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Moon In Leo Woman: How You Want To Be Nurtured In Love

Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac circle where the soul clothes itself in ego, self-awareness, and self-centeredness. Leo is a fixed sign, which means that the summer season is at its peak and the Sun is strong. Leo’s ruler in the Astrological sense is the Sun, and its qualities are hot and warm. This is why the Moon traits can’t be free-flowing, and a person’s emotions are controlled and subject to their ambitions.

A Moon in Leo woman will show her emotions through her talents and her care for her children and romantic love. She will possess strong feelings, but is mostly filled with joy and dynamism. She will bring the golden rays of happiness wherever she appears, and she will quickly move on if things don’t work out.

The Meaning Of A Moon In Leo

The Moon doesn’t have such a great position in the sign of Leo. The Moon is the ruler of Cancer, which is the twelfth sign, the area of hidden things, dreams, distant lands, and even enemies to Leo itself. Also, the Moon is in a place where is too hot and dry for its taste, and this is why emotions tend to be a bit “dry” and the person might love the form of feelings more than their essence.

Simply put, a Moon in Leo will rather pretend to experience some emotions to satisfy the social or cultural norm, than to feel something dangerous. And in a way, this can be a good thing because the person will be emotionally protected, and at the same time possess an acting talent for sure.

However, this doesn’t mean that a person with a Leo Moon is heartless. This is simply not the case at all. The best perspective you can get about their personality is to see them as a little child. A well-raised child is a little king or queen. Everyone around them is there to serve them. They are always the center point of attention and admiration. And if something happens that they don’t like, they won’t spend weeks or years regretting or feeling sadness. They will move their attention to another goal and feel the power of initial excitement and newness at any time.

In the same manner, the person with a Leo Moon might have a short attention span, but their heart will be big and pure, although not so deep, dramatic, or dark, as a Moon can be for some other Zodiac signs.

Is Leo Moon Narcissistic Or Egoistic?

No, Leo Moon is not egoistic in general terms. But first, we have to make the distinction between the terms ego and vanity. The ego is something that separates us from other beings and things. And when someone says that they have got “rid of their ego,” that makes you wonder how did they manage to cross the street and not get hit by a car. Because, getting rid of ego means that this particular person became one with the street, all people out there, and all traffic. And this is not a good thing. So, ego keeps us safe by showing us and others where our boundaries are, and how to keep our body and soul safe.

Narcissism is a very popular term in recent years, but please have in mind that this is a psychological or psychiatric diagnosis. And yes, it can happen with Leo Moon as much as it can happen with any other Moon’s placement in negative aspects with Mars, Venus, Mercury, and Uranus. Vanity is a different term, which is not used so much anymore, but which can describe Moon in Leo better.

Leo Moon person is a bit vain, but in the sense that a child is vain. They love to be the best, the most beautiful, and the most loved. And in a way, this is healthy for their soul. Some other aspects will show is there anything else that deviates the personality, but a small amount of vanity will do them good. And those people who genuinely like or love a Moon in Leo person won’t mind at all. Basically, you can love them or leave them as they are.

What To Do When The Moon Is In Leo

When the transiting Moon is in Leo, no matter if you have this position in your natal chart or not, this is the joyous part of the month to play with children, go to the theater, or even better, opera. You could all dress up and shine at some reception, or you could join the amateur theater, start acting or dancing classes, or simply play with your makeup and hair.

Everything said above will enormously uplift you if this Moon’s transit takes place in your first or fifth house in your natal chart. If the transiting Moon in Leo is crossing over your second or eighth house, this is an auspicious time of the month to plan and invest in a big way in some properties, stocks, bonds, or jewelry. If the Moon transit is happening in your third or ninth house, you should communicate with, become close friends with, or simply learn from someone who is positioned high in their industry or society.

If the Moon is in Leo in your fourth or tenth house, then you should either make some reception or a small party in your home or organize a celebration for your boss. In the seventh or eleventh house, the transiting Moon in Leo will bring you lucrative acquaintances and you might even meet your spouse between public or powerful figures. And if this Leo Moon is in your sixth or twelfth house, then this will be a great time to shine by serving others through your work or plan a trip to France, for instance.

How The Moon In Leo Appears In A Woman’s Chart

Moon in Leo personality traits will be all about playfulness. Have in mind that the position of the Moon is exceptionally important in anyone’s chart. However, when it comes to women, this importance is several levels higher than for men.

The Moon governs emotions and water in the human body, and this is why it has so much influence on females. But when the Moon is in Leo, where its “free-flowing” qualities are burnt and dry due to the environment, this will show in a person as one sort of emotional transformation, or better to say, escape from anything deep and dark, and running into bright and shiny, even if those emotions are not genuine.

A woman with her Moon in Leo will never sacrifice her heart for some loser, addict, or insecure partner. She will first observe carefully any person, not calculating, but rather feeling if that person is suitable to be her friend, associate, or partner in love.

