The Best Healing Crystals For Your Zodiac Sign

If you’ve read my other articles on crystals, then you have a good idea on how they help with healing, relationships, and a number of other things. But did you know that there are uniquely “you” crystals?

Yes! There are crystals that go hand in hand with your Sun sign. Keep reading as I share with you the best healing crystals for your Zodiac sign. You’ll be surprised! 

Crystals For Aries

Crystals For Aries Citrine

Aries, you are fire and so you need crystals that accentuate your passionate flames. There are crystals that are suitable for you and can be carried or worn by you daily.

Citrine is one of those stones. It’s not red like fire, but it’s energetic and helps to keep your active personality going in a healthy way. One of the red stones that do well for you is Red Jasper

The Red Jasper helps to stabilize your emotions, develop your intuition, allows you to learn to trust in yourself, and cultivates bravery. 

Then there is Carnelian, which is another reddish stone. This stone helps you create and keep motivation to accomplish your tasks. It can help revitalize your energy when you get worn down doing vigorous activity. 

Carnelian is also another motivator stone. Use its energy to keep you going when you really need to stay mobilized. There are plenty of these fiery stones placed in jewelry. 

If jewelry isn’t a big thing for you, then you can safely put them in a small pouch and carry them in your pocket or in your bra. Don’t forget to periodically clean and re-charge them. 

Crystals For Taurus

Crystals For Taurus Lapis Lazuli

Taurus, you are strong and very much crave tranquility and stability. To build and keep your calm, you need to think about wearing or carrying the crystals that work best for you. 

For your Zodiac sign, there are a few crystals that can definitely help you maintain peace and a stabilized path ahead. 

Lapis Lazuli is one of those stones. Not only is it good for the pineal gland, or the Third Eye Chakra, it’s good for you, Taurus! It brings a sense of tranquil energy over you. It’s great for meditation!

Rose Quartz is yet another stone for you that helps bring positive energy and love into your life. It can help you maintain it also. It helps heal love and relationships. 

Finally, there is Blue Kyanite. It’s a beautiful light blue color and it helps encourage effective communication. It gives you clarity. It also will work to eliminate fears or worries you have.

It’s a fantastic worry stone that you can hold in your hand and rub while thinking about bringing solutions and peace of mind. You’re strong, but these can help calm even the angriest bulls. 

Crystals For Gemini

Crystals For Gemini Moonstone

Mysterious Gemini, you need crystals that will give you clear thoughts, the truth, and the ability to make the right choices for yourself. 

The first crystal that comes to mind for you is Tiger’s Eye. When you wear or carry this stone, people find it hard to lie to you. The catch is that you are also unable to lie to others.

This stone brings out integrity. It also brings focus into your life. You’re able to solve problems easier. 

Another wonderful stone for you, Gemini, is Moonstone. This crystal helps you grow and bring out your inner strength. It helps you reveal your personal truth as well as draw you closer to your innermost self. 

It will inspire you and may help you develop any intuitive abilities that have surfaced for you. If anything, it will open your mind up to accept new abilities.

Another fantastic crystal for you to carry or wear is Blue Lace Agate. It’s a powerful healing stone both spiritually and physically. It lends support in getting rid of anger or anxiety.

Crystals for Cancer

Girl Holding Red Jasper - Grounding Crystal

Your tender heart can leave you vulnerable at times, dearest Cancer. You need some healing crystals that will help you be strong and unbreakable! 

A mood stabilizer is in order and for that, you can use the beautiful Red Jasper. It helps keep you on track. It will aid you in keeping your emotions in check.

It will also help you with self confidence and deep intuitive thoughts. It will help calm your soul as well as revitalize your sexual energy. Now, Red Jasper in all its beauty helps you tune into your psychic energy. 

Calcite is well known for healing the mind and body as well as spirit. The gorgeous Blue Calcite helps rid you of negative energy, facilitates emotional healing, as well as helps with emotional or mental blocks.

This crystal definitely helps boost your spiritual energy and abilities. Last but not least, I recommend wearing or carrying some Rainbow Moonstone with you, Cancer. 

This stone helps usher in hope, can bring balance and creativity, strengthens your intuition, and makes your inner confidence stronger. Your sensitive soul needs these crystals to be strong and resilient. 

