for someone who is of a different background than your own. Your open-mindedness and universal empathy attract authentic individuals from any background. They may be a religious person, or someone raised religiously. No matter what, this person tends to have strong values and builds their life around upholding them. 

Mercury arriving in Scorpio indicates that you could be finding a unique way to communicate effectively with someone else. Perhaps you must facetime when It’s not something you’re used to doing or something similar. Alternatively, you may be traveling a lot to see others. A potential new partner who lives some ways away?

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Wrapping Up

Darlings, this week encourages curiosity, stimulation, and integration with others. Scorpio can come with some drama, but ultimately, end up wiser than before. We’re all getting a taste of that energy; it can be sweet and spicy, but never boring. 

I’m always so excited to talk to my followers after I drop the weekly Love Horoscope. Hearing you dish about your love life is literally the highlight of my week – besides helping you understand your partnership more with the power of Astrology. 

If reading this Love Horoscope sparked your interest, then go right over here to reach out to me. There I can give you the one-on-one attention you deserve. 

Are you looking forward to Scorpio season? What are you hoping will integrate into your experience during this time? Let me know down below. 

Wishing you all the love in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

8 thoughts on “Weekly Love Horoscope For October 24th – 30th 

  1. If you knew the lead up last week in our love life this fits like a glove. I am an Aries 3/ he is Taurus. We will see what happens with this. It is going to be interesting, I hope. He has been not texting me. I gave him something to think on.

    1. Dear Charlene,

      There is sizzling chemistry when the earthy sensuality of a Taurus man meets the fiery sexual intensity of an Aries woman.
      Aries is a much faster thinker and prone to rapid changes in mood while Taurus is calmer and unlikely to change his views. For you, it may be very hard to understand him as he is an Earth sign and you are a Fire sign. Earth signs are very, very complicated people. They’re usually incredibly stable, loyal and seem almost endlessly tolerant.
      I hope all goes well for you both!

  2. I have already felt this shift in the last week. I’m a cancer sun, Virgo moon and Leo mercury 43, and he a Taurus sun, Leo moon and Aries mercury 44. Our energy feels like it’s finally aligning and we’re moving more in alignment than we ever had before. I hope this is a sign of greater depth and a stronger bond in our relationship. It’s been slow and steady with my Taurus, but we’re making some great progress in our relationship.

    1. Dear Nadia,
      Great match! You both share romantic outlook in your lives and you both want nothing more than emotional and material security. You’re both fully capable of providing that for one another. Some of the longest standing relationships I’ve ever seen have been with a Taurus man and a Cancer woman.
      I wish you all the best sweetheart 🙂

    1. Dear Liza,

      This match is a short fuse that burns out quickly unless you both commit to doing some very hard work at changing how you respond to challenges and conflicts. Gaining the trust of a Scorpio man is difficult enough but making sure you never betray him is next to impossible. You need to have a sense of humor and a lot of patience to build a solid and workable relationship with him. The main challenge is keeping your explosive tempers in check. Reaching any form of compromise is always going to be an issue as neither of you wants to back down, so you need to learn how to compromise, otherwise you will not be able to save this relationship.
      Wishing you all the luck of the Universe.

  3. Hi Anna, I have read all of your Taurus men guides. I am a Pisces and I recently met up with the guy I’ve had in my sights last week. We spent two days together and had a great time. He is a Taurus. We live about 5.5 hours away from each other and we each drove 2.5 hours to meet halfway. We met through our work, and a lot of his customers are women. He has been messaging with some of them and he claims they are just talking about work stuff but the way they act on social media towards him makes me concerned. He is very flirty in nature with his personality. He is so hard to read! One day he is all heart emojis and full of conversation and the next he is cold and stand-offish. I cant get a read on him. He doesn’t open up frequently. He has told me lots if intimate details about him and his past and personal life but I cant tell if this is a good sign or if he is actually talking or texting other woman over the internet and is actually not interested in me at all. There is just something about him that makes me not want to give up. I am just so sensitive and I feel like I cant relay my feelings to him because I dont want to be too pushy or clingy like, but thats just how I am. Any advice? TY so much.

    1. Hi KJ,

      Taurus men are known to be slow movers. That being said, you need to know that if a Taurus man moves quickly, something is not right. They normally don’t do this and if they do, they will regret it. In this case, I believe that distance is the main challenge. He will still have some sort of reservation whether or not it will work because he isn’t able to spend actual time with you. The thing is, if he becomes really attached to you, he’s going to want some type of incentive for being with you. If you cannot visit each other often in the early stages of your relationship, you may want to try other options (video chatting, etc.).
      I hope all goes well for you both.

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