In any case, she won’t get herself in any type of helpless or desperate situation regarding any kind of relationship, and she will also move quickly in the case she is betrayed or someone is cheating on her. No one will ever know is she hurt and how deep because she will find a better alternative and always position herself at the best place. She is the queen, and queens don’t cry or feel hunger or cold. And she will have everything she is dreaming about because she will strategically move in the desired direction.

Therefore, she is not heartless. Her heart is enormously big, but she is also smart in the way that her pride creates firm boundaries and won’t let anyone bad for her, ruin her life and bright future. From an early age, she will know what she wants from her life, and she will choose carefully her career which can revolve around managing if she is in the corporate world, or she will feel the best in the entertainment industry. But even if her ambitions are smaller, she will become the best kindergarten teacher, or children will love her the most, due to her playful nature and constant good mood.

What Does A Leo Moon Woman Look Like?

The sign of Leo, or the fifth house, represents the heart and the spine. In general terms, this sign is all about the central point and the spark of life in all of us. This is why the Moon in Leo shows the person’s body shape, and since the Moon carries the meaning of the face, a Leo Moon woman will shine out through her face. Her eyes will be big, as well as her cheeks, and she will smile all the time. And she will pay special attention to her hair, which will be voluminous and frequently lighter than her natural tone.

A Leo Moon woman will be prone to getting the chubby body shape as years go by, and either she will he strict exercise routine, but only if that makes her happy and vibrant, or she will try to hide all imperfections by using all sorts of fashion decorations, or she will compensate it through her lavish application of jewelry.

Everything shiny will catch her attention, and if her natal Venus is not in a good position, then she will appear cheap or just showing off with her money or more frequently, with her partner’s money. However, if her natal Venus is in a nice placement, together with this Leo Moon, this combo will produce a high-fashion woman with exquisite taste.

The Moon In Leo Woman In Love

The Moon In Leo Woman In Love

Do have in mind that emotions and events related to love, how the person experiences pleasure, and their sex drive, will all be seen through their natal Venus and Mars. However, the Moon is utterly important in this area, too because Moon represents emotions, and as such has a basic role in love and feelings in general.

A Leo Moon in love will need some time to see with whom she is dealing. Her romantic prospect might be rich and powerful, but not treat her right. Or, that person can love her with all heart and want only the best for her, but at the same time not be able to provide her the life she deserves. And in both cases, she won’t get emotionally involved. And this kind of attitude will ensure that she will always be on a proper path.

When she falls in love, she will already be treated like the precious little pearl, and she will be used to a royal position in her partner’s life. This is why she will behave like a trophy woman, or like arm candy, everything will have to revolve around her. However, don’t assume that she is just another expensive sugar baby because her ambitions will be great and she will find the best way to merge love and interests.

The Moon In Leo Woman In Bed

The Moon In Leo Woman In Bed

Whenever it comes to sexuality, the planet Mars will play the basic role in intimacy, since this planet determines our action and sexual drive. But besides Mars, the planet Venus will represent how we give and receive pleasure. However, in Astrological terms, and especially when it comes to females, emotions can’t be forgotten, and this is exactly why the Moon is important in any case.

A Leo Moon woman in bed or sexually speaking will act like the intimacy is one grandiose theater show. She will immerse herself in everything, starting from the proper atmosphere and affluent environment, right fragrances, little side dishes of delicious foods and frequently aphrodisiacs, amazing lingerie, and ambient music.

If all those conditions are accomplished, she will then act through the whole sexual process as if she is making a show. But this won’t mean that she won’t feel anything. No, she will need the exquisite conditions to show her deep and free skills, and if her partner can provide this “set up” for her, she will give her whole body, soul, and heart into sex.

The Moon In Leo Woman’s Strengths And Weaknesses

The Moon In Leo Woman’s Positive Traits

A Moon in Leo woman will surprisingly show excellent psychological abilities. She will know exactly who is the proper person for what function, and she will politely keep away from those who she can’t trust. Her natural diplomacy increased with analytical skills when it comes to humans, will make her a reliable and successful partner in any project.

Naturally, she won’t be satisfied with the partnering role, except in her romantic relationships or friendships. She will need to be a leader, and indeed, she will be the best one. It won’t matter if she is creating income through her role of influencer, online or in certain social circles, or she has a remarkable role in the corporate world. In any of those cases, she will shine out everybody else, with her ability to see the bigger picture, delegate, and project the future plans into reality.

And don’t forget that a Leo Moon woman will always be good-hearted, in balanced mode and she will very rarely have bad days or treat people according to her emotions. Therefore, she will be very reliable on any occasion and people will trust her immensely.

The Moon In Leo Woman’s Negative Traits

The negative side of this Moon’s position will be shown through seeing a Leo Moon woman’s positive traits deformed by the bad aspects that this Moon will receive from the other planets in her chart. In this sense, her leadership abilities will turn into despotic behavior and mistreating other people because she will see them as “below” her. She could be seen as a spoiled diva or drama queen, and this title will distant all people useful for her future away.

Also, a Leo Moon woman will have an extremely fragile ego if this Moon is endangered by negative aspects in her natal chart. And things other people notice about her will have the power to make or break her completely. And in the latter case, she will get away from the social life completely.