Crystals For Leo

Crystals For Leo Red Tigers Eye

You are sunshine and a pillar of strength, as well as accomplishment. Everyone loves to see your success and charismatic charm. What could you possibly need from healing crystals? 

Well, there is an element of needing truth at all times whether that’s you speaking it or you receiving it. That said there are two different colors of Tiger’s Eye that benefit you. 

Blue Tiger’s Eye gives you extra protection, confidence, and will help to keep you grounded so you don’t let your emotions get away with you. It’s a mood stabilizer for you, mighty Leo! 

There is also Red Tiger’s Eye, which gives you much needed peace and calm, while still energizing you for success and activity. It’s a win/win stone for you! It’s definitely a must wear or carry. 

Last but definitely not least, it’s a good thing for you to have some Black Onyx with you as a “worry stone.” It will help you release your stress and bad energy. It eliminates negativity. 

We both know Leo; you need optimism around you to survive. It will shield you and allow you to think more clearly. 

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Crystals For Virgo

Crystals For Virgo Green Jade

You are strong on the outside but soft on the inside. Since you don’t like talking about your feelings much, you need healing crystals that let you open up when you should.

Green Jade is your birth stone. It’s for growth, motivation, luck, tranquility, and peace of mind. This stone helps aid wisdom and spiritual growth. If you wear it or carry it, it will protect you from harm and keep you feeling peaceful. 

Another fantastic stone for you is Blue Tourmaline. It helps you on a very deep spiritual level. It’s great for holding while meditating. It will aid you in calming upset and heal emotional wounds.

Clear Quartz Point gives you the ability for clear thinking, problem solving, and spiritual energy boost. It helps keep you level so you don’t spin out of control with your thoughts. 

Again, you really should try wearing or carrying one or all of these stones, Virgo. You may not believe it but they do work and they will help you be clearer than you’ve ever been! 

No one beats you up better than you. Knock it off and let these healing crystals help you to see how important you actually are. 

Crystals For Libra

Crystals For Libra Opal

Dear Libra, you are always trying to achieve and maintain balance. You need a bit of help to get your thoughts cleared up and make decision making a bit easier. 

To bring more optimism and creativity to your life, Opal is amazing for you! It will inspire passion in love and in life like you’ve never experienced. Don’t be afraid to reach a higher consciousness with this beautiful crystal. 

Peridot is another stone that isn’t used enough and should be – especially for you Libra! Wearing it or carrying it on you will help bring restful sleep, better relationships, and help you balance better. 

It’s a great health stone as well. The color green tends to have that effect. Another crystal you should try is Ametrine. This beautiful purple and yellow stone can really give you a boost! 

This stone is very important in helping you make solid decisions instead of sitting on them or stressing out. It’s good to have clarity and a solid plan. Meditate with this stone on a decision you need to make. You will know what to do. 

You can achieve balance and these three are an important way to help you do this. Don’t forget to cleanse and recharge them after you’ve used them for healing work. 

Crystals For Scorpio

Amethyst Crystals For Scorpio

You passionate soul, you! You definitely have some crystals that will give you a boost of self esteem, success, and keep your steamy heart calm. 

Citrine is a pretty yellow crystal that provides you with energy and enthusiasm. It gives you a boost when you need it. That creativity of yours could use the energy this gives you as well.

While you thrive on optimism, you sometimes lack protection from negativity. Smoky Quartz can definitely help obliterate that negative energy. It cut your fears so that you can be bolder and brave! Try meditating with this stone.

There is also Amethyst. This beautiful healing crystal is something you definitely need in your collection saucy Scorpio. It’s an excellent source for you when you need it.

Hold this after you’ve had a difficult day that was stressful. Your stress and worry will start to lessen or melt away entirely. It soothes your mood swings and helps you to get to a more peaceful state of mind. 

Crystals For Sagittarius

Crystals For Sagittarius Blue Goldstone


My darling Sagittarius, you are so open and optimistic… but you do have some needs when it comes to healing. You’re always ready for a new day but there are a few things you should add to your daily habit. 

Malachite is necessary for you, Sagittarius. You are such a spiritual being and this stone helps you tune up your soul. It helps you to take the right risks and opportunities. It helps you see the right way ahead. 

One crystal that is gentle and helps you stay optimistic when you feel down are Apache Tears. They will get you through difficult times and situations. They also offer you grounding so you can stay calm. 

If you’re going through a rough time, meditate with these or carry them with you. Jewelry to keep them close is good too! 

Another important healing crystal for you, my dear Archers, is Blue Goldstone. This gorgeous dark blue stone with golden flecks is to help bring you success and prosperity. 

Your ambition loves stones like this. I recommend wearing these, if possible, in a pendant, ring, or earrings. It looks a bit like space when you see it. It’s optimism that you love. 

Crystals For Capricorn

Crystals For Capricorn Garnet

You’ve got that something special that people don’t often see, Capricorn. You’re true to your word and are a seeker of making things right when they aren’t. To bring out these qualities, you need some healing crystals! 

Garnet is normally known as a precious gem but it’s also used as a healing crystal. It’s a gorgeous vibrant red color. When you need it most, it will revitalize you, purify you, and will definitely help you balance your energy.

This helps boost your sexual energy so it’s a good thing to have in your pocket or under your pillow. Howlite is another necessity for you Capricorn. 

Howlite is a pretty white stone that will help keep you calm, eliminates stress you are carrying, and encourages you to open up more. It’s very healthy to express how you feel. You need this crystal! 

Another crystal that will definitely help you is a stone called Jet. As you might imagine, it is black. It helps ward off negativity of all kinds. This stone will also help you with your fears and negative thoughts. 

These stones are necessary for your own peace of mind Capricorn. Wear them or keep them close to you. 

Crystals For Aquarius

Crystals For Aquarius Pyrite

My wild and out-of-the-box thinking Aquarius folks, you are something special indeed. You would think you don’t need any healing crystals, but you absolutely do!

Rhodonite is a stone for your needs. It helps you to emotionally balance where you feel off-kilter or unsure. It will help you make the right decisions according to your intuition. 

It will also clean your emotional scars that you carry. I highly recommend using this stone for cleansing meditations. When you clear your baggage, you are able to be open again. 

To help you fine tune your mind, you should try Pyrite. It’s a stone that’s also known as “fool’s gold” because it’s a very shiny gold color. This pretty crystal can help you connect to your psychic side.

The crystal can also help your memory. You may find more brain power when you carry or use it in meditation. 

Aquamarine is another fabulous stone for you Aquarius. This is a necessity for calming your busy mind. Peace comes when you hold onto this tone. Hold it when you’ve had a rough day. Do some deep breathing and relaxing.

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Crystals For Pisces

My sensitive friends, you need healing crystals that will help your heart to stay calm, at peace, and able to choose wisely in love. I do have some crystals in mind for you. 

One of the first that comes to my mind is Amethyst, as it is your birth stone. This is an emotional and physical healing stone. When you are feeling hurt, sad, or in a bad mood, hold onto this crystal to let it wash away.

Labradorite is a crystal that will help protect you spiritually and physically, so it’s an excellent idea to carry or wear this crystal daily Pisces. It helps keep you leveled and healthy. It will also heal wounds (emotional and physical). 

Last, but never least, is Clear Quartz. This is a very powerful healing crystal. It also re-charges and energizes you. It is widely used for healing and meditation together. 

This is a crystal you can use for helping to balance yourself out in every way. Use it when you need clarity, healing, or energy. I can also help you with your memory or concentration. 

Pisces, you need this extra strength that comes from the healing crystals. I really believe you should wear these stones or carry them when possible. 

I do hope that this article has helped you figure out the best healing crystals for your Zodiac sign. You can also go with the crystals you feel drawn to when you go shopping for some. 

You often will feel lured by one or your hand may tingle. That’s when you know you need it.

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As always, I wish you good health and love!

Your sister and friend,

Anna Kovach 

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  1. Hi Anna,

    Thank you for this information! I have created jewelry for the last 30 years and have always loved stones and crystals. I have only recently become aware of their healing properties and am learning more about them so that I can incorporate them into my jewelry designs. Interestingly, I am an Aries and seem to always have red jasper in my supplies though I’ve never considered why, lol! Thank you for helping me on my journey!

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