Self-centered behavior and too much pride, even if she is not aware of those traits, will portrait her as someone rude, and people will start to avoid her. And this will consequentially leave her confused and in anger, and she will try harder instead of smarter. In those situations, she could even try to manipulate others and those moves will backfire at her. This is why is very important for a Leo Moon woman to correct and improve herself when things go downstream and ruin completely her reputation.

Moon In Leo Compatibility

Moon In Leo Woman Compatibility

A Moon in Leo woman will have the best compatibility with someone who has their natal Sun, Moon, or Rising sign in Aquarius. This relationship will appear through genuine and mutual admiration. At a first glance, they might appear to be different, like coming from different backgrounds and having opposite experiences in life. But, in time they will find that those differences complement each other and create a stronger bond between them.

The Moon in Leo woman will surely have very beneficial and supportive compatibility with the fire signs in general, like Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo. With those signs, she will be able to fully express her joy in dynamic ways. And the same will go for air signs like Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius. And with them, great communication, networking, and success will be easily accomplished.

The worst compatibility for the Leo Moon woman will be seen with those who have their natal Sun, Moon, or Rising signs in Scorpio or Taurus because the ego battles will be constantly present. Yes, they will have desires to achieve the same or similar goals, but their styles of life will greatly differ. And generally speaking, a Leo Moon woman will have difficult times with earth or water signs, and she should avoid them for romantic bonds.

Moon In Leo Celebrities

Moon in Leo female celebrities are successful because this position gathers attention, and there is no way of escaping contact with plenty of people, no matter if you have any public engagement or not. And let’s see just a few of those glorious ladies.

Elizabeth II, the Queen of England, is the first and the most remarkable example. She was born on April 21st, 1926. Her Majesty’s natal Sun is in Taurus, Moon in Leo, and her Rising sign or Ascendant is in Capricorn, and the top of her sky, her reputation, and success, or her MC is placed in Scorpio. Hardly there is someone on this planet who hasn’t heard about the Queen of England, and although many people simply adore her, while some give her an important role in many conspiracy theories, you have to admit that she is in the spotlight wherever she goes or whatever she does.

Monica Bellucci, the famous European actress was born on September 30th, 1964 in Citta di Castello, Italy. Her natal Sun is in Libra, Moon in Leo, and her Ascendant is in Capricorn, while her MC is in Scorpio. In her youth, Monica Bellucci was known as a beautiful fashion model, and later on, she gained a worldwide reputation as one of the most beautiful and talented actresses. Even at her mature age, she is seen as a magnificent and radiating lady on the big screen.

Lana Del Rey, a famous American singer, songwriter, and poet, was born on June 21st, 1985, in New York. Her Sun is placed in Cancer, her natal Moon in Leo, her Rising sign is placed in Scorpio, and her MC is in Leo, too, which shows how easy it is for her to reach and emotionally touch so many people. This combination and mutual reception of her Sun and Moon, because her Sun is in Cancer ruled by Moon, and her Moon is in Leo, ruled by Sun, gave her a unique feminine but powerful style loved by many.

Paris Hilton is another interesting example. She was born in New York on February 17th, 1981. Her natal Sun is in Aquarius, Moon in Leo, and her Ascendant is in Sagittarius, while her MC is in Libra. Her “glory” came from the fact that she is the rich heiress who became the top socialite in the world. She was famous, not because of something she did, but simply because she exists. However, with time and with her strong aspect between Sun and Moon, she will surely become an internationally important figure in business as well.

But please have in mind that there are so many phenomenally beautiful and successful Moon in Leo ladies like Halle Berry, Charlize Theron, Renée Zellweger, Katie Holmes, and many more, who seem to possess that inexplainable “magical” touch to turn into gold everything they touch.

Final Thoughts

A Moon in Leo woman is glamorous, confident, and well-established in her feminine beauty. And this is why she will draw attention wherever she appears.

But please have in mind that, although the Moon position is extremely important, you have to know all other planetary positions and aspects they make, to be able to “construct” the whole chart or the whole character of the person. And by knowing the complete natal chart, you will be able to see where your strengths and weaknesses are, what happened in the past, and what will happen in the future, and how to take advantage in crucial moments.

This is exactly why my team and I have created a special, limited-time offer VIP consultation, to help you personally.

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Wishing you love and light on your journey.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  1. Hi Anna! I’m a Leo sun, Leo moon, Aries rising woman foram the last day of July and I relate very much with what you described above! I follow your blog for some time now, and I would like to ask you if, astrologically speaking, you feel that wearing peridot stone is a good move to balance the Leo energy. Thank you very much!

    1. Hi MG!

      Oh my.. yes Leo, Leo, Aries definitely needs lot of affection and attention for sure. You’re outgoing as well. Green is also the color for the Heart Chakra so when it comes to helping with relationships for a Leo, Peridot would be fabulous! Leo needs Red though which is also representative of the Root Chakra which is helpful to do grounding. You’re busy and all over the place and need grounding sometimes. You should check out my article on Healing Crystals for Your Zodiac Sign. I hope this helps! Blessings to you!

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